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ERYC Confirm Failure To Employ Care Staff

Yesterday Lee Thompson, ERYC Head of Adult Services, confirmed that ERYC have failed to employ enough care staff. He stated: “Whilst last week we had care hours available, this week it has proved more difficult to secure hours due to … Continue reading

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ERYC Corrupt: 66 Councillors Turn Blind Eye

Despite being informed that ERYC are conducting themselves in breach of case-law numerous times in recent weeks and in Full Council yesterday I still await the first of the other 66 ERYC Councillors to issue a public statement condemning such … Continue reading

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ERYC Breach Care Act 2014: Graham Baverstock

By not accepting Councillor Andy Strangeway as Graham Baverstocks chosen advocate ERYC are in breach of the Care Act 2014 Section 9 (5) (c). This states: “(5)A local authority, in carrying out a needs assessment, must involve—(c) any person whom … Continue reading

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Bus Fare Increase For Under 16s

I am shocked to learn that bus fares for school children under 16 on the Pocklington to York route are to increase by 20%. I have been contacted by residents in my Ward who are seeing an increase in bus … Continue reading

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ERYC Chief Exec Over Rules Case Law

ERYC Chief Exec, Caroline Lacey believes she can over rule case-law and fundamental legislation. For background information please read ERYC Break Law To Stifle Opposition Facts ERYC can not remove me from a committee – case-law supports this – yet they … Continue reading

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Graham Baverstock Attempts Suicide

I am saddened to learn that overnight Graham Baverstock has once again attempted suicide due to ERYC failure to provide him with an adequate care package. This time Graham has taken a massive overdose of 150 asprin. The Spectators I … Continue reading

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ERYC Attempt To Abandon Graham Baverstock

ERYC yesterday sent a letter to child abuse victim, Graham Baverstock attempting to abandon their duty of care to him. Graham is now 60, has 17 medical conditions, is frail, in a wheelchair and requires “the full care package” (Confirmed … Continue reading

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Graham Baverstock Released To Commit Suicide

I have just talked to Graham Baverstock and he informs me that Scarborough Hospital are to release him today. As there is no care in place Graham has informed me that he will attempt suicide again. I have requested ERYC … Continue reading

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Graham Baverstock – First Step Forward

Yesterday, Councillor Andy Strangeway attended a meeting at Scarborough Hospital as the advocate for Graham Baverstock. Graham has been in the hospital since Thursday. The meeting included two ERYC officers, a Sister, myself and Graham. After an exchange of differences … Continue reading

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ERYC Break Law To Stifle Opposition

On three occasions this year ERYC Councillors and Officers have breached legislation to stifle opposition. Conservative Councillor Vanessa Walker – Chair of First Standards Hearings By doing so the Councillors have failed to undertake that which they are elected to … Continue reading

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