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Tories Seeking New Candidates For 2019

I am saddened to learn that the Tories are actively seeking new candidates for the May 2019 Pocklington Provincial election to represent them instead of getting on with representing residents now. Current Tory Councillors Instead of spending time looking for … Continue reading

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Most Projects Completed In A Month

When I stood for the April 2016 by-election as an Independent I was amused to hear the Tories putting about that I would not be able to achieve anything as an Independent.I quickly proved them wrong by instigating what they … Continue reading

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Mr Charisma Appeals For Your Vote

Our Greg has finally hit the headlines. This appeal for votes has gone viral.

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Greg Knight Number One Success Failed

Last night I received Greg Knights election leaflet and was amazed to read his number one achievement: “Obtained flood defences for Stamford Bridge”Yes there was a wall built around 2008 but it did not prevent major flooding as was seen … Continue reading

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Independent View – Greg Knight – The Truth 3

Consistently voted against increasing the tax rate applied to income over £150,000. 0 votes for, 12 votes against, between 2012–2015Does our Greg truly represent those on minimum wage when he votes?

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Independent View – Greg Knight – The Truth 2

Greg Knight generally voted against equal gay rights. 5 votes for, 11 votes against, 5 absences, between 2001–2014 How is it possible that our MP can vote against that which is enshrined in the Human Rights Act 1998? Would he vote … Continue reading

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One Year Ago

One year ago I was elected to be the Independent Ward Councillor for Pocklington Provincial. Since then I have met, helped and worked with some amazing and inspiring people. I have just over two years left to serve in this … Continue reading

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100 Not Out – Thank You

Yesterday I completed the 102nd project since being elected on 7 April 2016. These projects have ranged from the odd pot hole to larger projects. Please see Projects. My role is merely as a stepping stone between residents and ERYC. … Continue reading

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Happy To Be Controversial

When I stood for election in April I stated I would stand without fear or favour. I have no intention of taking the well trodden political route of keeping my head down to prevent losing future votes. All ERYC Ward … Continue reading

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500th Post

Over the past nine months I have posted 499 posts on this site. Today is number 500. With over 50 posts a month hopefully residents feel they are being fully informed of what I am doing as their elected Ward … Continue reading

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