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Minster Way Sign To Be Replaced

The Minster Way sign at the Moor Lane T junction between Stamford Bridge and Full Sutton is to be replaced. Well done ERYC.

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Pocklington Pavement – Collective Incompetence

Gateway is made up of Pocklington Town Council Councillors, ERYC Tory Councillors Mole and West and members of the public. Under the banner of Gateway a request was made to ERYC to spend £20,000 widening the Pavement footpath. In The Beginning The … Continue reading

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Public Access Old School

Most folk in Pock will have used the public access through the old play ground at the school on New Lane since they were knee-high. Unfortunately signs have now been erected stating private road. I have referred this to the … Continue reading

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Pocklington BT Cabinet

I have requested ERYC to contact BT to remove the old cabinet on George Street, Pocklington.

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Overgrown Hedge Low Catton Road

The hedge on Low Cattton Road, Stamford Bridge, just before it joins Church Road, is preventing residents walking freely on the footpath. I have requested ERYC address the issue.

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Barmby Beck – Maintenance Requested

At the Barmby Moor Parish Council meeting last Thursday concern was raised with regards the lack of maintenance to Barmby Beck at Keldspring Lane especially given the fact that the surface water from the Yapham Road development will be fed … Continue reading

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Barmby Road Footpath – Hand Rail Requested

At the Barmby Moor Parish Council meeting on Thursday residents raised concerns as to the dangerous drop into the beck at the side of the footpath on Barmby Moor Road. I have asked ERYC to consider installing a safety rail.

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Pock Phone Box – Barmby Road

Three residents have raised concerns with me as to the sharp edges on the broken window of the phone box on Barmby Road. As the phone box is next to the footpath I have requested ERYC contact the owner to … Continue reading

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Kilnwick Road Footpath Encroachment – Maintenance Actioned

I am pleased to announce that maintenance has been actioned for the Kilnwick Road footpath encroachment in Pocklington Provincial. I am yet to hear regards the Kilnwick Road footpath encroachment in Wolds Weighton. Vote for one Independent get work actioned. Vote … Continue reading

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Yapham Road Development – Issues Addressed

I would like to thank ERYC officers for their prompt action addressing the public safety issues at the Yapham Road Development. An ERYC Inspector yesterday afternoon visited the site and informed the contractor on the minimum requirements for providing a … Continue reading

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