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January 2018 Surgery – Wilberfoss

My January surgery will be held in the Wilberfoss Community Centre between 09.30 and 11.30 on Saturday 20 January. Wilberfoss and Pocklington Provincial residents are invited to ask questions, raise concerns or share their views.

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Wilberfoss Junction A1079 Sign Cleared

ERYC have confirmed that they have cut the vegetation back which obstructed the A1079 sign at the Wilberfoss West junction. Pre Cut Back Well done ERYC.

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Safer Journey To School – Considered For Funding

I would like to thank ERYC for their prompt response to my request for a safer journey to school for Wilberfoss children. “I will pass on you request to the Area Engineer and ensure that it is considered for funding … Continue reading

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Safer Journey To School For Wilberfoss Children

A dropped kerb at the top of Moorfield Way, Wilberfoss was discussed at Thursdays Wilberfoss Parish Council meeting. A significant benefit would be that parents of school children with younger siblings in push chairs could then use the quiet footpath … Continue reading

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Black Plantation Fly Tipping Removal

I am pleased to confirm that the Council’s enforcement team will visit the site of the Black Plantation fly tipping to check for any evidence. Thereafter a cleansing team will be dispatched and the fly tipping will be removed. Well … Continue reading

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Black Plantation Further Fly Tipping

Sadly a significant amount of fly tipping has taken place in the lay by near to Black Plantation which is near to the T junction of Fangfoss, Wilberfoss and Stamford Bridge. As some is actually on the road I have … Continue reading

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Tree Pruning – Middle Street Wilberfoss

I am pleased to confirm that ERYC “are waiting for YEDL to respond and give clearance to work in the vicinity of their substation” to prune the tree on Middle Street, Wilberfoss. Well done ERYC.

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Storking Lane Double Yellows – Order Confirmed

I am pleased to report that the order for the Storking Lane T junction double yellows has been confirmed. Well done ERYC.

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Moorfield Way – White Line

The junction of Moorfield Way, Wilberfoss was resurfaced a few months ago. As the white line has not been repainted I have requested ERYC address the issue at the earliest opportunity.

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Windmill Meadows – Broken White Line Requested

Residents have raised concerns with regards the Windmill Meadows/Moorfield Lane junction in Wilberfoss. The junction is at the bottom of a hill, the view is obstructed by a hedge and it is also regularly obstructed by parked cars. I fully … Continue reading

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