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ERYC Play Areas Smoking Ban – Research Failure

In Budget Day: ERYC Tories Money Wasters I reported on the motion to investigate the introduction of an unenforceable smoking ban. To impose a ban requires consultations, legal orders, formal warning signs and public expectation of enforcement.  When enforcement is so … Continue reading

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Budget Day: ERYC Tories Money Wasters

Yesterday in Full Council at County Hall I witnessed Tory lead insanity wasting tax payers money on that which is a none starter. Deputy Leader Conservative Councillor Jonathan Owen put forward a motion seconded by Cabinet Member Conservative Jane Evision: … Continue reading

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Cllr Iain Billinger Labour – Tory Chief Lackey

It never ceases to amaze me how certain folk in County Hall fail to appreciate the first law of holes – if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. In response to ERYC Labour Confirmed As Tory Lackies ERYC Labour … Continue reading

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ERYC Labour Confirmed As Tory Lackies

In response to Councillor Parnaby Letter to All Members Labour have confirmed their role as Tory lackies and registered a formal complaint against me as instructed by the Leader of the Labour Group Conservative Councillor Stephen Parnaby. I was happy to remove … Continue reading

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Lucie Spadone – Smearing

Earlier this week Lucie Spadone, the Labour candidate in the April Pocklington Provincial by-election, stated about me, publicly on a local social media group: “He won based on his friends voting for him and smearing the other candidates (myself included)” … Continue reading

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