On Sunday in SBC Duty Of Care – Rogue Councillors I stated: “a SBC elected member I will call “Councillor John/Jane Doe” threatened to give a member of the public “a good arse-kicking the next time they see them”.

With the kind permission of the North Yorks Enquirer I reproduce below  “A THREAT TOO FAR”. This confirms my statement from Sunday.

A Threat Too Far

Letter to the Editor from a septuagenarian elector of the Borough who has shared with the Enquirer a letter of complaint to SBC CEO Mike Greene that confirms a pattern of behaviour as reported in the Enquirer for some time now. One can only hope that action is taken by the authorities before someone comes to serious harm.

The Complainant’s name has been redacted for reasons of security, as has the name and identifying details of the Accused.


Good afternoon, Mr Thorne

I hope you received the copy of my complaint to SBC re my ward Councillor’s actions of late.

I am sad that I now find it necessary to complain about [REDACTED]’s actions that have become too erratic to ignore any longer.

Yours sincerely,


Letter of Complaint

[Formally acknowledged by the Standards Team on Monday 25th January 2021]

Dear Mr Greene

I am writing to you to make a complaint about my Ward Councillor, [REDACTED].

The background to my complaint is that Mr. Tim Thorne published an article on the North Yorkshire Enquirer on the 18th January 2021. In the article , Mr Thorne stated that [REDACTED] had made a U-turn in [REDACTED]’s position on the Council’s Argos redevelopment project.  He said that [REDACTED] was against the project when it came up in July 2019, but subsequently voted for it as a [REDACTED] (with double allowances) in June 2020.

Mr Thorne apparently held the opinion that the project itself had not changed. On that basis, he queried whether [REDACTED]’s position had been affected by the circumstances of his/her promotion and his/her double allowances.  I believe that is a fair question. http://nyenquirer.uk/broken-promises-4/

When I saw Mr Thorne’s article promoted on Facebook, I commented to the effect that all Councillors have an eye to promotion and increased allowances and commented also with a laughing emoticon.  This is my right to comment and was not aimed at any individual.

Using a fake profile on social media, ‘someone’ responded via a private message to myself by threatening to “give my arse a good kicking” the next time he/she saw me out and about. I have since reported this to the Police together with the identity of who I firmly suspect this person to be. This resulted in no action or advice being given, therefore no protection being offered. Indeed, I was told by the caller that the Police have no authority over social media – so this also begs the question why have NYP employed digital PCSOs to deal with social media?

It also begs the question as to why, when previous threats have been made (some in public), an individual is allowed to hold a position on the [REDACTED] while at the same time pleading mental “ill” health issues that result in violent outbursts and threats that are seemingly ongoing?

Later on the 18th January 2021, I noticed that [REDACTED] had posted a response to Mr Thorne’s article on [REDACTED]’s Facebook page (attached). In it, he/she admits that he/she was against the Argos project in July 2019. He/she admits that at [REDACTED] in July 2020 he/she voted for the project. In other words, [REDACTED] confirms that Mr Thorne’s article was factually accurate.

On the 22nd January, I received the attached letter from [REDACTED] through the post.

In it he/she begins by stating that Mr Thorne’s article dated the 18th January 2021 was defamatory. That very day he/she admitted on his/her Facebook page that it was factually accurate and that he/she] stands by his/her June 2020 position. [REDACTED] is still on the [REDACTED].

To falsely accuse someone of defamation is itself defamatory. It is certainly extremely disrespectful. It is also a lie.

I am sure all this must be a breach of the Code of Conduct and I am requesting you to address my complaint on these grounds.

I am also complaining about the threat against me. I have retained a copy of the threat.

Please confirm your receipt of this email and your confirmation that my complaint will be processed through the Standards Procedure.

Yours Faithfully,


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SBC Duty Of Care – Rogue Councillors

I have received information that demonstrates Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) are exposed to potential failures in their Duty of Care to Officers, Councillors and members of the public in relation to rogue Councillors.

Lisa Dixon – SBC Monitoring Officer

After publishing SBC Councillor Threatens Murder the information received raises alarm bells in relation to a SBC elected member I will call “Councillor John/Jane Doe”. This includes:

  1. Since the beginning of December 2020 submitting an excessive amount of complaints against their fellow SBC Councillors.
  2. Threatening to give a member of the public “a good arse-kicking the next time they see them”.

