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George Street Parking Sign – Maintenance Required

As the parking sign on George Street Pocklington requires maintenance I have requested ERYC to undertake the required works.

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School Crossing Sign – Wrong Side Of Road

As the school crossing sign on Moor Road, Stamford Bridge is on the wrong side of the road I have requested ERYC move it to the left hand side.

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Full Sutton 50mph Requires Realigning

The 50mph sign just outside Full Sutton on Hatkill Lane has required realigning for over year but I thought I would leave it to Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council to address with ERYC. As this has not happened I … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge – Guess the Sign

At the junction of Church Road and Moor Road, Stamford Bridge it appears motorists can currently play “Guess The Sign”. I have requested ERYC to realign the sign at the earliest opportunity.

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Moor Road Sign – Repairs Required

As the bracket has come off the road narrows sign on Moor Road, Stamford Bridge I have requested ERYC do the required repairs before it drops off.

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Elderly People Crossing Sign On Wrong Road

Following on from the recent incident in which a tractor crashed into the Beaumont Care Home, Stamford Bridge I met staff and residents to discuss their concerns as to their safety crossing Buttercrambe Road. One aspect raised is that the … Continue reading

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Buttercrambe Road 30mph Signs Aligned

I can confirm that the Butercrambe Road 30mph signs in Stamford Bridge have been aligned. Prior To Alignment Well done ERYC.

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Kilnwick Road Flashing Light – Finally Working

Pocklington residents will be pleased to note that the Kilnwick Road flashing light is finally working again.

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Buttercrambe Road 30mph Sign – Maintenance Required

As the 30mph signs on Buttercrambe Road, Stamford Bridge are not facing in the correct direction I have requested ERYC to carry out the required maintenance.

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Low Catton Road Give Way Cleared

I am pleased to confirm that the Low Catton Road Give Way sign in Stamford Bridge has been cleared.

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