I Must Confess – Conservative Party Moles

It would appear that when an East Riding Tory Councillor leaves Yorkshire their past remains firmly with them.

Cllr Burton (right) with a sleepy Disgraced Former Deputy Leader Cllr Mike Stathers

Over the past week, Conservative Councillor Andy Burton – Utter Bunkum has generated a considerable amount of traffic to this site.

The reason for the traffic is… (I know nowt)

Hot Under The Collar

In ERYC Tory Cabinet – Abandoning Ship Begins I stated:

“An old friend who works in an Estate Agency in Rutland has informed me that Mr Andy Burton is looking closely at property in Rutland.”

I am aware that after the publication of this post our Andy was rather hot under his collar at a meeting of his fellow Tories wanting to know who had leaked this information to Strangeway. Was Andy suggesting a Tory mole no less?

I must confess you’ve got me bang to rights, Andy. My communication with my old friend was after persons close to you had given me the nod and wink.

NB: Andy never took up the offer “… to issue me a statement with regards this post” .

Leaks – Olive Branch

As everyone is aware I will always offer the olive branch, protect my sources and publish to the Court of Public Opinion.

After an enjoyable and productive meeting in Bridlington this morning (lovely orange seats!) and subsequent phone conversations I would like to offer the following invitations to current and former ERYC Conservative Councillors to:

  • Offer a statement for publication in relation to Cllr Paul Nickerson – You Multi-Tasker!!
  • Add to those ERYC Tory Councillors I am already aware of who will be standing down at the next election. Statements from the horse’s mouth with photos for publication are invited.
  • Suggest any preference as to what I should publish first or hold onto until later from the Lisseter Files?
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Inspired By Andy Strangeway Independent

Andy Strangeway Independent (this very site), as promoted by Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services, continues to inspire East Riding residents and those within County Hall.

Inspired To Give

Numerous residents are inspired to give. They provide documents, words of support and circulate articles to their networks. I am also grateful to ERYC Councillors and Officers for similar actions.

Inspired To Act

In addition to those who are inspired to give there are those who are inspired to act. On Tuesday, upon reading ERYC Customer Relations Team – Consent Form, as a East Riding resident, Phoebe,  decided to act.

Phoebe had received the Consent Form as part of a formal complaint against ERYC in relation to the failure of Children Services (yet again). She simply asked:

  1. Who is the “External Investigating Officer”?
  2. Is the “External Investigating Officer” a registered Data Controller?
  3. Do the ERYC and the “External Investigating Officer” have a Service Level Agreement between themselves?
  4. Could I request a copy of the “External Investigating Officer” Data Retention Policy?
  5. As “Officer” is a term used for a Council employee is the “External Investigating Officer” a current or past ERYC Officer?

If ERYC were processing Data lawfully the answers to these questions would have been very simple to give by return email.

Alas, the email Phoebe received yesterday proved otherwise

“We are currently looking into this and will get back to you as soon as possible”

Is that a whoops refer to top floor?

I would like to thank Phoebe for sharing her experience with me.

May others continue to be inspired by Andy Strangeway Independent.

Thank you for the free promotion Mathew. Could I suggest that you spend your time ensuring ERYC is lawfully processing residents Data instead of wasting time and taxpayers resources appeasing incompetent ego-filled Councillors?

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ERYC Customer Relations Team – Consent Form

A concerned parent of a SEN Child has sent me a copy of the ERYC Customer Relations Team – Consent Form to seek advice in relation to legislation regards Informed Consent.

External Investigating Officer – Essential Questions

Before filling out such a form I would advise that all residents request answers to the following questions to ensure that their Data is processed as per Article 4 (11) of the GDPR:

  1. Who is the “External Investigating Officer”?
  2. Is the “External Investigating Officer” a registered Data Controller?
  3. Do the ERYC and the “External Investigating Officer” have a Service Level Agreement between themselves?
  4. Could I request a copy of the “External Investigating Officer” Data Retention Policy?

ERYC MUST be mindful that ICO confirm:

“This means people must be able to refuse consent without detriment”.

Why are they an External Investigating Officer?

As “Officer” is a term used for a Council employee is the “External Investigating Officer” a current or past ERYC Officer?

ERYC Bullying Culture

It is noteworthy that the reason for employing an “External Investigating Officer” is that there:

“are capacity issues within the service”.

