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Residents Request Livestreaming of PTC Meetings

Yesterday residents contacted me to support their desire for Pocklington Town Council (PTC) to livestream all their meetings. I see numerous benefits to this suggestion. It would increase transparency and allow those unable to attend to observe what PTC do. Livestreaming is … Continue reading

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BBC Look North Bias: Pocklington Overdevelopment

It was rather disappointing to witness BBC Look North fail to produce a balanced programme on Friday regards the overdevelopment of Pocklington. Those interviewed where both from the Conservative Party leaning Pocklington Town Council, the Clerk, Gordon Scaife and the … Continue reading

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Pocklington Post On The Ball

It is good to see in this weeks Pocklington Post that they are on the ball. On the front page they cover Market Plans Welcomed By Councillor. It is difficult times for local print media and they need our support. … Continue reading

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Pocklington Post – Thank You Pock Doctors

In this weeks Pocklington Post.

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In Support Of Pocklington Post

A couple of weeks ago it was good to see that once again the Pocklington Post have reported failures at ERYC. Newspapers are experiencing challenging times and I believe we should support our local papers as much as possible as … Continue reading

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ERYC To Waste Finance On Social Media Training

Due to the fact that I called an officer luv and named them as they had wasted £20,000 the Standards Committee stated my “punishment” is to undergo Social Media training. I expect I am more active on Social Media than … Continue reading

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ERYC: Still Mystified By Strangeway

The following is reproduced by kind permission of North Yorks Enquirer. I am grateful to the Hull Daily Mail for it’s hilarious coverage of Councillor Andy STRANGEWAY [Ind.] and his one-man campaign to expose the Council’s utterly useless Standards regime for the toothless, meaningless, … Continue reading

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East Riding Food Banks Before Councillors

Yesterday after the ERYC AGM I boycotted the buffet lunch with wine as I believe if there is money available it should be given to food banks not used to feed ERYC Councillors. Myself I enjoyed my lunch of scotch … Continue reading

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East Riding Planning Exposed

Tonight BBC Look North exposed East Riding planning. The main reason I voted against an increase in Council Tax last month was the amount of money ERYC waste. Why was I the only one?

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Praise To ERYC – Pocklington Post

As ERYC have a lot of dedicated, professional and talented officers I am pleased to see the Pocklington Post cover the recent praise of ERYC Officers. Well done Pocklington Post and ERYC Officers.

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