ERYC Bridlington CCTV Signage – A Great Example

ERYC should be applauded for the signs in Bridlington Town Centre which clearly informs that the CCTV system is in operation.

As the CCTV Operator, ERYC fulfils the reasonable test of informing people they are using CCTV. The signs are clearly visible, plentiful, readable, at an appropriate height and include relevant contact details.

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In Search Of The Pocklington CCTV Operator

Despite my opinion that Pocklington Town Council (PTC) is the owner of the Pocklington CCTV system after a week, the CCTV Operator is still unknown.

Without knowing who the CCTV Operator is I am unable to register a formal complaint, a Freedom of Information request or a Subject Access Request in relation to the Pocklington CCTV system.

Over the past week, I have been passed between different desks and yet still no one knows who the CCTV Operator is.

  • Friday 7 June – Gordon Scaife, PTC Clerk referred me to Humberside Police as they “monitor” the CCTV.
  • Sunday 9 June – Pocklington Police inform me that PTC owns the CCTV system. But they “monitor” it for their investigations. They advised me to contact Humberside Police Information Compliance Unit (ICU).
  • Monday 10 June – ICU informed me that they will make enquiries as to who is the Pocklington CCTV Operator.
  • Wednesday 12 June – I referred my concerns to Lee Freeman, Chief Constable, Humberside Police and requested his intervention.

This still remains unresolved.

Further Information

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PSPO Bans Sleeping In Uneven Beds

At the entrance to the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate, I was surprised to see a sign which appeared to ban the sleeping in uneven beds.

Upon further inspection, the sign is ambiguous as it refers to the PSPO.

Last night for a second time I parked up on the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate to directly challenge the PSPO. For the second time, a Fixed Penalty Notice was not issued.

It was interesting to watch a Police Community Support Officer approach all HGVs parked up. Yet apart from a polite acknowledgement of myself, which was politely returned, the Officer did not approach me. Does this mean all cars are exempt from the PSPO or just mine?

Double or Single Yellow Lines

I am at a loss to understand if the yellow lines on Leeming Bar Industrial Estate are double or single. Has Hambleton District Council just repainted one single yellow line as the double yellow lines are no longer in force? Or did they forget to repaint the second line?

Ambiguous Traffic Law

Parked Up On Leeming Bar Industrial Estate

It is of concern that the traffic law on Leeming Bar Industrial Estate is ambiguous.

  1. The PSPO is unenforceable.
  2. The No Overnight Parking signs are unenforceable.
  3. There is no ban on sleeping in uneven beds.
  4. It is unclear if there is one yellow line or two.
  5. It is unknown if the 40-minute waiting limit is enforceable.

I would politely advise Hambleton District Council to review all of their parking restrictions on the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate to ensure they are unambiguous.

Further Information

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Hambleton Council Guilty Of Anti Social Behaviour

It is rather ironic that Hambleton District Council, who are attempting to deal with alleged anti-social behaviour on the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate with a Public Spaces Protection Orders, are themselves guilty of anti-social behaviour on the Estate.

I can confirm that the “No Overnight Parking” signs on the roads through Leeming Bar Industrial Estate are unlawful as they are not approved signs and there is no Traffic Regulation Order for them.

It is clearly anti-social behaviour for any Council to erect unlawful road signs in an attempt to mislead the public.

For this council to then claim the public is committing anti-social behaviour in the same location they themselves are committing anti-social behaviour is a disgrace.

I have registered a formal complaint with Hambleton District Council for erecting the “No Overnight Parking” signs and requested that they are removed at the earliest opportunity.

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East Riding Schools Security Concerns

It would appear that ERYC have no confidence in the five-foot security fences around many East Riding schools

Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal

Despite the fences, Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal, is convinced it is reasonable to believe that alcohol will be consumed on the school grounds by those 18 and over. In addition, he believes this will have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality.

Please see Stamford Bridge PSPO – sealed and Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014

As can be seen, this is the criteria that must be fulfilled to introduce Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO). The PSPO, which includes the attempt to prevent alcohol consumption, is currently in place for nearly all East Riding schools.

As the only other option is that this has already happened I have made an FOI request to ERYC with regards Stamford Bridge Primary School Junior site. This will give me the required information to take part in the current consultation process for ERYC PSPO.

Whether this has happened or our Mathew believes it may happen there is obviously an urgent need to review security at all East Riding schools.

I have sent my concerns to all ERYC Councillors requesting an urgent review into the security at East Riding schools.

Further Information

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Hambleton District Council Turn Blind Eye

Hambleton District Council (HDC) has turned a blind eye to my offer to them to attempt to prosecute me under the powers of the PSPO.

Councillor Carl Les – Leader North Yorkshire County Council

In today’s Northern Echo an HDC spokesman states:

“In response to Mr Strangeway’s claims, a council spokesman said nightly patrols were being undertaken to talk to drivers and issue information leaflets.


