Prison Scrutiny

I have witnessed firsthand the negligence of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) to ensure the roads that are being used by HGVs to service the construction of the new prison at Full Sutton are fit for purpose. I published my evidence. As a result of the feedback I have received, “Prison Scrutiny” will now give local residents the opportunity to empower themselves to make a positive and active difference in how the three-year construction process of the new prison impacts their lives.

I would remind all residents that it is fundamental to be mindful of the fact that the prison will be built, but we can shape how the deliveries to and from the construction site are undertaken. We should always treat the HGV drivers with respect as, although in all areas of life there are bad apples, the drivers are decent folk working hard to pay their bills and raise their families in these difficult times.

I encourage residents to approach the construction period holistically. This is especially relevant to residents’ social and mental well-being.

The System

The Planning and Highway Authority is ERYC.

ERYC has 67 Councillors elected to represent residents. These 67 Councillors cover 26 Wards.

Full Sutton is in Wold Weighton Ward while High Catton and Stamford Bridge are in Pocklington Provincial Ward.

There are three Councillors, all Conservative, for Wolds Weighton – Councillor Leo Hammond, Councillor Mike Stathers and Councillor David Rudd. There are also three Councillors, again all Conservative, for Pocklington Provincial – Councillor Kay West, Councillor Paul West and Councillor David Sykes. In matters relating to Planning and Highways, these Councillors are there to help residents. They all receive an allowance of at least £1,000 per month.

In addition to this, Stamford Bridge Parish Council represent Stamford Bridge residents; Cattons Parish Council represents High Catton residents and Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council represent Full Sutton residents. The role of Parish Councils is to address more local issues.

Disappointingly, the three Councillors for Pocklington Provincial – Councillor Kay West, Councillor Paul West and Councillor David Sykes, are noted for their failure to help residents while still accepting over £1,000 per month. This leaves residents of High Catton and Stamford Bridge without adequately active Ward Councillors to help them at this difficult time.

Offer My Assistance

Given the invisibility of Pocklington Provincial Councillors, I will endeavour to offer my assistance to local residents.

As an Independent ERYC Councillor for Pocklington Provincial between 2016 and 2019, I have extensive knowledge of how ERYC functions and a vast network of related contacts. I live in Full Sutton, so to undertake my social and business activities as a Painter & Decorator and a Consultant, I regularly use Moor Lane and Moor Road.

As an Independent, I have no political bias and I was neither pro nor anti the new prison. This means I am neutral and free to help. In addition to this, as a Buddhist, my actions must benefit others.

Make A Difference – Share Information

The “law” is a double-sided coin, on the one side it is black and white yet on the other side it is grey. Planning legislation and Highway legislation are very separate in the sense that a breach of Highway legislation is not a breach of Planning legislation. Within these parameters, residents can make observations of, for example, how HGVs are travelling to the site.  I encourage residents to inform me of the those:

  1. Travelling from the Pocklington direction
  2. Travelling through High Catton
  3. Travelling through Stamford Bridge, apart from A166
  4. Taking short cuts
  5. Damaging grass verges
  6. Creating potholes
  7. Driving dangerously
  8. Speeding

Evidence will be required. Photos or video is key – these are best in landscape format, high res and to be able to read number plates from.

If you are witnessing any of the inappropriate behaviour listed above, yet do not have the required evidence, please do draw my attention to your concerns, so that I can seek further information/evidence from others.

Stakeholders And Mr Google

Where I believe it appropriate I will publish information I receive to share with Mr Google and to refer to stakeholders:

  1. ERYC Director of Planning
  2. ERYC Director of Highways
  3. Councillor Leo Hammond
  4. Councillor Mike Stathers
  5. Councillor David Rudd
  6. Councillor Kay West
  7. Councillor Paul West
  8. Councillor David Sykes
  9. Other ERYC Councillors
  10. Stamford Bridge Parish Council
  11. Cattons Parish Council
  12. Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council

I will request that the required action is taken by the relevant stakeholder.

I ask local residents to share with their networks everything I publish and keep me informed of action and/or inaction by stakeholders.

Collectively we do have a voice.


If at all possible, please include an email address and a phone number when you contact me.

Further Information

Please see Prison Scrutiny