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The Whip – The Disgraceful Conservative Scam

I was amused to listen to Conservative Councillor Felicity Temple inform members at Wednesdays Full Council how we should support the Taking a Stand Against Scams The Conservatives are paid the following from the ERYC budget. This is paid for by … Continue reading

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Tories In Election Mode For May 2019

At yesterdays Full Council I was amused to see the Tories enter into election mode for the ERYC election in May 2019. My sources within the various “selection committees” have confirmed that certain current ERYC Conservative Councillors will not be … Continue reading

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Parish Council Confirm Kay West Incompetence

In Councillor Kay West – Incompetent I explain how Mathew Buckley ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services suggested I remove reference to the incompetence of Conservative Councillor Kay West. We now know why. I stated that Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Councillors were … Continue reading

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Councillor Kay West – Incompetent

The post below was originally posted on September 24. On September 29 it was confirmed that Councillor Kay West was incompetent. As Mathew Buckley ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services has suggested I remove this post I have reposted it. Conservative Councillor … Continue reading

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ERYC Members Agreement – No Photos

When I became an ERYC Councillor I was informed that members had an agreement that they do not take photos of other members in public meetings. I respected this but unfortunately this agreement was breached by Conservative Councillor Dee Sharpe … Continue reading

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Pocklington Post – Letters Thursday 5 October

It was with bemusement that I read two letters attacking me in last weeks Pocklington Post. I would like to assure Mike Brookes-Ward that as per the Nolan Principles I must “be willing to challenge poor behaviour wherever it occurs” Thus … Continue reading

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Councillor Stephen Parnaby – Thank You

I would like to thank ERYC Leader Conservative Councillor Stephen Parnaby for increasing traffic to my site by over 59% in the past three days.

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Strangeway 66 v 34 Parnaby

Hull Daily Mail yesterday asked its readers if they believed the photoon I produced about Caroline Lacey was sexist as alleged by Councillor Parnaby. Readers voted resoundingly in favour of my opinion that the photoon is not sexist with 66% … Continue reading

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Peter Robinson Questions Parnaby Smoke Screen

Peter Robinson, a former close friend of Councillor Stephen Parnaby, has questioned Parnabys smoke screen in an email sent to all ERYC members. Parnaby may fool some gullible Tory and Labour Councillors but his former close friend can see right through … Continue reading

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Parna Baby Safeguarding and Planning Smoke Screen

On Friday afternoon Councillor Parna Baby sent a letter “To: All Members of the Council“. But it was not sent to one of those members – Councillor Andy Strangeway. Please see Councillor Parna Baby Letter to All Members My Public Response … Continue reading

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