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Feoffe Common Lane Safety Barriers

As the safety barriers on Feoffe Common Lane, Barmby Moor are in a state of disrepair I have requested ERYC undertake the required repairs at the earliest opportunity.

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Barmby Moor Sign Post Repair

I can confirm that the repairs to the Barmby Moor sign post are “note for when funding is available”. Well done ERYC.

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Barmby Moor Sign Post Repair Requested

As the sign post in Barmby Moor has seen better days I have requested ERYC to repair it at the earliest opportunity.

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Flat Lane – Request For Flowers

A Barmby Moor resident is keen for ERYC not to cut or spray the grass verges on Flat Lane as they are in the process of planting the exposed soil with various varieties of flowers. The resident explains: “I have … Continue reading

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Sandhill Lane: Data And Safety Scheme

In January, as a result of an accident on the Barmby Moor to Sutton Upon Derwent road I asked ERYC if anything could be done in an attempt to reduce the accident rate. An officer commissioned speed surveys following a collision … Continue reading

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Northern Power Grid – Barmby Moor Works

Northern Power Grid contractor O’Connor Utilities have recently laid new cabling down Manor Garth, Barmby Moor to a sub station adjoining an ERYC bungalow. They dug a trench down the side of the residents garden. After the cable was dropped into … Continue reading

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Pocklington Provincial Resurfacing 2018

ERYC have announced further resurfacing for Pocklington Provincial for 2018. Barmby Moor – Main Street – B1246 Stamford Bridge – Harada Way and Tostig Close Sutton Upon Derwent – Common Lane and Main Street – B1228 Please read ERYC Surface Dressing … Continue reading

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Pocklington Provincial Fantastic Parish Councils

Pocklington Provincial is blessed with six fantastic Parish Councils. Yesterday Stamford Bridge typified the dedicated work of the Parish Councils in the Ward I represent. Just before 17.00 I received a phone call from the Clerk alerting me to the gridlock … Continue reading

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The Sycamores – Planning Enforcement

Over the past couple of months I have been helping those at The Sycamores Caravan Site deal with ERYC Planning Enforcement. On Monday I met with Jeff Smith, ERYC Enforcement Officer. Jeff’s main focus is the compliance with the planning … Continue reading

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In Support – Barmby Moor Parish Council

I would like to thank Barmby Moor Parish Council for their support at last weeks Parish Council meeting. The following words will be put in a letter responding to  Pocklington Town Council – Letter to Parish Councils “Members of Barmby … Continue reading

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