ERYC Safeguarding Failure – EU Bound

I am shocked to learn that ERYC are still sending none secure communication to adoptive carers. Yet again I have evidence of this.

I have requested they cease to do this and instead use our secure communication system.

I will not sit back and allow children to be put in potential danger for the sake of ERYC not using secure communication.

If this cannot be resolved I will have no option but to refer this to my MP and ultimately the EU.

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Yapham Road – A Great Example

Residents will have noticed the works that are taking place on Yapham Road. This is a great example of a resident, Ward Councillor and ERYC working together.

  • On Monday 8 January a resident contacted me to raise concerns about the blocked drains flooding their property.

  • On Wednesday 10 January the engineer informed the resident and myself:

“I conducted a site visit today to assess some of the issues and site arrangements and traffic management constraints.

I am happy to state that there is a drainage system in the footway to which this gully may attach. (ownership unknown) that I will further investigate tomorrow.

I have also spoken to the site foreman to extend his traffic lights site to allow me access tomorrow morning, where ERYC tankers will access clean and jet this system. (to confirm, prove and get running).

The gully outside your address is probably attached to this system and would not need other consideration or discussion with the on site builders for Bellway.

Just to clarify the current excavation is a permissible foul connection from the new estate and ERYC highways are not allowed to connect (new) surface water outfalls to these scenarios.  After 2008 YW give no permission for these, but allow old historic connections and renewal.

Please feel free to approach me on site from approx 7am if you have any further queries.”

  • 07.00 Thursday 11 January the engineer, resident, myself and other officers met on site.

The rest everyone has been able to witness.

How Much?

This work cost a considerable four figure sum.

Well done ERYC

I would like to thank and congratulate Mike Featherby, ERYC Head of Streetscene Services, and his talented officers, especially Steve, for such commendable and efficient service.

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In Support – Residents

I would like to thank everyone for their kind messages of support. I share a selection below.

  • East riding needs more like you mate, not scared to rattle a few cages….they’re trying to railroad you!
  • Good Andy Strangeway Very pleased to hear your not going to stop trying. We need many more Independent Councillors to be there for The People of the East Riding of Yorkshire. Standing up for the rights of us all.
  • You are a 110% guy Andy Strangeway they will put up a fight but I know what will be the outcome in the end! You will slowly slaughter them one by one.
  • Best of luck Cllr I and others are with you all the way.
  • What this is really about is the ruling junta trying to remove a man who has the courage and integrity to stand up to them and refuse to bend under the pressure. The only people who can put in a vote of no confidence that means anything are the people who elected him, and quite honestly I don,t see that happening any time soon.
  • We all know the truth Andy Strangeway, I wish you was a councillor on my ward, I also wish there was more councillors like you, I have known you long enough to know that you are one of the straightest people I know, honest and 100% in everything that you do.
  • You are holding them to account and they do not like it.
  • Keep at it Andy and keep on their back.
  • I hope the people who voted them in have the guts to not vote them in next time. Council officers should be transparent at all time. Shame on you all.
  • Absolutely disgusting the lot of them..the net is closing in and the years of bullying & harassment is finally being exposed. I would like to see the bill for all the pay offs and gagging orders that have been done over the years. They really don’t like anyone speaking out. Deep rooted behaviour this. They tried and still try to shut me up ! way monty sunshine. They are rotten to the core.
  • They are the only odds they have a chance of winning with. You know you are doing the right thing, when Tories start really ganging up on you .. Keep at em mate, you are doing sterling work.
  • When the Tory attack dogs go after you like this …. they are seriously rattled! They are clearly trying to influence voters into thinking you are the problem as opposed to the problem being Parnaby and his motley crew.
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A Further Ten Recordings

I can confirm that there are a further ten recordings to publish similar to ERYC Tory Bullying – Cllr Symon Fraser Interview. In addition there is further material.

I am delighted to announce that the Anti Corruption Committee (ACC) held its inaugural meeting in Hull today.

The decision as to when the recordings and other material is published will be taken by the ACC.

Prior to releasing the information due consideration will be given to the effect that the release of this material will have to current and future Police investigations.

Information from whistle blowers invited

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Viking Road Car Park – Safety Improvements Considered

I am delighted to confirm that the lighting and footway scheme for Viking Road Car Park, Stamford Bridge has been submitted for consideration in the next financial year as part of the planned maintenance programme.

Well done ERYC.

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Garrowby View – Light Blocking Tree Removal

ERYC have agreed to completely remove the tree blocking light on Garrowby View, Stamford Bridge as this will potentially be an ongoing issue each year and the canopy crown was thinned out last year. Any crown reduction pruning work would be a detriment to tree.

Well done ERYC.

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ERYC Tories – Instant Karma

ERYC Tory Bullying – Cllr Symon Fraser Interview was only the start of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Tories instant karma.

Further Recordings

Further recordings are to follow.

I will seek legal advice this coming week with regards what to publish next.

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Information From Whistle Blowers Invited

I would like to thank those whistle blowers who took up my invitation in Cllr Dee Sharpe – A Disqualified Director.

I can assure all past and future whistle blowers that I never reveal my sources.

Whistle Blowers Invitation

Whistle blowers are invited to send whistle blowing information about East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) or East Riding Conservatives either via email or post:


1A, Holly Close, Full Sutton, York, YO41 1LY

NB: Whistle blowing from ERYC employees especially welcome.

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Cllr Dee Sharpe – A Disqualified Director

It would appear Councillor Dee Sharpe did not have “a successful career providing healthcare support staff to the NHS and private sector”.

In August 2013 she was disqualified as a company director for three years and 6 months. It seems that Cllr Dee Sharpe misled the public as that is an unsuccessful career.

Ironically it is stated on the ERYC Register of Interest for Cllr Dee Sharpe that her son Graham Alan Hodgson is a care home worker.

Information from whistle blowers invited

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Saxon Road Litter Bin – Maintenance Scheduled

The litter bin on Saxon Road, Stamford Bridge has been scheduled for maintenance work “due for completion week commencing 22 January”.

Well done ERYC.

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