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Goodbye Parnaby

It is my pleasure to announce that ERYC Leader Cllr Stephen Parnaby is to step down. He leaves behind a Local Authority that has failed so many with Safeguarding and SEND. I predicted on 31 July 2016 that: “By 31 … Continue reading

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East Riding Tories – Neither Pro or Anti Fracking

At todays ERYC Council meeting I fully supported a motion by Councillor Fraser as it appeared to be anti fracking. But alas I was mistaken as Councillor Fraser informed everyone that the motion was neither pro nor anti fracking. Yet he and … Continue reading

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ERYC Council Tax: Councillors Fail To Attend

At yesterdays ERYC Budget meeting to vote on the Council Tax shamefully only 55 of the 67 Councillors were in attendance to represent their residents. Conservative Councillor Dee Sharpe – Serial Non Payer Of Council Tax Of those I was … Continue reading

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Voted Against The Budget

Today in County Hall I voted against the ERYC Budget for 2018/19 which will see residents Council Tax raise by 5.99%. Reasons For Voting Against Affordability – With inflation at 3% and wages only increasing by 2.3% a 5.99% council … Continue reading

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ERYC Ex Conservative Cllr Becomes Whistleblower

A ERYC ex-Conservative Councillor has become a whistleblower. The extracts below are from an email they sent in August 2017. “We had to return all case papers and our own notes and were specifically told we could not raise questions … Continue reading

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Best Month Ever Following Tory Attack

It would appear that the ERYC Tory Pack Attack which was followed by Pock Town Council Childish Attack has resulted in my most successful month ever. A Great Month Second most projects completed in a month – 21. 25% increase in traffic … Continue reading

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ERYC Conservative Councillors – Party Before Residents

When will the 48 ERYC Conservative Cllrs be honest with their residents and confirm that they are all whipped and thus put their party before residents? Scaife Garth Car Park Site The Evidence – No Duplication In less than two … Continue reading

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In Support – Wawne Residents

The email below was yesterday sent to ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey from Wawne residents. Dear Caroline Lacey My colleagues and I are shocked, but not surprised given the goings on at ERYC. Accusing Councillor Strangeway of bullying is, given … Continue reading

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Confidential Papers Ban Is A Joke

Part of my recent slap on the wrist for exposing failures in ERYC Safeguarding was to have my access to confidential papers removed. Did the ruling Tories and senior ERYC officers miss the point that the document which I published … Continue reading

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Cllr Kerri Harold Guilty Of Planning Breach

ERYC Conservative Councillor Kerri Harold has been found guilty of a breach of Planning. Please see Yorkshire Post for further details. Questions For The Tories Will Cllr Harold be reported for a breach of the Code of Conduct? Will the … Continue reading

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