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East Riding Swimming Pool Pervert

It has come to my information that today a male, possibly an ERYC employee has stolen four pairs of 8 to 9-year-old girls underpants from a swimming pool changing room in the East Riding.I am informed that the male was … Continue reading

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Pock Town Council To Water Plants Differently

Humberside Police have this morning confirmed that “I have raised the matter with The Town Council and in the future a different method of watering plants will be employed.” As mentioned in Stupidity Of Pocklington Town Council who in their right mind … Continue reading

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Stupidity Of Pocklington Town Council

Just after 16.00 yesterday I witnessed the scene below which can only be described as the stupidity of Pocklington Town Council (PTC). To water a few flowers they are in breach of the following: Parking on a junction Parking on … Continue reading

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Six Police Station Signs But No Police

In Pocklington we are blessed to have six signs with yards of each other informing residents where the Police Station is. Unfortunately we don’t have any Police. As this is adding insult to injury and increasing street clutter I have requested ERYC … Continue reading

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Politics Is Not Harassment

There is a certain female ERYC Conservative Councillor who has a track record of claiming harassment when she does not like exchanges especially political.In the past she has made such allegations against her fellow ERYC Conservative Councillors, other elected officials, … Continue reading

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Incompetent Humberside Police

As an ERYC Ward Councillor I am now of the opinion that Humberside Police are incompetent. Over the past two days I have made public the shambles that is Humberside Police. Yesterday, at 11.05, I received a phone call from … Continue reading

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Humberside Police Play For Time

It would appear that Humberside Police are in the process of playing for time in relation to Victim of Police Intimidation and Harassment. The Evidence Wednesday 28 December – In a phone call at approximately 19.15 I was informed to phone … Continue reading

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Victim of Police Intimidation and Harassment

Like many others I am enjoying the Christmas/New Year period to catch up on some rest. Yesterday, after an afternoon sampling real ale with a friend in York, my wife and I enjoyed a Chinese takeaway. As we settled down … Continue reading

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