Love Lane Trees Damaging Footpath And Houses

Residents have recently raised concerns with me regards the overgrown trees on Love Lane, Pocklington.

Not only are the trees lifting the footpath it also appears they are causing damage to the houses.

I have requested ERYC to undertake a survey and any required works of the trees as a matter of urgency before any more damage is caused.

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Stamford Bridge Heritage Signs Request

For reasons unknown there are no signs welcoming motorists to Stamford Bridge highlighting the Battle of Stamford Bridge similar to those for Fulford.

I have requested ERYC to advise as to the process to erecting similar signs for Stamford Bridge.

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30 mph Vehicle Activated Sign – Realignment Required

A fundamental aspect of a vehicle activated sign is that it faces in the correct direction. For reasons unknown the 30 mph sign on Yapham Road, Pocklington is 90 degrees out of alignment.

To assist road safety I have requested ERYC to realign the sign at the earliest opportunity.

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March 2019 Surgery – Next Saturday

My March surgery will be held in the Methodist Church meeting room, Stamford Bridge on Saturday 23 March, 09.00 t0 11.00.

Stamford Bridge and Pocklington Provincial residents are invited to ask questions, raise concerns or share their views.

Residents are also welcome to ask questions with regards my Standing For Re-Election In May 2019.

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ERYC Incompetence Results In Pock Parking Confusion

I watched in disbelief this morning as, due to ERYC incompetence, car drivers in Pocklington started to enter the parking bay below and then aborted due to the notice.

There is no legal status to the parking restriction MC/Only as:

  1. There was no consultation to the restriction
  2. There is no Traffic Regulation Order
  3. There is no signage

What does MC/only mean?

Some have suggested only those from Scotland may park there, some believe it is for the Mayors Car, while others have said it is for Motor Caravans but the big money is on motorcycles only.

Either way the restriction has no legal basis. I have requested ERYC to correct their mistake as a matter of urgency as their actions are currently affecting road safety.

Sadly this incompetence is not a first. A few months ago ERYC did something very similar in Stamford Bridge which has resulted in the current loss of disabled parking. Please see Stamford Bridge Disabled Parking: Confusion.

This was also the site of the Market Place Parking Bays Double Yellows fiasco.

Council Tax Bill

Ironically many received their Council Tax bills today. I was the only ERYC Councillor out of 67 who voted against the increase due to waste of finance. Yet again we see further evidence.

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Conservatives Councillors Silence On Debate Offer

The offer made in Strangeway Happy To Accept Debate Invite Before purdah on March 20 I am happy to attend a public debate with my fellow Ward Councillors Conservatives Kay West and Claude Mole.” has fallen on deaf ears.

Conservative ERYC Councillor Kay West

The Conservatives avoiding debate with me is nothing new.

Over the past three years I have offered numerous public debates to many Conservative Councillors. All failed to accept the invitation. Thus no debate.

They out number me 47 to 1 but shy away from debate with me. Surely they have nothing to hide!

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Bollard Request For Godwinsway

Residents have drawn to my attention how the grass verge on Godwinsway, Stamford Bridge is being destroyed by a van parking on it.

I have requested ERYC to put a simple bollard at the location and to then make the damage good.

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Sutton Lane Crossroads – Flashing Light Works

I am pleased to confirm that the required works to remove the obstruction to the Sutton Lane crossroads flashing light has been passed to the Area Engineer for action.

Well done ERYC.

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Millers Retreat – March 2019 Update

As numerous residents on the Millers Retreat, Pocklington have raised concerns with me and requested my assistance, yesterday I met with a group of the residents.

I now have a full understanding of the concerns. To move the situation forward I have requested information from ERYC.

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Kirkland Street/George’s Place Development

Last Thursday the developer of the Kirkland Street/George’s Place Development contacted me to discuss new proposals for the site.

The development recently had an appeal refused after my objection to the original application. It was for 8 one bed apartments and 4 two bed houses but with only four parking places.

Having produced new plans, ERYC suggested that the developer discuss the plans with me prior to submission.

The new plan is for 4 one bed apartments and 4 two bed houses but with eight parking spaces. As this is the type of housing Pocklington needs, in principle, I will give it my full support.

In principle I believe there to be no need for the application to go to committee and can be an officers decision.

Working Together

This is a wonderful example of ERYC, a developer and Ward Councillor working together on a planning application for the benefit of residents to produce homes that are required.

I look forward to this abandoned site being transformed into a much needed development.

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