Public Spaces Protection Orders

In 2014 legislation was introduced that gave Local Authorities the power to introduce Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO). In essence, PSPO is about raising revenue and an attempt by the Government to appease middle England into believing that they are being tough on crime despite the UK Austerity Programme that resulted in Police funding cuts.

In truth, PSPO are proving to be used to erode the civil liberties of citizens. They are being used to persecute the homeless, prevent cycling in a Town Centre, curtail the enjoyment of a picnic in a park and stop an HGV parking overnight. Ironically many PSPO are unenforceable for various reasons.

While legislation is introduced by Parliament and Byelaws are approved by Central Government a PSPO is subject to none of this.

Although the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 states two conditions (see above) that must be met there are many examples when this fails to happen.

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