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Solvent Paint Wrongly Used In County Hall

ERYC have confirmed that the solvent based paints recently used in County Hall should not have been. “Thank you for bringing the issue of the painting and decorating contractor using solvent based paints to our attention. At the contract pre-start … Continue reading

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Solvent Based Paints In County Hall

Over the past week the corridor outside my office at County Hall has been repainted. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, solvent based paints are being used. Solvent based paints are not only bad for the environment but also a Health … Continue reading

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Your East Riding – Planning Feature

I am of the opinion that the Planning process is the main subject that residents struggle to fully understand. As such I have requested ERYC to include a Planning feature in a future issue of Your East Riding.

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Wilberfoss Junction Obstructed A1079 Sign

Wilberfoss residents have raised concerns with regards the obstructing of the Wilberfoss A1079 west junction sign. I have requested ERYC to undertake a site visit to consider the cutting back of the vegetation.

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ERYC Members Agreement – No Photos

When I became an ERYC Councillor I was informed that members had an agreement that they do not take photos of other members in public meetings. I respected this but unfortunately this agreement was breached by Conservative Councillor Dee Sharpe … Continue reading

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Housing Crisis – The Obvious Solution

At the Conservative Party conference there was a big announcement that there are to be 5,000 to 8,000 new social houses built per year when we need 250,000 per year. Others talk of allowing Councils to borrow money.As this country … Continue reading

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Strangeway 66 v 34 Parnaby

Hull Daily Mail yesterday asked its readers if they believed the photoon I produced about Caroline Lacey was sexist as alleged by Councillor Parnaby. Readers voted resoundingly in favour of my opinion that the photoon is not sexist with 66% … Continue reading

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Public Apology To Caroline Lacey

I deeply regret that the satirical Photoon I published on 19th September caused a degree of discomfort to ERYC CEO Caroline Lacey. I have personally apologised to Mrs Lacey and deleted the offending Photoon.

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Pocklington Double Yellow Lines Fiasco

The Pocklington double yellow lines is on the verge of turning into a fiasco. First ERYC Statement An ERYC officer has stated: “There are no proposals at this time to change the position or number of lines in this location.” Second … Continue reading

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East Riding Swimming Pool Pervert

It has come to my information that today a male, possibly an ERYC employee has stolen four pairs of 8 to 9-year-old girls underpants from a swimming pool changing room in the East Riding.I am informed that the male was … Continue reading

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