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Chapmangate Takeway – Dustbin Concerns

Residents have raised concerns with me in relation to where the dustbins will be put out for collection for the proposed Chapmangate takeaway. There is obviously not enough space on Chapmangate itself. On the front they can’t be put near … Continue reading

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The Cabin Stamford Bridge Application Approved

Western Area Planning Sub Committee yesterday passed the application to develop the Cabin, Stamford Bridge. Although the application has been approved the application must still overcome numerous hurdles to commence development of the site: Ensure there is no contamination. Provide … Continue reading

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Parish Council Confirm Kay West Incompetence

In Councillor Kay West – Incompetent I explain how Mathew Buckley ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services suggested I remove reference to the incompetence of Conservative Councillor Kay West. We now know why. I stated that Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Councillors were … Continue reading

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The Cabin – Not Given Access To Build

I can confirm that even if the proposed developer of the Cabin has their planning application approved they will not be given access to build. The owners of the land, Coppergate Properties Limited, have sent me a letter stating: “I … Continue reading

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Major Planning Application For Stamford Bridge

I would like to offer my apologies to Stamford Bridge Parish Council and residents who attended last nights Parish Council meeting for the incorrect information I gave regards a new planning application for Stamford Bridge. Correct Information The following major … Continue reading

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The Mile Development – Planning Application Deferred

I would like to congratulate members sitting on the planning committee this afternoon for making two appropriate decisions in relation to Pocklington. Pocklington Flood Alleviation Scheme This was approved. I disagree with the suitability of the PFAS but I fully … Continue reading

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Pocklington Planning Applications

It is a busy day in County Hall today as the planning applications for the Pocklington Flood Alleviation Scheme and the adjoining development go before planning. I will be speaking on both applications and believe both should either be refused or … Continue reading

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Peter Robinson Questions Parnaby Smoke Screen

Peter Robinson, a former close friend of Councillor Stephen Parnaby, has questioned Parnabys smoke screen in an email sent to all ERYC members. Parnaby may fool some gullible Tory and Labour Councillors but his former close friend can see right through … Continue reading

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Parna Baby Safeguarding and Planning Smoke Screen

On Friday afternoon Councillor Parna Baby sent a letter “To: All Members of the Council“. But it was not sent to one of those members – Councillor Andy Strangeway. Please see Councillor Parna Baby Letter to All Members My Public Response … Continue reading

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Pocklington Double Yellow Lines Fiasco

The Pocklington double yellow lines is on the verge of turning into a fiasco. First ERYC Statement An ERYC officer has stated: “There are no proposals at this time to change the position or number of lines in this location.” Second … Continue reading

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