Coffee With Mike – Food For Thought

This afternoon I met with former ERYC Deputy Leader, Councillor Mike Stathers at Starbucks. I was interested to hear how and why he rejected the Conservative Party and is now firmly an Independent.

Along with Catherine Simpson, Mike is now firmly focused on Independent Future with the intention to kick politics out of local Government. After listening to his vision, over my coffee and sticky bun, I welcome his endeavours.

Independent Future is not a political party. It is a loose group of Independents who want the best for residents. I fully support this approach.

Pocklington Provincial Conservative Candidates

I can report that the three Pocklington Provincial Conservative candidates for the May 2023 ERYC election are intended to be:

  • Kay West – One of the three present incumbent ERYC Conservative Councillors for Pocklington Provincial, rarely seen in the Ward. A year ago Kay was not going to stand. I am sure the suggestion that her B & B business is not generating the income desired has nothing to do with her change of mind. £12k a year will do nicely.
  • Patrick John – Patrick is a current Pocklington Town Councillor. Patrick is still not 100% sure whether or not to stand.
  • Andy Burton – After failing on two occasions to get elected in Rutland, Andy returned to the East Riding but was rejected for Wolds Weighton. It seems that Andy is a late call-up from a rather empty barrel.

I thought things could not get worse than the invisible three currently elected. Sadly, it seems those standing in 2023 are not that enthusiastic and things could head further downhill.

Will You Stand Andy?

Given the sad state of affairs over the past 3.5 years and what could emerge in 2023, Mike has asked me two questions:

  1. Will you stand as an Independent for Pocklington Provincial in 2023?
  2. If so, would you embrace Independent Future?

The reason I would consider standing is that, as a Buddhist, everything I do must be for the benefit of others. I firmly believe being an Independent ERYC councillor for Pocklington Provincial for four years from 2023 would indeed be of great benefit to others.

Would residents wish me to stand?


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