East Riding Of Yorkshire Council

As I live in the East Riding my political commentary focuses on the East Riding Of Yorkshire Council (ERYC).

I constantly expose failings with Children Services, Planning, Data Protection, and the Environment. In the public interest, I encourage whistleblowing. My Contact Details.

Recent Exposures

  1. July 25 – Stamford Bridge – Potential Highway Improvements – Whistleblowing
  2. July 23 – ERYC Failings Places SEN Children In Danger – Children Services
  3. July 22 – ERYC Waste Sites Policy Ignores Guidance – Environment
  4. July 19 – East Riding And Hull – Environmental Profligacy – Environment
  5. July 18 – Encouraging Fly Tipping – Punishing Refuse Collectors – Environment
  6. July 17 – I Must Confess – Conservative Party Moles – Whistleblowing
  7. July 16 – Inspired By Andy Strangeway Independent – Children Services/Data

Further Information

Things Can Only Get Better

We live in hope

Independent Councillor

Between 2016 and 2019 I served as an Independent Councillor at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Further information can be seen at:

At the end of the three years, I was in no doubt that all senior officers and Councillors were either corrupt, incompetent, or both.