Systems and Processes – Managing My Time

Having yesterday published ERYC Election – Leaflets Collected I will take the opportunity over the next few weeks to expand on that stated. I will also address those points raised with me that I believe other residents will be interested in. This will all appear on my blog to allow everyone full access to it.

An essential aspect of that which I will introduce in Objective 1 – Systems and Processes is to manage my time. I intend to maximise my time by focusing on helping residents in the Pocklington Provincial Ward and local issues. I will not be wasting time debating national politics.

To manage my time, if residents of Pocklington Provincial elect me to represent them as their ERYC Independent Councillor, I will not:

  1. Attend endless and unproductive meetings
  2. Engage in needless debate, especially on social media
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