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East Riding Planning Refuse Residents Meeting

East Riding Planning have refused an invitation to answer questions from Sutton Upon Derwent residents with regards the construction of a lagoon with bunding for the storage of pig slurry. To refuse such an invitation can only result in further questions … Continue reading

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Bridlington Golf Club – June 2018 Update

Many are of the opinion that things at Bridlington Golf Club have gone silent of recent. Things are certainly far from silent behind the scenes. I am informed that: Committee meetings are now held behind locked doors The grass is … Continue reading

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Brid Golfer Complaint Hits ERYC Bunker

Given the questions being asked about the Bridlington Golf Club (BGC) deal it is rather ironic that Mr Robert Watson, who plays at the BGC, registered a complaint against me for publishing the fact that he called me a twat. The … Continue reading

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Bridlington Golf Club: Rumours Abound

Over the past few days my various sources within and outwith the Bridlington Golf Club (BGC) have been making me aware of rumours that abound at the 19th hole. Rumour 1 It is alleged that a significant person has withdrawn … Continue reading

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Pocklington Kirkland Street Development: Committee Request

At first glance the proposed new development off Kirkland Street is perfect for Pocklington as it is for four 2 bedrooms houses and eight one bedroom apartments. The houses each have a parking space but there are no parking spaces … Continue reading

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Bridlington Golf Club: Volunteers Needed

Bridlington Golf Club Greens Committee are asking for volunteers to help around the Golf Course on Friday mornings. This is to commence on Friday 27th April from 9.00am. I can confirm that there is now to be one Green Keeper made redundant not two as … Continue reading

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MP Letter Confirms ERYC Pocklington Planning Failure

It has come to my attention that the Broadmanor Landscape Belt must be protected from trespass. Please see Alan Menzies to Sir Greg Knight MP Letter 14 Jan 2011 Residents on the Broadmanor/North side had their access denied and a metal … Continue reading

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Bridlington Golf Club – Green Keeper Redundancies

I am informed from numerous sources that Bridlington Golf Club are in the process of making two Green Keepers redundant. I am informed that: Two employees of the Club (Green Keepers) have been given notice of their proposed redundancies. The … Continue reading

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Brid Golf Club: EGM Agrees £600,000 Hotel Loan

I now share evidence to support my opinion in Bridlington Golf Club – Finances Exposed that “the Golf Club will need to borrow £600,000 to build the hotel”. Despite being “offered” the deal of the century from ERYC it would appear that … Continue reading

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Yapham Road Proposed New Development

This morning I had an interesting meeting with Harron Homes to discuss the proposed new development planned for Yapham Road, Pocklington. The plan is for 89 homes of which 10 will be two bedrooms and 19 will be three bedrooms. … Continue reading

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