The use of an “External Investigating Officer” will have cost implications for the taxpayer and efficiency concerns for the complainant.

To make employment within ERYC attractive the shameful bullying culture MUST be addressed. Sadly it would appear that the preferred option of Senior Management and Councillors is to ignore the bullying culture and to outsource. This is policy failure on both counts.

When it comes to informed consent with ERYC the mantra MUST always be:

Resident beware“.

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ERYC SEND Failure – Group Litigation Awaits?

Over the weekend I have had a sight of communication sent to David Davis, Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Howden in relation to ERYC Children Services Failure – Lack Of Capacity.

David Davis MP

In one letter comments by Eoin Rush, ERYC Director of Children, Families and Schools typifies the cavalier attitude to the ERYC failure to fulfill their Statutory Duty to 48 vulnerable families:

  1. “… the situation is ongoing and will continue to impact on overnight short breaks at least until September.”This is shocking as it confirms the situation will last for at least five months with no end in sight.
  2. “Any overnight stays that do need to be cancelled during June, July and August cannot be used at a later date, as the residence will not have the capacity to accommodate this as it is also planning for a site move to a new purpose built school and residence in 2022.”This negates the original claim of banking and confirms the situation will continue for months after September.
  3. “However, I do want to reassure you that several other options are urgently being explored to facilitate a break for families. We are continuing to look at other means of support for any families who require it, and I understand that the Family Coordinator has been in contact to discuss alternative options and the offer has been made of additional direct payment hours, this may not be the families preference, however it does offer another source of support.”Due to years of under-investment by the Conservative-controlled ERYC there is a lack of capacity to ensure that they can fulfill their Statutory requirements to the 48 vulnerable families. It is shameful of ERYC to attempt to pass the buck to the families by offering a few quid to paper over the Council’s incompetence instead of resolving the situation.

Group Litigation Awaits?

If Mr Rush and Mr Davis are incapable of seeing how this can be resolved I am happy for the three of us to meet up for a coffee and a sticky bun.

ERYC is clearly en route to pushing these vulnerable families into crisis. This is both morally and legally unacceptable. I would suggest that ERYC resolve the situation as a matter of urgency. If I was to put on my Consultant hat I would suggest that a Group Litigation or an individual case against ERYC awaits.

Would Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services, like to explain to Councillors what a slam dunk is in legal terms?

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Official: Strangeway Top East Riding Campaigner

In a Briefing Note to East Riding of Yorkshire (ERYC) Councillors Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services, has confirmed that Andy Strangeway (that be me) is the top campaigner in the East Riding and those at the North Yorks Enquirer (NYE) are the top campaigners in North Yorkshire.

Please read the Briefing Note that makes it “Official” who the top campaigners are!

In Response

The recent catalogue of failures by ERYC Councillors and Senior Officers demonstrates the reason why I will continue to robustly hold them to account via the Court Of Public Opinion.

  1. Ofsted Report – The shameful failing in Children Services.
  2. Planning Fiasco – How can a Council be this incompetent?
  3. 48 Vulnerable Families – No words can express how ERYC have let down the most vulnerable in the East Riding by a lack of capacity.
  4. Data – An industrial-scale Data breach that is currently under investigation.

I would suggest that many of the ERYC Councillors are no different to spoilt children in a playground.  In simple terms, do the job in hand or step down. Instead of crying to Mathew Buckley when a resident holds them to account, Councillors should address (and prevent) examples like the four above arising. Sadly, there is little chance of this happening as their egos prevent them from seeing how truly incompetent they are, whereas Ofsted, the Planning Inspectorate, 48 vulnerable families and ICO fully support my position.

The incompetence of Mathew Buckley never ceases to astound me. This is typified in HIS Briefing Note:

  1. “taken advice on such posts from a leading firm of libel lawyers” – This is a scandalous waste of taxpayers resources. All that is required in relation to Libel/Defamation claims is an understanding of Derbyshire CC v Times Newspapers Ltd. This is basic knowledge for any legal person. Oh yes, and don’t forget, Mathew truth is the ultimate defence.
  2. “and could have used a spell check” – To suggest Mr Thorne could use a spell checker is childish in the extreme. In light of the statement“impact of the actions of the induvial on staff and Members” perhaps Mr Buckley needs to take his own advice. Please confirm, how do you spell individual Mathew?