Add these to the transcript in SBC Councillor Threatens Murder and concerns are clear to all regards the Duty of Care SBC has.

Rights of a Councillor v SBC Duty of Care

On the one hand, a Local Authority can impose virtually no sanction on a Councillor who has become a potential threat to Officers, Councillors and members of the public. Yet, on the other hand, they have a Duty of Care to protect Officers, Councillors and members of the public against any potential threat a rogue Councillor may pose.

Once a potential failure in the Duty of Care of a Local Authority is raised with them they must act as not to do so leaves them open to legal action. In essence, the action required has two parts.

  • Part 1 – Lisa Dixon, in her role of SBC Monitoring Officer must request North Yorkshire Police (NYP) to intervene. It is an accepted practise that a Police Force will not intervene in the affairs of a Local Authority unless such a request is made by the Monitoring Officer. This action would then pass this aspect of the Duty of Care to NYP.
  • Part 2 – Before Scarborough Town Hall reopens after the Lockdown a policy must be put in place to ensure appropriate security for Officers, Councillors and members of the public. This policy will require approval by the Full Council. To open without a such a policy in place SBC would leave themselves open to legal action.

As the majority of SBC Councillors and Senior Officers read any posts I publish in relation to SBC this very post makes SBC fully aware of their potential failure in their Duty of Care to ensure the safety of Officers, Councillors and members of the public.

In the interests of public safety, I request them to raise my concerns with Lisa Dixon.

Of course, I will also email SBC.

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SBC Naughty Table Contract – Offer Accepted

When Lisa Dixon, Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) Director of Legal & Democratic Services put me on the naughty table on Monday 18 January she offered me a contract:

“This means that where you email the Council, or make contact in any other way, you will not receive a response. Your emails to @scarborough.gov.uk email adddresses will be diverted to a single point of contact email account and will be read and dealt with where it is considered appropriate to do so.”

I am delighted to accept this contract.

As SBC have achieved their usual level of incompetence while putting me on the naughty table there are many challenges I could make.

  • Potential Challenge 1

I have already covered Lisa’s attempt at time travel in Lisa Dixon – Back To The Future.

I will make no challenge to this as I am delighted to accept this contract.

  • Potential Challenge 2

The image above is a copy of the email that the notice of my new naughty boy status was attached to.

NB: The email is signed Complaints Officer and is in font Calibri 11.

This is in breach of the SBC Email Usage Guidelines and thus makes everything nul and void. I quote 6.3 Email Signatures:

“Email signatures should be used to provide relevant contact information to the recipient; they should not be used for any other purpose. Your signature should include the following mandatory information: name, post, service unit, Scarborough Borough Council, email, telephone, website. All text should be in Tahoma font, size 8 and follow the standard layout below.”

I will make no challenge to this as I am delighted to accept this contract.

I could go on but the above adequately highlights the incompetence yet again of SBC/Lisa Dixon.

Contract Accepted

SBC and Lisa Dixon in yet another moment of madness have offered me, a Parking Campaigner,  a contract for six months that means they are unable to enforce against me a Fixed Penalty Notice or a Penalty Charge Notice for a “parking breach” as they will not be able to process my appeal in my chosen format – a letter.

Oh, happy days.

This means I can invite say 20 friends to join me in a SBC Car Park where I can then park all vehicles free of charge and SBC can do nothing about it.

There is only one question I ask – Can you issue me a lifetime ban please our Lisa?

Happy To Meet

It goes without saying I am happy to meet, subject to Covid restrictions, with the current or next SBC Administration to get them out of the mess Lisa has created for them and the challenges they face with SIAM.

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Dixon And Greene In The Dock

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) Chief Executive Mike Greene, Leader Cllr Steve Siddons and  Director of Legal & Democratic Services Lisa Dixon all failed to act for over a week when informed of the SBC Councillor Threatens Murder.

As evidenced above on Thursday 14 January I informed all three that:

“I am shocked to hear rumours abound that a SBC Councillor has made threats to kill other SBC Councillors and Members of the Public. Could you please inform me, as Head of Paid Service, what actions you have taken in relation to this given your Duty Of Care? In addition are you also aware of rumours that there is a recording proving this?”

