East Riding Of Yorkshire Council

As I live in the East Riding my political commentary focuses on the East Riding Of Yorkshire Council (ERYC). I constantly expose failings with Children Services, Adult Services, Planning, Data Protection, and the Environment.

Recent Exposures

  1. October 6 – ERYC £20K Planning Appeal – Fake News – Planning
  2. October 2 – ERYC Continue To Ban ISL Residents – Children Services
  3. September 26 – ERYC Bullying Culture – Highlighted Since 2017 – Children Services
  4. September 25 – Children At Exploitation Risk – Huge Credit? – Children Services
  5. September 20 – ISL Residents Banned From Day Services – Adult Services
  6. September 19 – ERYC: Over 500 Families In Crisis – Children Services

Previous ERYC failings


In the public interest, I encourage whistleblowing.

Email: info@island-man.co.uk

Mobile Number: 07826 439101

Independent Councillor

Between 2016 and 2019 I served as an Independent Councillor at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. At the end of the three years, I was in no doubt that all senior officers and Councillors were either corrupt, incompetent, or both.