I can confirm to Mr Buckley and the childish incompetent ERYC Councillors that I currently hold an abundance of documents awaiting publication that is stored in various locations and on numerous computers. There are the Lisseter Files and then there is… I am in no rush.

Briefing Note In Full

I offer the full Briefing Note, sent to ERYC Councillors on 21 June 2021, in full to the Court of Public Opinion. It is not for me to comment in relation to the email sent by Mr Thorne. I am sure if he wants to respond he will do so himself.

“Dealing with Abusive Correspondence and Abusive Social Media Posts

I have been asked to produce a briefing note for Members following the  abusive email from Tim Thorne ( who occasionally posts on the North Yorks Enquirer Website ) and a post that Andy Strangeway has brought to Members attention on his own website Andy Strangeway – Independent.

The first thing to say is that we do take threats and harassment of Members and staff seriously and have taken action where appropriate. As an example we reported an individual who had been sending abusive correspondence and making abusive telephone calls on multiple occasions to staff and Members to the Police. This resulted in the individual being prosecuted for malicious communications on two occasions.

To put things in perspective those prosecutions came after the individual had been sending such correspondence and making such calls for a period of months. The Council had implemented procedures to protect staff and Members from the abuse and had warned the individual that his behaviour would be reported to the Police. Reporting the matter to the Police was the last stage in an escalated response following other actions to contain the impact of the actions of the induvial on staff and Members.

The second thing to say is that I understand Member’s concerns I have been subject to abuse on websites myself  , including being called a bully , incompetent and corrupt. I understand how disheartening it is to have statements made about you on social media which you know are untrue.

The email from Tim Thorne

Dealing first with the email from Tim Thorne. The content of the email is clearly abusive and offensive ( and could have used a spell check ). The element that concerned Members was –

I look forward to the time when capital punishment is repealed and we can start executing you useless cunts on Pay Per View TV.

I have contacted the Police to ask if they consider that the above would be a Police matter. I have made it clear to some Members that I do not consider that it is. The threat is not directed at any individual. He is ranting. However it is a matter for the Police whether this communication is actionable and I await a response from them. We have however taken action as we have in the past to protect Members from future abuse from this individual. I have advised Members to block Mr Thorne’s email address and not to correspond with him. I have also written to Mr Thorne making it clear that the content is offensive and we are considering reporting the matter to the Police.

Taken on its own I do not consider that the email from Mr Thorne would constitute harassment. It is a single email. In the case I  set out above the Police took action and prosecuted the individual after a period of months of multiple abusive communications. The Police have been clear in the past that for threats to be actionable by themselves either as threats or malicious communications there has to be a sustained campaign of threats abuse or intimidation. A one off email would not usually warrant a response from the Police but this clearly will depend upon the content. If Mr Thorne makes contact with a Member or Members again we can revisit our response. I think that the actions that we have taken thus far are proportionate to the email sent by Mr Thorne.

Postings on Websites

There are two locally based websites ‘ North Yorks Enquirer ‘ and ‘ Andy Strangeway – Independent ‘. These websites ( especially the latter ) sometimes feature posts that refer to Members of the Council. These comments refer to Members generally or refer to specific Members. The content of the posts can be critical of Members.  Both websites style themselves as websites that challenge the actions of the Council and Members in the public interest. Both claim to have a wide public readership.  Authors who post on the websites will sometimes write to Members bringing a particular post to their attention and / or offering Members a ‘ right of reply’.

The best way to deal with postings on such sites is to ignore them. The reasons for this are as follows –

  • Although the post can be hurtful they do not really matter. Members should remember that people who know you know what the reality of the situation is. When they know you are not a bully they are not going to start believing that you are based on a couple of posts on a website.
  • Responding to such posts simply keeps the story going. It gives those who run the websites further material to place on their website. If you do not rise to the bait you are not providing them with further material to create further posts.
  • We have in the past taken advice on such posts from a leading firm of libel lawyers. They stated that the advice that they gave to clients who were unhappy with posts on such ‘ micro sites ‘ was not to take action. The reason for this was that taking action simply brought the posts to a wider audience and gave them more prominence.
  • It is not clear what prominence posts on these sites have in the minds of the public. Both sites claim to have a wide readership.  I would take this with a large pinch of salt. My own view is that if officers and Members stopped clicking on the websites their readership would take a serious knock.

