ERYC £20K Planning Appeal – Fake News

Many have been concerned since March 2021 as to what the outcome will be in relation to ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure that is likely to result in hundreds of houses being built in Pocklington and Swanland that should never have been built.

Will Stamford Bridge be next?

This is due to a deficit of 1657 affordable homes against the Policy S5 requirement. In essence, ERYC Councillors on the Planning Committees have collectively failed to ensure that the minimum requirement of 25% affordable housing as per ERYC Policy was fulfilled on average on all approvals. The Pocklington Bund/The Mile was a prime example of this.

The former disgraced ERYC Deputy Leader Councillor Mike Stathers claimed:

“The council’s bill [for a Judicial Review to contest the decision] would be no more than £20,000″

Councillor Stathers then claimed:

“…the figure I gave to colleagues was that given to me by Alan Menzies.” (NB: Alan is the ERYC Director of Planning).

On the 16 September 2021, via a Freedom of Information request for information held in relation to the claim made that “The council’s bill would be no more than £20,000”  it was confirmed that:

The council does not hold any information in relation to the above statement.

I submit my evidence to the Court of Public Opinion. Please see: Freedom of Information Request FOI 13549 – Strangeway

Those who have a basic understanding as to the cost of a Judicial Review will know that to claim it would cost £20K is living in the Land of the Cuckoos.

Should we file this under the incompetence or dishonesty of Councillor Stathers or the Director of Planning Alan Menzies? I would suggest that it is best not to waste our time working that one out. One to simply file under Fake News.

Oral Hearing

Please note in Freedom of Information Request FOI 13549 – Strangeway

“The court has listed the matters for an oral hearing on 12th & 13th October 2021.”

Why has ERYC not made this information public when I have held the information for three weeks?

The Outcome

The Court can ultimately only decide if the Inspector committed a procedural impropriety.

I doubt this will happen. If it does I would be of the opinion that Gladman will re-appeal and the Inspector will iron out the procedural impropriety. The fact regards the deficit of 1657 affordable homes will remain. The final outcome will reflect this.

East Riding residents will pick up the bill. Those living in Pocklington, Swanland, Stamford Bridge etc… will have hundreds of houses imposed on them.

What a mess ERYC Councillors have created.

Further Information

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Moral Discipline Essential In Public Office

Readers will note that it is, and has always been, my policy never to pursue the subjects of my investigations into private life; I concern myself only with their actions as public servants.

Having been blessed to share 24 years with my wife Ruth my marriage vows are sacrosanct to me.

As a Buddhist moral discipline is fundamental to my practice. “In the practice of moral discipline we should abandon any inappropriate actions including those that cause others suffering”

My political commentary is driven by the Nolan Principles especially “1.6 Honesty – Holders of public office should be truthful”.

Sadly not all East Riding Councillors who are married embrace my committment to be faithful to their spouse.

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ERYC Continue To Ban ISL Residents

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) has continued to ban Independent Supported Living (ISL) residents from accessing day services.

This is despite my exposing the failures on 20 September in ISL Residents Banned From Day Services. In addition, I requested ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey and all Councillors to take “immediate and appropriate action for the benefit of all East Riding ISL residents”.  Nothing has changed.

Yesterday the main article in the Hull Daily Mail “Disabled man’s heartbreak after he is ‘banned from job’ he loves” also highlighted the shameful policy of ERYC not allowing ISL residents to attend East Riding Day Services.

Unfortunately, the article misreports certain aspects, to clarify:

  • The article refers to volunteers. They are not volunteers. They are people who have been assessed by ERYC as needing Day Services because of their disabilities. People who live in ISL have been specifically excluded from returning to services – in effect a blanket ban – despite the majority having both vaccinations and being regularly tested. The parents/carers have asked ERYC repeatedly for a plan, or policy or strategy to resume Day services – none has been forthcoming. For the ISL residents, there is no end in sight causing continuing distress to vulnerable members of society.
  • Day Services have had Covid mitigation measures in place in accordance with Council guidelines for many months. Some service users whose parents/carers are deemed to be ‘in crisis’ have been allowed to return to be in ‘bubbles’. Parents/carers have asked what the criteria are for selection for this small group of ISL residents – no response.
  • Most recently parents/carers have contacted Councillors to make them aware of the situation – NOT one has responded and the silence from ERYC Officials has been deafening.
  • A group of parents/carers of service users (ISL residents), feel they have been ignored, neither consulted nor regularly informed and particularly those parents/carers with adults who live in ISLs made to feel as if their young people just don’t matter.

