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ERYC Must Mediate And Suspend

Following on from ERYC Accused Of Misfeasance In Public Office and Immediate Suspension of ERYC Cabinet Member Requested ERYC must now seek mediation and suspend those named. Mediation Failure to seek mediation could prove very expensive further into the process. Suspend Those … Continue reading

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Pock Town Council To Water Plants Differently

Humberside Police have this morning confirmed that “I have raised the matter with The Town Council and in the future a different method of watering plants will be employed.” As mentioned in Stupidity Of Pocklington Town Council who in their right mind … Continue reading

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Why Police Chief Justine Curran Resigned?

I am disgusted to read that there are some concerns in potentially serious areas like vulnerability and the protection of children within Humberside Police. Is this why Justine Curran resigned? What is wrong with those in public office?

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Ex-Councillor Arthur Hodgson – Aggravated Trespass

On 6 August 2015 Ex-Councillor Arthur Hodgson entered Withernsea Market despite the fact that he had been informed, by the owner, that he was not permitted to do so. Despite this he refused to leave the Market when asked to do … Continue reading

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Police Notice – Rogue Traders

Police Notice For your information – over the last few days we have had a couple of reports about potential rogue traders in the Goole/Howden  areas asking to tarmac driveways. No known offences have been committed at this time and … Continue reading

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Footpaths Are For People

If anyone would like any “Footpaths are for People” leaflets I will be at tonight’s Pocklinton Town Council Meeting at 6.45 to give them out before the meeting starts at 7.00. The leaflets are supported by ERYC and Humberside Police. … Continue reading

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Break Ins

Please be aware that there have been several secure garages and also a house broken into in the Shiptonthorpe,  Sancton and Pocklington areas over the last week.

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Pocklington Provincial Police Update for August 2016

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North Yorks Police Waste £1million

Yesterday North Yorks Police (NYP) lost a case in Leeds Crown Court that could result in costing them, and ultimately the tax payer, £1million. NYP took a case for harassment against well known citizen journalist, Nigel Ward. In my opinion this … Continue reading

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Truth Will Prevail

On this weeks Pocklington Post Article “Police called in over “photoons” certain comments have appeared. Please see Pocklington Post Comments – Photoon One states: “Why this Newspaper is supporting this man in his continued harassment of individuals and abusive actions. Maybe they … Continue reading

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