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ERYC Tories Inaccurate Statements About YAS

Two East Riding Conservative Councillors, who sit on the ERYC Cabinet and the East Riding Health and Wellbeing Board, have issued inaccurate statements to the press about the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) without first contacting the YAS or arranging a … Continue reading

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ERYC: Still Mystified By Strangeway

The following is reproduced by kind permission of North Yorks Enquirer. I am grateful to the Hull Daily Mail for it’s hilarious coverage of Councillor Andy STRANGEWAY [Ind.] and his one-man campaign to expose the Council’s utterly useless Standards regime for the toothless, meaningless, … Continue reading

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Rewarded For Publishing Photoon

I would like to thank the ERYC Standards Committee for this afternoon rewarding Councillor Strangeway with free Social Media training as a result of Andy Strangeway previously publishing the photoon below. Despite the fact that Andy Strangeway published the photoon … Continue reading

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ERYC £20,000 Waste Exposed: Attempt To Silence

As a result of exposing an East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Officer for wasting an estimated £20,000 on works a formal complaint was made against Councillor Strangeway. The works on The Pavement, Pocklington were so bad in essence it had … Continue reading

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East Riding Waste Tax Payers Resources

Residents regularly inform me how they are disgusted in the many ways that ERYC waste their Council Tax. A major example of this is the use of the Code of Conduct to silence opposition. There are currently two complaints against … Continue reading

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Tory Lackies Fall Flat On Face

It is beyond me why the East Riding Labour Councillors allowed themselves to become Tory lackies. Do they not understand the word Opposition? In response to Councillor Parnaby Letter to All Members five out of the six Labour Councillors confirmed their role … Continue reading

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Sanction Prevents New Code of Conduct Complaints

At the last ERYC Full Council it was agreed 62 to 1  that: “My access to confidential papers be removed until the end of my term of office as an East Riding Councillor” On Saturday I received notice of the … Continue reading

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In Support – Wawne Residents

The email below was yesterday sent to ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey from Wawne residents. Dear Caroline Lacey My colleagues and I are shocked, but not surprised given the goings on at ERYC. Accusing Councillor Strangeway of bullying is, given … Continue reading

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Cllr Kerri Harold Guilty Of Planning Breach

ERYC Conservative Councillor Kerri Harold has been found guilty of a breach of Planning. Please see Yorkshire Post for further details. Questions For The Tories Will Cllr Harold be reported for a breach of the Code of Conduct? Will the … Continue reading

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In Support – Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson, ex friend of ERYC Conservative Leader Stephen Parnaby, has sent the open letter below to Hull Daily Mail and all ERYC Councillors. Angus Young Hull Daily Mail An Open letter Dear Angus Further to your three articles published … Continue reading

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