Hambleton Overnight Parking Ban – Fundamental Flaw

At taxpayers expenses, less than two weeks ago Hambleton District Council (HDC) introduced an overnight parking ban for Leeming Bar Industrial Estate and surrounding areas that is unenforceable.

HDC claim this is to prevent anti-social behaviour. How sleeping in a vehicle can be anti-social is beyond me.

Please see Public Space Protection Order – Hambleton District Council – No Overnight Parking

I have previously successfully challenged the Highland Council that their no overnight parking signs had no legal basis not only because there was no legal framework to support them but also as overnight cannot be defined.

Please see BBC: Highland Council to remove “no overnight parking” signs.

My challenge resulted in more than 300 “No Overnight Parking” signs being removed.

For example, is overnight:

  • During the hours of darkness
  • Between 22.00 and 06.00
  • For five minutes between given hours

As HDC have failed to define overnight I recommended that they remove all signage at the earliest opportunity and revisit the PSPO.

In addition, I invite them to advise me how sleeping in a vehicle can be considered anti-social behaviour.

I am happy to park “overnight” in the said location with the full knowledge of HDC to allow them to attempt to prosecute me in a Court of Law.

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Stamford Bridge Alcohol Prohibition – Top Secret

Like myself, many Stamford Bridge residents will be surprised to discover that there is an alcohol prohibition in the village. ERYC appear to want to keep this top secret as they have failed to put up the required signs.

Bridlington Sign

Those who enjoy a drink at the Bay Horse will be especially concerned as the ban covers Main Street. The grass verge and footpath is part of the road.

Red Indicates Areas Covered By Alcohol Prohibition

Rather amusingly how long will it take Humberside Police, based in Goole, to respond to a 101 none emergency phone call reporting someone consuming alcohol in the prohibited areas of Stamford Bridge?

Introducing a Public Spaces Protection Order that is unlikely to be enforced is yet another waste of ERYC Council Tax.

Further Information

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ERYC – Public Spaces Protection Orders

ERYC have many Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) across the East Riding for various reasons. I will take a close look at PSPO for Alcohol Consumption.

As can be seen above there is a PSPO for Alcohol Consumption in Bridlington. The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 – 59 states

The Criminal Justice Act 1967 – 91 states

If the two required conditions of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 – 59 apply legislation already exists to deal with it as per the Criminal Justice Act 1967 – 91

By duplicating legislation ERYC is wasting taxpayers resources and preventing law-abiding residents enjoying a picnic with a glass of wine while watching the sea and taking in the sea air.

Punishment – Fixed Penalty Notice

If you breach a PSPO you are issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN). Unlike a PCN issued for parking, a FPN issued for breaching a PSPO cannot be appealed.

The only way to challenge a FPN for a PSPO is to request your case to be heard in court.

This clearly equates to unfair justice for those who cannot afford to finance a court case.

PSPO Alcohol Consumption – Challenging Prosecution

ERYC have introduced legislation that is exceedingly challenging to prosecute under and they suggest can only be enforced by phoning Humberside Police on 101. As 101 is for none emergencies by the time Humberside Police respond, if indeed they do, the alleged wrongdoer will have left the scene hours if not days before.

Let us say that by chance a Police Officer sees an alleged wrongdoer consuming alcohol and issues an FPN.

The alleged wrongdoer requests their case to be heard in court. In court they state they did not consume alcohol in said location and requests the Police Officer to provide the following evidence:

  1. That the liquid was indeed alcohol.
  2. That the liquid was swallowed in said location.

As no such evidence will be available the case must be dismissed.

Public Interest

Let us not forget that before Humberside Police progress in the first instance they must demonstrate the public interest in taking action and using Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 – 59 legislation instead of the Criminal Justice Act 1967 – 91

I rest my case.

Freedom Of Information Request

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) I have requested ERYC inform me in relation to the PSPO for alcohol consumption in Bridlington for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019:

  1. How many Fixed Penalty Notices where issued for each year.
  2. Upon receiving a Fixed Penalty Notice how many requests for their case to be heard in court for each year was made.

Further Information

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Conservative Councillors – Residents Fears Confirmed

I would like to thank everyone for their kind messages of support following the recent election.

Many residents, especially those in the villages, raised concerns that there would now be a revert back to the dark days of Ward Councillors attending meetings but doing very little else. Sadly on Monday night not one of the three Conservative Councillors could even be bothered to attend the Stamford Bridge Parish Council meeting.


As residents have elected six Conservative Councillors for Pocklington Provincial and Wolds Weighton I believe there will now be a rubber stamping of National Conservative Government policy towards planning in the area.

With the review of the ERYC Local Plan currently underway, I expect this will “support” further development for Pocklington Provincial as Conservative Councillors must put party before resident.

Given the 100% blanket vote for the Conservatives, I now believe the Full Sutton Prison application will receive approval. The only chance of this not happening is a change in Government policy.

