Leeming Bar PSPO – Please Be Honest Carl

North Yorkshire County Council Leader and Hambleton District Council (HDC) Councillor for Leeming Bar Carl Les is today quoted being, at best, economical with the truth.

Carl is quoted as saying:

“We have now had the education phase and the review after six months was always planned”

This is misleading. The education phase was for six weeks only. As stated by the HDC website for the past seven months:

“The PSPO will not be enforced until 6 weeks after the implementation date of the Order; this is because there is a 6 week statutory notice of appeal within the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. This time period will be used as an educational opportunity to advise drivers that enforcement activity will be undertaken once the appeal notice period has ended.

From the date of 6 weeks after the implementation date, Hambleton District Council has employed a third party security firm to enforce the PSPO; delegated authority has been given to employees of the firm to impose Fixed Penalty Notices of £100 to any person found breaching the terms of the PSPO.”

Would you like to revisit your statement Carl?

Proposed New Leeming Bar PSPO

In the proposed new Leeming Bar PSPO the activities prohibited by this order are:

  1. Sleeping or otherwise remaining in any vehicle within the Restricted Area for any period of time between the hours of [xx.xxhrs to be inserted ] and [xx.xxhrs to be inserted ].
  2. Depositing any human waste anywhere in the Restricted Area other than a facility designed for this purpose.
  3. Depositing litter anywhere in the Restricted Area.

Legislation already exists to address number 2 and 3 so why has this not been done Carl?

How can sleeping or otherwise remaining in a vehicle be anti-social behaviour? Thousands of truckers do this every night across the UK.

Carl, are the rumours correct that the only purpose of this insane condition is to force truckers onto extended and new Truck Stops?

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