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Stamford Bridge: Road Repairs Schedule Update

As numerous residents raised questions with me as to whether Roman Avenue pot holes could be repaired and/or the resurfacing moved forward I requested a schedule update from ERYC for Roman Avenue and also future works for Church Road. ERYC … Continue reading

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Church Road: Co-op Lorry Turning Area

This morning I watched a Co-op Lorry attempt to reverse from Church Road to Moor Road in Stamford Bridge. This involved parking on double yellows, attempting to reverse around a blind corner and causing traffic to build up. In the … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge Flooding – Main Street Solution

The permanent pumps for Stamford Bridge have resolved the vast majority of the flooding in the village but there is relatively minor flooding outside the New Inn which needs addressing. A couple of weeks ago, referring to the above photo, which … Continue reading

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Church Road – Visible Cables and Abandoned Barriers

Understandably concern has been raised with me with regards the visible cables and “abandoned” barriers on Church Street, Stamford Bridge. The site has been left like this for a few weeks and is next to the school. I have requested … Continue reading

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Viking Road Sign – A Simple Solution

ERYC have found a simple solution to the Viking Road: Out Of Date Sign in Stamford Bridge by changing the 3 to an 8. This now gives correct information to residents and motorists. Well done ERYC.

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Action On Dog Poo Bags Overflowing

I am pleased to confirm that ERYC are to take action with regards the dog poo bags overflowing from a Sutton Upon Derwent litter bin. An ERYC officer has confirmed: “I can confirm the bin will be emptied by Friday … Continue reading

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Moor Road Safety Posts: Maintenance Required

The safety posts for the open drain on Moor Road, at the Full Sutton T Junction have seen better days. I have requested ERYC to undertake the required maintenance at the earliest opportunity.

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Pocklington Provincial Resurfacing 2018

ERYC have announced further resurfacing for Pocklington Provincial for 2018. Barmby Moor – Main Street – B1246 Stamford Bridge – Harada Way and Tostig Close Sutton Upon Derwent – Common Lane and Main Street – B1228 Please read ERYC Surface Dressing … Continue reading

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Moor Road: Abandoned Road Sign

While looking into a different issue on Moor Road (Stamford Bridge to Wilberfoss) I noticed an abandoned road sign in the hedge bottom opposite Scarcroft Cottage. As the sign is dated August it has been there for some considerable time. … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge – Missing Cycle Path

Approaching the River Derwent bridge in Stamford Bridge from the Pocklington direction there is a cycle land and box. Unfortunately coming from York there is no cycle lane and box. I have requested ERYC to paint the cycle lane and … Continue reading

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