Church Road – Visible Cables and Abandoned Barriers

Understandably concern has been raised with me with regards the visible cables and “abandoned” barriers on Church Street, Stamford Bridge.

The site has been left like this for a few weeks and is next to the school.

I have requested ERYC ensure that the site is made safe and the work completed at the earliest opportunity.

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Viking Road Sign – A Simple Solution

ERYC have found a simple solution to the Viking Road: Out Of Date Sign in Stamford Bridge by changing the 3 to an 8.

This now gives correct information to residents and motorists.

Well done ERYC.

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East Riding Tory Collapse Continues: Dee Sharpe

The East Riding Conservative collapse continues with the confirmed news that the East Riding Councillor for Willerby and Kirkella Councillor Dee Sharpe has been deselected by the Conservative Party.

As part of a bizarre public email exchanges over the weekend Cllr Sharpe confirmed she has been deselected’

“I’ve been de selected”

This means Cllr Sharpe cannot stand for the Conservative Party at the next ERYC election in May 2019.

The Book

It sounds like we can all look forward to reading all about it as Cllr Sharpe also explained:

“Now that sounds like a good book title doesn’t it. She the Phoenix rises from the ashes again!! Yes I’m writing my life story and yes it will be a tell all book. You couldn’t make any of this up could you? You see I have nothing to lose… “

East Riding Tory Collapse

The Tory collapse appears to be full steam ahead.

The Parnaby long-winded departure, Bridlington Golf Club, deselection….

You couldn’t make any of this up could you?

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Sheltered Housing – Members Briefing

Yesterday morning I attended a very informative members briefing at County Hall with regards Sheltered Housing.

The two officers who attended gave an interesting presentation which was followed by a Q & A.

At the end of the meeting I thanked Conservative Cllr Symon Fraser for chairing a very good members briefing.

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Conservative ERYC Cllr Dee Sharpe: Inappropriate Comments

Over the weekend Pocklington Town Council and ERYC Councillor Dee Sharpe made a series of inappropriate comments with all ERYC Councillors, local media and local MPs copied into the email exchanges

Inappropriate Comment 1: All Residents

“I really couldn’t care less what you or anyone else says about me or what anyone thinks about me.”

I would like to remind Cllr Sharpe that we are all public servants. We must always listen to our residents. Of course we will never please all residents.

To dismiss the thoughts of all residents is a shocking statement

Inappropriate Comment 2: Male Journalist

“Do you always try to intimidate women into silence??? It’s really not a gentlemanly or a manly thing to do is it??”

I and others have lost count at the number of times Cllr Sharpe has used this as her default mode.

Inappropriate Comment 3: Buddhist Centre

“The Buddhist centre representative didn’t appear again because their real aim was to try hard to get this application refused because they thought the new cabins would deprive them of business from guests staying with them!!”

This statement was made in relation to the KP Club planning application. The comment by Cllr Sharpe is an insult to the Buddhist Centre.

The truth is that drunks from the KP Club believed it to be acceptable to go late night swimming in the Buddhist Centre lake. The Buddhist Centre understandably raised concerns that any further development would make the situation worse.

ERYC Tories Must Condemn Inappropriate Comments

I invite public statements from all ERYC Tory Councillors condemning these shameful inappropriate comments.

Councillor Dee Sharpe must now step down from her role as a Councillor of ERYC and PTC.

She has clearly treated residents with disrespect, bullied a journalist and brought ERYC and PTC into disrepute.

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Brid Golf Club: EGM Agrees £600,000 Hotel Loan

I now share evidence to support my opinion in Bridlington Golf Club – Finances Exposed that “the Golf Club will need to borrow £600,000 to build the hotel”.

Despite being “offered” the deal of the century from ERYC it would appear that Bridlington Golf Club, who are known to be facing serious financial difficulties, still need to borrow a further £600,000 to build the hotel.

This will put them into further debt.

What is the projected profit from the hotel once the repayments are deducted?

I am further informed that at the EGM in August 2017:

  • It was stated that it was imperative that a positive vote was given that evening.
  • Questions were asked if the members could consider for a few days to which the answer was a very firm no!

Why the rush?

Why is the “major bank” not named?

Is this how Bridlington Golf Club are keeping members “fully updated as things progress“?

Donations Invited

I am very grateful for previous donations which have financed Facebook adverts exposing the conduct of ERYC.

Donate Button

Donations are invited and gratefully received to pay for future Facebook adverts.

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Sutton To Pock Sign: Listed For Repairs

I am pleased to learn that the Sutton Upon Derwent to Pocklington sign has been logged. Hopefully works will soon be undertaken.

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Hagg Bridge: Works Planned

Sutton Upon Derwent residents will be delighted to learn that works are plan for the “ramp” on Hagg Bridge.

An ERYC officer has confirmed:

“The ‘ramp’ is probably something that we will now look at repairing within the next month or two.”

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Action On Dog Poo Bags Overflowing

I am pleased to confirm that ERYC are to take action with regards the dog poo bags overflowing from a Sutton Upon Derwent litter bin.

An ERYC officer has confirmed:

“I can confirm the bin will be emptied by Friday 13 April 2018. The management team will review the current schedule of emptying.

We are unable to install dedicated bins for dog waste due to legislation regarding the classification for disposal of dog waste only.”

Well done ERYC.

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Sutton Upon Derwent Weight Restriction

Elvington Parish Council/City of York Council (CYC) have informed Sutton Upon Derwent residents that they are considering introducing a weight restriction on the B1228.

Having discussed the issue with East Riding of Yorkshire (ERYC) I would like to share the following.

2011 B1228 Sutton Bridge experimental weight limit Report

Following an experimental weight limit requested to be put in place on B1228 Sutton Bridge in 2010, a report considering the impacts and feedback from all villages affected was presented to the Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Sub-Committee in 2011 when it was recommended to remove the trial weight limit due to strong opposition from other villages affected.

As the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has previously considered a weight limit on B1228 Sutton Bridge, it is felt that no further investigation is necessary at this time.

Work With City of York

If the Elvington Parish Council/City of York Council decide to reconsider a weight restriction for the B1228 west of the River Derwent, ERYC would hold discussions with the City of York Council to discuss previous investigations and ensure a joined up approach.

Sutton Upon Derwent Speeding

As a speeding assessment was carried out in 2014 and last reviewed in 2017 it is felt that no further report is necessary as circumstances haven’t significantly changed in the area.

Further Information

Please click on link to read.

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