I have exposed this, Hull Daily Mail have exposed this, it has been referred to Caroline Lacey and Councillors have failed to respond. What will it take to resolve this failure of policy and accountability?

Yet again I request ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey and all Councillors to take “immediate and appropriate action for the benefit of all East Riding ISL residents”.

Further Information

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East Riding Tory Infighting Escalates

Yesterday I received an email with two attachments that confirm infighting within the East Riding Tories is escalating out of control.

I am informed that Felicity, Richard and Leo are:

  • Councillor Felicity Temple, former Tory Group Secretary
  • Councillor Richard Burton, former Tory ERYC Leader
  • Councillor Leo Hammond

The above two images were attached to an email sent at 10.07. The email is cut and pasted below:

“Thank you for your exposé for bullying at ERYC however this has reached a very sad new low. One (Cllr X – Redacted) currently laying in hospital due to a vicious personal attack which I understand happened at a conservative group meeting yesterday. (Cllr X – Redacted) had stood out against the Rathin Energy application putting a supportive message on his face book slot and several members (named on the screen shots which have been sent to me) made vicious personal verbal attacks on him for speaking out against Rathlin energy – I understand (Cllr X – Redacted) has been an environmentalist for years – this has now gone around the various group message services that councillors have. Felicity Temple must be stopped – bullying kills . (Cllr X – Redcated). Lissiter was also too young to go.

We are all shocked and stunned and a complaint has been made to tory HQ”

Firstly, I would like to wish Cllr X a full and speedy recovery.

I fully endorse the opinion that bullying kills. How much more bullying will the ERYC Tory Group put up with before action is taken? I am pleased to note, and fully support, that a complaint has been submitted to Tory HQ.

Planning Predetermination

As the ERYC Tory Group meeting was held prior to the Tory dominated ERYC Planning Committee considering the highly contentious Rathin Energy application many will be as concerned as I am that this suggests predetermination.

The decision by the Planning Committee to reject the application, by seven votes to five, was in direct contrast to the Environment Agency and Natural England who raised no objections. Even the council planning officers recommend approval of the plans.

I strongly believe that there was predetermination and that Rathin Energy will take this to appeal and win. This will cost East Riding taxpayers thousands.

Mutual Acquaintances

There are many within the ERYC Tory Group that the public would never vote for if they stood as Independents. This is simply down to the fact that they constantly fail to care about their residents and are often notable by their very absence. In essence, they are hiding behind the Conservative Party to shield their incompetence. These Councillors will sit back, collect their £12k+ a year for doing very little and put up with the bullying.

While others, who have the support of their residents, are in a position to stand up to the bullying as their residents would support them if they choose to go Independent.

I have numerous mutual acquaintances, whose judgement I would value, of both Councillor Kerri Harold and Councillor Paul Nickerson who speak very highly of them both.

I would suggest that Kerri, Paul and others should consider the colour of the shirt they wear before the situation gets any worse.

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Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 2

This morning I received a rather alarming email with attachments. In the public interest, I thought it appropriate to follow on from Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 1 with Part 2 and incorporate an invitation to certain Councillors.

Part 2:

“I will obviously await to hear further from you however as explained earlier this morning the matter is now with solicitors. Obviously I will look at any further considerations but in the meantime please can you formally confirm both postal address and contact details for both the EYCCA and the Conservative Group for them to use should they be needed.”

Did Paul’s passing halt legal action? If so, against who?

Today’s Email

The email and attachments I received this morning relate to a meeting held yesterday.

