Official Confirmation – Stamford Bridge Boundary Change

I am delighted to advise of official confirmation that the Local Government Boundary Commission has approved the Stamford Bridge boundary change.

Photo That Inspired The Change

When I instigated the Stamford Bridge Parish boundary change in 2017, while serving as the ERYC Independent Councillor for Stamford Bridge, I was aware of the required two parts to the change. The first part for Godwin Vale to become part of Stamford Bridge Parish has been completed previously.

The second part of the boundary change confirms that residents of Godwin Vale will be able to vote for Councillors to represent them at ERYC in the May 2023 election in the same way all other Stamford Bridge residents can currently. In essence, after five years, Godwin Vale residents have finally become a full part of Stamford Bridge. Common sense has prevailed.

The Local Government Boundary Commission has confirmed:

“The related alteration was agreed at the September Board meeting. We are in the process of drafting, laying and making the Order – ideally this should be concluded in the next 6 weeks.”

This was around 3 weeks ago, so there should be another update in 3 weeks if it has gone according to their timetable.

To my knowledge, this is the first and only change to a Ward boundary of the ERYC in its 26-year history. I am delighted to have instigated Godwin Vale residents becoming a full part of Stamford Bridge.

Tory Councillors Silence

I wonder why local ERYC Conservative Councillors or even ERYC have not informed residents of this latest news?

Surely it is not because certain Tory Councillors spoke out against the change for reasons unknown?

Further Information

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