Spotlight on Councillor “Bully Boy” Stathers

There was a time when I thought ERYC Deputy Leader Councillor “Bully Boy” Mike Stathers was a credit to ERYC, himself and the residents he represents. Sadly that is no longer the case.

ERYC Deputy Leader – Councillor Mike Stathers

His fall from grace moved up a gear on Friday 31 July 2020 with the leaking of the bullying email he sent to a fellow Conservative.

“Anymore of this and I will press for her to be removed from the Group”

This made his position as Governor of Pocklington School untenable but perhaps in the Pocklington School Anti Bullying Policy, it is not bullying if you terrify the victim into not complaining and only one instance becomes public knowledge. Perhaps not. What a great example Bully Boy sets to the pupils. How does it go Sir? Bullying rules OK?

But hey ERYC and the Conservative Group relies on a bullying culture to control so Mike remains Governor.

Since I published the email above numerous residents in the area have expressed concerns at Mikes growing reputation as a bully.

Moving on let us remind ourselves what Bully Boy has Portfolio duties for:

  • Communication

Right. Looks like he failed there if the email above is anything to go by.

  • Housing Strategy and Affordable Homes

In ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure – Inspectors Report I highlighted

“A sustained shortfall … amounts to a deficit of 1657 affordable homes

This has resulted in 360 homes in Pocklington that are directly the fault of  ERYC Councillors on the Planning Committees who have collectively failed to ensure that the minimum requirement of 25% affordable housing as per ERYC Policy was fulfilled on average on all approvals. The Pocklington Bund/The Mile was a prime example of this.

Councillor Stathers not only sat on Planning he is now responsible for Housing Strategy and Affordable Homes. You couldn’t make it up!

When the Planning Committee met to revisit the overdevelopment of 197 homes on The Pocklington Bund/The Mile site the developer resubmitted at 207 homes. Councillor David Rudd, a fellow Wolds Weighton Councillor of Councillor Stathers, made the claim that it was a reasonable comprise. The developer increases the overdevelopment by 10 homes and it is a reasonable compromise? Yet there was NO AFFORDABLE HOUSING!

Who is the third Wolds Weighton Councillor? Another Tory Councillor Leo Hammond. Our Leo not only sits on both the:

  1. Planning Committee and
  2. Western Area Planning Sub-Committee

he is also the Vice-Chair of the Planning Committee. How can this be appropriate for such an inexperienced Councillor?

This certainly confirms that the three ERYC Conservative Councillors for Wold Weighton have collective failed Pocklington residents and those of the villages they represent surrounding Pocklington. A great team they are not.

  • Recovery Lead

Will this reveal further skeletons?

Looks like it is time to consider your position Mike.

Councillor Stathers I offer you a right to reply but don’t rely on my vote in two years time.

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ERYC Chief Executive Breaches Councillors Data

Caroline Lacey, East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Chief Executive has breached Councillors Data in numerous ways as evidenced by the leaked email below.

Caroline Lacey Retiring ERYC Chief Executive

Given the “potential breaches” Caroline must now refer herself to ICO as per legislation within 48 hours.

How can ERYC possibly function lawfully when it appears that neither Councillors nor Senior Officers are aware of the basics of the DPA or the GDPR?

As the ERYC Chief Executive and Returning Officer, it is also inappropriate to say if an elected member is or is not standing prior to the publication of the statement of persons nominated for election.

It would certainly appear that ERYC Councillors and Senior Officers require extensive training given the recent failures with:

Readers will be unsurprised to learn that Caroline is soon to retire so perhaps the new Chief Executive will ensure the much-needed training.

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ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure – Inspectors Report

Having shared information in relation to the ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure I now make the Appeal Decision Pocklington public and highlight a key aspect.

Is Stamford Bridge Next?

At Point 70 the Inspector states:

“A sustained shortfall against the LPSD target in each year of the plan period which amounts to a deficit of 1657 affordable homes against the Policy S5 requirement. It was also agreed that at 1 December 2020, there are currently 7245 households on the Council’s Housing Register, which has increased from 6553 as at 1 April 2020. Of those, 2741 households are identified as being in bands 1-7 which is of greatest need. There is also agreement that there has been a rise in people housed in temporary accommodation from 8 households in April 2019 to 59 households in April 2020 – a 637% increase.”

