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Wilberfoss West Junction – Overgrown Vegetation

The overgrown vegetation looking east at the Wilberfoss West junction is obstructing motorists view of on coming traffic. I have requested ERYC prune the vegetation back.

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Yapham Road – A Great Example

Residents will have noticed the works that are taking place on Yapham Road. This is a great example of a resident, Ward Councillor and ERYC working together. On Monday 8 January a resident contacted me to raise concerns about the … Continue reading

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Church Grass: Openreach Requested To Make Good

ERYC have requested Openreach to arrange “for the damage to be made good” on the Church Street grass in Stamford Bridge. Well done ERYC.

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Woldgate Flashing Warning Light

The Woldgate flashing warning light is currently out of action. With traffic from Burnby Lane cutting through The Oval it is even more important that the light is working. The engineer has confirmed they will look into the issue. Well … Continue reading

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Market Place Roadworks Mess Addressed

I am pleased to announce that ERYC have tidied the Market Place roadworks mess. Well done ERYC.

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London Street Banner – Removed

I would like to thank ERYC for their prompt action in having a banner erected at the London Street crossing by Fitness Connection 1079 removed before the children go back to school on Monday.

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London Street Banner – Removal Requested

A resident has raised understandable concerns as to children’s safety at the London Bridge crossing due to the erection of a banner by Fitness Connection 1079. I have requested ERYC action the removal of the banner at the earliest opportunity.

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Newbridge Lane Pot Hole Repair

ERYC have confirmed that the large pot hole on Newbridge Lane, Barmby Moor will be repaired today. D – Thank you for drawing this to my attention. Well done ERYC.

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Balk Roundabout Surfacing Joint Inspection

I am pleased to confirm that the surfacing joint on The Balk Roundabout will be checked and arrangements made to deal with any actionable damage or defect. Well done ERYC.

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Sutton Manholes – Yorkshire Water Inspection

Yorkshire Water have confirmed that within the next two weeks they will check out the manholes in Sutton Upon Derwent which are causing concern for the residents as when vehicles drive over, it causes the house to shake. “I’m sorry … Continue reading

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