Are Dixon And Greene Conspiring?

In Response

First thing on Monday morning Lisa Dixon informed me that I was now on the naughty table.

Instead, why was no action taken with regards the obvious mental health issues of the Cllr or to protect the public and elected members?

I can confirm that the current administration has known for over a week that a vote of no confidence was to be tabled.

Did the current administration rush to put Strangeway on the naughty table and sit on this outrage as the persons (FV) vote is required to try to salvage the vote of no confidence?

That would suggest that residents safety and mental health of a fellow Cllr are secondary to political ambition.

Further Information

I am informed that rumours abound that North Yorkshire Police “are looking into this” but in essence have also turned a blind eye.

Could it be possible that this is at the request of persons unknown in the Town Hall?

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SBC Councillor Threatens Murder

Today I have received an exceedingly shocking transcript. I am informed that it details phone conversations by a senior Scarborough Borough Councillor.

As stated in Lisa Dixon – Back To The Future as of Monday I am on the SBC naughty table. This means I am unable to share this directly with Lisa, Mike Greene SBC Chief Executive or indeed any Cllr. The only form of communication I have is via an email address that is monitored by a person unknown – and this at potentially lengthy intervals.

For all I know, the person doing the monitoring and the person making the threats could be one of the same person.

Given the content of the transcript, I must take the threats to murder exceedingly seriously in the interests of public safety.

As I am on the SBC naughty table, the only option I can see that is open to me is to publish – to take no action could risk serious injury or death.

NB: I have sent this post to Robert Goodwill MP and SBC.


Transcribed by [REDACTED]

 FV = Female Voice

MV = Male Voice (indented)

 Bold denotes shouting

BOLD CAPITALS – screaming/ranting

Recording begins mid-conversation…

FV – OK, nothing.

MV – Please don’t be angry with me, [NAME REDACTED]. I’m trying to help you, [NAME REDACTED].

FV – Nothing’s going to [F-WORD] change, [NAME REDACTED]. That’s the problem. Nothing’s going to change.

MV – [NAME REDACTED], nothing’s going to change……

FV – The only thing I can do tonight is have another Twitter storm, because it’s the only way I can get attention and I have to go tonight and say I have been [F-WORD] bullied and [F-WORD] gutless [REDACTED] knows about it and he’s covered it [F-WORD] up. I’m going to have to do this tonight as it’s the only [F-WORD] thing I can do. I’m worthless to them, my life is OK its OK someone has nearly caused me to kill myself that’s OK. WHY DON’T THEY GET IT?

MV – Why don’t you listen to me for a minute?

FV – Nothings going to change, [NAME REDACTED]. The people who read [REDACTED] probably don’t even know what you are on about. Don’t tell me things are going to [F-WORD] change.

MV – Please listen to me. I know how you want to get this properly resolved but you won’t get it resolved when you are not thinking straight because you are so angry.


MV – If you want to get your own back on him you’ll have to play a very clever, measured game. It’s no good losing your rag. That won’t get you the result.

FV – Nothing’s going to change.

MV – Listen, I’m doing my best to help you and I will continue trying to help you, but I don’t want you to just completely lose the plot, so please try and calm down and let’s have a plan instead of just being angry, as angry won’t get a result.


MV – I don’t think that will help get a result.


MV – But you do care; you want a result.

FVLook, your [REDACTED] aren’t working [REDACTED], right? The words are too long and they’re full of bull-[S-WORD]. They’re not having any impact. Right. Nothing’s going to change.

MV – How can I help you?

 FV – You can’t help.

MV – I want to help.

FV – Nothing’s going to change until I kill myself. Do you understand that? I have to kill myself in order to have my life actually mean someone turn round and say maybe something went wrong. So that’s what I’m going to Tweet to Scarborough Council tonight as a result of their [F-WORD] wonderful [F-WORD] email, that’s the result they’re going to get.  I think that’s all I’m going to say. I don’t want to talk. Nothing can be done. Nothing’s going to change.

MV – How are your spirits about the way things are going?

FV – Nothing’s going to change.

MV – Nothing’s changed since last night to be downhearted about, because last night you were upbeat and had good reason to be upbeat.