True to ERYC Planning norms some “Local Conservatives” will be allowed to speak out and even vote against the application. This will be done in full knowledge that the vote will go through on the nod as 75% of the Planning Committee are Conservatives.

Why do residents think the Conservative Group hold meetings prior to the Planning Committees?

Nothing Further Lost For Strangeway

I would like to reassure concerned residents that the only thing Strangeway lost is an election. I will earn the same income for half the hours; spend more time with my wife; enjoy our garden and give consideration to different opportunities opening up.

While nothing further has been lost for Strangeway, sadly I believe a great deal has been lost for residents.

Will Strangeway return to politics/campaigning in two weeks, two months, two years or not at all?

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Election Result – Lost By 14 Votes

I have lost the election by 14 votes. I would like to congratulate the three Conservative Candidates who will now represent Pocklington Provincial for the next 4 years.

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and the support of Team Strangeway.

It has been an amazing three years of public service. I have loved every minute of it.

Decorating Business

I now have availability in my diary for my decorating business. It will be great to hear from old and new customers.

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Please Remember To Vote

Every four years residents are given the opportunity to elect those who they want to represent them at ERYC. Today is election day.

In Pocklington Provincial residents can vote for up to three candidates.

Please remember to vote.

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Jane Finnis Coming To Stamford Bridge Library

Local author Jane Finnis will be giving a talk to the Book Group at Stamford Bridge library on Tuesday, 7 May, at 2pm, as part of National Crime Reading Month.

“Friends, Romans, Murderers…”: Jane Finnis writes mysteries dealing with life (and death) in Roman Yorkshire. Her main character is innkeeper and reluctant sleuth Aurelia Marcella, who runs an inn on the road to York at the bottom of Garrowby Hill, and in between times gets drawn into solving crimes. There’s no shortage of murder and mayhem, because Britain is still a raw frontier province, with simmering tension between the conquering Roman settlers and the native Britons…and human nature hasn’t changed much over the last two millennia.

The talk is free to attend and there is no need to book in advance – people can just turn up.
Librarian Sarah Hutchinson said : “The book group is great fun to join. You don’t have to read a book you might not like, as the book group reads ‘topics.’ This means you choose a book that you like the sound of, then you talk about that – which is like sharing a friend . It also means you get to hear about several other books that people have read – and someone else might have discovered a gem.
“I hope lots of people will come along to hear and meet Jane, and hear about an age old mystery on the doorstep of Stamford Bridge, and will then be tempted to join our Book Group.”

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London Street Safety – Kerb Stones Requested

Residents on London Street, Pocklington have contacted me to raise safety concerns with regards vehicles mounting the footpath. There is great concern for the safety for young children using the footpath walking to and from school.

Although the addition of reflective strips have modestly improved safety at night vehicles are regularly mounting the kerb. Indeed this afternoon, while monitoring the situation for just five minutes, I witnessed two vehicles mounted the kerb.

The reason for this is that the kerb stones, for a length of approximately 25 kerb stones, are level with the footpath and road. As a result vehicles mount the footpath with ease. This often happens due to the width of the road and vehicles needing to give way.

To improve safety I have requested ERYC to lift the kerb stones to the required height at the earliest opportunity.

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Graham Baverstock Exposes ERYC Shameful Conduct

Today Graham Baverstock requested that I visit him at his home so that he could update the public about his continued suffering and distress he is being forced to endure due to the failures of ERYC.

How many more East Riding residents are ERYC failing?

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ERYC Tory Councillor: Bus Stop For No Buses

Before voting on Thursday I suggest residents read about the ERYC Conservative Councillor who “is working with transport providers into installing a bus stop” despite the fact that there are no buses at said location.

Conservative Councillor Kay West

Why would Pocklington Provincial Conservative Councillor Kay West believe a bus stop at Canal Head is a good idea when there are no buses on the route?

Pocklington Town Council (PTC) Councillor Martin Radcliffe is fully aware of there being no buses but suggests that the Town Service bus could undertake a one mile detour:

“currently no buses pass Canal Head but the town service could be re-routed to serve Canal Lane and Canal Head.”

Extract From PTC Minutes

The conduct of Cllr West and Cllr Radcliffe is so brazen that the information is freely available in the Minutes of the PTC Meeting – Wednesday 13th March 2019

Financed By Council Tax

The bus that provides the Town Service is provided by PTC and paid for by Pocklington Council Tax payers.

If ERYC install a bus stop at Canal Head it would be paid for by Pocklington and Pocklington Provincial Council Tax Payers.

Pure Coincidence?

Is it pure coincidence that Cllr West and Cllr Radcliffe are neighbours who live at Canal Head?

  • Cllr West – Ashfield Farm, CANAL HEAD, Pocklington
  • Cll Radcliffe – Ings House – CANAL HEAD, Pocklington

Or that Cllr West operates a bed and breakfast at Canal Head?

Surely there is no self-interest at play?

Request For Refusal

I have requested ERYC to refuse this request for a bus stop on Canal Head until such time as there is a need as this is clearly a waste of Council Tax resources.

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