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Government To Introduce Parking Code Of Practice

Having exposed and successfully challenged the failures in the Code of Practice for members of the British Parking Association I am delighted to confirm that the Government will now introduce a Code of Practise, supported by legislation, for the operation … Continue reading

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Tricky Micky Snookered By Chief Exec’s Anger Issues

After over a year of exposing the pig’s ear that Hambleton District Council (HDC) have made of their attempt to unlawfully ban overnight parking at Leeming Bar the Chief Executive Justin Ives allowed his well-known anger issues to get the … Continue reading

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Market Weighton Mayor – Cemetery Closure Insensitivity

Cllr Peter Hemmerman not only conducts affairs outwith legislation, as was seen by the closing of the Market Weighton Cemetery just before Easter, he also displays gross insensitivity in the process. On his Cllr Peter Hemmerman Facebook page (click on … Continue reading

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Driffield CCTV System – Unlawful Shambles Continues

The operation of the Driffield CCTV system continues to be a shambles, despite my attempts to assist Driffield Town Council (DTC) to resolve the situation since June 2019. Evidence of Crime The Driffield CCTV system no longer meets Home Office … Continue reading

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Forensic Science Negates CCTV States Regulator

I have been aware, for nearly a year, that CCTV systems in the East Riding and across the UK are fundamentally flawed. My position is now supported by none other than the Forensic Science Regulator, Dr Gillian Tully. Gillian has … Continue reading

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Leeming Bar Parking Ban – Dual Investigation

I can confirm that there are dual investigations underway into the Leeming Bar overnight parking ban. Investigation 1 – North Yorkshire Police There is an investigation into Inspector Sarah Sanderson of North Yorkshire Police for condoning the Leeming Bar Public … Continue reading

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Pluralism – Neither Positive, Negative or Eejit

Always having the firm belief that the NHS should be paid for by our taxes instead of relying on charity last night I published the following image on my Facebook page as the essence shared my opinion. A key principle … Continue reading

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Government U-Turn Forces Cemeteries To Re-Open

I am delighted to confirm that the Government has finally done a U-turn and forced Cemeteries, including the one closed in Market Weighton, to keep open or re-open. On Tuesday 7 April, I first publically raised the distasteful issue of … Continue reading

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York Settlement Agreements – Paedophile Charter

I can reveal that between 2015 and 2019 City of York Council (CYC) issued 26 Settlement Agreements relating to school-based staff. Settlement Agreements Settlement Agreements must not be used in cases that have any safeguarding implications, even if an employee … Continue reading

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Richard Bradley SBC Director – False Slur

Richard Bradley, Commercial Director, Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) believes it acceptable to make false slurs and then decline the opportunity to apologise. Richard Bradley, Commercial Director, Scarborough Borough Council Richard displayed a questionable command of the English language by claiming … Continue reading

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