In essence, ERYC Councillors on the Planning Committees have collectively failed to ensure that the minimum requirement of 25% affordable housing as per ERYC Policy was fulfilled on average on all approvals. The Pocklington Bund/The Mile was a prime example of this.

As a direct result of this failure East Riding residents must now accept:

Stamford Bridge, Market Weighton, Cottingham, Willerby and KirkElla could be next.

At this stage, it would not be appropriate for me to name individually Councillors.

Further Information

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ERYC Leader Going For A Burton

I can confirm that over the past few months a Leadership challenge has been building at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC).

ERYC Current Leader – Councillor Richard Burton

When Councillor Richard Burton was elected ERYC Leader to replace Councillor Stephen Parnaby in May 2019 he was most certainly not everyone’s choice but what was required was someone who was gullible enough (no disrespect to Richard) not to open doors to certain closets.

There was also a need for someone dispensable to be the Leader when the Ofsted report became public. Could it also be possible that the recent ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure was not a mistake and had to happen before a new Leader was elected?

There have been rumblings over recent months within the Tory Group that Richard has been too weak in Full Council.

There is also concern that this weakness may result in the expected East Yorkshire Mayoral election returning a Hull Councillor for Mayor if Richard is allowed to remain.

New Leader Coup Gang

I am informed that the new Leader will not be from the current Cabinet and that the challenge is coming from the “backbenchers“. It appears that the engine for the coup is East Wolds and Coastal Ward. The Ward is represented by:

  • Councillor Jonathan Owen – former Deputy Leader
  • Councillor Jane Evison – former Cabinet member
  • Councillor Paul Lisseter

There is a gang of three attempting to drive that coup and these are:

  • Councillor Jonathan Owen
  • Councillor Jane Evison
  • Councillor Felicity Temple – Conservative Group Secretary

Dirty Games

It must be acknowledged that the ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure revealed one Councillor with cleaner hands than the others as he raised the issue in recent weeks. I take my hat off to Conservative Councillor Paul Lisseter for his integrity.

Paul was “punished” with suspension for his honesty with the standard “shoot the messenger” from the Tory Group assassin Councillor Felicity Temple, instead of accepting her own failure and that of the other 65 Ward Councillors.

Knowing Paul I expect him to address the shameful conduct against him and I wish him well in his endeavours,

Could it be that Felicity has instigated this shameful action against Paul as he represents the same Ward as the Evison/Owen dream team she desires? Is he considered a threat to their ultimate goal?

As Jane and Jonathan have been interconnected for many years the attempted coup will not come as a surprise to those in the know.

I offer my best wishes to Richard. I have a feeling he will need it.

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Shiptonthorpe Roundabout Mystery – One To Watch

Wilberfoss residents were understandably annoyed that they still have no roundabout while the perfectly adequate roundabout at Shiptonthorpe was ungraded by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) beyond what was required.

Given the current blame culture in County Hall as a result of the ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure I am currently receiving a lot of information and documents from various internal sources. Of interest was that which I received in relation to the Shiptonthorpe Roundabout Mystery which possibly helps to explain the decision.

The new road has been described to me as “unnecessary infrastructure at the current time”. Does this imply plans are afoot for the future?

Everyone can see that any required works to the roundabout could have been fulfilled without the need for the new road. So what purpose does the new road serve?

Was it pure chance that the piece of land now locked between the two roads has two entrances?

What is the purpose of the planting around the site? Could it be to screen a future commercial development on what would be one of the highest value commercial land in the East Riding?

I am sure it is a pure coincidence that two ERYC Councillors lived in Shiptonthorpe.

I know nowt!

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Over the past two years, I have received many requests for help in relation to dealing with Councils. To manage this I have taken on more work as a Consultant. Today I make this more publically available with the launch of a Consultancy Page.

I reproduce the full page below:


By successfully challenging numerous Councils (Local Authorities) for many years, I have gained an extensive understanding of how a Council works. To complement this, between 2016 and 2019 I was an Independent Councillor at East Riding of Yorkshire Council which gave me a revealing insight from the inside.

I am well-travelled and a Buddhist, which together with my broad first-hand experience of Councils, combines to give me a mind that excels in creating unique approaches to assist those facing challenges in dealing with Councils on a variety of issues.

I often readily identify avenues that others fail to see to move forward what may appear to be an entrenched, unresolvable situation. I place importance on embracing a more conducive, harmonious and beneficial way for all concerned.

