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Roman Avenue South – Noisy Manhole Cover

A noisy manhole cover on Roman Avenue South, Stamford Bridge has been disturbing the sleep of numerous residents since ERYC resurfaced the road last summer. A resident contacted ERYC in November to be told “Nowt to do with us, you need … Continue reading

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Moor Lane Fly Tipping/Litter Cleared

First thing Wednesday morning an ERYC officer was busy on Moor Lane clearing the fly tipping/litter which I only reported mid day Tuesday. Prior To Being Cleared Well done ERYC and credit due to the officer who was working in … Continue reading

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New Prison Application Must be Refused

At the meeting I requested in County Hall on Monday which was attended by Planning officers, a fellow Ward Councillor and representatives of Stamford Bridge and Full Sutton Parish Councils to clarify any misunderstandings I was informed that there is … Continue reading

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Hedge Cuttings Fly Tipping Removed

I am pleased to confirm that the hedge cuttings that have been fly tipped in the lay by between Stamford Bridge and Wilberfoss have now been removed. Prior To removal Well done ERYC.

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Moor Lane Fly Tipping/Litter

The lay by on Moor Lane, Full Sutton is covered in fly tipping and litter. Indeed the road from there to the Prison has also litter strewn all over. I have requested ERYC to remove the fly tipping from the … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge – A Dedicated Parish Council

Last night my wife Ruth and I attended the monthly Stamford Bridge Parish Council meeting. Pocklington Provincial is blessed with six fantastic Parish Councils. Like the villages they represent they are all very different. This can be seen in the issues … Continue reading

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Request For New Stamford Bridge Footpath

Residents continue to raise concerns with me regards the missing section of footpath on the A166 in Stamford Bridge. With the new development the need for this missing section of footpath to be addressed is even more important. The owners … Continue reading

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Viking Road Car Park – Fallen Branches

I would like to warn residents to beware of fallen branches in the Viking Road Car Park, Stamford Bridge. I have requested ERYC to remove all fallen branches and to ensure those remaining on trees are safe. In addition I have … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge In Bloom – Wood Chip Delivery

I am delighted to confirm that ERYC will deliver a load of wood chip for Stamford Bridge in Bloom this morning. I am sure volunteers to help spread it will be most welcome. Well done ERYC.

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Black Plantation Hedge Cuttings Fly Tipping

It is sad to see that hedge cuttings have been fly tipped in the lay by between Stamford Bridge and Wilberfoss. As can be seen some are on the highway while others are just in the farmer’s field. I have … Continue reading

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