Its Official – Buckley Departure Not Official

It would seem that “Bullying Scandal Exposure Hastens Buckley’s Departure” caused panic at County Hall.

Desperately seeking “my successor

The never-ending goodbye of Mathew Buckley, ERYC Director of Legal, makes for interesting reading:

  1. A few months ago ERYC Councillors received notice of Buckley leaving the building – but this was not official.
  2. A month ago a Yorkshire alternative media outlet was informed by Buckley himself of his planned departure – but this was not official.
  3. Last week countless emails from Mathew flew across the East Riding announcing his departure – but this was not official.

I can now reveal:

“There has not been a formal announcement yet” Amy Ward, ERYC Information Governance and Feedback Team – 28 July 2022 – does this mean it is not official?

Is anyone smelling something a little fishy?

My Successor 

As can be seen, Mathew himself claims that:

“My successor is Lisa Nicholson…”

  • Is this actually correct Mathew?
  • What qualifications does Lisa hold?
  • What does the word interim mean?

Mr Google

Is it right that a simple request to Mr Google has put suitable applicants off applying to be “My successor”, Mathew?

I wonder why no one wants to take over the mess ERYC is in with bullying and DBid due to legal incompetence?

I know a man who knows … But as always Strangeway knows nowt.

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