FV – There’s nothing to be upbeat about. Nothing’s going to change, I’m in a [F-WORD] mess – I HAVE GOT NOTHING LEFT – I HAVE GOT NO LIFE LEFT – STOP TELLING ME HOW I SHOULD FEEL – YOU ARE NOT HELPING – so please [REDACTED] I don’t need plans – I’m going on to it and I’m doing what I [F-WORD] do best because there is no [F-WORD] pointI’m not interested.

MV – I’m trying so hard to help you, [NAME REDACTED].

FV – I don’t care.

MV – I know you don’t care at the moment but one of these days you’ll get to the end of this and you’ll come out on top, if you don’t make any mistakes. I just don’t want you to make any mistakes.

FVI’m not going to come out on top right. NOBODY GIVES A FLYING [F-WORD]. You know you’ve got [F-WORD] opposition Councillors that won’t even do anything. SORRY [REDACTED]. WHO’S GOING TO DO IT?

MV – You might as well talk to me in a voice where I can understand what you are saying, [NAME REDACTED].

FV – There’s no point in any of this. There’s no point, right? There’s just no [F-WORD] point. There’s no point in being reasonable. There is no point in being reasonable. I’m not playing that game anymore; I’ve got to stop it. Tonight’s the night now I have to say. I’m going to [F-WORD] kill myself if I have to….

MV – No. Please don’t talk like that.

FV – ….. I’m going to ask them. If they don’t …… it I’m just going to kill myself. I’m not going to tell anyone where when I’m doing it. That will be even more fun.

MV – Please don’t do that. Please don’t do that. Please let me…

FV – I’m doing it. I’m doing it because that’s it, that’s the only way they will actually take…

MV – Please let me try to help you.


MV – I think you can get your revenge without the 20 years in jail.

FV – I am not going to get my revenge – Nothing is going to change – I bet not one person is going to take one [F-WORD] note of that article yesterday. It doesn’t matter, it’s only her, it doesn’t [F-WORD] matter. My life is worthless. So let’s just see this game out, my life is worthless. Directors are prepared to lie on record.

MV – Well, that’s nothing new. They’ve always been prepared to lie. Nothing’s changed on that score, has it? No. I agree with what you are saying. I’m just very worried that you are going to go a little bit too hard on yourself and you’re not going to get the result you want.

FV – I don’t care. There’s no point. You know there’s no point.

MV – But there is a point.

FV – I don’t want to be reasonable. I don’t want to play reasonable any more. I’ve tried all that before. It’s not going to work.

MV – Well, maybe I’m more optimistic than you. I think they are in trouble and you have the upper hand at the moment.

FV – I don’t think I do.

MV – Well. I do.

FV – Believe me, nobody up there is concerned about me. Nobody gives a [S-WORD]. I have to die. That’s the only way I will get anything if I’m not dead. So I will kill myself if I have to.

MV – That would be the absolute guarantee that it gets swept under the carpet ,is what that will do.

FV – I don’t [F-WORD] care, I’d rather be dead.

MV – No, please don’t talk like that.

FV – No, why should I stay alive? I want blood on their hands and I don’t care. Nothing’s going to change [REDACTED]. Nothing’s going to change. They’ll have gone on with their meeting today and gone [F-WORD] you. That’s their attitude.

MV – I don’t think they will have done. I think it will be quite the reverse. I think they will be wondering what the [F-WORD] they can do.

FV – You don’t know that. Has anybody told you that? No. [NAME REDACTED]? I don’t think even [NAME REDACTED] will openly talk to you. He’s just a little runt that is going around making out that he’s your mate. I don’t think he is. I think he’s going around knifing you in the back every five minutes. Personally, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. So I don’t believe anything has been done. I don’t. So sorry, [NAME REDACTED]. I don’t think your [REDACTED] have had one ounce of impact. The honest truth. I doubt it was worth the [F-WORD]…. the toilet paper would have more impact in that Town Hall. I’m sorry, but it’s true. That [REDACTED], other people that read it didn’t even know what you were on about. They couldn’t understand it. The words, they couldn’t understand it, don’t know what you are on about.

