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Market Street 20mph Sign Replacement

ERYC have confirmed that they will replace the Market Street 20mph sign. Well done ERYC.

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Railway Street Parking – ERYC Entrapment Shame

In recent weeks numerous residents have received parking tickets for not parking within the white lines on Railway Street. Indeed on one recent visit three vehicles in a row received parking tickets. These photos taken on Saturday show how four … Continue reading

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Windmill Meadows – Broken White Line Requested

Residents have raised concerns with regards the Windmill Meadows/Moorfield Lane junction in Wilberfoss. The junction is at the bottom of a hill, the view is obstructed by a hedge and it is also regularly obstructed by parked cars. I fully … Continue reading

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Railway Street – False Signage

As the signage on Railway Street, Pocklington gives conflicting information I believe the parking restrictions are unenforceable. In addition any parking tickets issued for overstaying must be reimbursed. I have requested ERYC to erect appropriate signage and reimburse any monies … Continue reading

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Parish Council Confirm Kay West Incompetence

In Councillor Kay West – Incompetent I explain how Mathew Buckley ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services suggested I remove reference to the incompetence of Conservative Councillor Kay West. We now know why. I stated that Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Councillors were … Continue reading

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Market Street Missing 20 mph Sign

One of the 20 mph signs at the start of Market Street has disappeared. I have requested ERYC to replace the sign.

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Pocklington Area Local Politics – Please Continue

The Pocklington Area Local Politics Facebook page was set up with the sole intention of discrediting me. I encourage the few people who have devoted the past year of their lives to this goal to continue as the promotion of … Continue reading

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The Mile Development – Planning Application Deferred

I would like to congratulate members sitting on the planning committee this afternoon for making two appropriate decisions in relation to Pocklington. Pocklington Flood Alleviation Scheme This was approved. I disagree with the suitability of the PFAS but I fully … Continue reading

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Pocklington Planning Applications

It is a busy day in County Hall today as the planning applications for the Pocklington Flood Alleviation Scheme and the adjoining development go before planning. I will be speaking on both applications and believe both should either be refused or … Continue reading

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Promoting The Lily Trail And Pocklington

£8,000 was spent on the Pocklington Lily Trail to encourage visitors to visit the Town Centre when visiting Burnby Hall Gardens. As promotion of the Lily Trail has been rather lacking I requested assistance from ERYC. I would like to … Continue reading

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