Bullying Scandal Exposure Hastens Buckley’s Departure

I am delighted to confirm that the bullying scandal exposure has hastened the departure of ERYC Head of Legal, Mathew Buckley

Bon Voyage Mathew 

A senior ERYC Councillor has stated “He cant wait to get away”

This appears to be on the money as Mathew has hastened his departure from the previously stated September to August 5. With his annual leave, it seems Mr Buckley has left the building.


A simple look at last week’s timeline explains how the heat was turned up.

  1. Monday 18 July – I publish ERYC Bullying Deception Fully Exposed
  2. Tuesday  19 July – I then publish Bungling Buckley Resigns – World Tour Awaits
  3. Thursday 21 July 22.10 – Hull Daily Mail publish No monitoring of East Riding Council bullying and harassment data ‘scary and shameful’
  4. Friday 22 July 15. 40 – Mathew Buckley sends out the email below.

Legal Floodgates Opened

I am informed that the exposure of the statement:

“ERYC do not monitor bullying and harassment and has not done since ERYC was formed in 1996”

has potentially opened the legal floodgates at ERYC. It has been suggested to me that Mathew was “running scared”.

Who is next?

As always Strangeway knows nowt.

Lisa Steps Up

The Tom Toms appear to require a fine tune as Lisa Nicholson will replace me old mucker not Lisa Dixon.

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