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Whistleblower Reveals Foreknowledge of A19 Dangerous Exit

As a result of publishing Brookes Garage A19 Dangerous Exit, a whistleblower has contacted me with some shocking information. I will call the whistleblower Fred. Fred has claimed that the owner, Parish Council, Hambleton District Council and North Yorkshire County … Continue reading

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Brookes Garage A19 Dangerous Exit

As a campaigner, I receive information in many formats from various sources across the country. This can be for my information purposes, requesting assisting or raising a concern. I recently received the video above. This shows an HGV reversing onto … Continue reading

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One Bollard, Two Wards And Six Councillors

For over four months, during the period of the darkest nights, a bollard on the A166 in Stamford Bridge has been turned in the wrong direction. As the former Independent ERYC Ward Councillor for Stamford Bridge, I have avoided “stepping … Continue reading

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Back Lane Fangfoss Highway Obstruction

Those like myself who have spent all their life driving country roads, especially those that are single track, will know the importance of having access to the grass verge. In essence, the grass verge is required to allow vehicles to … Continue reading

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ERYC Agree Burton Fields Yellow Box Request

Last April I requested a yellow box for Burton Fields. Since then various work has continued behind the scenes. I can now confirm, subject to Police agreeing to enforce it, ERYC have approved the request. Hopefully this will be a … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge Main Street H Bar

I am pleased to see that ERYC have finally marked the vehicular access of Vine House. ERYC have confirm: “Further to residents complaining to Cllr Strangeway, a ‘H’ Bar road marking was recently installed across the vehicular access of Vine … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Water Silence New Street Manhole

There is hope that Yorkshire Water may have finally silenced the noisy manhole on New Street, Pocklington. Well done Yorkshire Water. We still await ERYC to solve the blocked drain next to it!

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Pocklington Road Resurface Programme 2019

I can confirm that, in addition to Kilnwick Road, The Oval will also be resurfaced this year. It was delayed last year to allow works to be completed in the area. Well done ERYC.

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Replacement Bollard For A166

The damaged bollard on the A166, Stamford Bridge is to be replaced. Prior To Replacement Well done ERYC.

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Tories Gamble Residents Lives For Road Sign

It is beyond belief that the three Conservative Pocklington Provincial candidates for the upcoming ERYC election endorse signage at the Wilberfoss A1079 West junction that could cause deaths. The signs could work without fault for months. So we will have … Continue reading

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