He added: “It is hoped that drivers will use the nearby purpose-built lorry parks. The implementation of the order will be monitored and reviewed in six months time so that the council can determine what impact this has had on the community, businesses and the drivers.””

This would appear to confirm that the PSPO is unenforceable and that HDC has been forced to turn a blind eye.

Yet again an overpaid Local Authority Legal Department has wasted taxpayers resources.

Invite To Carl Les

I will offer HDC two further opportunities to enforce the PSPO against me.

Carl Les is the Ward Councillor for Leeming Bar for both HDC and North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC). In addition, he is the Leader of NYCC.

To prevent HDC from wasting further taxpayers resources, I am happy to invite Carl for a coffee while I am in the area. I am sure between us we can resolve the issue of an unenforceable PSPO that was introduced for issues which do not exist on the Leeming Bar Industrial Estate.

I have sent the following email to Carl:

Dear Carl,

Could I please refer you to (link).

If you would like to meet for a coffee while I am in the area please phone me by midday on Monday 10 June to make arrangements.

A good friend speaks well of you.


Andy Strangeway

M: 07826 439 101

Further Information

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Pocklington Big Brother – CCTV Breaches Legislation

The CCTV on The Feathers and Judson’s in Pocklington is in operation in breach of legislation.

The CCTV is owned by Pocklington Town Council.

The CCTV operator must let people know they are using CCTV. Signs are the most usual way of doing this. PTC has failed to do this.

Formal Complaint

I have made a formal complaint against PTC for operating the CCTV outwith legislation and referred the matter to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Subject Access Request

I have made a subject access request to PTC for Data they hold of me taken via their CCTV this morning.

Freedom of Information Request (FOI)

Under the FOI I have requested from PTC:

  • Copy of the communication with the ICO to register as a CCTV operator
  • Copy of the stated purpose for the CCTV system
  • The Privacy Impact Assessment for the CCTV system
  • Contact details of the CCTV Data Controller

Further Information

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Hambleton PSPO – A Night Of Observation

A night of observation at Leeming Bar Industrial Estate to investigate the new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) confirmed that the PSPO is unenforceable.

Throughout the night I watched forklifts loading HGVs. The HGVs then either parked up the trailer, left the Industrial Estate or parked up for the night. Indeed one parked up between the hours of 23.00 and 04.00. The driver remained in the vehicle. I observed numerous HGVs on the Industrial Estate parked up with drivers taking rest inside the vehicles.

I have no issue with this. I see no reason why any of the businesses have an issue with this. So why are HDC focused on making criminals out of the Truckers for carrying out the duties they are employed to do which supports local employment?

The Industrial Estate is clearly thriving and employing hundreds of residents. How can the providing of hundreds of jobs be considered anti-social behaviour by HDC so that they introduce a PSPO in an attempt to cut the lifeblood from the Industrial Estate?

I encourage HDC to attempt to prosecute me under the powers of the PSPO. Failure to do so would confirm that the PSPO is unenforceable.

Further Information

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Hambleton Overnight Parking Ban – Fundamental Flaw

At taxpayers expenses, less than two weeks ago Hambleton District Council (HDC) introduced an overnight parking ban for Leeming Bar Industrial Estate and surrounding areas that is unenforceable.

HDC claim this is to prevent anti-social behaviour. How sleeping in a vehicle can be anti-social is beyond me.

Please see Public Space Protection Order – Hambleton District Council – No Overnight Parking

I have previously successfully challenged the Highland Council that their no overnight parking signs had no legal basis not only because there was no legal framework to support them but also as overnight cannot be defined.

Please see BBC: Highland Council to remove “no overnight parking” signs.

My challenge resulted in more than 300 “No Overnight Parking” signs being removed.

For example, is overnight:

  • During the hours of darkness
  • Between 22.00 and 06.00
  • For five minutes between given hours

As HDC have failed to define overnight I recommended that they remove all signage at the earliest opportunity and revisit the PSPO.

In addition, I invite them to advise me how sleeping in a vehicle can be considered anti-social behaviour.

I am happy to park “overnight” in the said location with the full knowledge of HDC to allow them to attempt to prosecute me in a Court of Law.

Further Information

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Stamford Bridge Alcohol Prohibition – Top Secret

Like myself, many Stamford Bridge residents will be surprised to discover that there is an alcohol prohibition in the village. ERYC appear to want to keep this top secret as they have failed to put up the required signs.

Bridlington Sign

Those who enjoy a drink at the Bay Horse will be especially concerned as the ban covers Main Street. The grass verge and footpath is part of the road.

Red Indicates Areas Covered By Alcohol Prohibition

Rather amusingly how long will it take Humberside Police, based in Goole, to respond to a 101 none emergency phone call reporting someone consuming alcohol in the prohibited areas of Stamford Bridge?

Introducing a Public Spaces Protection Order that is unlikely to be enforced is yet another waste of ERYC Council Tax.

Further Information

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