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Scarborough Council Waste £46,000 On PSPO Signage

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) Council Tax payers should question why SBC have wasted £46,000 on unlawful Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) signage. In a response to a Freedom of Information request I made SBC stated: “I can confirm that there … Continue reading

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Back Lane Fangfoss Highway Obstruction

Those like myself who have spent all their life driving country roads, especially those that are single track, will know the importance of having access to the grass verge. In essence, the grass verge is required to allow vehicles to … Continue reading

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Humberside Police Abandon Driffield CCTV Responsibility

East Riding residents will be shocked to learn that Humberside Police are abandoning any responsibility for the Driffield CCTV system. At the Driffield Town Council (DTC) CCTV Committee meeting held on Monday 24 June PC M Phillips said he had … Continue reading

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Driffield CCTV – More Signage

I am pleased to confirm that more signage is planned for the Driffield CCTV system. Driffield Town Council has stated “..arrangements are currently being put in place to ensure that more signage is erected as soon as practically possible.” This … Continue reading

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Scarborough Borough Council Play For Time

Yesterday I received a holding email from Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) in reply to my complaint about their unenforceable PSPOs. In a clear attempt to play for time they stated they “will provide you with a response within 30 workings … Continue reading

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Jubilee Park Fangfoss – CCTV Concerns

Concerns have been raised with me regards the Jubilee Park CCTV system in Fangfoss as to whether it is being operated lawfully. This morning I undertook a site visit and I am pleased to confirm that there is adequate signage. … Continue reading

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Fangfoss Park: Access Prevented To Those With Disabilities

All erosion of our civil liberties is unacceptable but when this affects those with disabilities, especially children wanting to visit a play area, you can’t get much lower. The unlawful sign above does just that as many with disabilities are … Continue reading

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Dixon’s Drunk Drivers Top County List

After publishing Scarborough – Only Alcoholics Allowed I received a copy of the North Yorkshire Police Press Release dated Friday 28 June. NB: Scarborough tops the list of shame. Open Question To Lisa Dixon I ask the following open question … Continue reading

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Market Weighton Town Council Data Controller

I would like to thank Market Weighton Town Council (MWTC) for providing the document below which confirms that they are a registered Data Controller. To allow me to progress my unaddressed Subject Access Request I have requested MWTC to confirm … Continue reading

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Scarborough – Only Alcoholics Allowed

According to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC), all residents of and visitors to Scarborough must be an alcoholic or pay a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice. In their never-ending wisdom, SBC will fine everyone £100 if they “cease to consume…..alcohol….”. I have … Continue reading

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