In order to deal with such posts I would advise Members to take the following actions –

  • Don’t visit the websites. I know that they can exercise a lurid fascination but what you don’t know cannot harm you. The criticism of myself on the websites made no difference to the way in which my colleagues and friends treated me and not looking at the websites did provide me with greater peace of mind.
  • If you decide that you are not going to visit the sites tell your colleagues that you are not interested in postings on the sites and do not wish to be informed about them.
  • Block the email addresses of those who post on the sites and write to you bringing posts to your attention or asking for comments.
  • If you become aware of a post that upsets you then talk to someone about it don’t brood over it.
  • Finally if Members see something that they consider may be actionable or constitute a criminal act do not hesitate to contact me.

Mathew Buckley

Monitoring Officer”

We Are The Champions

I dedicate this Queen classic to my fellow campaigners at the NYE.

How does it go, Mathew?

“We are the champions (NYE and Strangeway) … we have no time for losers (incompetent Councillors and Senior Officers) … we will keep on fighting (corrupt and inadequate public servants) until the end …”

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Informed Consent Data Fail – Investigation Begins

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) has confirmed that they “have begun an investigation into the Data concerns” I raised yesterday.

I am informed that given the failure of the ERYC Legal Department they could be exposed to extensive legal actions.

I highly recommend to ERYC that the investigation is prompt, addresses all the failings, and takes the necessary actions as a matter of urgency. This MUST include informing all East Riding residents of the failure and offering them an unreserved apology.

It would appear that the incompetence of Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services, has placed ERYC in “another fine mess”. Time to leave the building Mathew?

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ERYC Process Data Without Informed Consent

Despite having a vast Legal Department and specialist Data Protection Officers, East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) is processing residents’ Data without the essential “informed consent” that the law requires.

Mathew Buckley 

Yet again, Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services, is unsure what his right and left hands are doing.

When residents phone ERYC, they are informed “Occasionally, calls may be monitored for training purposes”.

Upon receiving an email from ERYC, the standard disclaimer states:

“The Council reserves the right to monitor record and retain incoming and outgoing emails for security reasons and for monitoring compliance with our policy on staff use.”

Before ERYC use residents’ Data to:

  1. Monitor “for training purposes”
  2. “Retain incoming and outgoing emails for security reasons” or
  3. Monitor “for compliance with our policy on staff use”

they must have “informed consent”.

Article 4 (11) of the GDPR confirms this:

While ICO clarifies what is “freely given

At no point prior to gathering Data via a phone conversation “for training purposes” or via email communication “for security reasons” or “for monitoring compliance with our policy on staff use” has ERYC requested or received “informed consent” to do so. Thus they are processing and using residents’ Data unlawfully.

Privacy Hub

To make matters worse the www.eastriding.gov.uk/privacyhub page quoted on the disclaimer does not exist. Everyone can see that it redirects to https://www.eastriding.gov.uk/council/governance-and-spending/how-we-use-your-information/

Yet another “mistake” by ERYC, no doubt!

ERYC Naughty Table Irony

I can confirm that, as of 2 July 2021, there are currently nine people on the ERYC Naughty Table, aka Feedback Policy. Over the past six years, there has been a total of 17 on the naughty table.

One reason for being placed on the Naughty Table is for:

“Covertly recording meetings and conversations”

There is no legal prohibition on residents covertly recording any meetings or conversations with ERYC, whereas there is a legal prohibition against ERYC processing Data without “informed consent”.

As ERYC will have unlawfully processed Data of all of those currently and previously on the naughty table, is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Oh, the irony of it – ERYC has acted unlawfully to process Data, to enforce a policy unlawfully, to place residents who are conducting themselves lawfully, onto the naughty table, unlawfully. Oh yes – and the justification for this could include covertly recording meetings and conversations perfectly lawfully!

Action Required

ERYC must immediately:

  1. Ensure residents have given “informed consent” prior to recording any phone conversations (a simple press key 1 and press key 2 will ensure this).
  2. Ensure residents have given “informed consent” for their emails to be processed.
  3. Ensure the correct web page is stated on all Disclaimers.
  4. Delete all Data currently held that has been processed without “informed consent”.
  5. Report themselves to ICO for what is clearly an industrial-scale Data breach.

Formal Complaint

I have registered a formal complaint with ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey for failing to:

  1. Ensure residents have given “informed consent” prior to recording any phone conversations.
  2. Ensure residents have given “informed consent” for their emails to be processed.
  3. Ensure the correct web page is stated on all Disclaimers.