As a Consultant, I am happy to sit between a client, Councils and other professionals to achieve the best possible outcome.

General Overview

Please feel free to raise any issue with me that you believe I may be able to assist you with by completing the General Overview Information Form and sending it to

After undertaking an assessment, I will then advise if I am able to assist you.


No fee is charged to carry out a General Overview.

To assist beyond the General Overview will be charged at an agreed rate.



Mobile: 07826 439101

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ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure

News of the catastrophic planning failure at East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) has resulted in the inevitable blame culture between Councillors instead of accepting that they have all failed East Riding residents.

Goodbye To The Countryside

The Planning Inspectorate has approved two applications by Gladman’s for:

In addition to the 5-year land supply the Inspector made her decision on a number of considerations that included the failure to provide the minimum affordable housing numbers in accordance with the ERYC Local Plan over many years.

Councillors Failure

The decision of the Inspector is a direct result of the failure of all 67 ERYC Councillors to ensure:

  • A 5-year land supply.
  • Approval, on average, of a minimum 25% affordable housing on all developments

NB: As the ERYC Planning Committees are made up of 75% Conservative Councillors opposition Councillors sitting on Planning Committees can not be held responsible for the failure to provide the minimum affordable housing numbers in accordance with the ERYC Local Plan. 

Shockingly ERYC failed to fulfil the commitment the Council gave to the Local Plan Inspector to review the plan by 2020 at the latest. This was necessary for the soundness of the Local Plan.

I can confirm that the Inspector used their own figures in her calculations.

Planning Basics

Most residents are unaware of the basics of planning. In essence, this is based on National Legislation and the ERYC Local Plan. It could be said that residents opinion is almost of no importance in comparison.

Fundamental to the basics of planning is the fact that all Local Authorities must facilitate the building of a minimum number of homes each year. To fulfil this they must ensure the 5-year land supply.

The Planning Balance must always be considered.

Sadly the vast majority of Councillors fail to inform residents of the basics of planning.

Window Of Opportunity

ERYC Forward Planning has confirmed that the new allocations list will go to Cabinet in April and then out for Consultation later.

This creates at least a seven-week window of opportunity.

Watch out  Stamford Bridge, Market Weighton, Cottingham, Willerby and KirkElla. I am sure Gladman will be pushing the window wide open. I expect numerous applications from them and others in the coming weeks and that these applications will include a higher than the required number of affordable housing.

The failures of ERYC Councillors are likely to result in thousands of homes being built across East Riding that would not have been built if they had fulfilled their duty.

What a mess.

Councillors Integrity Required

I am informed that ERYC Planning Officers have raised concerns for years as to the low land supply. Disappointingly, Councillors have failed to act on these concerns.

I would encourage all ERYC Councillor Groups to offer residents a public apology for their failures.

Given this failure Councillor Gary McMaster must now acknowledge responsibility and resign his position as Portfolio Holder for Strategic Planning and Planning Delivery as his position is untenable. On a personal note, I have always found Gary to be a decent man. Let us hope he maintains his decency and does the right thing instead of being pushed.

Thank You

I would like to thank ERYC Councillors, Officers and Developers who provided me with information.

Further Information

The links below provide evidence to support the article in more detail.

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UK Vaccine Programme – Psychopaths Calculator

On Wednesday the claim of an “incredible achievement” of more than 25 million people receiving their first COVID-19 vaccination after 100 days appears to be the conclusion from a psychopaths calculator.

Reuters confirmed that Boris Johnson stated:

“This latest milestone is an incredible achievement – representing 25 million reasons to be confident for the future as we cautiously reopen society,” 

Strangeways Maths “O” Level Calculator

My ability to operate a 1980s calculator resulted in achieving a Maths “O” Level.

  • 25 million vaccines over 100 days
  • = 1 million vaccines per 4 days
  • = 4 days x 67 million population
  • = 268 days to give all UK residents ONE vaccine
  • = 536 days to give all UK residents the required TWO vaccines
  • = a “booster” will be required
  • = 901 days required

Are there still only 365 days in a year?

As 536 days are required plus a booster all within a year how the hell can this be an incredible achievement?

Hospital Waiting List

Of course, the pause button cannot be pressed on all other health care without the disastrous consequences getting worse.

