New Street Repaired Collapsed Drain Flooded

The New Street collapsed drain in Pocklington that only recently was repaired is now flooded.

I have request ERYC to address the flooding at the earliest opportunity.

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Roman Avenue – Road Works But No Work

For residents information the road works on Roman Avenue South, Stamford Bridge are for the seventh attempt at dealing with the noisy manhole cover.

I am informed they arrived on site yesterday. We now await the arrival of those who will carry out the work.

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Wilberfoss A1079 West Junction Drains Unblocked

In addition to ERYC addressing the flooding near to Wilberfoss A1079 West Junction I can also confirm that they agreed to my request to clear all the drains.

The photos below are all prior to clearance.

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ERYC Must Use Microphones For All Committees

Yesterday I attended the Health, Care and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee at County Hall as an observer.

Due to external noise and some speakers having quiet voices both the public and Councillors were unable to hear everything that was said. Indeed Councillor Helen Green had to move seats to hear better.

There is no point holding Committees if those sitting on them and the public are unable to hear what has been said.

For all three Planning Committees a microphone system is used.

I have requested Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive, to ensure that the microphone system is in use at all committees.

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Avant – Godwin Vale Litter Blight Resolved

Within an hour of referring the Godwin Vale litter blighting neighbours the ERYC officer had referred the issue to another ERYC officer and contacted the site manager to raise the concerns with him.

Avant Homes have stated:

“I’ve asked the site teams to retrieve the rubbish and ensure any loose materials are secured down. It has been extremely windy the past couple of days which I presume is the cause.”

This concludes a working together of a resident, Ward Councillor, ERYC officers and Avant Homes to promptly achieve the desired result.

Well done everyone.

Learning From

I would politely encourage Peter Kite, Chairman of Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council (FSSPC), to discuss with ERYC Ward Councillors for Wolds Weighton how FSSPC can best address a similar situation in the future.

Systems are in place and we should all work within them whenever possible to help our residents.

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A1079 Flooding Resolved

Motorists on the A1079 at Wilberfoss will have been aware of the flooding caused by the blocked drain for the past couple of months.

Prior To Clearing

I am pleased to confirm that ERYC have cleared the drain as requested. Why I had to request it instead of ERYC identifying the issue is beyond me.

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ERYC Witch Hunt Against Strangeway Crashes

Today I met with the “Independent Person” to discuss a complaint against me that has rumbled on for two and a half years at tax payers expense. Anyone for a witch hunt?

  • Timescale

The “alleged incident” happened in November 2016. A complaint was not registered until December 2017. Humberside Police only permit a one year timescale for such complaints. For ERYC to permit more than a year undermines the Police complaints procedure. The first I knew about the complaint was August 2018.

  • Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to elected Councillors. I was not acting in my role as an ERYC Councillor at the time of the “alleged incident”. This is confirmed by the complainant.

  • Data Breach

At best this “alleged incident” was a breach of Data and as stated by Mathew Buckley, ERYC, Head of Legal and Monitoring Officer, to the Standards Committee any such breach must be dealt with by ICO not the ERYC Standards Committee.

  • Phone Put Down

During this long-winded process the Investigating officer put the phone down on me three times while I was attempting to discuss the case with him.

  • Breached Data of Complainant

The Investigating Officer went from bad to worse by then forwarding me the email address, home phone number and mobile phone number of the complainant in Breach of Data Protection legislation.

  • Requested I Destroy Evidence

ERYC at this point requested I destroy the evidence of the breach.

  • May 2nd Election 

After wasting two and a half years ERYC have now run out of time to complete the complaint process against me. They are now claiming that if I am reelected they will continue the complaint in the new term of office.

This is despite the fact that from 23.59 and 59 seconds on May 6 until an induction at County Hall on either May 7 or May 8 I and indeed all elected would not be an ERYC Councillor.

As such my previous “contract” to abide by the ERYC Code of Conduct ceases. This means that only breaches since the election can be considered.

  • Waste Finance

This whole debacle has been at tax payers expense.

Welcome to the world of the ERYC witch hunt against Strangeway.

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Delete Evidence Of ERYC Solicitor Data Breach Request

First we had ERYC solicitor Peter Atkinson breach personal data of a resident by sending me their email address, landline phone number and mobile phone number. There was no legitimate reason to do this.

I dutifully reported the breach to County Hall where upon Matthew Turner,  ERYC Information Governance Project Manager requested:

“Could you please delete the information you hold”

It is my opinion that the resident who has had their Data breached may now take legal action against ERYC.

Yet ERYC are requesting I delete the evidence?

There is no way I will destroy evidence that may be required in a future Court case. I will seek advice from ICO.

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ERYC Forget Main Street White Lines

A year ago when the Beast From The East struck Stamford Bridge was in the process of having the Main Street relaid. The Beast has long gone but the road works are still to be completed.

For reasons unknown white lines were not repainted. This has resulted in residents being unable to access their properties. One resident stated:

“When Main Street was resurfaced I asked about when they would re-paint the solid white lines and broken lines across the driveways as they had done the double yellows and extended these across one driveway.  I was told it would be done alongside other white lines.  It has not been done.”

I have requested ERYC to paint the white lines to ensure residents can access their properties.

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Avant – Godwin Vale Litter Blighting Neighbours

This morning I was contacted by residents to inform me that Avant Homes, developers of Godwin Vale, Stamford Bridge, are allowing litter to blow from the site to blight neighbours properties.

I have requested ERYC to ensure the Godwin Vale site is secure to prevent further litter blowing onto neighbouring properties and that all litter from around the site is removed.

Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council Failure

A resident had previously contacted Peter Kite, Chairman of Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council (FSSPC), who disappointingly informed them that there was nothing he could do as this is an ERYC matter.

Peter – This is false – I would politely suggest that FSSPC could have referred this to ERYC either directly or via their Ward Councillors.

This clearly demonstrates why the boundary needs to be moved to allow Godwin Vale to be a part of Stamford Bridge Parish. The Stamford Bridge Parish Council will most certainly be able to help the residents Godwin Vale.

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