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Balk Roundabout: Overdue Drain Cover Repair

Over a year ago the drain cover on The Balk roundabout, Pocklington was scheduled for repair. For reasons unknown the work still remains outstanding. Given the delay I have requested ERYC to action the repair at the earliest opportunity.

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Pocklington Footpath Encroachments

I am pleased to confirm that ERYC have written to the properties below with overgrown vegetation on Barmby Road and Sherbuttgate. Hopefully residents will address the issue. If they fail to do so ERYC will take the required action.

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Action Begun: Barmby Road (FSH) Tree

I can confirm that ERYC have commenced the required action to ensure that the tree on Barmby Road, Pocklington opposite Fenwick-Smith House is pruned.

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Carriageway Resurfacing – Hodsow Lane, Pocklington

ERYC have confirmed that resurfacing of Hodsow Lane will commence on July 23rd. “I am emailing regarding upcoming carriageway resurfacing works on Hodosw Lane, Pocklington. The works will commence on the 23rd of July under a temporary road closure and … Continue reading

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The Mile Bollard Noted For Attention

The Mile bollard has been noted for attention. Thank you ERYC.

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Hodsow Lane Cycle Path Sign Noted

The Hodsow Lane cycle path sign has been noted to deal with. Thank you ERYC.

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The Mile Post Box: Normal Service

I am pleased to confirm that normal service has returned to The Mile post box as the tape and metal grid over the slot has been removed.

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The Mile Bollard: Maintenance Requested

I have requested ERYC to undertake the necessary maintenance of the bollard on the Mile roundabout.

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The Mile Post Box Mystery

A Pocklington resident went out to post a letter on The Mile this morning and to their surprise the post box was taped over with a metal grid over the slot. The local postman didn’t know the reason and the … Continue reading

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Pocklington Bus Station – Timetables To Be Resolved

I can confirm that the missing timetables from Pocklington Bus Station will be resolved as soon as practicable. Within 11 minutes of my raising the issue yesterday with ERYC an officer had replied: “Dear Councillor Strangeway Thank you for bringing this … Continue reading

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