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New Residents Car Park For Pocklington

I am pleased to see that ERYC have completed the new residents car park on Scaife Garth. I first requested ERYC officers to look into the possibility of a functional car park for Scaife Garth about a year ago. Previously … Continue reading

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Market Place – Moving Disabled Bays Signage

As the disabled bays signage at the Market Place disabled bays is not displayed next to the two bays ERYC will look into moving it. ERYC have stated: “to help clarify the situation for the future, we will look to … Continue reading

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Mayfields Litter Referred To Developer

I am pleased to confirm that the litter from the Mayfields Development, Pocklington in the Broadmanor Landscape Belt – Wildlife Corridor has been brought“to the attention of the developer”.

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Broadmanor Landscape Belt – Wildlife Corridor

While investigating the Mayfields Litter issue it has come to my attention that  Broadmanor Landscape Belt – Wildlife Corridor must be protected from trespass. It is protected with a fence from the Broadmanor side but is fully open to trespass … Continue reading

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Mayfields Litter

A resident has drawn to my attention that there is a lot of litter from the Mayfields Development, Pocklington in the Broadmanor Landscape Belt – Wildlife Corridor. I have requested ERYC to address the litter issue.

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Stamford Bridge Gridlock Solved – Yet Again

For the third time (residents reported issues again this morning) the gridlock on the A166 on the eastern side of Stamford Bridge has been resolved. ERYC have confirmed: “An officer has spoken with the contractors and the lights will now … Continue reading

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March 2018 Surgery – Pocklington

My March surgery will be held at Judsons, Pocklington on Saturday 10 March, 09.30 to 11.30. Pocklington and Pocklington Provincial residents are invited to ask questions, raise concerns or share their views.

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Pock Salt Bins – Over To Town Council

In relation to Pocklington – 78 Salt Bins Short ERYC have now confirmed it is the role of the Parish/Town Council to provide extra salt bins. “Council funded salt bins are not provided dependent upon the number of people living in … Continue reading

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Francis Scaife Leisure Centre – GP Referrals

I was shocked to learn that an officer at the Francis Scaife Leisure Centre, Pocklngton has informed residents that if their GP belonged to York Clinical Commissioning Groups they are unable to access any GP referrals. For example: exercise on prescription. … Continue reading

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P Jennings: In Full Support

I would like to offer my full support to the statement of P.Jennings (letter Pocklington Post 1 February) in their open letter to Pocklington Town Council (PTC). I would like to encourage PTC to “concentrate on issues that matter in … Continue reading

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