The BBC, aka the Governments Press Office, informs us that the hospital waiting list could number 10 million by April.

That is 10 million in pain, and many will die, to give priority to the conclusions of a psychopaths calculator.

A Tesco Paracetamol

For over 8 months the UK Government has led us to believe that a vaccine was our path to freedom. But now PHE has confirmed, “The vaccine does not give you a pass” while the Government informs me that:

  • The vaccine does not prevent me from passing on the virus.
  • The vaccine does not prevent me from getting the virus.
  • The vaccine may suppress symptoms.

In addition, the “leaky” vaccine can create further viruses. Why is this not reported on the mainstream media?

The UK Government have created a hospital waiting list approaching 10 million based on a psychopaths calculator. Yet the best they claim is that “it may suppress symptoms”. So does a 50p packet of Tesco Paracetamol.

We have arrived at the end of an 8 months garden path.

I cannot condone the risk of “leaky” vaccines or allowing 10 million to suffer and die to save a trip to Tesco.

I can see no benefit in me having the vaccine but many reasons not to have it.

The Solution

The solution was there all along. The number of deaths within 28 days of a positive test peaked in mid-January.

Anyone recall what happened a month and a half prior? Answers on a postcard.

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Defend My Right To Work

Having been self-employed for 37 years since I was 19 I defend my right to work. This is just as well as over the past year I have not received a penny from the UK Government.

Office With A View

Over the past year, some have been on furlough, others have worked from home and some have left their home to go to work.

Like many my work in the past year has involved both working from home and leaving my home to work. My work is rather diverse as income is generated from four businesses:

  • Adventures
  • Campaigning
  • Consultancy
  • Painting and Decorating

This year only 60% of my income is from my work as a painter and decorator.

Vocation Your Vacation

I fully agree with Mark Twain: “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.”

For me, this means sleeping under the stars is my work. Of course, this fully respects social distancing.

For those who have any issues with this I refer you to the simple definition:

Jealousy generally refers to the thoughts or feelings of insecurity, fear, and concern over a relative lack of possessions or safety.”

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Data Protection Officer In SBC La-La Land

Upon publishing SBC Industrial Scale Data Breach I received a couple of emails that confirm Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) has become La-La Land.

Lisa Dixon Looking Into La-La Land? 

I will begin by explaining a few simple facts:

  1. A SBC Councillor is NOT an SBC employee
  2. All SBC Councillors MUST be registered as Data Controllers
  3. All SBC Councillors MUST address all Subject Access Requests (SAR) they receive
  4. If an SBC Councillor wants a Third Party, including SBC, to handle their Data and/or deal with any SAR they receive, a Service Level Agreement MUST be signed by both parties.

Alison Johnson – SBC Data Protection Officer

Alison Johnson, SBC Data Protection Officer, on 24 July 2019 at 11.37, sent SBC Councillors the email below.

“… remind everyone of their responsibilities when dealing with personal data that is either collected, collated or processed by SBC, either as an organisation or yourselves as individuals on behalf of the Council.”

Given her many years of experience as a Data Protection Officer Alison should be fully aware that as Councillors are not employees they DO NOT and indeed CAN NOT collect, collate or process Data on behalf of SBC.

For a Data Protection Officer to suggest they can, is only possible if residing in SBC La-La Land.

Lisa Dixon, SBC Director of Legal & Democratic Services 

Talk of SBC La-La Land could never be complete without the presence of Lisa Dixon, SBC Director of Legal & Democratic Services.

On 24 July 2019 at 11.58, the Queen of SBC La-La Land sent SBC Councillors an email stating:

“Following on from Alison’s email I would reiterate the importance of complying with all relevant legislation”

Oh, dear. It appears our Lisa is unaware that as SBC Councillors are not employees they DO NOT and indeed CAN NOT collect, collate or process Data on behalf of SBC.

How does it go Lisa?

“I would reiterate the importance of complying with all relevant legislation”

Another whoops in SBC La-La Land. Yet again our Lisa is taking centre stage.

NB: Lisa Dixon is THE top legal officer at SBC!

Email To Mike Greene, Chief Executive, SBC

Dear Mike,

In the interests of transparency, could I please refer you to (LINK)

You have my utmost sympathy for having to enter SBC La-La Land every day.

Look on the bright side only another year and a half to go before Devo.

If I can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.


Andy Strangeway

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