Tory Flier Liars – Leaked Email

After completing Part 3 of the lies on the Pocklington Provincial Conservatives Dishonest Flyer I now share with residents regrettable information with regards the delivery of the leaflet.

I am saddened to learn that some of the leaflets were delivered on the morning of Sunday 12 November – Remembrance Sunday.

A leaked email states that Wolds Weighton Conservative Councillor Mike Stathers organised the deliver of the leaflet which continued on Remembrance Sunday. I have contacted Mike requesting an explanation as to why political leaflets were delivered on Remembrance Sunday and request that this does not happen in future.

Councillor Mike Stathers Parachutes Troops In

The Tories are so desperately short of supporters in Pocklington that Councillor Mike Stathers had to send an email to rally the troops far and wide.

I would like to thank the ERYC Tory Councillor from the East Yorkshire Constituency Conservative Association who leaked to me Councillors Stathers email to the troops.

“Dear All

The leaflet drop for Pocklington will take place this coming Saturday, 11 November, so if any of you have a spare couple of hours your help would be very much appreciated. I suggest we meet at the car park adjacent to Pocklington School at 10am (that’s the car park on the town side of the school).

You will see I’ve not emailed everyone in the group, only those who I believe are a reasonable distance from Pocklington.

Please email me if you are able to attend. We all know why this particular leaflet drop is important!

Many thanks


Mike Stathers

07802 187614”

Important Leaflet Drop

“We all know why this particular leaflet drop is important!”

I wonder why that is? I know nothing!

Tory Flier Liars

  1. Street walkabouts in villages
  2. Trade is vibrant
  3. Services are being maintained
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Safer Journey To School – Considered For Funding

I would like to thank ERYC for their prompt response to my request for a safer journey to school for Wilberfoss children.

“I will pass on you request to the Area Engineer and ensure that it is considered for funding in the new programme. 

This year’s programme is already determined and we are working on the one for the next three years. However if projects fall out and funding is available then we move schemes up from our reserve list.” 

Once again, well done ERYC.

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Tory Flier Liars – Services Are Being Maintained

Part 3 of the lies on the Pocklington Provincial Conservatives Dishonest Flyer

Lie Number 3

“services are being maintained”

How can services be maintained when our roads are a mess and we have no money to repair them?

Tory Flier Liars

  1. Street walkabouts in villages
  2. Trade is vibrant
  3. Services are being maintained
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Tory Flier Liars – Vibrant Trade

There are so many lies on the Pocklington Provincial Conservatives Dishonest Flyer that I will be exposing them over the course of this week.

Lie Number 2

“Town Centre trade is vibrant”

What about the closing of established Pocklington shops in the past year?

  1. Jenni Jones
  2. Co-op
  3. Cobblers
  4. Chemist
  5. Eric Lee
  6. Maynews
  7. etc..

This demonstrates that trade is far from vibrant. The main reason is that the Tory dominated ERYC charge excessive business rates in Pocklington. The Tories are clearly out of touch.

Tory Flier Liars

  1. Street walkabouts in villages
  2. Trade is vibrant
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Safer Journey To School For Wilberfoss Children

A dropped kerb at the top of Moorfield Way, Wilberfoss was discussed at Thursdays Wilberfoss Parish Council meeting.

A significant benefit would be that parents of school children with younger siblings in push chairs could then use the quiet footpath for most of the journey to school instead of using the busy Storking Lane route. This would also encourage more journeys to be taken on foot instead of by car.

As a simple dropped kerb would create a safer journey to school for Wilberfoss children I have requested ERYC to consider putting this forward for possible funding.

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Conservative Cllrs Mole and West Flier Liars

Conservative Cllrs Mole and West have lied to Pocklington Provincial residents on their recently distributed flier delivered to selected addresses in Pocklington and Barmby Moor by falsely claiming to have held street walkabouts in villages.

The Truth

  • East Riding officers hold street walkabouts NOT Tory Councillors
  • East Riding officers invite Parish and Ward Councillors to each walkabout
  • This year there were three walkabouts held in the Pocklington Provincial Ward in Sutton Upon Derwent, Newton Upon Derwent and The Cattons
  • I attended all the walkabouts in full
  • Councillor Kay West arrived late and left early from all three walkabouts
  • Councillor Claude Mole attend none of this years walkabouts.

Wholly Professional Manner

As the Tories believe they are working in a “wholly professional manner” which includes lying this demonstrates the exceedingly low morals of not only Cllrs Mole and West but also the East Yorkshire Constituency Conservative Association as they are promoting the leaflet.

Please see Pocklington Provincial Conservatives Dishonest Flyer

Formal Complaint

I have register a formal complaint against Cllrs Mole and West as their lying is:

  • Not treating others with respect.
  • Conducting themselves in a manner that could reasonably be regarded as
    bringing their office or authority into disrepute.
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Station Road Car Park Sign Removal

Common sense has prevailed at County Hall. Pocklington is to “officially” receive more evening parking. The sign that falsely states that the Station Road car park is not locked overnight is to be removed.

As Pocklington Town Centre is regularly full of cars in an evening this will provide much-needed parking space for those arriving on late buses or visiting Pocklington for a night out.

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Garths End 20mph Sign Works Arranged

ERYC are to arrange the necessary works for the Garths End 20 mph sign.

Well done ERYC.

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My Apologies For The Delay

Over the past couple of weeks I have been busy on my brushes while at the same time attending various meetings and dealing with the most urgent Councillor matters.

For the next two weeks I will be fully focused on my Councillor duties and hopefully this will drastically reduce my To Do list which currently numbers 83.

My apologies for any delays in responding to requests for help I will deal with the most urgent over the weekend.


Please feel free to raise any issue with me which you believe I may be able to assist with.


Mobile Number: 07826 439101

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Kilnwick Road School Sign

Residents have raised concerns with me in recent days with regards the Kilnwick Road school sign not working.

This is due to the street lights being replaced. In addition the sign will be moved to the other side of the street.

The work is expected to be completed in about a week.

I would like to thank the residents who drew this to my attention.

Well done ERYC.

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