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ERYC Bridlington CCTV Signage – A Great Example

ERYC should be applauded for the signs in Bridlington Town Centre which clearly informs that the CCTV system is in operation. As the CCTV Operator, ERYC fulfils the reasonable test of informing people they are using CCTV. The signs are … Continue reading

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In Search Of The Pocklington CCTV Operator

Despite my opinion that Pocklington Town Council (PTC) is the owner of the Pocklington CCTV system after a week, the CCTV Operator is still unknown. Without knowing who the CCTV Operator is I am unable to register a formal complaint, … Continue reading

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Pocklington Big Brother – CCTV Breaches Legislation

The CCTV on The Feathers and Judson’s in Pocklington is in operation in breach of legislation. The CCTV is owned by Pocklington Town Council. The CCTV operator must let people know they are using CCTV. Signs are the most usual … Continue reading

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