Anti Social Behaviour HQ – Bus Shelter Removed

Residents of The Oval and Denison Road will be delighted to see that ERYC have agreed to my request to remove the bus shelter at the bottom of Denison Road.

In recent months the bus shelter had become the HQ for anti social behaviour. As a result of which I am informed that even dog walkers and runners were avoiding the area. As only the evening bus to Driffield passed the bus shelter, and even then the bus shelter was not used for the purpose intended, the obvious solution was to remove the bus shelter.

I would like to thank the ERYC officers, Humberside Police and most importantly the residents who I worked closely with to resolve the anti social behaviour centred on the bus shelter. Residents played a key role. They kept diaries and phoned 101 whenever there was anti social behaviour. This resulted in Humberside Police supporting the removal of the bus shelter.

Moving forward this demonstrates that by working together, especially with residents, anti social behaviour can and will be addressed.

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ERYC Fourth Worst For Pot Holes

ERYC is the fourth worst local authority for pot holes for the period from January 2015 to April 2018.

In that period ERYC roads had 104,001 pot holes.

Potholes are not an inevitable fact of life. Roads which have very impermeable surfaces are extremely pothole resistant but are more expensive.

Clearly the Tory dominated ERYC have used a policy of cheap is best for East Riding roads. Now residents are subjected to the failures of that policy.

ERYC must review the choice of road surface they are using. I have requested ERYC to undertake a review into the surfaces they use for roads with the aim of preventing further pot holes in the future.

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KFC Rubbish Blights Hodsow Lane

Yesterday two local residents raised concerns with me with regards the rubbish blighting Hodsow Lane, Pocklington from the new KFC.

One resident expressed their understandable concerns:

“I was driving on Hodsow Lane from the new service station towards Pocklngton on Saturday 5th January and couldn’t help but see a horrible amount of discarded rubbish and packaging from users of KFC. I do feel KFC should take some responsibility for ensuring any litter is cleared.”

I have requested ERYC to discuss these concerns with KFC and to explore how the situation can be improved and managed.

A site visit to KFC this morning showed there to be only one litter bin in the actual car park area. I believe an extra litter bin or two in the actual car park area would help. In addition I believe it is reasonable to request KFC to undertake regular litter pick ups on Hodsow Lane.

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Canal Lane New Sign Requested

As the current sign for Canal Lane, Pocklington has seen better days I have requested ERYC to replace it at the earliest opportunity.

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Moor Road Pot Hole Repaired

I am pleased to confirm that the large pot hole on Moor Road was repaired yesterday.

Well done ERYC.

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Council Tax Increase To Finance BGC

One month today ERYC Councillors will approve this years Council Tax increase, 20% of which will be to finance the failure of Bridlington Golf Club.

ERYC Director Alan Menzies

It has been widely reported that the sale by ERYC of Bridlington Golf Course to the club itself will result in a £900,000 profit for BGC. The reports state that ERYC have agreed to sell the course at a knock down £750,000 after which BGC will sell one small part for £1,650,000. A tidy profit of £900,000.

The deal has been struck “to address the long term financial difficulties that the club was experiencing”.

Neither ERYC nor the Council Tax payers should ever bail out a golf club that is unable to manage their financial affairs. Where does it stop? If a Golf Club why not every other East Riding business?

Last Friday Alan Menzies, ERYC Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration, failed to confirm details of the deal:

“The current position is that the Council has exchanged a contract to sell the site however it will not complete until the Hotel element has been built and commissioned  Therefore the details of the contract are still commercially sensitive.”

Council Tax Finances BGC

A 2.99% increase in Council Tax equates to £4.5 million. The £900,000 used to bail out BGC is 20% of this.

This means the Council Tax increase should be a maximum 2.39% instead of 2.99%.

Strangeway Will Vote NO

Surely the 67 ERYC Councillors will vote against the increase? Sadly I am no doubt that the Council Tax increase is already a done deal.

Councillor Strangeway will vote against the Council Tax increase unless Alan Menzies proves his calculations wrong.

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London Street Bollards – Maintenance and Reflectors

Residents often raise concerns with me about the safety of their children regards vehicles, including school buses, mounting the pavement on London Street, Pocklington where the bollards are.

London Street

As this is putting children in danger I have requested ERYC give the London Street bollards a lick of paint and place a reflective strip on them all like there is on the Pavement bollards.


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Sherbuttgate Road South – Sign Realignment Required

The cyclists and pedestrian sign at the junction of Sherbuttgate Road South, Pocklington is in need of realignment.

I have requested ERYC to undertake the required works.

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Approve Council Tax – Approve Cover Up

On 7 February 2019 all 67 ERYC Councillors will be asked to vote for a Council Tax increase for 2019/2020. Yet they are unable to do this as Alan Menzies, ERYC Director of Planning and Economic Development has failed to answer fundamental questions.

These involve the sale of the Bridlington Golf Club:

  1. How much is the agreed sale price?
  2. Was the sale offered via an “open market”?

The answers to these questions could prove that the “loss” on this one transaction could equate to at least a 1% increase on the Council Tax.

As such without this information all Councillors must reject the Council Tax increase.

I have requested answers from Alan Menzies to these simple questions.

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Stamford Bridge Main Street Light Out

As the light near to 31, Main Street, Stamford Bridge is currently out I have requested ERYC to replace the light.

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