Bus Fare Increase For Under 16s

I am shocked to learn that bus fares for school children under 16 on the Pocklington to York route are to increase by 20%.

I have been contacted by residents in my Ward who are seeing an increase in bus fares for their children to get to school on the Pocklington to York buses of 20% this month.

16 to 18 year olds enjoy a 20% discount but under 16s do not. How can it be justified to give an 18 year old a discount to get to school but not a 12 year old?

In addition there is no option for a weekly child bus pass.

Children are losing their 10% discount PLUS having their fare increased by another 10% when other people are able to get discounts.

I have requested ERYC to look into this?

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ERYC Chief Exec Over Rules Case Law

ERYC Chief Exec, Caroline Lacey believes she can over rule case-law and fundamental legislation. For background information please read ERYC Break Law To Stifle Opposition


  1. ERYC can not remove me from a committee – case-law supports this – yet they did.
  2. ERYC can not remove my access to confidential papers – case-law supports this – yet they did.

Response From Caroline Lacey – October 2

Dear Councillor Strangeway

Further to your email below I do not believe there have been any failures in the Standards process.

If you wish to challenge the Council’s decision that is a matter for you.

Caroline Lacey

My Reply

Dear Caroline,

I politely refer you to (LINK) and highly recommend that you read the content and seek external legal advice.

Is this your unqualified opinion or that of a legally qualified person? Have you discussed this with Mathew Buckley?

This is case law. No personal opinion or even that of a legally qualified person can over rule this.

Please forward email details of our Auditors I will refer to them.


Cllr Andy Strangeway

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Old Station Club Woodland Maintenance Required

The Old Station Club Woodland, Stamford Bridge appears to be in need of some maintenance. Not only is it a little overgrown but I am also informed one of the trees has Dutch Elm Disease.

I have requested ERYC to undertake the required maintenance.

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Vikings, Beer Festival And Spear Pie

Last Saturday I attended another fantastic event in Stamford Bridge. We enjoyed the Vikings, a beer festival and the Spear Pie competition.

Rich Clark, Chair of Stamford Bridge Parish Council and myself were asked to judge the Spear Pie competition as we had the required skills. Congratulations to Maxine Birkett who won the competition.

Steve, Brian and the 1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge Heritage Society, put on a wonderful festival in the grounds of the Old Station Club.

In the club itself a selection of ten ales from York Brewery and Wold Top Brewery were pulled off very well by all those working the bar. I made a sacrifice by sampling a half of each to ensure the standard was acceptable for others.

The ladies serving the pie and peas did a fantastic job.

Congratulations to Mick Lawson and his team for organising such a successful event.

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BBC Look North Bias: Pocklington Overdevelopment

It was rather disappointing to witness BBC Look North fail to produce a balanced programme on Friday regards the overdevelopment of Pocklington.

Those interviewed where both from the Conservative Party leaning Pocklington Town Council, the Clerk, Gordon Scaife and the Mayor Dean Hodgson. Is this not bias BBC Look North? It is most certainly not balanced.

Neither they nor the interviewer Paul Murphy mentioned the three fundamental reasons for the overdevelopment of Pocklington.

  • ERYC are a Conservative Party dominated Council. 47 of the 67 Councillors are Conservative. They put party before residents. As such they support the Conservative Government to build without any consideration to the required infrastructure.
  • Pocklington Town Council are Conservative Party dominated this was made clear in the Pocklington Provincial by-election of April 2016. Paul West, the Conservative candidate, who came second in the by-election, is on the Pocklington Town Council and his mother is an ERYC Conservative ward councillor for Pocklington Provincial. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor supported his nomination. Dee Sharpe is on Pocklington Town Council and also an ERYC Conservative ward councillor for Willerby and Kirk Ella.
  • Pocklington Town Council have failed to produce a Neighbourhood Plan since 2011. This would shape planning in Pocklington.

The BBC should never permit  misrepresentation and in this instance they clearly have.

I have requested BBC Look North to inform me how they are going to correct their failure to produce a balanced and unbiased programme.

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Church Road Footpath Maintenance Required

The encroachment onto the footpath on Church Road, Stamford Bridge with soil etc is becoming an issue for residents as some are being forced onto the busy road.

I have requested ERYC clean the footpath back to the wall.

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Pock To Stamford Bridge Damaged Bollards

On the Pocklington to Stamford Bridge road four to five safety bollards have been damaged south of the Wilberfoss/Yapham junction.

I have requested ERYC to replace the bollards at the earliest opportunity.

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Woldgate School Flashing Light

The problems with the failure of the Woldgate School flashing light continue. But I am pleased to confirm that ERYC are to investigate.

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Graham Baverstock Attempts Suicide

I am saddened to learn that overnight Graham Baverstock has once again attempted suicide due to ERYC failure to provide him with an adequate care package. This time Graham has taken a massive overdose of 150 asprin.

The Spectators

I list below those who are spectators of the situation:

  1. ERYC Chief Executive – Caroline Lacey
  2. ERYC Director – John Skidmore
  3. ERYC Head of Legal – Mathew Buckley
  4. ERYC Head of Adult Services – Lee Thompson
  5. ERYC Head of Business Management and Commissioning – Yvonne Rhodes
  6. East Yorkshire MP – Greg Knight
  7. BBC Look North
  8. BBC Radio Humberside
  9. Hull Daily Mail – Angus Young
  10. Yorkshire Post – Alex Wood
  11. ERYC Councillors – 65 – Conservative, Labour, Independent, UKIP, Liberal Democrat and other.
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Barmby Road Bollard Repair

I can confirm that the Barmby Road bollard has been repaired.

Prior To Repair

Well done ERYC.

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