SIAM – Siddons Is A Moron

Many have asked what SIAM stands for?

The incompetent Leader of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) is Councillor Steven Siddons.

SIAM is named after Cllr Siddons to reflect the failures of his Leadership.

SIAM = Siddons Is A Moron

Will we hear someone some call out SIAM in Tuesdays Zoom meeting?

It could be an interesting week.

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Brookes Garage Signage Located On A19

For what is in effect Episode 3 of reporting on the endeavours of my Research Team regards their investigation into the A19 accident blackspot at Brookes Garage, Shipton-by-Beningborough I now expose the issue in relation to the signage.

This video clearly demonstrates that Hambleton District Council (HDC) Planning correctly refused a planning application for the Brookes Garage site:

“The revised layout of the site fails to provide a safe environment for customers to visit whilst utilising the shop and deli facility. The absence of appropriate on site parking and turning space for deliveries results in vehicles parking in a manner that is detrimental to the free flow of traffic on the A19, the adjoining highway, and would be a danger to all road users.” 

The situation then further endorses the refusal by HDC Planning when scaffolding was erected around the sign.

It should be noted that the full grass verge as can be seen on the Land Registry plan below is not part of the garage site. It is indeed part of the Highway and thus the A19. I am informed that a North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) Highways Officer is fully aware of this fact.

Health and Safety issues are clear for all to see.

In relation to Highways legislation only approved signs contained in the TSRGD can be displayed on the Highway.

In simple terms, the Brookes Garage sign is not an approved sign and must be considered an obstruction of the Highway as per legislation. As such NYCC Highways must take immediate action to have the signage/obstruction removed as they are the Highways Authority. Failure to do so will mean that liability is with NYCC.

Once this is removed Brookes Garage must immediately fulfil their legal duty to display a prominent notice that they offer fuel for sale stating the prices. This must be on their own land, not the Highway/A19.

I have referred my Research Teams findings to Barry Khan NYCC Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic Services).

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Tories Continued Control – Damning Ofsted Report

Only last month I reported how the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Tories are attempting to bully Councillors into silence who rightly believe that there should be free and open scrutiny of the damning Ofsted report that highlighted the failures of ERYC Children’s Services.

In December it was the Deputy Leader Conservative Cllr Mike Stathers who attempted to bully fellow Conservative Cllr Jane Evison into silence.

Conservative Cllr Julie Abraham

This month on Thursday 7 January Cllr Julie Abraham, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Young People, Education, Health and Social Care, while discussing the report, believed it acceptable to attempt to control the full Overview Management Committee by claiming there are:

“Wrong sort of questions”

At this point, I take my hat off to Conservative Cllr Paul Nickerson and Liberal Democrat Cllr Denis Healy who strongly objected to the attempt to silence and control them.

Leader Dismisses Whip

Up until last week, Cllr Nickerson was the Conservative Group Whip.

Enter stage left our not so great Leader, Cllr Richard Burton who then removes the Whip from Cllr Nickerson for refusing to be silenced and controlled.

Leaked Email

This is the second Whip that has “departed” the position in less than a year after Cllr Mike Medini also exited via the back door.

Certain ERYC Tory Cllrs will stop at nothing to prevent an adequate and robust scrutiny review of the damning Ofsted report. It would appear that vulnerable children are mere collateral damage to be sacrificed at the altar of certain Tory control freaks intent on a cover-up.

As this is happening in public and being leaked to me one can only imagine what is happening behind the scenes in private.

I would like to thank the Tory Cllr who sits on the Cabinet who has made the publishing of this information possible.

Further Information

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Brookes Garage Collision Endorses Planning Refusal

My Research Team have continued to be highly productive with their investigation into the A19 accident blackspot at Brookes Garage, Shipton-by-Beningborough.

On Friday 15 January in an attempt to leave the premises of Brookes Garage a Leeds Tiles and Bathrooms/Direct Tiles van had an incident that North Yorkshire Police have recorded as “damage road traffic collision”.

Yet on 7 July 2020 Hambleton District Council (HDC) Planning had refused a planning application for the very building the van was driving around as:

“The revised layout of the site fails to provide a safe environment for customers to visit whilst utilising the shop and deli facility. The absence of appropriate on site parking and turning space for deliveries results in vehicles parking in a manner that is detrimental to the free flow of traffic on the A19, the adjoining highway, and would be a danger to all road users.” 

It would appear that Brookes Garage gave the old two-finger salute to HDC Planning and have made a change of use from MOT car servicing garage to class A1 use (retail).

Appeal Submitted

In December 2020 Brookes Garage submitted an appeal against the refusal issued by HDC Planning.

It goes without saying that the reason for refusal remains and the appeal must be rejected in the interests of public safety.

