Bullying Scandal Exposure Hastens Buckley’s Departure

I am delighted to confirm that the bullying scandal exposure has hastened the departure of ERYC Head of Legal, Mathew Buckley

Bon Voyage Mathew 

A senior ERYC Councillor has stated “He cant wait to get away”

This appears to be on the money as Mathew has hastened his departure from the previously stated September to August 5. With his annual leave, it seems Mr Buckley has left the building.


A simple look at last week’s timeline explains how the heat was turned up.

  1. Monday 18 July – I publish ERYC Bullying Deception Fully Exposed
  2. Tuesday  19 July – I then publish Bungling Buckley Resigns – World Tour Awaits
  3. Thursday 21 July 22.10 – Hull Daily Mail publish No monitoring of East Riding Council bullying and harassment data ‘scary and shameful’
  4. Friday 22 July 15. 40 – Mathew Buckley sends out the email below.

Legal Floodgates Opened

I am informed that the exposure of the statement:

“ERYC do not monitor bullying and harassment and has not done since ERYC was formed in 1996”

has potentially opened the legal floodgates at ERYC. It has been suggested to me that Mathew was “running scared”.

Who is next?

As always Strangeway knows nowt.

Lisa Steps Up

The Tom Toms appear to require a fine tune as Lisa Nicholson will replace me old mucker not Lisa Dixon.

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“Caring” Tory Candidate – Sharing Tory Wardrobe

Residents in Beverley Rural Ward must be so delighted to be able to vote for a candidate in the upcoming by-election who is a “caring Tory”.

A Caring Conservative Party? Really?

Perhaps the naive candidate, Peter Stevens (seen on the left), needs to discuss the cost of living crisis with Beverley Rural residents. Does he not understand that it was created by the Tory quantitative easing program that has sent inflation back to the 1970s?

As Peter is younger than the usual Tory candidate you would hope that he will have an understanding of social media. Sadly this is not the case.

It would seem that Peter required the assistance of Cllr Jacob L Birch, Mid Holderness Ward to set up his campaign Facebook page. A young Tory who needs his hand holding to build a simple Facebook page does not bode well for future communication. Beverley Rural residents take heed!

Does Cllr Michael Lee, aka Slippery, believe this Facebook page, set up by others, to be a vital part of the campaign?

On the positive side, it is good to see that all three gentlemen (two current Tory Cllrs and the candidate) are able to share one wardrobe.

Would that be a caring, sharing wardrobe?

Thanks for the email, Peter.

Still, Strangeway knows nowt.

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Councillor Ben Weeks – What is EPA 1990?

ERYC Conservative Councillor Ben Weeks has put a motion before next week’s Full Council that legislation already covers and is best described as “a woolly motion”.

Councillor Ben Weeks

The motion states:

By Councillor Weeks

“That this Council:

Recognises that it has a responsibility for processing council taxpayers’ waste and that waste treatment sites in residential areas have the potential to cause significant disruption to residents living near the site.

Therefore, this Council resolves to ensure that council taxpayers are not adversely affected by the processing of their waste by:

1. Ensuring that the impact on local residents is considered ahead of cost and convenience during the procurement process.

2. Discounting sites which have a proven track record of causing disruption to local residents, at first stage of the procurement process.

3. Engaging in a robust series of monitoring to assess the impact of the site on the local community.

4. Including within the contractual agreement, the option to end the contract early where there is evidence that the site is causing ongoing nuisance and disruption to local residents.”

Environmental Protection Act 1990

I refer everyone to the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Ben, why have a motion for that which is already covered in legislation?

I would advise Cllr Weeks that “this Council” must first recognise the legislation. So why waste taxpayers resources on a motion for that which is already covered in legislation?

Ironically, our Ben proudly claims to be a “Hull Uni Law Graduate”. Looks like he missed the EPA 1990 lecture!

This motion reflects the sad state of affairs at ERYC.

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Bungling Buckley Resigns – World Tour Awaits

It would seem that ERYC Bullying Deception Fully Exposed has already claimed its first casualty.

Bon Voyage Mathew 

I am informed, that since “April 2022”, ERYC Head of Legal, Mathew Buckley has come to the conclusion he can not bow his head any lower in shame.

A six-month world tour is planned for our Mathew, the passport is at the ready with September 2022 stamped inside.

Some may suggest that this is the action of a guilty man but I welcome the good news and say bon voyage, au revoir.

Alas, others will now have to sort out the mess left behind by Mr Buckley – DBid, Planning, Bullying, etc…

Now for the bad news.

Rumors abound that the front runner to replace me old mucker is none other than Lisa Dixon, Scarborough Borough Council, Legal Director. If folk thought Mathew was challenged Ms Dixon takes challenged to a new level.