MV – Well, that’s not the kind of reaction I’ve been getting, but there again, I’m not talking to the same people as you so I don’t know about that. But in any case, whether you are right about that or not, the game is far from over. Yesterday you were talking about what a long game it was going to be and I think that’s the objective view of it. It is a long game and I think that there is nothing to be gained by trying to rush it along as that will rush it into the wrong result. The right result is the way you were talking a few days ago about waiting to get the SAR, and going back to the Police about the SAR, and going back to Scarborough. They’ve got to give you the evidence in the end and if you’ve got the evidence, you’re in the right and they’re in the wrong. Therefore, if every card is played correctly, they’re in the [S-WORD]. They will be in the [S-WORD]. All you’ve got to do…….

FV – (Incomprehensible).

MV – I think it is. I have every optimism that you are going to get them on the ropes now. But I certainly think that falling out with me and getting angry is not helping you. I’m very worried about you. I’d like you to just try and recognise that I would like to help you. I really would. I’ve spent hours and hours on the phone with you in the last few weeks for that sole purpose; to try and bring your case forward and try and get you some justice about it. I’m on your side.

FV – Nothing’s going to change, [NAME REDACTED]. I’m sorry, I don’t believe you’ve had one ounce of feedback that says that … that indicates anything is going to change.

MV – The feedback that I’ve had is that they’re absolutely – everybody I’ve talked to this morning and this evening is absolutely appalled at the way the Council has behaved. Absolutely appalled.

FV – Are they going to do anything about it?

MV – Well, that remains to be seen. That remains to be seen. I’m very interested to see what happens when I see [NAME REDACTED] when he gets back from [LOCATION REDACTED], because [NAME REDACTED] won’t sit on this – he’ll go down there and he’ll go straight in to [NAME REDACTED]’s office and say this is not going on like this or I’m going to do. There are people who will work with me to work with you. To work with you.

FV – (…….) Look at the work. Not going to work. I have no reason to continue on. I haven’t got enough money to live on, I haven’t got a life. I want to be dead anyway, so it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t [F-WORD] matter and you go and [REDACTED] I have a history of suicide, how can I apply for jobs if you are [REDACTED] that and people open it up. Do you not understand that 16-page statement you keep [REDACTED] there? An agency went and read that and won’t represent me because of that statement. Do you not understand that? You keep re-sharing stuff without checking with me. I don’t want that statement ever shared again. I want it off the [REDACTED]. You shouldn’t be sharing it without, you know, it’s not appropriate and I don’t want it out there I don’t want it out there, OK,

MV – Hey….

FV – I don’t want it [REDACTED].

MV – [NAME REDACTED], you put it out there.

FV – I don’t want it. I want it taken off, [NAME REDACTED]. I don’t want it on [REDACTED]. I don’t want it there. I don’t want it. I don’t care. I do not want it.

MV – But it’s the truth.

FVIt doesn’t matter. I CAN’T GET A [F-WORD] JOB BECAUSE OF WHAT I DID. You know I haven’t washed myself in two weeks because I haven’t got any hot water and I cannot afford to buy a new boiler. I cannot even get a [F-WORD] job because I’m so [F-WORD] worthless. I’m such a [F-WORD] worthless human being and you think a [F-WORD] couple of [REDACTED] are going to save my life? Well, you can [F-WORD] off if you think that is going to happen. I’m better off dead and that’s what I’m going to do.


FV ….. tonight I’m [F-WORD] killing myself.

MV – Can I help you with some money?

FV – I’m doing it via Twitter as clearly that’s the only way this Council’s going to listen. I’m going to kill myself on Twitter.

MV – Can I….

FV – I’ve done it before and it nearly worked. I’ll do it this time, and this time I’m not telling anyone where I’m going.

MV – …. Can I help you with some money?

FV – I don’t want money. I WANT MY [F-WORD] DIGNITY.

MV – Yes, but at least it will help you to have your boiler working, wouldn’t it?

FV – I’m not bothered about that. Look, I’m ending this call now. It’s a complete waste of time. I’m sorry.


FV – I’m sorry I screamed at you, but what’s the [F-WORD] point?

MV – Listen, please, please listen to me. Please listen to me.

FV – No. There’s nothing to listen to, [NAME REDACTED]. Nothing’s going to change…..  Right? They were prepared to cover (incomprehensible audio). They were even prepared to send out an email that they know not to be true, but they don’t give a [S-WORD] that I am going to kill myself (incomprehensible audio).

MV – But don’t you see, that’s the….

 FV – They are causing me to kill myself. There we go again.