I have requested that all Data currently held that has been processed without “informed consent” is deleted at the earliest opportunity and that ERYC report themselves to ICO for what is clearly an industrial-scale Data breach.

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Hambleton District Council Offer Humble Apology

It would be reasonable to say that my relationship with the Conservative-controlled Hambleton District Council (HDC) has been rather polarised.

This resulted in HDC restricting contact with me under the Council’s Management of Unacceptable Contact Policy, aka The Naughty Table.

On Monday that decision has been reviewed and the outcome of this is that the restriction has been lifted.

Points Of Note

I believe it appropriate to highlight:

  • “The reason you were not informed sooner is that because of an oversight the review has only just been conducted” – Credit to HDC for admitting their failure in clear terms.
  • “indeed the review was prompted by your email” – HDC goes further by admitting that my email last week was the reason for the review.   
  • “I acknowledge that the review should have taken place no later than 27 January 2021” – Again credit to HDC who admitted for how long they had failed.
  • “and I apologise that we missed this” – To end with an unreserved apology I take my hat off to HDC.

I have emailed HDC to accept and thank them for their apology.

Lesson For East Riding?

I would politely suggest that senior officers and Tory Cllrs at the Conservative-controlled East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) should pick up the phone to their HDC counterparts to learn why HDC has offered such a humble apology.

Could we see ERYC learn a lesson from HDC and turn over a new leaf in their relationship with Strangeway?

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ERYC Tory Councillor – Please Be Kind

Yesterday morning in response to Lisseter Files – Gradual Reveal I received a phone call from an East Riding of Yorkshire (ERYC) Conservative Councillor – Cllr X – requesting me to be kind.

ERYC Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen At Last Weeks Council Meeting

As a Buddhist everything I do must always be for the benefit of others so naturally I fully support the request. It goes without saying that as a Political Commentator and Campaigner I will robustly hold to account those in public office to ensure adherence to the Nolan Principles.

Over the past week, I have constantly shown kindness and held out the olive branch:

  1. ERYC Councillor Makes Approach – I offered to meet all 67 ERYC Councillors for coffee
  2. FOI Confirms ERYC Endanger Refuse Collectors – Earlier today I offered to meet prior to publishing

I believe this comprehensively demonstrates my desire to be kind and work with.

Kindness Is Two Way

I would encourage ERYC Tory and Opposition Councillors to demonstrate kindness by their actions and this could commence by:

  1.  Taking immediate action to demonstrate kindness to the 48 families highlighted in ERYC Children Services Failure – Lack Of Capacity by ensuring adequate capacity.
  2. I would politely suggest Cllrs ensure the appropriate action, via Standards and internally, is taken in relation to the shameful email sent by Cllr Mike Stathers on 14 June when he refers to a resident as witless (foolish, stupid). This is far from kind.

Photos For Publication

I would like to assure Cllr X and all ERYC Cllrs that they are always invited to offer a selection of alternative photos of themselves and others for publication.

I believe this now confirms my position beyond doubt. I invite the appropriate actions of others to reciprocate.

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FOI Confirms ERYC Endanger Refuse Collectors

Having received my FOI request from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) I can confirm that ERYC is indeed endangering Refuse Collectors well being.

Firstly I must correct a mistake on my part in ERYC Endanger Refuse Collectors Well Being I stated:

“ERYC has increased the workload of Refuse Collectors without undertaking appropriate risk assessments.”

This should have stated:

“ERYC in July plans to increase the workload of Refuse Collectors without undertaking appropriate risk assessments.”

My apologies to ERYC for any inconvenience my mistake caused.

Embracing Harmonious Relations

As a Consultant to move forward what may appear to be an entrenched, unresolvable situation I place importance on embracing a more conducive, harmonious, and beneficial way of working for all concerned.

I will always endeavour to offer such an approach to ERYC. Of course, it is up to them if they choose to work with or against me.

With this in mind, instead of my regular approach of publishing first, I believe it to be reasonable to offer a meeting with ERYC to discuss the issues identified by myself and my Refuse Collection Advisor.

I would like to offer Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive, and Jonathan Owen ERYC Leader an in-person meeting with the following present:

  1. A Senior ERYC Office with the required knowledge of Refuse Collection
  2. The Portfolio Holder for Refuse Collection
  3. Myself
  4. My Refuse Collection Advisor
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