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The Cabin – Not Given Access To Build

I can confirm that even if the proposed developer of the Cabin has their planning application approved they will not be given access to build. The owners of the land, Coppergate Properties Limited, have sent me a letter stating: “I … Continue reading

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Parna Baby Safeguarding and Planning Smoke Screen

On Friday afternoon Councillor Parna Baby sent a letter “To: All Members of the Council“. But it was not sent to one of those members – Councillor Andy Strangeway. Please see Councillor Parna Baby Letter to All Members My Public Response … Continue reading

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ERYC Silence – Swimming Pool Pervert

Despite a follow-up email to ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey and Kevin Hall, Director of Children, Family and Schools there is silence from County Hall in relation to East Riding Swimming Pool Pervert. It is a disgrace that senior offices have gone … Continue reading

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East Riding Swimming Pool Pervert

It has come to my information that today a male, possibly an ERYC employee has stolen four pairs of 8 to 9-year-old girls underpants from a swimming pool changing room in the East Riding.I am informed that the male was … Continue reading

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Pam Allen – Insensitive Children In Care Signature

The signature of ERYC employee Pam Allen, the former Director of Safeguarding at Rotherham from 2004-2009, where there were 1,400 cases of child abuse, appeared in a recent glossy ERYC pledge booklet. In the booklet those who signed the pledge make … Continue reading

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ERYC Safeguarding Fail Yet Again

“A child who was left disabled following an attack by his mother’s partner is to receive £14m in damages after a council knew the boyfriend was a risk.” “East Riding of Yorkshire Council agreed the sum after admitting it was “aware” … Continue reading

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Pam Allen Retired

A committee to discuss Pam Allen’s replacement will be discussed at Tuesdays Cabinet meeting. It appears our Pam “retired”. Was the heat getting too hot for her?

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Article 10 – BLA BLA

I have registered and had accepted three complaints against senior ERYC officers for breaching my Article 10 rights to political expression. Mathew Buckley, Head of Legal Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive Pam Allen, Head of Children and Young People’s Support and … Continue reading

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Pam Allen Breaches Article 10

Pam Allen, in her role of ERYC Head of Children and Young People’s Support and Safeguarding Services, has breached my Article 10 rights to political expression by registering a complaint against me for whistleblowing failures of her officers. Article 10 of … Continue reading

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ERYC Safeguarding Policy – Defend Our Position

Often ERYC do not deal with safeguarding issues in the interests of residents. They bury their heads and defend their position. The reason being is that it is ERYC safeguarding who are often the issue. Case 1 NB: This case … Continue reading

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