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Byelaws Must Not Duplicate National Legislation

A basic principle of a Council introducing a byelaw is that the byelaw must not duplicate national legislation. Yet Scarborough Borough Council have done just that. Their “Car Crusing is Prohibited” byelaw duplicates national legislation and thus wastes Council Tax payers … Continue reading

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East Riding Of Yorkshire Council Hits All Time Low

ERYC has hit many lows but today I make public the most disgraceful all time low. I believe that Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive and Lee Thompson, ERYC  Head of Adult Services are responsible. Last week my request to meet … Continue reading

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ERYC Legal: Mathew Buckley Fails Again

Yesterday the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) confirmed that Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services, has failed yet again. On the 7th November 2017 Mathew Buckley wrote to the gentleman involved and stated: We do not propose to enter into … Continue reading

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ERYC Legal Waste £3,540 On Defamation

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) have wasted £3,540 on a Pre-Action Protocol for defamation. Yet no local authority can make a defamation case. Please see Derbyshire County Council v The Times Newspaper. The work was undertaken by Lupton Fawcett … Continue reading

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Whistle Blowers Corner

As more and more individuals are approaching me with stories of bullying, harassment, corruption and safe guarding failures I have devised a scheme whereby any WHISTLE BLOWER can send evidence to me in the following format: By email containing: The … Continue reading

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Alan Menzies On Sick Leave

Alan Menzies, ERYC Director of Planning & Regeneration, has been on sick leave for six weeks. Menzies was named in ERYC: Misfeasance Defendants Named A resident has informed me that Menzies has been spending time in his garden recently.

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Pock Town Council Becoming A Pariah Council

The conduct of the fools at Pocklington Town Council (PTC) never ceases to amaze me. They appear to be hell-bent on becoming a Pariah Council. Standards Committee Decision Rejected The ERYC Standards Committee found Councillor Martin Cooper guilty of not … Continue reading

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ERYC: Misfeasance Defendants Named

Reproduced from North Yorks Enquirer a brief report by NIGEL WARD. I am reliably informed that the twelve Defendants referred to in the Yorkshire Post article published on Bank Holiday Monday  (28th August 2017) have been identified as follows: Councillor Stephen … Continue reading

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ERYC Must Mediate And Suspend

Following on from ERYC Accused Of Misfeasance In Public Office and Immediate Suspension of ERYC Cabinet Member Requested ERYC must now seek mediation and suspend those named. Mediation Failure to seek mediation could prove very expensive further into the process. Suspend Those … Continue reading

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ERYC Accused Of Misfeasance In Public Office

In todays Yorkshire Post there are reports of alleged Misfeasance In Public Office at ERYC. It states a dozen individuals at ERYC have been named in a letter warning of High Court proceedings.

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