Abused, Bullied, And Neglected For 11 Years

Yesterday morning it was my pleasure to meet Graham Baverstock in his home in Bridlington.

Graham is a victim of child abuse. Sadly for the last 11 years, Graham has been abused, bullied and neglected by ERYC.

Despite his dire need for Adult Social Care ERYC has treated Graham with contempt and denied him the help he desperately needs. This is because he has the audacity to question their failures.

Medical History

It is perverse that ERYC regularly questions Graham’s medical history. I can confirm that I have had full sight of Graham’s Hospital Passport which was updated in May 2022. With Graham’s permission, I publish his medical history from the passport. This clearly refutes ERYC.

How can ERYC be so cruel?

Abused, Bullied and Neglected For 11 Years

Graham Speaks

Graham has evidence to support everything he states.

Grahams Home

ERYC Inhumanity Exposed

Councillors Shame

How can ERYC and 67 Councillors sleep at night when any ERYC resident is subjected to that which Graham is?

Questions of all 67 Councillors MUST be asked but I highlight three who have a clear duty to assist.

  • Why are Yorkshire Party Councillors Tim Norman and Andy Walker failing to help Graham given that they are his elected representatives? Their inaction insults the good name of Yorkshire.
  • Why is the Portfolio Holder for Adults, Health and Wellbeing, Conservative Councillor Kerri Harold not helping Graham?


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