Tories Vote Dee Sharpe Out Of Fire Post

I can reveal that on June 5 Dee Sharpe, Pocklington Town Council Councillor and ERYC Tory Councillor for Willerby was voted out of her role as Vice Chair of the Humberside Fire Authority by her fellow ERYC Conservatives. She was replaced by fellow ERYC Conservative Councillor Helen Green. As a result she will lose the £8,356 that goes with the post.

Sharpes Top Ups

The ERYC Conservatives are controlled by the various “top ups” they can receive for obeying Dictator Parnaby. Prior to being voted out Sharpe received payments for sitting on the Fire Authority.

ERYC Basic Allowance – £11,277
Fire Authority Basic Allowance – £4,457
Fire Vice Chair – £8,356
= £24,090

Nice work if you can get it. Unfortunately for Dee she can’t.

Unlike in previous years lets hope she does not forget to pay her Council Tax.

Moving Forward

It looks like our Dee is now out of favour with our great leader.

Will she be out of favour in two years time when the next ERYC elections are held?

Rumours abound that she will not be selected to represent Willerby.

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PTC Forced To Make Emergency Plan Public

Last Wednesday I revealed that the Pocklington Town Council (PTC) Emergency Plan is top-secret and is not available for residents to familiarise themselves with in case of emergency.

Forced To Publish

Thanks to a FOI request from New Zealand I can now confirm that PTC will be forced to make the Emergency Plan public.

It is a sad state of affairs that relies on a post by myself being read in New Zealand to force PTC to see sense to ensure the safety of Pocklington residents.


The objective of the Emergency Plan is to ensure Pocklington is as prepared as possible in case of a disaster with no outside help. All foreseeable situations must be mitigated.


I am of the opinion that PTC must source as much of the following as possible from within Pocklington:

  1. Medical persons
  2. Divers
  3. Climbers
  4. Boats
  5. Diggers
  6. 4 x 4
  7. Camping equipment
  8. Ladders, chain saws
  9. etc…

To ensure this all residents and businesses should be contacted.

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Five Parishes T Junction

The sign post below directs motorists to five of the seven Parishes within the Pocklington Provincial Ward – Barmby Moor, Pocklington, Sutton Upon Derwent, Newton Upon Derwent and Wilberfoss.

Unfortunately the sign post has seen better days with Wilberfoss and Sutton Upon Derwent in the process of dropping off due to the rotting timber.

I have requested ERYC maintain the sign post and repair as required.

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Sutton upon Derwent Sign – Falling Over

The Sutton Upon Derwent sign at the junction of Sutton Upon Derwent, Newton Upon Derwent and Barmby  Moor is in the process of falling over.

I have requested ERYC secure the post.

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My First Planning Committee

Today I sat on my first Planning Committee meeting. It was the Western Area Planning Sub-Committee.In the morning we did two site visits in Bubwith and Willerby and the Committee sat this afternoon.

I would like to thank the Conservative Councillors for their guidance and support.

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Wilberfoss Road Repairs

I am delighted to announce that three roads in Wilberfoss will be repaired by mid July.

“I can confirm that works to carry out ‘slurry patching’ carriageway repairs have been ordered for Willow Park Road, Wold View Road and Field Head. These works are due for completion by the middle of July.”

P – Thank you for drawing this to my attention.

Well done ERYC.

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Refurbishment Scheme Planned for Pocklington Town Centre

refurbishment scheme is planned for Pocklington Town Centre. 

I can confirm  that ERYC are considering a scheme for Market Place in our forward programme of work which, dependant on future priorities and available funding, is currently expected in around 2-3 years time.”

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Viking Road Junction Repairs

I am pleased to announce that ERYC will aim to get the Viking Road Junction, Stamford Bridge patched during this financial year subject to budget constraints.

G – Thank you for drawing this to my attention.

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Whistle Blower – Ask Your Esteemed Leader

I would like to thank the whistle blower who sent me some information, which I received this morning, starting with “Ask your esteemed Leader“.

Could I please request further details?

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Grenfell Tower Disaster – Lesson 2 – Pocklington Bund

East Riding of Yorkshire Council falsely informed residents that:

“The effects of flooding from the Pocklington Beck spilling over into the town centre during 2007, 2012 and 2015 has caused significant damage to business premises, residences and infrastructure.”

The fundamental objective of the proposed Pocklington Bund, costing £4million, is to prevent flooding as experienced in 2012 and 2015 as the bund would not prevent the flooding of 2007.

The Pocklington Bund is a white elephant as there was no significant damage in 2012 and 2015.

Bund Risk Assessment

In effect, there are three simple stages that will turn the bund into a disaster for Pocklington.

  1. Up to 90,000 tonnes of water will be stored above Pocklington.
  2. A “detonator” is applied to the bund.
  3. We have a tsunami of 90,000 tonnes of water hitting Pocklington.

In the light of the Grenfell Tower Disaster I have requested ERYC to mitigated the risk of a “detonator” being applied to the bund. A “detonator”, for example, could be an airplane crash or a terrorist attack.

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