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Northallerton Meeting – Leeming Bar Overnight Parking Ban

On Friday Nigel Ward, Citizen Journalist and a regular contributor to the North Yorks Enquirer, and myself attended a very congenial meeting at Northallerton to discuss the Leeming Bar Overnight Parking ban. I would like to thank the senior North … Continue reading

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Overnight Parking Ban Unlawfully Targets Homeless

As the Rother District Council Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) unlawfully targets the homeless it should be revoked with immediate effect. Homeless In December 2017, the Home Office updated its guidance that now specifically states that PSPOs should not be … Continue reading

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Banned, Not Banned, Banned And Banned

The Leeming Bar Overnight Parking Ban has become a banned, not banned, banned and banned fiasco. Banned – Hambleton District Council (HDC) ban overnight parking if remaining in the vehicle. Not Banned – I undertake direct action by parking overnight … Continue reading

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Weighton Cemetery Dog Ban – Slight Improvement

In Council Bans Assistance/Guide Dogs From Cemetery I revealed how Market Weighton Town Council (MWTC) not only unlawfully closed the town’s cemetery it has also unlawfully banned assistance/guide dogs from it. I am now delighted to confirm that the previous … Continue reading

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Not A Public Road Claims Highway Authority

The Assistant Director of the largest Highways Authority in England, North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), has claimed Highways in England are not Highways in England. According to the Highways Authority, this NOT a Highway In an attempt to justify NYCC supporting … Continue reading

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PSPO Targets Van Dwellers And Overnight Parking

A handful of Councils across the country is unlawfully using Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) to target van dwellers and overnight parking. If this was left unchallenged it would have resulted in the introduction of similar PSPOs across the country. … Continue reading

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Evidence Revealed – Overnight Parking Ban Unenforceable

Since 3 June 2019, I have witnessed with amusement how Hambleton District Council (HDC) have attempted to convince local residents and themselves that the Leeming Bar Overnight Parking ban is enforceable when I knew it was not. I now reveal … Continue reading

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Tricky Micky Snookered By Chief Exec’s Anger Issues

After over a year of exposing the pig’s ear that Hambleton District Council (HDC) have made of their attempt to unlawfully ban overnight parking at Leeming Bar the Chief Executive Justin Ives allowed his well-known anger issues to get the … Continue reading

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Height Barrier Confirmed An Unlawful Hazard

Peterborough City Council has confirmed that the height barrier at the entrance to Car Haven Car Park, Peterborough is in breach of legislation as there is no Traffic Regulation Order for it. On 13 February  Gillian Beasley, Chief Executive, Peterborough City Council … Continue reading

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Parking Ban For Carlton Lodge Hotel?

Is the Hambleton District Council (HDC) banning of overnight parking at Leeming Bar to facilitate a Hotel? It started with questions regards “Site Under Investigation“. The wonderful roads to a field of nothing resulted in folk asking “Could it be…?” … Continue reading

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