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London Street Accident – Witnesses Sought

This morning at 08.40 on London Street there was  an accident between a EYMS bus and an ERYC flat-bed truck with a wire cage on. Library photo I am informed that the ERYC vehicle with two occupants hit the bus which … Continue reading

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ERYC Safeguarding Policy – Defend Our Position

Often ERYC do not deal with safeguarding issues in the interests of residents. They bury their heads and defend their position. The reason being is that it is ERYC safeguarding who are often the issue. Case 1 NB: This case … Continue reading

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London Street Safety Barrier Requested

The crossing on London Street has been a great success. But today I learnt a minor tweak was required. There is a tendency for children on their scooters to short cut the approach to the crossing. I have requested ERYC fit … Continue reading

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Pock Parking Survey – Pock School Was Closed

I recently took a look at the Pocklington Parking Survey undertaken by ERYC in 2016. As I did not recognise what the figures stated I enquired when the survey was carried out. The survey was carried out on 12, 14 … Continue reading

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Kilnwick Road Accident – ERYC Response

I would like to thank ERYC officers for their prompt response to my enquiry with can be seen below. I fully support the report. The Police haven’t finalised their findings/statement yet. Kilnwick Road vehicle speed The average speed was recorded … Continue reading

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Sarah Davies Latest Complaint – No Action

Many who read local Facebook pages may have the opinion that Sarah Davies of Full Sutton has been obsessed with me for over a year. Latest Complaint Her latest complaint is that by my publishing of the above there has … Continue reading

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Catholic School – Pock Beck Clearance

Yesterday ERYC contractors started to clear out the verges of Pock Beck near to the Catholic School. The heavier vegetation has been scaled back and work continues on the remaining vegetation today. Well done ERYC and contractors.

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Sarah Davies Confirmed Pocklington School Employee

Yet again I am being harassed by Sarah Davies. This time she is complaining about what I stated in Complaint 1 – Full Sutton Obsessive Campaign: “Sarah Davies (Wife of a Full Sutton Parish Council Councillor and alleged employee of Pocklington School)” … Continue reading

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Listen To Residents

The interview I did for BBC Radio Humberside this evening with regards schools funding got me thinking. Make Full Draft Budget Public Although ERYC employ over 14,000 officers this is still less than 5% of the population of the East … Continue reading

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York Press Cover Leaked Report

It is good to see the York Press cover the leaked report. Please read: Leaked report: Every secondary school in East Yorks to be in debt in two years

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