A Councillor’s Residents Become Friends

As an Independent ERYC Councillor between 2016 and 2019 many of the residents I was fortunate to be able to assist became good friends. One of these is Graham Baverstock.

Graham and I

This morning my wife Ruth and I visited Graham at his home in Bridlington. Sadly, due to the gross failure of ERYC to provide him with much need care, Doctors have informed Graham that he only has a short time to live.

I am humbled by the resounding “YES” to my question, this also includes a current Conservative Councillor:

Would residents wish me to stand?

  • Yes I’m sure hundreds would love you to do this. You are a proven needed Unique person with integrity which is 100 percent absent in these corrupt Foundation’s .
  • I would like you to stand for us in pocklington provincial. The shower we’ve had the last few years have just sat back and taken the money, often not replying to residents emails.
  • Yes please stand.
  • I would.
  • It’s your path Why not get paid for something that you have passion for and good at
  • Oh Yesssss…….For the sake of Stamford Bridge alone ……. (and beyond……..)
  • Yes I would like you to stand. Good to hear from you and hope you and Ruth are well.
  • YES
  • I for one, hope that you will put your foot in the pond, so to speak  Andy and Stand for the 2023 Elections. Knowing you as well as I do, I believe you are exactly what is needed within the East Yorkshire Council. I believe things need to change within this Council and I feel that the management as remained too static for far too long now. I have followed you Andy with great interest with your forever willing endeavor to help people through their problems, and always willing to take on the Bullies. People and the East Riding Electorate need strong minded people such as you. So Put Both Feet Forward Andy and STAND.
  • I would love you to stand again Andy, you were the only one who got things done and was willing to tackle difficult issues.  You can count on my support if you decide to x
  • It goes without saying Andy. Of course you should stand again.
  • Yes I will vote for you.
  • Absolutely go for it. The time is right, you’re right, the public mood is confused and frustrated with politicians, so a passionate, no party axe to grind individual – you – is perfect.
  • What good news that you are considering standing. You have my support. I remembered how effective you were as an Independent councillor.

I will leave the final words to Graham:

“Thank you to former Councillor Andy Strangeway whom highlighted my plight and stood by me and who knows the truth. We want people like him as Councillors. So if he stands again as a Councillor then I hope the people vote for him. Otherwise nothing will ever change in the East Riding.”

I will consider my options over the coming days.

Further Information

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