As a campaigner, I believe that the law should be respected, especially by Government bodies, but I also defend the right to actively challenge bad law as Gandhi did on many occasions.

You should never break the law to enforce the law.

A true Independent, and as a former East Riding of Yorkshire Independent Councillor, I firmly believe political parties should have no place in Local Government.

My campaigning will now focus on bad law and the erosion of our civil liberties.

Public  Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO)

I am unaware of any PSPO were the alleged issues cannot be dealt with via existing legislation. PSPO is the death of civil liberties.


CCTV is a gross intrusion into our civil liberties.

I encourage everyone to exercise their legal right to their Data that has been gathered via CCTV and is held by Government bodies.

The Data Protection Act gives everyone the right to see the information held about them by Government Bodies, including CCTV images, or images which give away information about you (such as your car number plate). This is called a Subject Access Request.

Please see Guidance to make a Subject Access Request.


Please feel free to raise any issue with me which you believe I may be able to assist with.

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