Jeans And Trainers For ERYC Civic Functions

Today Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive has done a U-Turn and confirmed that jeans and trainers can be worn for ERYC civic functions.

“… can therefore wear your jeans and trainers to civic functions if you so wish.”

This confirms that the civic invite sent out in April 2018 made a false statement.

Please see Smart casual, no jeans or trainers invitation

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ERYC Complicit In Death Of Yemeni Children

Many will have been horrified by reports of the deaths of yet more Yemeni children as a result of a Saudi-led air strike.Make no mistake ERYC are complicit in the deaths of these children.

In Arms Investments – Conservative/Labour ERYC Pact I reported how East Riding residents will be shocked to learn that ERYC Pension Committee voted on Friday 17 March 2017 for their Pension Fund to continue to invest in arms. These arms are sold to Saudi Arabia.

These are the Councillors who voted to invest in arms sales to countries like Saudi Arabia:

Labour voters will note that Councillor Billinger supported the sales.

Pocklington Provincial residents will note that Councillor Mole supported the sales.

Only two Councillors voted against investing in arms:

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ERYC To Waste Finance On Social Media Training

Due to the fact that I called an officer luv and named them as they had wasted £20,000 the Standards Committee stated my “punishment” is to undergo Social Media training.

I expect I am more active on Social Media than the other 66 ERYC Councillors put together yet they believe I need Social Media training.

The average age of the three ERYC Councillors who came up with this further waste of tax payers resources is over 70.

Council Tax Increase

I can confirm that next years Council Tax will raise by 2.99%.

There will be no increase for Adult Care in 2019 as in the previous two years. All Local Authorities can increase Council Tax for Adult Care by a total of 6% over three years. Those who have elections in 2019 raised the Council Tax by 3% in 2017 and 2018.

ERYC have elections in 2019.

Is there any wonder I have never voted to increase the Council Tax when so much is wasted?

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Bridge Street Dropped Kerb – White Line

As the white line at the dropped kerb on Bridge Street, Pocklington has almost disappeared I have requested ERYC to refresh it.

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ERYC Conceal Child Abuse

Many will be aware of the St Williams child abuse case in Market Weighton yet few will be aware how ERYC officers misled Councillors and how Councillors accepted information from officers to be correct.

All of this on the watch of ERYC Leader Conservative Councillor Stephen Parnaby.

The following is reproduced by kind permission of Graham Baverstock who was one of the many children abused at St Williams.

  • Graham Anthony Baverstock – Child abuse victim
  • Councillor Rowan Blake James – ERYC Conservative Councillor for Pocklington Provincial
  • Martin Farran – ERYC Officer Social Services
  • Darryl Stephenson – Former ERYC Chief Executive
  • Councillors Jefferies/ Brian  – ERYC Liberal Democrat Councillor Brian Jefferies for Hessle
  • Tony Hunter – ERYC Director Social Services
  • James Redmond Carragher – Convicted Paedophile

There is currently a culture at ERYC to accept everything an officer says as gospel. Indeed ERYC Leader Conservative Councillor Stephen Parnaby recently stated in full council:

“Have a go at me but don’t have a go at the officers”.

The sole purpose of all 67 ERYC Councillors is to ensure checks and balances yet the ERYC Leader states we should not question officers. That is our elected duty.

Why do up to 66 ERYC Councillors accept that everything Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive, Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Councillor Stephen Parnaby, ERYC Leader state to be correct?

For example the conduct of the Standards Committee fails on the most basic level, Safeguarding is fundamentally flawed and Planning leaves a lot to be desired but apart from Councillor Andy Strangeway the other 66 Councillors remain silent on these issues.


Open Message To ERYC Councillors

ERYC plc is corrupt to the core.

What will it take for you to fulfil your elected duty to carry out checks and balances?

Will you finally stand up if your Grandchild is buggered?

Graham Baverstock was someone’s Grandchild.

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Bridge Street Sign – Refresh Requested

I have requested ERYC to refresh the Bridge Street sign in Pocklington.

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Hagg Bridge Closure Notice

Hagg Bridge on the B1228 will be closed to all traffic from 09.00 to16.00 on the 20th August 2018.

The closure is due to  investigative works taking place on the bridge carriageway in order to determine the condition of the bridge.

A diversion route will be in place. Please see Hagg Bridge Diversion

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The First Wilberfest – A Weekend Spectacle

My wife and I have been blessed to enjoy the spectacle that was this weekends first Wilberfest.

Seeing the stage gave the first glimpse of what was a very professionally staged festival by Gareth.

As soon as festival goers arrived they received a bag for their litter, in addition litter bins were plentiful and if that wasnt enough litter pickers could be seen regularly emptying the bins and picking up the rare bit of litter drop.

The six toilets on site were immaculately clean and there was never a queue.

The acts covered a broad spectrum and were all warmly received. Food and drink was in plentiful supply. Currently been on a course of antibiotics I stuck to coffee and soft drinks all weekend.

The audience enjoyed a weekend of wonderful camaraderie and love. The highlight was the many children playing frisbee and football, dancing with parents, eating ice cream and enjoying being young.

Even the weather was perfect.

Hopefully there will be a second Wilberfest next year. Ruth and I will be the first to buy tickets.

Consideration To Residents

It was pleased to see signs displayed requesting everyone to give consideration to residents when leaving the festival.

When Ruth and I left the festival we did not see one vehicle on or short trip home to Full Sutton.

Feedback – My Next Surgery

My next surgery will be held in the Wilberfoss Community Centre between 09.30 and 11.30 on Saturday 11 August.

Wilberfoss and Pocklington Provincial residents are invited to ask questions, raise concerns or share their views especially with regards Wilberfest.

If any Wilberfoss resident experienced any issue I would like them to share this with me so that I can give the feedback to Gareth.

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Hagg Bridge: Barriers In Place

I am pleased to confirm  that shortly after contacting ERYC regards the missing and fallen barriers on Hagg Bridge they had been put back in place.

Prior To Being Addressed

Well done ERYC.

I would like to thank Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council for drawing this to my attention.

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Burton Fields Yellow Box – Update

Having requested ERYC to consider painting a yellow box at the Burton Fields junction in Stamford Bridge I share the following reply from ERYC:

“I have asked one of my officers to discuss this with the Area Engineer’s team as they will travel through that route much more regularly and witness any problems.

It could be the issue is very irregular or occurs on some weekends only. So it doesn’t dilute the effectiveness of yellow boxes at other sites, ideally we would want the Area Engineer’s team recommendation or evidence (photos) of when it is a regular problem.”

Further Information

Please read Burton Fields Yellow Box Request

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