Pocklington Anti Social Behaviour – Working Together

Understandably many Pocklington residents are concerned about anti social behaviour in the town. Only by working together will this be resolved.

Residents often draw my attention to anti social behaviour being highlighted on social media. This can be seen as a badge of honour for those committing anti social behaviour. Indeed, it can be said that it leads to more anti social behaviour.

We then have certain residents and some Pocklinton Town Council Councillors using irresponsible rhetoric on social media. Those committing anti social behaviour then read this. What message do such residents and PTC believe this gives out?

I am currently involved with addressing certain Pocklington based anti social behaviour with the appropriate senior officer at ERYC. I do this by listening to residents experiences first. Residents are the eyes and ears.

Polite Request

Please be very careful of making those who are involved in anti social behaviour “heroes” by posting their conduct on social media.

I request everyone raises any issue of anti social behaviour with either the Police, ERYC or their Ward Councillor.

A working together is required.

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Burnby Lane 30 mph Limit Requires Extension

As the houses have been built on Burnby Lane, Pocklington for some considerable time I have requested ERYC to extend the 30 mph beyond the new houses at the earliest opportunity.

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Festival Of Christmas – Failed Risk Assessment

When Pocklington Town Council cancelled the Festival of Christmas on Tuesday morning I was concern as to whether all risks had been identified and mitigated. Therefore I requested copy of the Risk Assessment.

Pocklington Mayor – Dean Hodgson

Please see Pocklington Town Council Festival Of Christmas Risk Assessment

In an attempt to move my concerns forward in a discrete way I offered a one to one meeting with the Mayor Dean Hodgson. Bizarrely Dean stated he could not meet me on a one to one and could only meet me with the full Town Council.

My Concerns

  • The risks from the weather to the public, be it high winds, rain, wet or lighting etc have not been identified and those risks mitigated.
  • There is no evacuation procedure
  • There is no mention of First Aiders.
  • Without identifying and mitigating these concerns PTC insurance would be nul and void.
  • In the event of injury or death to a member of the public, following legal action, this could result in PTC being forced to sell assets.

East Yorkshire Events

I have already referred my concerns to ERYC with regards the use of transformers that are not 100% waterproof. They have confirmed that they will look into this.

As the Mayor has declined my offer to meet with him I will now refer my concerns regards the Risk Assessment to EY Events.

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New Inn: Great Bar Food – Awesome Stout

Last night my wife Ruth and I enjoyed a great bar meal in the New Inn, Stamford Bridge for just £16 for two meals. Such is the size of the burger it needs to be cut in half to eat.

For only £2.30 a pint this was wash down with a pint or three of the awesome Sam Smith Stout. A must try for all stout lovers.

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Roman Avenue South Manhole Cover: Job Raised

Yorkshire Water have confirmed that a job has been raised to investigate the manhole cover on Roman Avenue South, Stamford Bridge that is disturbing residents in the middle of the night whenever vehicles are driven over it.

Yorkshire Water informed me:

“I have raised a job for our service partners investigate. I don’t have a timescale yet, but I’ll aim to update you by 12 December 2018.”

Well done Yorkshire Water. If only ERYC was this efficient.

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ERYC Councillors Break Electoral Register Laws

East Riding residents will be shocked to learn that many ERYC Councillors have breached laws with regards having copies of the Electoral Register.

An ERYC officer has stated:

“The revised register of electors 1 December 2018 is about to be published and you will be provided with the usual copy of your electoral area.

As always, attached to the register will be a receipt which you will need to complete, sign and return to the electoral services team.

Unfortunately many of these were not completed and returned last year so I thought it may be appropriate to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the relevant statutory requirements. It is a requirement of The Representation of the People (Amendment) Regulations 2002 that any councillor who is supplied with a copy of the electoral register acknowledges receipt and signs that they understand the purposes to which the electoral register can be used.

In order to ensure that the regulations are complied with, should a receipt not be returned by the deadline of 31 December 2018, a request will be made for the register(s) which have been supplied to be returned to the electoral services team and no monthly updates to the electoral register will be supplied until the receipt has been completed and returned.”

The same officer stated in relation to Councillor Strangeway:

“I can confirm that you did complete and return your receipt for last year’s copy of the electoral register.”

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East Riding Local Plan Review Discredited

The ERYC Local Plan Review is discredited as the drop in sessions that are being held are open to “underhanded behaviour” as they are not properly monitored.

At the drop in session held yesterday in Pocklington there was no register taken and no control over the number of stickers one person could put on each Option.

Help yourself

I know that around 75% of Stamford Bridge residents want Option 1 while it appears that yesterday Option 2 was the choice of everyone or perhaps just one person!

As this has discredited the whole Local Plan Review ERYC must undertake the drop in sessions again and prevent “underhanded behaviour” from taking place.

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Moor Road Obstruction: ERYC Assessing Safety

I am pleased to confirm that ERYC  will assess the safety of Moor Road, Stamford Bridge where the boulder obstruction is.

Well done ERYC.

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Pocklington Businesses And Residents Dumbfounded By PTC

Incompetence and arrogance by Pocklington Town Council (PTC) has left countless Pocklington businesses and residents dumbfounded. Within 24 hours of attempting to manage countless enquiries and comments, PTC have alienated many of the residents and businesses of Pocklington.

Councillor Jill Sinton

For reasons that only the PTC and a handful of their friends seem to understand, PTC have cancelled the Festival of Christmas scheduled to take place this evening first thing yesterday morning.

As I was requested to attempt to intervene I asked, what I thought was a simple question, on the PTC Events Facebook:

“Why cancel so far in advance?”

This resulted in once again my character being attacked by PTC Councillors, including Councillors Martin Cooper and Jill Sinton. To make matters worse they also shamefully attacked well-respected resident Cath Gledhill.

Councillor Sinton even accused me of washing my hands of Pocklington. As many residents know nothing could be further from the truth.


Of great concern PTC stated that the transformers to be used for the event are not 100% water proof. Given the obvious dangers I have referred this to ERYC in the interests of public safety.

Failure To Empower

The failure of PTC to empower residents can only be seen as a disaster for Pocklington.

Therefore, in an attempt to move things forward I have offered a one to one meeting with Councillor Dean Hodgson, the Mayor of Pocklington. I am even happy to invite Dean to my home for the meeting.

Sadly, to date, I have received no reply to my invitation.

Impossible To Work With

I have never witnessed such conduct by any of the other six Parish Councils in the Pocklington Provincial Ward.

The conduct residents witnessed yesterday confirms why I believe PTC are impossible to work with.

Next May

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Next May all 13 PTC Councillors are up for election.

Please note who your 13 PTC Councillors are (click on link).

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Pocklington Festival Of Christmas Cancelled

Residents will be surprised to learn that Pocklington Town Council have already cancelled the Festival of Christmas for tomorrow night due to bad weather – 6 mph winds!

We live in the north of England and it is December surely that is a good day.

Why cancel so far in advance?

I encourage and fully support the shops and businesses going ahead with their plans if at all possible.

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