MV – That’s the mistake they have made. That plays into your hands.

FV – (incomprehensible audio) just leave me alone, [NAME REDACTED]. I’m not interested. It’s not going to change and there’s nothing that you are doing that’s going to change it. It’s not going to change, right? Just not going to change. Nothing’s going to change.

MV – Then why don’t you just pack it in and walk away from it and don’t let it get to you that way?


MV – I’ve just offered you money.

FVJust leave me alone now. I’m going now, I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to talk. I’ve nothing left and tonight’s the night. It’s Twitter night. I’m [F-WORD] going to do it. I couldn’t give a flying [F-WORD] now. Anyway, there’s no point. That’s it. That email has been playing on my mind for days and it’s just hit me that I’m worthless. In fact, so worthless I’m going to kill myself.

MV – [NAME REDACTED], last night you were very upbeat.

FV – There’s no point. There’s no point in doing any of this. Those [REDACTED] – people don’t understand what they are saying. Nobody understands it. Nobody’s going to stand up and defend me. Nobody’s going to do anything. I’m just a piece of [S-WORD] to these people. I’m just a piece of [F-WORD] [S-WORD], and that’s it. I’m not having it, [NAME REDACTED]. Nothing’s going to change, OK? Oh, they’re upset about this because someone referred to [F-WORD] [NAME REDACTED] as [NAME REDACTED]. Well, [NAME REDACTED] can get over that, I’m sure. He’s a [F-WORD] knob anyway. It won’t do him any harm to be called a few names. Why am I wasting my [F-WORD] time on this? I’m not doing this anymore, OK? Look, I’ve got to go now. I know you’ve really tried to help.

MV – I’m here. I’m here.

FV – I’m in a really, really bad mood and bad state (incomprehensible audio).

MV – Don’t worry about that. I’m not going to hold that against you. That doesn’t matter, don’t worry about it.

FV – This is it now. I’ve had enough tonight. I’m just having a night going on AWOL and [F-WORD] the bastards and I don’t care what they say.

MV – Why don’t you just get in your car have a drive [LOCATION REDACTED] and work out some way of managing your immediate needs, like getting your boiler organized and that sort of thing?

FV – No, no. I’m not doing any of that. I want my dignity back and I’m never going to do that (incomprehensible audio). I HAVE NOTHING. I HAVE NOTHING LEFT – I’M GOING TO KILL MYSELF TONIGHT. And I ‘m sorry, that’s it. And I’m not telling anyone…….. (callere hangs up and line tone is heard)

MV – Oh, [S-WORD]!

Third person listening in on the call; a different voice can be heard at the end (possibly female).

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Councillors Joining Strangeway On Naughty Table?

On Monday it was with great amusement that I announced that Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) had put me on the rather crowded SBC naughty table in Lisa Dixon – Back To The Future.

Cllr Steve Siddons, aka Siddons Is A Moron

I can now confirm that in the past few weeks four SBC Councillors have changed Political Groups and yesterday a Motion of No Confidence was tabled in the SBC Leadership of Cllr Steve Siddons.

In addition to this Scarborough and Whitby MP Robert Goodwill has echoed much of what I, three fellow campaigners on the SBC naughty table and numerous Cllrs have expressed.

It would appear that many others also believe Siddons Is A Moron as they hold similar opinions as to the four campaigners. Should we expect SBC Cllrs and the Local MP to be given seats to the naughty table?

Vote Of No Confidence

If the Vote Of No Confidence is carried over the line I expect the naughty table status of the four campaigners to be addressed given the similar position held to those who would form a new administration.

Scarborough Justice Centre

When will we see the first SBC current Cabinet Holder or Senior SBC Officer appear in the building above? How many will follow?

Further Information

I will give a further response to my SBC naughty table status as soon as I can stop myself laughing.

Don’t you just love incompetent Cllrs and Senior Officers who have no idea how welcome their attempt to punish is?

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Lisa Dixon – Back To The Future

This morning I received a letter from Lisa Dixon, Scarborough Borough Council Director of Legal & Democratic Services which is straight out of Back To The Future.

For reasons known only to herself Lisa informed me:

“In a letter from Mr Bradley, Director, dated 31 January 2021 you were supplied with a copy of the Scarborough Borough Council Policy for dealing with ‘unreasonably persistent’ and ‘unreasonable’ complaint behaviour and asked to change your behaviour.”