I fully support the decision of HDC Planning and offer any assistance I can in relation to this regrettable appeal. The development is clearly on a site that is not large enough to accommodate it hence the refusal.

North Yorkshire Police Statement

North Yorkshire Police (NYP) has confirmed that “the incident regarding the van colliding with the bollard on 15/1/21 is being recorded as a damage road traffic collision.”

NYP are currently attempting to communicate with the registered keeper of the van.

Further Information

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A19 Brookes Garage – Significant Photo

Over the past 24 hours, my Research Team have excelled themselves in uncovering some rather interesting information in relation to the A19 accident blackspot at Brookes Garage, Shipton-by-Beningborough.

I am informed that the photo above is of certain significance and that Brookes Garage Managing Director, Tom Brookes will understand this when he is informed that the photo was taken at 08.27 on 4 January 2021.

I have shared this post with Tom and offered him the opportunity to submit a right to reply for my consideration for publication before 17.00 Sunday 17 January.

Further Information

I will be sharing further information that my Research Team has uncovered that relates over the coming days.

What interesting times we live in.

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BBC Fake News: Most Excess Deaths Since WW2

The BBC shameful claim of the most excess deaths since World War is debunked by their own graph.

This clearly demonstrates 8 or 9 years in the past 20 years alone when it was higher.

The BBC, aka, the Governments Press Office, has lost any credulity it had left.

NB: The vast majority of Covid 19 deaths are Lockdown deaths, not Covid 19 deaths.

Please read Covid: 2020 saw most excess deaths since World War Two

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Parking Challenge – Desperate Defence

Many will be aware that if certain Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) Senior Officers and Councillors were light bulbs, they would be found in the dim section.

Despite the best endeavours of myself and others to assist Lisa Dixon, SBC Director of Legal and Democratic Services, she continues to demonstrate an apparent desire to remain in near darkness.

In the interests of transparency, just before Christmas I gave Lisa the opportunity to save herself (and SBC) future embarrassment when I gave full notice of a future parking challenge that is set out in the image above and in Whitby – I Am Not Entering Into A Contract.

SBC Response

I was rather amused that SBC were so desperate to find a defence that not only did they decide not to switch a light on but they went into ‘scrape the barrel mode’ and engaged the “bullshit baffles brains” theory.

Please read SBC Bullshit Baffles Brains Email

Car Park Is Not A Highway

As a campaigner of over ten years standing who specialises in parking, the bullshit shone brighter than the annual switch-on of the Blackpool Lights.

Of course, I fully agree with everything stated which is in relation to the public highway.

However, SBC refers to a “Traffic Regulation Order” (TRO) in response to my position about “off-street car park/public car park/car parks”.

For the avoidance of doubt, I should make everyone aware that a TRO does not and cannot be applied to “off-street car park/public car park/car parks”.

For an “off-street car park/public car park/car parks”, again for the avoidance of doubt, I should make everyone aware that an Off-Street Parking Order (OSPO) is required – a totally different instrument.

My position remains to that stated on SIAM, above. Yet again I have offered SBC the opportunity to make any further comment or simply accept the statement to be correct.

It would appear that more than a few light bulbs require changing in the Town Hall.

SIAM Question

What does SIAM stand for?

Answers on a postcard.

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Police Confirm Town Councils CCTV Unlawful

On 30 December 2020 Humberside Police admitted that the Pocklington Town Council (PTC) CCTV system was been operated unlawfully as have the systems in Driffield and Market Weighton.

Since June 2019 Humberside Police, PTC, Driffield Town Council and Market Weighton Town Council have colluded in an attempt to play hardball with me. The Police have now confirmed this:

“On Friday 11th December I had a meeting with all town councils to discuss the operation of all CCTV systems and to put in place a plan to ensure all systems operate in accordance with UK data protection legislation.”

Humberside Police have finally seen sense by stating:

“I will be addressing all CCTV systems and would like to work with you”

Regards the Pocklington signage, highlighted in the image above, that the fools at PTC have failed to erect lawfully the Police have confirmed:

“I will be addressing this as part of my review … this needs to be amended to fall in line with the ICO’s CCTV code of practice. I will be working with the PTC to resolve this.”

In reference to PTC Data Breach again the Police have agreed with me:

“I cannot comment fully but it appears that the images you have redacted should have been redacted accordingly. If this is the case this is as you have stated a breach and therefore I will working with the PTC for an onward decision by them. I will address this issue internally.”

Humberside Police had hoped to visit all sites in Driffield, Market Weighton and Pocklington to undertake a full review but due to Covid this will not be feasible.

