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Buckley Feeds Mr Google

I can assure Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal, that if he continues to conduct himself in an inappropriate manner when dealing with elected Councillors he will stand before the court of public opinion. I recommend Buckley Googles – Mathew … Continue reading

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Pock Town Council Clerk – Facebook Shame

The conduct of the renegade Pocklington Town Council never ceases to surprise me. Over recent days their conduct has hit a new low. The following is a statement made by the PTC Clerk on a local Facebook. Question – “As … Continue reading

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Caroline Lacey ERYC Image

Yesterday I published ERYC Silence Local Media which explained how ERYC control local media. Today I demonstrate how ERYC have failed to control a major outlet. Amazingly they and others will be total unaware of this until now. Please Google Caroline … Continue reading

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ERYC Silence Local Media

Many have asked why local media have not covered much of what I do. The answer is simple – ERYC control local media with the carrot that is advertising revenue. If articles are published which do not meet with ERYC approval … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Post – Confirm My Site Is Personal

In an article in todays Yorkshire Post it is confirmed that this site is indeed my personal site. This confirms that anything I post on this site is not subject to the ERYC Code of Conduct. No one will be … Continue reading

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BBC Look North – Lakeminster

For those who missed BBC Look North last night. Well done BBC for the coverage.

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Pock Post – Flood Alleviation Scheme

It is good to see the Pocklington Post report, on this weeks front page, the concerns about the Flood Alleviation Scheme.

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ERYC Are Corrupt

Many will have seen ERYC accused of being corrupt on BBC Look North on Monday evening. Will the case reveal evidence of ERYC corruption?

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Voting Against ERYC Budget

In todays  Yorkshire Post I state I will not be supporting the ERYC budget on Thursday which will increase council tax by 4.99%.Increases Explained ERYC can increase the regular Council Tax by 1.99% without a referendum. Then they can increase it … Continue reading

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Wilberfoss Roundabout – York Press

It is good to see York Press report on the handing over of the Wilberfoss Parish Council petition for a roundabout at the dangerous west junction. I fully support the campaign for a Wilberfoss roundabout.

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