Head Confirms St Nicholas CCTV Unlawful

Mrs DE Pollard, Headteacher of St Nicholas Primary School, Beverley on Wednesday 11 September issued a statement confirming that the schools CCTV system is operated in breach of legislation.

“At present we have not conducted a Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) on the schools CCTV system. The system was implemented prior to the introduction of GDPR and the requirement to carry out DPIAs in certain circumstances. The school however takes privacy extremely seriously and will be looking to carry out DPIAs retrospectively on key areas in which personal data is being processed.”

This should have been in place by 25 May 2018.

Given that the Chair of Governors, Ian Clark, has over 14 years experience as a Forensic Collison Investigator with Humberside Police I would have expected this to have been resolved over a year ago.

How many more East Riding schools are operating unlawful CCTV systems?

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Scarborough Borough Council Ignore Complaint Evidence

With full knowledge of all the Group Leaders, Scarborough Borough Council has ignored evidence which I submitted for a complaint that demonstrated that Lisa Dixon, Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) Director of Legal & Democratic Services is presiding over an unlawful Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) prohibiting car cruising.

The evidence can be seen below:

  • Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 – 65 – 1 states:

” A public spaces protection order may not restrict the public right of way over a highway.”

The SBC Car Cruising PSPO restricts the public right of way over a highway. The PSPO should never have been introduced.

I have requested SBC to inform me why this part of my complaint has been ignored and how this failure will be corrected?

Further Information

Please read SBC Car Cruising PSPO – Another Fatal Flaw

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UKPC Subject Access Request – Missing Data

When UK Parking Control Ltd (UKPC) issued me with a parking charge for allegedly staying at McDonald’s Bilbrough Top for 7 hours and 11 minutes (in excess of the maximum stay time of 1 hour 30 minutes). I immediately made a Subject Access Request.

On the day in question, I visited McDonald’s for breakfast and drove through over six hours later to pick up a coffee on my way home from work. The Subject Access Request should have proved this. Yet UKPC is claiming that the only Data and images they hold of me are those which is included in the Parking Charge.

As my first visit was for approximately 30 minutes and my second a drive through UKPC must either:

  1. Hold further images of my car or
  2. Have a malfunction with their camera.

I have requested UKPC to review my Subject Access Request


In addition, I have appealed the Parking Charge for the following reasons:

  • As the McDonalds site is not operated by Mcdonalds there must be adequate signage stating CCTV is in operation. There is none.
  • Signage on entry is inadequate as it was bent back and cannot be read when driving in.

  • UKPC have provided no evidence that I was parked for 7 hours and 11 minutes as there is no evidence.
  • The British Parking Association state: “Repeat users of a car park inside a 24 hour period sometimes find that their first entry is paired with their last exit, resulting in an ‘overstay’. Operators are becoming aware of this and should now be checking all ANPR transactions to ensure that this does not occur.”– This is exactly what happened in my case. UKPC have cleared failed to ensure this did not happen.
  • The British Parking Association state: Some ‘drive-in/drive-out’ motorists that have activated the system receive a charge certificate even though they have not parked or taken a ticket. Reputable operators tend not to uphold charge certificates issued in this manner.” – On my second visit, this is exactly what happened to me. I merely picked up a coffee via the drive-through.

For the above reasons, the parking charge against me must be cancelled.

In addition, UKPC must review their enforcement procedures at the site to comply with the British Parking Association position.

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Leeming Bar Truckers – Treated As 2nd Class Citizens

Much has been said about the alleged anti-social behaviour by truckers parking overnight at Leeming Bar. Yet the root cause is never mentioned by those who believe it acceptable to treat UK truckers as second class citizens.

NYCC Leader and Leeming Bar HDC Councillor Carl Les

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) and Hambleton District Council (HDC) have been treating truckers passing through the Leeming Bar area as second class citizens for years.

Indeed they have policies in place to do this. The Leeming Bar PSPO is the latest example. No one denies that there is anti-social behaviour taking place but why are those allegedly causing this not brought to justice via legislation already available to the powers that be?

Ironically it is NYCC who have failed to address the root cause of the issue. In a recent report they admitted:

“At present, the County Council does not have a policy or strategy for managing HGV overnight parking on its highway network and the subsequent negative effects it can create.”

I believe it is time that NYCC address this fundamental failure.

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Hambleton District Council Procrastination – Simple Questions

After receiving an email last week from Steven Lister, Hambleton District Council (HDC) Director of Leisure and Communities I can confirm that he has joined Councillor Carl Les, an HDC Councillor for Leeming Bar and Leader of North Yorkshire County Council in procrastination mode.

It appears both Steven and Carl are unable to answer simple questions so I will make this really easy for them.

Open Letter To Carl And Steven

Dear Carl and Steven,

Could I please refer you to (LINK)?

Could you please agree or disagree with the following statements? To save confusion any unclear or none answers I will take as an agreement to the statement.

  1. Hambleton District Council (HDC) are aware that legislation states that ” A public spaces protection order may not restrict the public right of way over a highway.”
  2. As HDC are aware of this fact they should not have introduced the Leeming Bar PSPO.
  3. HDC is not issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to anyone who parks overnight and remains with their vehicle in the area covered by the Leeming Bar PSPO.
  4. The signage for the Leeming Bar PSPO does not reflect the Leeming Bar PSPO.
  5. To be in full knowledge that the Leeming PSPO is unlawful and unenforceable yet not remove associated erroneous signage is misrepresentation.
  6. HDC can not issue a Fixed Penalty Notice against those taking Direct Action in the area covered by the Leeming Bar PSPO.