Lisa Dixon, SBC, Legal Director


Strangeway still knows nowt.

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ERYC Bullying Deception Fully Exposed

Those that require Adult Care or have a SEND child will be aware that ERYC is failing to provide these services for the most vulnerable in our society. The reason is that there is an out-of-control ongoing staff exodus from ERYC to pastures more appealing.

In essence, due to staff being bullied and stress placed on them by senior officers many have left. This has resulted in the failure to ensure fundamental services to those who desperately need them.

Head of Legal – Mathew Buckley – Head bowed in shame.

I was fully aware of the bullying of staff at ERYC when an Independent ERYC Councillor between 2016 and 2019. This I regularly laid bare. In addition, I have regularly uncovered this over the past three years. Alas the senior officers at ERYC have denied the bullying culture and, to my knowledge, all 67 ERYC Councillors have accepted this position stated by senior officers. Indeed ERYC Leader Conservative Councillor Jonathan Owen has made a statement to the effect that there is no serious issue with bullying.

At the ERYC Overview Management and Scrutiny Committee held last Thursday it was confirmed that:

“ERYC do not monitor bullying and harassment and has not done since ERYC was formed in 1996”

The Truth Is Out

So the claims by senior officers, with the full support of all 67 Councillors (who have a mantra – never to question officers) are without any base. Bullying is rife. In effect, such claims are a deception of the lowest kind to defend the position of the Council with no regard for residents, especially those who are most vulnerable.

NB: From April 2022 this will now be monitored.

Lack of Management Control

Conservative Councillor Lynda Bayram even has the audacity to ask for the information, when it is finally monitored, not to go into the public domain.

I place on the public record that if ERYC endorses the position suggested by Cllr Lynda Bayram I will request copy from those within County Hall (who have morals) and publish the evidence as I did with the two bullying reports (Please see below).

Thankfully Conservative Councillor Kevin Beaumont has a grasp of the situation:

“If this was available to the public they would be horrified”

This post places before the Court of Public Opinion the full evidence of the deception. I fully agree with Cllr Beaumont that the public will be horrified. Shamefully for ERYC, there is more to reveal.

What Changed In April 2022?

On Friday 25 February I submitted the FOI request below to ERYC. Why did not one of the 67 Councillors request this evidence?

I was then forced to chase the request up with ERYC on two occasions. They finally responded on April 8 2022.

Disgracefully ERYC clearly lied by disclosing information they now state they DO NOT monitor. They fabricated the “evidence”.

I did not publish this when I received it as I knew from first-hand information that the numbers claimed were false.

In essence, ERYC had been exposed by a member of the public who has full knowledge of the workings of ERYC and the relevant FOI legislation. Without this knowledge and understanding, I doubt ERYC would have started to monitor from April 2022.

Was that April 2022?

When did Strangeway finally receive his response? Oh yes, April 2022!

Please read FOI Request – ERYC Bullying False Facts

Please note that this is on the Headed Letterhead of Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal. The same one with his head bowed in shame.

ERYC Leader – Fall On Your Sword

To date, I have fully backed ERYC Leader Councillor Jonathan Owen. Given the seriousness of his deception of Councillors and residents, I firmly believe he must immediately fall on his sword. His position is untenable.

Given the stance taken by Councillor Kevin Beaumont, I believe he has demonstrated qualities that would contribute to making a great Leader. On this evidence, he would have my full support.

Further Information

ERYC did not want the two reports below made public. I have previously made them available to the Court of Public Opinion and do so again given the deception exposed.

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ERYC Conservatives – Begging For Tory Candidates

I can reveal that this morning ERYC Councillor Felicity Temple, Chair of the East Yorkshire Constituency Conservative Association (NB: This covers the area from Stamford Bridge to Bridlington), has emailed all Association members to more or less beg some to come forward to be considered for candidacy at the May 2023 local elections for ERYC.

Councillor Felicity Temple

Obviously, following the resignations of Councillor Mike Stathers from the Conservative Party and then the third Wolds Weighton candidate, Catherine Simpson last week, they are having to scrape the barrel.

It would appear that this is fantastic news for a couple of Tory lame ducks who, to date, have not been selected. Is that a Rutland flag I can see waving? This could make room for Paul West to try again to abandon his sinking ship at Pocklington/Stamford Bridge and climb aboard Wolds Weighton where he tried recently but was not selected by the branch.

It would seem that all that is required is:

  • An ability to ignore requests for help from residents.
  • Put your hand up when told to by the whip.
  • Admit to being a member of the Tory Party.

In return, if elected, you will receive at least £1,000 per month.

As always Strangeway knows nowt. Thanks for the email, Felicity.

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Mystery Photoon – Clandestine Leader Meetings

Having published Mystery Photoon – Any Suggestions Jonathan yesterday the reason for the mystery photoon has been suggested to me by various sources including current and former ERYC Councillors.

