Tour De Yorkshire Closes Pock Town Centre

On Wednesday Pocklington Town Centre was fully closed down to undertake repairs for the Tour De Yorkshire.

Town Centre businesses have understandably contacted me questioning the need to close the Town Centre fully for a day as this had a negative effect on their businesses.

It is rather ironic that a big selling point by ERYC for the Tour De Yorkshire is the positive effect on business.

As the preparations for the Tour De Yorkshire by ERYC have clearly had a negative effect on Pocklington business should a different route through the Town be considered for any such future events?

I have requested ERYC to look into ways of avoiding closing the Town Centre down in a similar way in future.

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PTC Councillor: Latest Slur Against Resident

In response to the news that ERYC Conservative Cllr Dee Sharpe has been deselected by the Tory Party her fellow Pocklington Town Council Cllr Martin Cooper, in an attempt to defend the disgraced Cllr, who is also a PTC Cllr, has once again made a slur against a resident.

On a Pocklington Facebook page. which is open for all to see, Cllr Cooper stated:

“I wonder if (REDACTED) has ever owned a gun without a license, sworn at old ladies about a fence or used his car to knock someone down”.

Sadly in addition to Martin Cooper, there are five other PTC Councillors, Paul West, Dean Hodgson, Jill Sinton, Terry Jones and Dee Sharpe, who regularly post on the said Facebook page but not one questioned the statement by Cllr Martin Cooper.

I am sure residents can see why I distance myself from PTC.

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Stamford Bridge Flooding – Main Street Solution

The permanent pumps for Stamford Bridge have resolved the vast majority of the flooding in the village but there is relatively minor flooding outside the New Inn which needs addressing.

A couple of weeks ago, referring to the above photo, which is of the drains outside the New Inn, Stamford Bridge, I requested information from ERYC with regards the possibility of removing the bung between the two drains to solve the flooding issue.

Main Street Flooding Solution Found?

This morning ERYC have informed me:

“Cllr Strangeway

You are correct, in a manhole chamber outside the pub, there is a bung in a pipe which links Yorkshire Waters surface water sewer to the highway drain. Our new pumps are linked to the highway drain, and they operated as designed during the recent high river levels. As shown in the photograph which you sent, the surface water sewer was surcharged and water was coming out of the manhole and discharging into the highway drain which was pumped into the river.

Removing the bung would relieve pressure on the surface water sewer and it would overflow into the highway drain before it surcharged.

It appears that the bung has been in place for a long time, and I assume that it was put there for a reason. We cannot see any real benefit of the bung so our intention is to remove it, because as long as our pumps are operating, they should cope with any amount of flows in the system.

We are meeting with Yorkshire Waters Flood Risk team early next month, so I intend to explain to them our proposals prior to carrying out the work.

I trust that this helps.

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ERYC To Review Town Centre Parking

In addition to reviewing New Street parking ERYC are also to carry out a review into the Town Centre parking.

This will include:

  • Creating further disabled bays in the main square.
  • Allowing parking on Market Day as soon as the Market has finished and the bollards are removed.
  • Removing the complicated road markings including the double yellows in the parking bays and then unifying them.

I would hope everyone will support this review especially the creating of further disabled bays.

I would like to thank ERYC officers for meeting with me to discuss this review.

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ERYC To Review New Street Parking

I am pleased to confirm that ERYC are going to review the Market Day parking restriction outside the old Youth Club.

In essence, the ban was introduced as Market Day vehicles had difficulties departing the Youth Club car park.

I first raised this issue in October 2016 as this is no longer an issue and removes five vital parking places on Market Day.

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Wilberfest – Questions Answered

I would like to thank Gareth for addressing the questions raised by residents with regards the planned Wilberfest. In addition, I would like to thank those residents who raised their concerns with me.

Questions Answered

  1. Will there be first aid ? – Yes there will be 2 professional medical teams on site throughout both days, one positioned at each end of the park.
  2. Will there be a zero tolerance policy to drugs? – Absolutely 100% zero tolerance policy on drugs. In fact, the will be zero tolerance with any type of illegal activity.
  3. Are you allowing BBQ on the site? – Small disposable BBQ is only allowed in the camping area with people who have purchased a pitch. There is no food allowed in to the festival main area.
  4. Are dogs allowed? – No (except assistance dogs)
  5. Will there be a fire policy? – An external consultant has been sought to complete the required fire risk assessment plan as per Humberside fire brigade requirements. The consultant (a current member of the Fire Brigade) will also be on site both days.
  6. Will there be directions from all entrances to the village to the car park and site? – Yes there will be.
  7. Are there any measures to deal with parking on the neighbouring street? – I am consulting with local Police, PCSO’s and attending an Events Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) meeting with the Police and ERYC to ensure best practice is in place for dealing with traffic concerns across the weekend.

ERYC Licensing

ERYC Licensing are shortly due to announce their decision with regards the event.

I am in no doubt that they will consider all information received with regards the planned event to ensure that if permission is given the event will be safe and in compliance with all legislation.

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Church Road – Visible Cables and Abandoned Barriers

Understandably concern has been raised with me with regards the visible cables and “abandoned” barriers on Church Street, Stamford Bridge.

The site has been left like this for a few weeks and is next to the school.

I have requested ERYC ensure that the site is made safe and the work completed at the earliest opportunity.

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Viking Road Sign – A Simple Solution

ERYC have found a simple solution to the Viking Road: Out Of Date Sign in Stamford Bridge by changing the 3 to an 8.

This now gives correct information to residents and motorists.

Well done ERYC.

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East Riding Tory Collapse Continues: Dee Sharpe

The East Riding Conservative collapse continues with the confirmed news that the East Riding Councillor for Willerby and Kirkella Councillor Dee Sharpe has been deselected by the Conservative Party.

As part of a bizarre public email exchanges over the weekend Cllr Sharpe confirmed she has been deselected’

“I’ve been de selected”

This means Cllr Sharpe cannot stand for the Conservative Party at the next ERYC election in May 2019.

The Book

It sounds like we can all look forward to reading all about it as Cllr Sharpe also explained:

“Now that sounds like a good book title doesn’t it. She the Phoenix rises from the ashes again!! Yes I’m writing my life story and yes it will be a tell all book. You couldn’t make any of this up could you? You see I have nothing to lose… “

East Riding Tory Collapse

The Tory collapse appears to be full steam ahead.

The Parnaby long-winded departure, Bridlington Golf Club, deselection….

You couldn’t make any of this up could you?

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Sheltered Housing – Members Briefing

Yesterday morning I attended a very informative members briefing at County Hall with regards Sheltered Housing.

The two officers who attended gave an interesting presentation which was followed by a Q & A.

At the end of the meeting I thanked Conservative Cllr Symon Fraser for chairing a very good members briefing.

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