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Conservatives Number One Target – Pocklington Provincial

My sources have informed me that of the 26 Wards across the East Riding Pocklington Provincial is the number one target for the Conservative Party. I would politely suggest, that instead of planning their next Conservative campaign, Conservatives Councillor Claude … Continue reading

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200 Projects Completed

Since my election to office in April 2016 I have now completed 200 projects. I would like to thank everyone who has requested my assistance. Together we are making a difference.

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Democratic Value

Pocklington Post have this week published my reply to the letters in Pocklington Post – Letters Thursday 5 October.

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Tories In Election Mode For May 2019

At yesterdays Full Council I was amused to see the Tories enter into election mode for the ERYC election in May 2019. My sources within the various “selection committees” have confirmed that certain current ERYC Conservative Councillors will not be … Continue reading

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Open Public Meeting – Pocklington Provincial Councillors

I am now almost half way through my term of office as an Independent Ward Councillor for Pocklington Provincial. I would like to invite Conservative Councillors Mole and West to join me in an open public meeting to answer questions … Continue reading

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This Year – 100 Not Out

Today I have completed my 100th project of 2017. I would like to thank everyone for their support and for requesting my assistance. Next Milestone I have now being in office 17 months and have completed 186 Projects. At the … Continue reading

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Angus West – Dee Sharpe Successful Business

In Angus West Haltemprice and Howden Conservative Association I asked if the fact that Dee Sharpe was struck off as a Director when she stood for election in 2015 is the reason she will not be selected to stand at the next … Continue reading

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Tories Seeking New Candidates For 2019

I am saddened to learn that the Tories are actively seeking new candidates for the May 2019 Pocklington Provincial election to represent them instead of getting on with representing residents now. Current Tory Councillors Instead of spending time looking for … Continue reading

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Most Projects Completed In A Month

When I stood for the April 2016 by-election as an Independent I was amused to hear the Tories putting about that I would not be able to achieve anything as an Independent.I quickly proved them wrong by instigating what they … Continue reading

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Mr Charisma Appeals For Your Vote

Our Greg has finally hit the headlines. This appeal for votes has gone viral.

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