As I received the letter at 10.07 on Monday 18 January 2021 how could I possibly have received a letter from Mr Bradley, Director, dated 31 January 2021?

It is clear that the letter from Lisa is unreasonable to everyone apart from a time traveller. I have no option but to take the rest of the letter with a pinch of salt.

For the avoidance of any doubt, I have informed Lisa that I have not received a letter from Mr Bradley, Director, dated 31 January 2021 as the ability to time travel is not a skill I possess.

I have requested Lisa to either advise where I can purchase a Lonely Planet Guide to Time Travel or explain her unreasonable behaviour to me.

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SIAM – Siddons Is A Moron

Many have asked what SIAM stands for?

The incompetent Leader of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) is Councillor Steven Siddons.

SIAM is named after Cllr Siddons to reflect the failures of his Leadership.

SIAM = Siddons Is A Moron

Will we hear someone some call out SIAM in Tuesdays Zoom meeting?

It could be an interesting week.

Further Information

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Brookes Garage Signage Located On A19

For what is in effect Episode 3 of reporting on the endeavours of my Research Team regards their investigation into the A19 accident blackspot at Brookes Garage, Shipton-by-Beningborough I now expose the issue in relation to the signage.

This video clearly demonstrates that Hambleton District Council (HDC) Planning correctly refused a planning application for the Brookes Garage site:

“The revised layout of the site fails to provide a safe environment for customers to visit whilst utilising the shop and deli facility. The absence of appropriate on site parking and turning space for deliveries results in vehicles parking in a manner that is detrimental to the free flow of traffic on the A19, the adjoining highway, and would be a danger to all road users.” 

The situation then further endorses the refusal by HDC Planning when scaffolding was erected around the sign.

It should be noted that the full grass verge as can be seen on the Land Registry plan below is not part of the garage site. It is indeed part of the Highway and thus the A19. I am informed that a North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) Highways Officer is fully aware of this fact.

Health and Safety issues are clear for all to see.

In relation to Highways legislation only approved signs contained in the TSRGD can be displayed on the Highway.

In simple terms, the Brookes Garage sign is not an approved sign and must be considered an obstruction of the Highway as per legislation. As such NYCC Highways must take immediate action to have the signage/obstruction removed as they are the Highways Authority. Failure to do so will mean that liability is with NYCC.

Once this is removed Brookes Garage must immediately fulfil their legal duty to display a prominent notice that they offer fuel for sale stating the prices. This must be on their own land, not the Highway/A19.

I have referred my Research Teams findings to Barry Khan NYCC Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic Services).

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Tories Continued Control – Damning Ofsted Report

Only last month I reported how the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Tories are attempting to bully Councillors into silence who rightly believe that there should be free and open scrutiny of the damning Ofsted report that highlighted the failures of ERYC Children’s Services.

In December it was the Deputy Leader Conservative Cllr Mike Stathers who attempted to bully fellow Conservative Cllr Jane Evison into silence.

Conservative Cllr Julie Abraham

This month on Thursday 7 January Cllr Julie Abraham, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Young People, Education, Health and Social Care, while discussing the report, believed it acceptable to attempt to control the full Overview Management Committee by claiming there are:

“Wrong sort of questions”

At this point, I take my hat off to Conservative Cllr Paul Nickerson and Liberal Democrat Cllr Denis Healy who strongly objected to the attempt to silence and control them.

Leader Dismisses Whip

Up until last week, Cllr Nickerson was the Conservative Group Whip.

Enter stage left our not so great Leader, Cllr Richard Burton who then removes the Whip from Cllr Nickerson for refusing to be silenced and controlled.

Leaked Email

This is the second Whip that has “departed” the position in less than a year after Cllr Mike Medini also exited via the back door.

Certain ERYC Tory Cllrs will stop at nothing to prevent an adequate and robust scrutiny review of the damning Ofsted report. It would appear that vulnerable children are mere collateral damage to be sacrificed at the altar of certain Tory control freaks intent on a cover-up.

As this is happening in public and being leaked to me one can only imagine what is happening behind the scenes in private.

I would like to thank the Tory Cllr who sits on the Cabinet who has made the publishing of this information possible.

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