ERYC Election 2023 – Prepare To Vote

In the 2019 election for Pocklington Provincial, only 32% of those eligible voted. The three Tories elected squeezed in by just 14 votes with me, standing as an Independent, in fourth place.

If residents desire a different outcome this year they will need to prepare to vote now and ensure they cast their vote in due course.

To assist residents in preparing to vote I have asked ERYC Electoral Services relevant questions. The replies from ERYC are below.

Question 1 – How do residents register to vote?

ERYC Reply – Residents can register to vote at, or alternatively contact us direct on 01482 393312 with their national insurance number and date of birth and we can assist them.

Question 2 – How do residents register to vote by postal vote?

ERYC Reply – Residents can register to vote by post at the same time as registering to be on the electoral register by indicating they wish a postal vote and the form will be automatically sent to them either by post or direct to their email address (if they have provided one)

Question 3 – Will residents need ID to vote?

ERYC Reply – Voters in person at the polling station will need to provide ID at the time of voting – this can be their passport or driving licence etc.

Question 4 – If they do require ID to vote, how do they go about this for both in person and via postal?

ERYC Reply –  If they do not have ID they can register for a voter authority certificate (VAC) at – we can also provide paper copies of the application form on request. Postal voters do not need voter ID.

Please be mindful – Your vote does count.

Further Information

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