ERYC Election – Leaflet Distribution Begins

Today my wife Ruth kicked off the Team Strangeway leaflet distribution and will focus on the centre of Pocklington over the coming days.

Ruth sets the pace for Team Strangeway

In a three Councillor ward, like Pocklington Provincial, candidates from political parties have a very significant advantage over an Independent. By standing three candidates and using a collective leaflet they only have a third of the logistics of an Independent to deal with.

The odds may appear to be stacked against Team Strangeway but the kindness of many to help me will more than address this apparent disadvantage.

I have finished with the brushes today to devote the next month to my election campaign. I will start on the leaflets tomorrow. Others will get on board as the week unfolds.

For those who are unable to help with the leaflet distribution please do consider helping by sharing that which I publish to your networks via social media or email.

Together we can ensure that Pocklington Provincial residents will have the representation that they deserve.

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