“Not Acceptable To Be Doing This” Cllr Helen Green

ERYC Conservative for Cottingham South, Councillor Helen Green, has confirmed what many thought of her by informing a Cottingham resident that “I don’t think it’s acceptable to be doing this” by doing it!

Many will be aware that our Helen is known for not being the brightest lightbulb but surely even she must be aware that to inform a resident

 “I don’t think it’s acceptable to be doing this”

by doing the action is one to file under the pot calling the kettle black.

I would politely suggest that Helen gives her head a wobble, bangs it against a brick wall, or takes up origami. It would seem that Cllr Green has lost the plot. What an example for the little children!

Councillor Green clearly inflamed the situation.

Did the meeting continue after the Clerk abandoned his post, Helen?

Always A Tory

Why are such acts always by ERYC Tory Councillors?

Could it be that they are devoid of common sense or just have a lower IQ than average?

Encore, more, more…

Further Information

Please see Hull Daily Mail

Watch the full video below, you will be astounded.

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