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Storking Lane Double Yellows – Order Confirmed

I am pleased to report that the order for the Storking Lane T junction double yellows has been confirmed. Well done ERYC.

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New London Street Safety Measures

I am grateful to ERYC for informing me of further safety improvements to London Street following our recent site visit. In addition to the previously announced repainting of yellow lines and school slow road markings ERYC have now been confirmed: … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge Roads – Tory Austerity

A Stamford Bridge resident, who is also a cyclist, recently raised with me the appalling state of  Main Street, Church Road and Buttercrambe Road. From a cyclist point of view I fully understand the concerns. Unfortunately due to Conservative austerity … Continue reading

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Moorfield Way – White Line

The junction of Moorfield Way, Wilberfoss was resurfaced a few months ago. As the white line has not been repainted I have requested ERYC address the issue at the earliest opportunity.

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Hagg Bridge Works

ERYC have confirmed that works are scheduled for Hagg Bridge, Sutton Upon Derwent. Initially this will involve: Securing the temporary orange barriers Refreshing the road markings including the SLOW markings When the Bridges department attend to repair the fence, if … Continue reading

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Market Street 20mph Sign Replacement

ERYC have confirmed that they will replace the Market Street 20mph sign. Well done ERYC.

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Railway Street Parking – ERYC Entrapment Shame

In recent weeks numerous residents have received parking tickets for not parking within the white lines on Railway Street. Indeed on one recent visit three vehicles in a row received parking tickets. These photos taken on Saturday show how four … Continue reading

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Windmill Meadows – Broken White Line Requested

Residents have raised concerns with regards the Windmill Meadows/Moorfield Lane junction in Wilberfoss. The junction is at the bottom of a hill, the view is obstructed by a hedge and it is also regularly obstructed by parked cars. I fully … Continue reading

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Wilberfoss Junction Obstructed A1079 Sign

Wilberfoss residents have raised concerns with regards the obstructing of the Wilberfoss A1079 west junction sign. I have requested ERYC to undertake a site visit to consider the cutting back of the vegetation.

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Storking Lane T Junction Double Yellows

A couple of months ago ERYC repaired the road surface of the Storking Lane T junction in Wilberfoss. As some double yellow lines still exist it is unsure whether they need removing or new ones painting in. I have requested … Continue reading

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