Andy Strangeway

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Full Sutton Prison Maintenance – High Standards

My wife and I have lived in what many refer to as the Full Sutton “Prison Estate” for over 15 years and never cease to be impressed at the high standards of maintenance of the grounds that surround our home by Full Sutton Prison.

I know of no other Government body in the area that has such high standards. As can be seen from the photo the hedges are immaculate, all cuttings are cleared away and the grass is regularly cut.

ERYC in comparison is a disgrace.

ERYC Example 1 – Stamford Bridge Banks

The banks on Main Street, Stamford Bridge are a prime example of how bad ERYC is with maintenance. We have all seen the grass left to grow up to two feet high.

Myself and Stamford Bridge Parish Council have on many occasions had to chase ERYC to undertake this work.

ERYC Example 2 – Incompetence

When a Ward Councillor I requested four aspects of work to a copse of trees in Stamford Bridge. The result was a farce.

  • Workmen appeared and did one of the aspects.
  • I then questioned the failure to do the other three pieces of work. Workmen returned and did one more aspect.
  • Further chasing up, once again workmen appear and did one more aspect.
  • The final aspect remains outstanding to this day.

These two simple examples demonstrate how ERYC not only waste resources but also fail to undertake the required maintenance on a regular basis.

As the maintenance around our home is of such a high standard my wife and I are so grateful that Full Sutton Prison are our neighbours and not ERYC.

Well done Full Sutton Prison. You are a great example.

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Market Weighton Town Council: ICO Intervenes

Last week the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) intervened with Market Weighton Town Council (MWTC) due to MWTC failing to conduct themselves lawfully.

Market Weighton Town Mayor – Councillor Peter Hemmerman

MWTC failed to deal lawfully with a Freedom of Information request. The request is in relation to the unlawful operating of the Market Weighton CCTV system.

On Thursday ICO confirmed:

“I have contacted the Market Weighton Town Council and asked it to respond to your request within 10 working days. If it fails to do this, a decision notice will be issued requiring it to respond to your request.”

Like Pocklington Town Council it would appear that MWTC has much to hide.

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Full Sutton Properties Sold – Prison Connection?

It is noticeable that on the main routes through Full Sutton numerous properties are for sale but only two have sold.

Yet after a few weeks of being sold both of the properties are still to complete the sale. Will this happen straight after a decision on the new Full Sutton prison application on Thursday?

Why have these sold when others remain for sale?

Is there a connection with the planned new prison?

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Councillor Carl Les – Continued Procrastination

It would appear that Councillor Carl Les, Leader of North Yorkshire County Council and Hambleton District Council Councillor is in full procrastination mode in relation to the Leeming Bar Public Spaces Protection Order.

End Of July

In late July I referred Carl to the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 – 65 – 1  which states:

” A public spaces protection order may not restrict the public right of way over a highway.”

As the PSPO restricts the public right of way over a highway it should never have been introduced.

Beginning of August

Carl informed me

“The holiday season is making it more difficult to get people together to discuss the legal advice the Council has been given. Consequently the Council is continuing with the educational phase of the PSPO, as it is important to the communities we were elected to represent that they see we are taking their concerns seriously. Once the meeting has been held to decide what “next steps” to propose we will be in touch with all concerned parties.”

August 22nd

I am informed:

“As planned the Council will be reviewing this initiative later in the year.”

Open Letter To Carl – Force My Hand

Dear Carl,

Could I please refer you to the following:

  1. York PSPOs -Unenforceable And Unlawful
  2. Councillor Carl Les – Continued Procrastination

As you have failed to inform me of the legal advice that was received and the decision that was taken as a result I can only assume you are in full procrastination mode.

This is disappointing.

Please advise what legal advice was received in relation to the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 – 65 – 1  with regards the Leeming Bar Public Spaces Protection Order?

To be in full knowledge that the PSPO is unlawful and unenforceable could be seen as fraud.

It would appear that you are forcing my hand to undertake further Direct Action. Hopefully, this is not the case.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Andy Strangeway

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York PSPOs -Unenforceable And Unlawful

A couple of weeks ago I highlighted to the City of York Council (CYC) that all of their Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) are both unenforceable and unlawful due to the incompetence shown by their legal team. The legislation clearly states:

“In relation to a public spaces protection order that a local authority has made, extended or varied, that local authority must publish the order as made, extended or varied (as the case may be) on its website.”

CYC failed to fulfil this most fundamental of legal requirements.

Yesterday CYC informed me:

“We are currently in the process of reviewing some of the PSPOs which are due to expire and as part of that work we will be publishing the full documents on the CYC website. I am about to go on leave for three weeks but have tasked this work to one of my community safety managers, who will undertake this task in my absence.  But please be assured that the work will be done and the full documents made publicly available.”

The statement confirms that the work will be undertaken and as such has not been carried out to date. This means all of the CYC PSPOs are currently unlawful and unenforceable. Furthermore, this has been the case for numerous years.

As a result, any Fixed Penalty Notices issued must now be reimbursed.

Freedom Of Information – PSPO Fixed Penalty Notices

Under the FOI Act I have requested for each of the past six years:

  1. How many Fixed Penalty Notices in relation to Public Spaces Protection Orders have the CYC issued in each year?
  2. How much revenue for Fixed Penalty Notices in relation to Public Spaces Protection Orders have the CYC received in each year?

Exposed By Procrastination

Due to the procrastination of Cllr Carl Les, Leader of North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), in relation to the fundamentally flawed Leeming Bar Public Spaces Protection Order I decided to investigate PSPOs of Councils who are neighbours and/or closely associated which NYCC.

This investigation resulted in the CYC being exposed for their unenforceable and unlawful PSPOs.

NB: The Hambleton District Council (HDC) Leeming Bar Public Spaces Protection Order is still in operation despite being in breach of legislation.

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