Buckley Gone – Evison Exposed – Pure Coincidence

It has been suggested to me that my timing, 06.10 Saturday 6 August, when I exposed ERYC Conservative Councillor Jane Evison in The Lowest BID was connected with the fact that ERYC Head of Legal (I should say former) Mathew Buckley had finally left the building close of play Friday 5 August.

Goodbye Mathew – You made me laugh

My timing, which was surely a pure coincidence, would make for a baptism of fire for “my successor” Lisa Nicholson, as Jane and others run to her for advice. Welcome Lisa, I highly recommend a quick exit.

Moving on, a “Strangeway Straw Poll” can reveal not one person in County Hall, be they a Councillor or Senior Officer, fully understands The Lowest BID. Does this mean that those who should know do not know what is really happening?

I wonder if Strangeway knows owt?

Run To The Hills

Perhaps this may assist those who appear to be walking blindly into something they know nowt about.

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