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Weighton Cemetery Dog Ban – Slight Improvement

In Council Bans Assistance/Guide Dogs From Cemetery I revealed how Market Weighton Town Council (MWTC) not only unlawfully closed the town’s cemetery it has also unlawfully banned assistance/guide dogs from it. I am now delighted to confirm that the previous … Continue reading

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Ofted Inspection Finds East Riding Inadequate

It would appear that the Ofted report that finds East Riding of Yorkshire Council to be inadequate has been buried as no one seems to be aware of it. As an Independent ERYC Councillor between 2016 and 2019 I constantly … Continue reading

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SBC Confirm Duty Of Care Failure

In response to the concerns raised in Duty Of Care – Working From Home Scarborough Borough Council have confirmed that they have indeed failed in their duty of care to employees. Upon the announcement by the Government, all reputable organisations … Continue reading

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Local Government Reform – Goodbye East Riding?

I can confirm that there is to be a major reform of local government in 2022 or 2023. I can also confirm that the local government reorganisation will see the end of North Yorkshire County, York City Council, Craven District Council,  … Continue reading

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Not A Public Road Claims Highway Authority

The Assistant Director of the largest Highways Authority in England, North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), has claimed Highways in England are not Highways in England. According to the Highways Authority, this NOT a Highway In an attempt to justify NYCC supporting … Continue reading

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MP Claims Overnight Is Before Bedtime

East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight has claimed that “overnight” is before bedtime. Greg Knight MP In response to Stay Overnight Covid Regulation – Fundamentally Flawed Greg claimed “However, I think most people, using commonsense, would understand that staying somewhere ‘overnight’ … Continue reading

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A Breath of Fresh Aire

The following is reproduced by kind permission of the North Yorks Enquirer. A Letter to the Editor by IAN LOWNDES, from Derbyshire, writing in response to the “Whitby Abbey Aire“ initiative launched by campaigner ANDY STRANGEWAY and Enquirer stalwart NIGEL … Continue reading

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PSPO Targets Van Dwellers And Overnight Parking

A handful of Councils across the country is unlawfully using Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) to target van dwellers and overnight parking. If this was left unchallenged it would have resulted in the introduction of similar PSPOs across the country. … Continue reading

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Whitby Abbey Aire – Media Coverage

I take my hat off to those in the media who have covered the news of the Whitby Abbey Aire so enthusiastically. Sandra Turner – Letter To The Editor (Whitby Gazette) This has included: North Yorks Enquirer Scarborough News Whitby … Continue reading

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Whitby Abbey Aire

On Saturday 7 June at 04.30, I passed the Abbey Headland Car Park at which point a seed was sown. Since then, myself and Whitby campaigner Nigel Ward have brought together local business and traders’ associations, Scarborough Borough Council opposition Groups … Continue reading

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