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ERYC Labour Boycott Friends of the Earth Petition

Despite the fact that over 800 councillors have signed an open letter from Friends of the Earth opposing government proposals to allow fracking companies to undertake exploratory drilling without local planning applications not one ERYC Labour Councillor signed the letter. … Continue reading

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ERYC Complicit In Death Of Yemeni Children

Many will have been horrified by reports of the deaths of yet more Yemeni children as a result of a Saudi-led air strike.Make no mistake ERYC are complicit in the deaths of these children. In Arms Investments – Conservative/Labour ERYC Pact … Continue reading

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Bridlington Golf Course – Conservative and Labour Silence

Bridlington and East Riding residents have noticed a deafing silence from Conservative and Labour ERYC Councillors on the subject of Bridington Golf Club. ERYC Councillors from the three other Groups at County Hall have provide the following statements for publication. … Continue reading

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Labour Councillor Lost Touch With Public Opinion

Labour Councillor Shelagh Finlay, Bridlington South Ward, is one of the ERYC Labour Councillors who have lost touch with public opinion. If the Tory lackeys of the Labour Group put in complaints about this photoon it will also see many … Continue reading

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Tory Lackies Fall Flat On Face

It is beyond me why the East Riding Labour Councillors allowed themselves to become Tory lackies. Do they not understand the word Opposition? In response to Councillor Parnaby Letter to All Members five out of the six Labour Councillors confirmed their role … Continue reading

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ERYC Council Tax: Councillors Fail To Attend

At yesterdays ERYC Budget meeting to vote on the Council Tax shamefully only 55 of the 67 Councillors were in attendance to represent their residents. Conservative Councillor Dee Sharpe – Serial Non Payer Of Council Tax Of those I was … Continue reading

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ERYC Labour: Understanding Failure – Universal Credit

This morning ERYC Leader of the Opposition Labour Cllr Pat O’Neil  sent out an email containing an amendment for the budget to fellow Councillors. Attached was the stated reasons for the amendment from Labour Cllr Paul Hogan. One of the reasons … Continue reading

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Senior Officers And Councillors Knew Of SEND Failures

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council Send Report which I published yesterday would not have come as a surprise to Kevin Hall, ERYC Director of Children, Family and Schools, Pam Allen, ERYC Head of Children and Young People’s Support, Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive … Continue reading

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ERYC Play Areas Smoking Ban – Research Failure

In Budget Day: ERYC Tories Money Wasters I reported on the motion to investigate the introduction of an unenforceable smoking ban. To impose a ban requires consultations, legal orders, formal warning signs and public expectation of enforcement.  When enforcement is so … Continue reading

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Budget Day: ERYC Tories Money Wasters

Yesterday in Full Council at County Hall I witnessed Tory lead insanity wasting tax payers money on that which is a none starter. Deputy Leader Conservative Councillor Jonathan Owen put forward a motion seconded by Cabinet Member Conservative Jane Evision: … Continue reading

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