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Tories Gamble Residents Lives For Road Sign

It is beyond belief that the three Conservative Pocklington Provincial candidates for the upcoming ERYC election endorse signage at the Wilberfoss A1079 West junction that could cause deaths. The signs could work without fault for months. So we will have … Continue reading

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Labour Blame Tories For Council Tax Increase

The Beverley Labour Party have produced leaflets attacking the Conservatives for increasing the ERYC Council Tax. Ironically all ERYC Labour Councillors have voted for the increase. The Facts As Labour appear not to know the facts I can confirm: I … Continue reading

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Conservatives Councillors Silence On Debate Offer

The offer made in Strangeway Happy To Accept Debate Invite “Before purdah on March 20 I am happy to attend a public debate with my fellow Ward Councillors Conservatives Kay West and Claude Mole.” has fallen on deaf ears. Conservative … Continue reading

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ERYC Number 200 In Pot Hole League Table

A Stamford Bridge resident and cyclist has drawn my attention to a league table that shows ERYC in 200th place out of 213 for how they address pot holes. The league table ranks highway authorities according to hazards reported through … Continue reading

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East Riding Conservatives – All Made Up

With a new website the East Riding Conservatives have announced their candidates for the ERYC elections in May. Please see Conservative East Riding Candidates. Photoshop As can be seen from the photo above of ERYC Leader in waiting Councillor Jonathan … Continue reading

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Strangeway Happy To Accept Debate Invite

Overnight it has been drawn to my attention that a small group of residents would like me to take part in a debate. Conservative ERYC Councillor Kay West Prior to the by-election in April 2016 West Wolds Radio invited all … Continue reading

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Pocklington Provincial Tories – Confused About Planning

Residents have contacted me regards a leaflet received from Pocklington Provincial Conservatives. It appears that the Tories do not know which day it is when discussing planning. First they claim “..committed to fight large planning applications … Pocklington Provincial”. They … Continue reading

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ERYC Tory Candidate – Condones EU Bog Roll Insult

ERYC Conservative Candidate for Wolds Weighton, Leo Hammond, has condoned an insult calling the British Flag EU bog roll by failing to remove it from his Facebook page. I call on the Conservative Party to condemn such an insult to … Continue reading

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Election Preview Exclusive: New ERYC Leader/Deputy Leader

I can exclusively reveal that Conservative Councillor Jonathan Owen will be the new ERYC Leader and, er, Conservative Councillor Julie Abraham will be his Deputy. Of course this is subject to the East Riding residents not only electing Jonathan and … Continue reading

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Election Preview – Tory Skeletons In Closets

With the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Ward Councillor elections only two and a half months away over the next few weeks I will take an election preview. A fundamental requirement for all prospective ERYC Conservative candidates is to reveal … Continue reading

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