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East Riding Schools Security Concerns

It would appear that ERYC have no confidence in the five-foot security fences around many East Riding schools Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal Despite the fences, Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal, is convinced it is reasonable to believe … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge Alcohol Prohibition – Top Secret

Like myself, many Stamford Bridge residents will be surprised to discover that there is an alcohol prohibition in the village. ERYC appear to want to keep this top secret as they have failed to put up the required signs. Bridlington … Continue reading

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Jane Finnis Coming To Stamford Bridge Library

Local author Jane Finnis will be giving a talk to the Book Group at Stamford Bridge library on Tuesday, 7 May, at 2pm, as part of National Crime Reading Month. “Friends, Romans, Murderers…”: Jane Finnis writes mysteries dealing with life … Continue reading

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ERYC Agree Burton Fields Yellow Box Request

Last April I requested a yellow box for Burton Fields. Since then various work has continued behind the scenes. I can now confirm, subject to Police agreeing to enforce it, ERYC have approved the request. Hopefully this will be a … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge Main Street H Bar

I am pleased to see that ERYC have finally marked the vehicular access of Vine House. ERYC have confirm: “Further to residents complaining to Cllr Strangeway, a ‘H’ Bar road marking was recently installed across the vehicular access of Vine … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge A166 Bridge Bollard

The bollard on the footpath of the bridge on the A166 in Stamford Bridge has seen better days. I have requested ERYC to replace the bollard and to ensure there is some form of reflector on it at the earliest … Continue reading

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Fossway Selfishness – Bollards Requested

Residents have rightly complained about the selfish conduct of the driver of a White Seat Ibiza who believes it acceptable to drive over daffodils to park their car. The green space on Fossway, Stamford Bridge is currently at its best … Continue reading

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Viking Road Car Park – Work Planned

ERYC have confirmed that the works I requested for the Viking Road Car Park is now being planned. Please see Viking Road Car Park – Maintenance Required. Well done ERYC.

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Team Strangeway Making Good Progress

Team Strangeway is making good progress distributing election leaflets for the ERYC election on May 2nd. Starting In Wilberfoss This Morning Sutton Upon Derwent is completed, The Cattons are almost complete, Pocklington, Wilberfoss and Stamford Bridge are all progressing well. … Continue reading

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Suitcase Fly Tipping Cleared

I am pleased to confirm that the suitcase and builders waste fly tipped in the lay by between Stamford Bridge and Wilberfoss near to Black Plantation has been cleared. Prior To Clearance Well done ERYC.

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