Prior to disclosure tomorrow I give the following the right to submit a statement for publication before 11.30am:

  1. Councillor Richard Burton
  2. Councillor Jane Evison
  3. Councillor Leo Hammond
  4. Councillor Kerri Harold
  5. Councillor Richard Meredith
  6. Councillor Felicity Temple

I am sure they all know what I will be disclosing. I would politely ask fellow Councillors of the above-named to pass my offer to those listed.

Further Information

The best (or should I say worst) is still yet to come.

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Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 1

Despite publishing Paul Lisseter Names Cllr Felicity Temple it appears that Ms Temple has not been suspended. Does this suggest that she holds “insurance” on those who should suspend her?

On 26 March 2021 14.43 I received the cut and paste email above from Paul.

“I think I have explained the position in relation to the rules and advice. Clearly you have your view but don’t seem to deal with the rules in full or the advice fully either.”

I will share the next two paragraphs as Part 2 and Part 3 in due course. Strangeway is never in a rush. This year, next year…

Further Information

The best (or should I say worst) is yet to come.

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ERYC Bullying Culture – Highlighted Since 2017

The current disaster of fewer and fewer folk wanting to work for East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) should not come as a surprise to those in County Hall. I raised the issue in 2017 and have continued to raise it on many occasions since.

Mr Google Speaks

True to type ERYC Senior Officers and Councillors blame everything and everyone apart from themselves.

A competent business considering recruiting staff would do a simple online search of each applicant. For reasons known only to ERYC, they have not realised that potential applicants do just as simple a search on those offering the job.

When “ERYC Bully” is typed into Mr Google the images displayed reveal the truth of the endemic ERYC bullying culture.

I and the North Yorks Enquirer have been exposing the ERYC bullying culture for many years. Sadly ERYC has attempted to shoot the messenger (they failed) and ignore the facts. This is in breach of their Duty of Care to staff. Due to this failure of their Duty of Care, they are now unable to fulfil their Statutory Duty in relation to Children Services as those who will put up with bullying are understandably proving difficult to entice.

Why would anyone work under such conditions at ERYC when those who genuinely address any form of bullying are offering employment to those who seek it?

Neither the Conservative Group nor the Independent Group (the majority are Tories in a poor disguise) stood against bullying and remained silent. The Conservatives and the Independents account for over 80% of the Council and thus, ultimately, all decisions are down to the “Tories”.

The current failure to recruit has been known for years. The Tories and their allies must now accept they are reaping that which they have sown. I do not hold my breath for any of them admitting they are responsible.  The situation is on a downward spiral.

Is there any wonder that over 500 families are in crisis across the East Riding?

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Children At Exploitation Risk – Huge Credit?

In response to a Hull Daily Mail article stating East Riding children are “at risk from exploitation” an ERYC Tory Councillor has claimed on his Facebook that he believes there should be  “huge credit” given to ERYC Officers and a fellow Tory Councillor.

NB: Hull Daily Mail – ‘Progress’ for East Riding children’s services as council grapples with care staffing ‘crisis’

I would suggest to Paul that his comments are at best inappropriate and poorly timed. Any comments should be reserved for the children that have been, and continue to be, failed.

Why has neither Cllr Paul Nickerson nor any of his fellow ERYC Tory Councillors or the Opposition Councillors offered a comment in response to ERYC: Over 500 Families In Crisis?

It would appear that ERYC Councillors are only interested in defending their position and that of the Officers. There is no wonder many believe things are a little too cosy at County Hall.  I would suggest that Paul needs to reflect on his position.


The solution to the current disaster facing ERYC Children Services is twofold:

  1. Instead of wasting £2million on external Consultants to carry out a pay review use the money to pay staff an adequate salary.
  2. End the bullying culture, which includes realistic workloads for staff.

I am of the opinion that ERYC Councillors and Senior Officers are fully responsible for the current disaster due to poor management and a “turning of the head”. This situation has built up over a number of years.

I would remind all current Councillors that I raised the alarm in relation to Children Sevices four years ago when I was an Independent ERYC Councillor. The response then was to shoot the messenger and defend our position. It appears nowt much has changed and children are still suffering as a result.