Invitation Accepted

I have informed Humberside Police that I accept their invitation:

“I am happy to assist Humberside Police and the three Town Councils as I have been for a year and a half. The conduct of all four organisations over this period reflects badly on all concerned and fails the public in so many ways.

I am happy to organise a Zoom meeting with you but to maximise our time I would appreciate that the following is addressed prior by all organisations so that I am information-rich to enable me to assist to the best of my ability:

  1. My complaint dated December 1 to both Market Weighton Town Council and Humberside Police
  2. My complaint dated December 3 to both Pocklington Town Council and Humberside Police
  3. My FOI request dated December 3 to both Pocklington Town Council and Humberside Police
  4. My complaint dated December 6 to both Driffield Town Council and Humberside Police”

I now await to hear further from Humberside Police.

PTC Dishonesty

PTC is known for their dishonesty. This is exemplified by the shameful conduct of their Clerk Gordon Scaife

and the Deputy Clerk Claire Findley who have both had full knowledge of the CCTV system cover-up.

The dishonesty would not be possible if it was not supported by the incompetence and bullying of certain PTC Councillors.

You should all hang your heads in shame. Truth is prevailing.

Court Of Public Opinion

The corrupt conduct of Humberside Police, Pocklington Town Council, Driffield Town Council and Market Weighton Town Council is now exposed to the Court of Public Opinion.

One man has held four corrupt organisations to account despite their attempts to collude to undermine the only person with any morals, credibility and understanding in the whole debacle.

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UK Bed Occupancy Stats Discredits Narrative

I appreciate many are fully taken in by the Government narrative that the NHS is being overrun. Let us consider two aspects.

  • Bed Occupancy

As can be seen, by the graph above this is simply not the case.

Do not take my word for it even the Governments Press Office, aka BBC, agree. Please read: BBC – Covid: How busy are hospitals in England?

Do not forget about the abundance of space in the empty Nightingale Hospitals.

The Government has now stopped gathering such statistics. Surely this is not because the statistics fail to support the Governments narrative?

  • Tobacco Policy Discredits Covid Policy

The UK policy towards Covid does not stack up given the policy towards smoking.

In the UK there are 78,000 smoking deaths and 489,000 hospital admissions per annum due to smoking.

On the one hand, the Government claims the Covid policy is to save the NHS and save lives. Yet on the other hand tobacco is legal.

They can’t have it both ways. It would appear that the Government’s pants are on fire.

Starve The NHS – Feed Furlough

So why does the UK Government continue to Starve The NHS – Feed Furlough?

Why was there no lockdown last winter?

Why is tobacco still legal?

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Starve The NHS – Feed Furlough

There are some that agree with the UK lockdown/tiers while others do not. I believe we must all embrace pluralism whichever position we hold as it is merely an opinion.

NB: The following is based on a full acceptance of the UK Governments narrative.

Sadly Boris Johnson while embracing the UK lockdown/tiers constantly fails to achieve his objective. His supporters defend his failures with the mantra:

“He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.”

He is rightly damned as he, his Conservative Government and Governments over recent years have got us into this mess and kept us in it.

Save the NHS should really say Starve the NHS – Feed Furlough as this is exactly what has happened and continues to happen.

Why did the Government not heed the warning given in January 2018 by the Chief Executive of NHS providers?

“the NHS can no longer cope”

The current mess we find ourselves in was created by the very Government that now claims we must save the NHS. This is like crying at the funeral of a dog you kicked to death.

I suggest everyone considers the position the NHS would now be in if the billions that have been feed into furlough and businesses due to the Governments failure to invest in the NHS had instead been invested in the NHS prior. In  Mr Johnson speak it would have provided the UK with a world-beating health service and there would have been no need to save it.

So why does the incompetent UK Government prefer to waste this money in an attempt to paper over the cracks of their own failures? Their very conduct we are now witnessing is the definition of insanity: “Repeat actions that have failed but expect a different result”. Lockdowns and tiers have resulted in more and more cases.

We are in this mess because their policy to starve the NHS and then to introduce a policy of lockdowns and tiers is a disaster on an industrial scale. One delivered us into this mess while the other took us further into the mess.

The Solution

This Government is the worst Government this country has ever seen. The solution will be found by addressing the following points:

  • Why are the Government so obsessed with one health issue and ignore all others?
  • After 10 months why is there no Government policy for a massive investment in the NHS?
  • Why is there no policy to address the shameful shortage of nurses?
  • The true major health crisis is not Covid it is the failure to adequately invest in the NHS.

Johnson is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t?

If he gets his head out of the sand and he finally does what is required I for one will not be damning him.

I don’t hold my breath. I see a future of starving the NHS and feeding furlough because to do anything different will mean that the Government admits they are wrong.

Anyone for hell freezing over?

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