The gentleman on the left is ex-Tory Councillor Stephen Parnaby who was the Leader of ERYC for about 20 years. To the right is the current Leader of ERYC Tory Councillor Jonathan Owen. When Stephen was the Leader Jonathan was his Deputy Leader.

It is suggested that Stephen and Jonathan hold regular clandestine meetings and are accompanied by the ERYC Leaders PA Karen. Karen was also the PA for Stephen.

Given his considerable experience, I believe Stephen could bring benefits to ERYC. As Leader and Deputy Leader for so many years, I believe it is reasonable and creditable if they still have such a strong friendship that demands they meet up weekly.


  • Why are the meetings clandestine?
  • Would such meetings bring into question Jonathan’s competence to be ERYC Leader?
  • Who is ultimately the Leader of the Council?

Benefit Of The Doubt

Up to this point, I have fully supported Jonathan in his role as Leader of ERYC. I must give Jonathan the benefit of the doubt so I invite a statement for publication from him.

If my information is correct my confidence in Jonathan would take a serious dent and I would not be surprised if there was a vote of no confidence in him.

I await Jonathan’s statement.

Further Information

By pure coincidence the job of PA to the Leader and Deputy Leader is currently advertised:

With all due respect to Karen, I would suggest that the salary of £27, 514 for “37 hours” a week is below those of comparable positions in the area.

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Mystery Photoon – Any Suggestions Jonathan?

The photoon below has appeared into my possession.

Would ERYC Leader Councillor Jonathan Owen like to suggest any meaning?

Suggestions from other ERYC Councillors are also invited. As always Strangeway knows nowt.

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Prison Wide Boys Force Residents Off-Road

Today I reveal evidence that the MOJ is relying on wide loads, to and from the prison construction site, forcing local residents and other road users off the road, to facilitate the new prison construction.

Last Wednesday in Prison Entrances And Access Road Analysed I confirmed that the official reason for the need for “temporary construction access” from Moor Lane was stated to be:

““to support the construction phase and to avoid construction traffic using the access to the existing high security prison .” and that it should state: “the access to the existing high security prison site.

The MOJ is now attempting to justify its statement made at Reserved Matters by claiming:

“The volume of traffic would disrupt the operation of the existing prison”

As the MOJ is suggesting that a few vehicles traveling on an empty road would disrupt the operation of the existing prison perhaps it could advise us mere mortals on this basis how:

  1. Can prisons in cities operate when busy roads pass directly in front of the prison?
  2. Can the current prison operate when transporting inmates via any road junction?
  3. Will the current prison function when staff and visitors to the new prison are using the access?

The MOJ is clearly talking utter bunkum.

We should move on to the real issue – Why is the MOJ relying on wide loads to and from the prison construction site forcing local residents and other road users off the road?

Departing Full Sutton – Monday 16 May 09.51

Upon leaving Full Sutton at 09.51 yesterday morning I witnessed other road users being forced off the road due to the wide load approaching.

Given that there will be well over a thousand such wide loads accessing and leaving the new prison construction site over the next three years this situation is neither acceptable nor practicable.

In the photos above, there are two cars, one HGV and a van blocking the access to the current prison site along with the van for the stop/go system further obstructing access.

The MOJ MUST accept that such obstruction disrupts the operation of the existing prison a damn sight more than a few HGVs using “the access to the existing high security prison site.

Would that demonstrate a need for emergency exit? Please see Prison Entrances And Access Road Analysed?

Road Closures

To bring such a volume of wide loads to the construction site the MOJ MUST apply for the appropriate road closures via due process. Until such time as said closures are in place no more wide loads should be allowed to the site.

What If?

What would happen if other road users refused to be forced into the hedge bottom and remain near the white line on their side of the road?

Looking into the tea leaves I would suggest that could result in the construction site ceasing to operate.

But of course, as always, I know nowt.

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To Turn Or Not To Turn

Only five days ago in Prison Entrances And Access Road Analysed I asked why there was engineering for left turns when Reserve Matters conditions confirm that they cannot be taken.

It would appear that “To Turn Left or Not To Turn Left” is taking on a life of its own.

Reserve Matters conditions confirmed there were to be no left turns.

To Turn Left 0 Not To Turn Left 1

The engineering suggested that there are to be left turns.

To Turn Left 1 Not To Turn Left 1

The signage claims there are to be no left turns.

To Turn Left 1 Not To Turn Left 2

Now the road entrance markings, with the triangles encouraging left turns, suggest the game has only just started.

To Turn Left 2 Not To Turn Left 2

It would appear that either the MOJ are even more incompetent than ERYC or they are simply taking the proverbial out of ERYC and local residents.

It is looking like the madness may have to be sorted with penalties.

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