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Bund Site Pumping Water 24/7

I have been contacted by residents from Mile End Park who have informed me that pumps are operating 24/7 on the Bund/Housing site. Please read Additional Monitoring For Pocklington Beck Confirmed. One resident has stated: “Alan Menzies letter is ill-informed. He … Continue reading

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Additional Monitoring For Pocklington Beck Confirmed

ERYC have confirmed that there is to be additional monitoring of the Pocklington Beck. I believe we must replace the word discolouration with pollution. Unfortunately ERYC are unaware what caused the pollution. Putting this aside I would like to thank … Continue reading

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ERYC Silence – Pocklington Beck Pollution

Despite sending the email below to Chief Executive Caroline Lacey, Director of Planning Alan Menzies and Head of Planning Stephen Hunt first thing yesterday there is silence from County Hall as to the inability of ERYC to be able to … Continue reading

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East Riding Council: Pocklington Pollution Failure

Despite my raising “Bund Works – Pocklington Beck Pollution” ERYC have failed to address the situation since Friday. As this could have been a planning enforcement issue or an Environment Agency issue I referred the matter to the ERYC Head … Continue reading

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ERYC Planning Director Misleads Planning Committee

On 14 August 2018 ERYC Director of Planning, Alan Menzies, mislead the Western Area Sub-Committee with regards the Planning Application for St Georges Place, Pocklington on Kirkland Street by falsely stating: “The surrounding area does not have on-street parking restrictions” Almost the full … Continue reading

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Pock Provincial Tories Silence On Bungalows

The two Pocklington Provincial Tories Cllr Claude Mole and Cllr Kay West remained silent at Thursdays planning committee on the subject of bungalows in relation to application for the erection of 225 dwellings at land south east of Groves Farm, West … Continue reading

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Bullying Tory Councillors – Formal Complaint

I have register a formal complaint against the four bullying ERYC Tory Councillors – Cllrs Pearson, Stathers, Temple and West. Please see Tory Councillors Bully Speaker At Planning. Formal Complaint “I would like to register formal complaints against Cllrs Pearson, Stathers, Temple … Continue reading

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Bund Works – Pocklington Beck Pollution

There is concern that works on the Pocklington Bund may be causing pollution to Pocklington Beck.               A Pocklington resident last night emailed me at 18.24 and stated: “Today at 17:15 we walked our … Continue reading

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Pocklington Post – Thank You Pock Doctors

In this weeks Pocklington Post.

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Love Lane: New Right Of Way Sign

I am pleased to confirm that ERYC have agreed to erect a right of way sign at the entrance to Love Lane. An ERYC officer today stated: “I will take a look at where it would best go and arrange … Continue reading

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