Local Conservatives Not Campaigning For Our Community

With the Conservative Party across East Riding distancing themselves from the National Conservative Party and proclaiming themselves Local Conservatives you would expect them to support local business especially as they claim to be “campaigning for our community”.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A brief look at the leaflets published by candidates in the Pocklington Provincial Ward shows that four supported local business by having their leaflets published on the Pocklington Industrial Estate.

Yet the Conservatives had theirs printed in Leeds. Please see Conservative Leaflet.

It would appear that “campaigning for our community” does not include local business.

The Local Conservatives have now snubbed the National Conservatives and local business

Who is next?

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Stamford Bridge Main Street H Bar

I am pleased to see that ERYC have finally marked the vehicular access of Vine House.

ERYC have confirm:

“Further to residents complaining to Cllr Strangeway, a ‘H’ Bar road marking was recently installed across the vehicular access of Vine House.”

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Pocklington Provincial – Independent Iris Madden

It was good to see Independent Iris Madden busy delivering her leaflet in Pocklington. I invite the Green Party and the remaining Independent standing for election as ERYC Ward Councillor for Pocklington Provincial to forward their leaflet for publication.

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The Video ERYC Want Me To Remove

On Friday 5 April 2019 ERYC made their first attempt to request me to remove the video below from this site.

Lee Thompson, Head of Adult Services and Yvonne Rhodes, Head of Business Management and Commissioning sent a joint email to me with Mathew Buckley ERYC Head of Legal copied in stating:

“We are requesting that you remove the video from your blog”.

This post is my response to that request.

ERYC have lost records of Grahams child abuse, they have failed to provide Graham with the care he needs and now they want me to remove the evidence.

I will never turn a blind eye to a Scarborough or Rotherham style cover up at ERYC so long as I am a Councillor.

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Independents In First And Second Place

Having published the Pocklington Provincial leaflets for the Conservative candidates, Labour, Ruth Strangeway – Independent and Andy Strangeway – Independent I can now reveal in percentage terms the views of each leaflet.

Ruth Strangeway – Independent

Will this reflect the final result?

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Stamford Bridge A166 Bridge Bollard

The bollard on the footpath of the bridge on the A166 in Stamford Bridge has seen better days.

I have requested ERYC to replace the bollard and to ensure there is some form of reflector on it at the earliest opportunity.

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Pocklington Provincial – Labour Candidates

It is good to see that Labour had a street stall in Pocklington yesterday. I invite the Green Party and the remaining Independents standing for election as ERYC Ward Councillor for Pocklington Provincial to forward their leaflet for publication.

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Sutton Upon Derwent Planning Application Refused

Sutton Upon Derwent residents will be delighted to learn that this afternoon the Western Area Sub Committee rejected an application for variation to erect four holiday cottages at Herrington Park, Sutton Upon Derwent.

I referred the application to the Western Area Sub Committee to enable a full and open debate as the proposal would have resulted “in four stone buildings which would effectively look like a small housing development”.

I attend this afternoon to speak in full support of the objections by the Parish Council and the Officers recommendation that the application be refused.

The committee refused the application 11 – o.

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West Green Car Park – Appropriate Bollard Requested

The bollard in the middle of the cycle path that enters West Green car park, Pocklington either needs reflective strips attached

or replaced with a bollard similar to the bollards at the cycle path off Scaife Garth, Pocklington to ensure cyclists safety.

I have requested ERYC to address the situation at the earliest opportunity.

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Strangeway Healy Effect Haunts ERYC Tories

The effect of Councillor Andy Strangeway, Independent, winning a by-election in Pocklington Provincial and Councillor Denis Healy, Liberal Democrat, winning a by-election in St Mary’s in 2016 caused and continues to cause panic for ERYC Tories.

After the by-election losses in Pocklington and St Marys East Yorkshire Conservatives were told “We must all raise our game ahead of the next set of elections”. (Please see leaked document above)

They have clearly failed.

While the Tories have gone from bad to worse, across East Yorkshire and Beverley Councillor Strangeway and Councillor Healy have demonstrated that you do not need to be a part of the whipped Tory Group to help residents and get things done.

Purely spin but no mention of helping residents and getting things done.

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