Further Information

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Afternoon Tea Whilst East Riding Burns

After the exposing of ERYC: Over 500 Families In Crisis and ISL Residents Banned From Day Services many have asked why the ERYC Councillors allowed such failures.

When Yvonne Rhodes, ERYC Head of Business Management and Commissioning was admitting that over 500 families are in crisis East Yorkshire Conservative Councillors were busy cutting the crusts off sandwiches and raising £300 for their “campaign war chest”.

I would suggest that there are already at least two “battles” at East Riding to fight NOW never mind campaigning for the next “war”.

Sadly the photo and the statement on their own website confirms how removed from reality the East Yorkshire Conservatives have become.

But there is some hope that those involved are all aware of how vulgar their behaviour is in the light of the 500 families in crisis and ISL residents banned from day services given that all of their heads have been removed to protect their identity.

Don’t be shy – I can confirm from left to right we have Mrs Lee (wife of ERYC Tory Cllr Michael Lee), ERYC Tory Cllr Felicity Temple and ERYC Tory Cllr Michael Lee.

It is certainly a case of afternoon tea whilst East Riding burns.

What more can you say?

Further Information

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ISL Residents Banned From Day Services

I am in possession of numerous documents that confirm East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) has banned Independent Supported Living (ISL) residents from accessing day services since March 2020.

As part of their Care Plan, to develop their social and language skills and maintain a reasonably active lifestyle, an estimated 40 East Riding residents attended Mires Beck Nursery for between 1 to 5 days a week. This came to a halt at the start of the first Lockdown.

Mires Beck Nursery, North Cave has a capacity for 100 service users. Currently, up to 60 of these are being utilised, predominately by Hull City Council (HCC) which was happy for selected service users to return to Mires Beck last Christmas/New Year period. So why are East Riding ISL residents still banned?

Lottery Funding

In August 2020 Mires Beck was successful in their bid for Lottery funding to put in Covid 19 safety measures. This was to enable Mires Beck to take all service users back.  The £88,000 funding, as well as paying for additional staffing also funded:

  • PPE
  • Additional workbenches for new work areas
  • Hand wash stations for greenhouses
  • Sanitising stations
  • Covered walkways for queuing at distance into the building
  • Additional minibus hire
  • Additional driver cost
  • 3 portacabins hire
  • 2 temporary additional toilet block hires for 6 toilets.
  • Specialist disabled toilet
  • Orientation wayfinding
  • Wood burner for prop greenhouse
  • Sundries for craft per team

This funding, by the Lottery Commission, facilitated the safe return of all Hull/East Riding service users but not those from the East Riding who live in ISLs. They remain banned over 8 months later.

Why is this?


I have had sight of documentation that confirms that some East Riding ISL residents are still paying their original monthly charge to attend Mires Beck but they are banned from attending by Officers at East Riding Council.

ERYC fund the vast majority of the monthly charge which has equated to approximately £500,000 over the past 17 months. Service users have been told by East Riding Officials to continue paying since the beginning of lockdown for little or no face-to-face service. More specifically, in a letter to service users from East Riding, it states

‘pay your day care provider the same weekly amount that you did before the pandemic, even if you do not receive the same amount of service as before’

 ERYC Reason To “Ban”

I am informed that for East Riding ISL residents to return to Mires Beck specific approval must be given by ERYC

ERYC states that it “will not be able to offer a placement to those living in ISLs until they can be sure that the risk of cross-infection from people moving across services has reduced”.

Yet, after contacting Public Health England today it was confirmed that they have NO specific guidelines for this group of disabled individuals who reside in ISLs.

Why are East Riding ISL residents banned when all East Riding schools are open?

View From Mires Beck

ERYC Adult Services are clearly as shambolic as ERYC Children Service – ERYC: Over 500 Families In Crisis.

ERYC Adult Services need to sort this mess out as soon as possible for the good of disabled people who have been denied access to their routine and follow the UK Governments’ ethical framework for adult social care published in April this year.

I have referred my evidence to Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive, and ERYC Councillors requesting immediate and appropriate action for the benefit of all East Riding ISL residents.

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