Tory Councillors Cheer Not Questioning Officers

The two LGA reports, aka Draft – ERYC Confidential Bullying Report and ERYC Confidential Bullying Report, highlighted the failure of ERYC Councillors to hold Officers to account.

April 2018 – Do Not Question ERYC Officers

Yet in April 2018, the then ERYC Conservative Leader Councillor Parnaby stated:

“For any members to question their (ERYC officers) professionalism and integrity is absolutely appalling”

Neither I nor the LGA supports this opinion.

The former Leader then states:

“Do not have a go at professional officers carrying out their duties”

To this the Conservative Councillors cheer. The current Leader Conservative Councillor Jonathan Owen sat next to Stephen and can be seen supporting the Leader.

Do you support the ex Leader or the LGA, Jonathan? If you support the LGA will you still be able to hold your weekly meetings with Stephen?

Don’t take my word for it. Watch a sample of the video.

Vote Tory Receive No Scrutiny

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