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Black Plantation Bath Fly Tipping

I am pleased to confirm that my request to remove the fly tipping and also tidy the lay by near to Black Plantation, Newbridge Lane, Stamford Bridge has been passed to the ERYC street cleansing team to action. Well done ERYC.

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Hagg Bridge Closure Notice

Hagg Bridge on the B1228 will be closed to all traffic from 09.00 to16.00 on the 20th August 2018. The closure is due to  investigative works taking place on the bridge carriageway in order to determine the condition of the … Continue reading

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Hagg Bridge: Barriers In Place

I am pleased to confirm  that shortly after contacting ERYC regards the missing and fallen barriers on Hagg Bridge they had been put back in place. Prior To Being Addressed Well done ERYC. I would like to thank Sutton Upon … Continue reading

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WARNING: Hagg Bridge – Missing And Fallen Barriers

I would like to warn everyone that there are missing and fallen barriers on the Hagg Bridge. The Hagg Bridge is between Sutton Upon Derwent and Melbourne on the B1228. I have requested immediate action from ERYC and await confirmation … Continue reading

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ERYC Waste Resources On Reviews Instead Of Listening

It never ceases to amaze me how ERYC hold meetings for the sake of meeting and undertake reviews instead of listening. There is currently a review underway looking into how the relationship between ERYC and Town/Parish Councils can be improved. … Continue reading

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East Riding Planning Refuse Residents Meeting

East Riding Planning have refused an invitation to answer questions from Sutton Upon Derwent residents with regards the construction of a lagoon with bunding for the storage of pig slurry. To refuse such an invitation can only result in further questions … Continue reading

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Sandhill Lane: Data And Safety Scheme

In January, as a result of an accident on the Barmby Moor to Sutton Upon Derwent road I asked ERYC if anything could be done in an attempt to reduce the accident rate. An officer commissioned speed surveys following a collision … Continue reading

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Sutton Upon Derwent: Footpath Encroachment Actioned

ERYC are to action maintenance of the Sutton Upon Derwent footpath on the side of the B1228 near to the River Derwent that is subject to encroachment. ERYC are to “arrange to remove any overgrowth/obstruction” Well done ERYC.

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Sutton Bollards Noted For Inclusion

I can confirm that the missing and damaged bollard north of Sutton Upon Derwent on the B1228 are noted “for inclusion with other similar works in the Parish/area”. Well done ERYC.

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Sutton Speed Limit Confusion Correction

The speed restriction signs on the B1228 north of Sutton Upon Derwent that are confusing motorists are to be corrected. ERYC are to “arrange to bag off the 30mph sign or remove the 20 as appropriate”. Thank you ERYC.

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