Bund Site Pumping Water 24/7

I have been contacted by residents from Mile End Park who have informed me that pumps are operating 24/7 on the Bund/Housing site.

Please read Additional Monitoring For Pocklington Beck Confirmed.

One resident has stated:

“Alan Menzies letter is ill-informed. He states that work on the site finished at 16.20 but there has been a dewatering pump running 24 hours a day (because residents can hear and be disturbed by it/them) to clear water from trenches dug presumably ready for concrete drains.

There seems to be much secrecy about these pumps perhaps because ERYC do not want people to know they drain in to the Beck. Was something dumped in to one of trenches at the end of the day (even though active work may have finished  at 16.20 as Alan Menzies states) which usually ends at 18.00?”

Questions From Residents

  1. Why in such an incident was there was no alarm  raised by their “normal reporters”?
  2. Despite ERYC being informed first thing Friday morning of the suspected pollution why did ERYC not report the incident to the EA until Monday?
  3. Why does it seem there are no Standard Procedures ready for such an event?
  4. If there are why were they not put into action or are they not fit for purpose?
  5. What was the pollutant?
  6. Was their damage to the flora and fauna?

Requests To Alan Menzies

I have requested that Alan Menzies, ERYC Director of Planning, intervenes immediately to stop the pumps running 24/7 as they are disturbing residents sleep.

In addition I have requested that he addresses the four questions raised by residents.

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Stamford Bridge Surgery This Saturday

My September surgery will be held in the Methodist Church meeting room, Stamford Bridge on Saturday 22 September, 09.30 t0 11.30.

Stamford Bridge and Pocklington Provincial residents are invited to ask questions, raise concerns or share their views.

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Additional Monitoring For Pocklington Beck Confirmed

ERYC have confirmed that there is to be additional monitoring of the Pocklington Beck.

I believe we must replace the word discolouration with pollution. Unfortunately ERYC are unaware what caused the pollution.

Putting this aside I would like to thank ERYC for accepting the failures and putting in additional monitoring.

I welcome the additional monitoring equipment for Pocklington Beck as I am sure Pocklington residents will, especially those who have children at the Maxwell Road Schools. It is also reassuring that flora and fauna within the area of the beck will be further protected.

Well done ERYC.

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ERYC Code Of Conduct Legislation Breach

Yesterday it became evident that ERYC have breached fundamental legislation to make subjective decisions that I had breached the Code of Conduct.

As a “punishment” for allegedly breaching the ERYC Code of Conduct I dutifully travelled to County Hall for “Code of Conduct and Social Media Training“.

Alas officers decided to abandon the training as a result of the revelations.

In an attempt to save resources I had extensive communication with Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal, up to 29 August 2018. I raised the issue that due process, the law, had not being followed. Sadly Mathew disagreed with me. Yet one of the officers yesterday admitted that she was aware of the legislation.

How can ERYC Head of Legal not have a basic understanding of legislation when an officer does?

ERYC must now address these breaches and decide how to put things right.

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Garrowby View – Mattress Fly Tipping Removal

ERYC have confirmed that my request to remove the mattress from near to Garrowby View, Stamford Bridge has been sent to cleansing team to action.

Well done ERYC.

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ERYC Silence – Pocklington Beck Pollution

Despite sending the email below to Chief Executive Caroline Lacey, Director of Planning Alan Menzies and Head of Planning Stephen Hunt first thing yesterday there is silence from County Hall as to the inability of ERYC to be able to contact the Environment Agency with regards the pollution of Pocklington Beck.

Email To ERYC

From: Andy Strangeway

Sent: Monday, September 17, 2018 7:51 AM

To: Caroline.Lacey@eastriding.gcsx.gov.uk

Cc: alan.menzies@eastriding.gov.uk ; Stephen.Hunt@eastriding.gov.uk

Subject: URGENT – Pocklington Pollution Failure

Dear Caroline,

Could I please refer you to (LINK)

Could I request that you address the situation as a matter of urgency?

In addition can I request that you undertake an immediate investigation into not only why ERYC are unable to contact the EA but also why they are unable to send out a Planning Enforcement Officer?


Cllr Andy Strangeway

Pocklington Provincial Ward

An Independent Independent

The Bigger Picture

If ERYC are unable to contact the EA on this occasion how many more times have they failed in Pocklington, Goole, Beverley or Bridington?

Update Request

As residents are contacting me asking what has happen I have requested an update from ERYC.

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ERYC – A Shambolic Four Days

East Riding Council have had a shambolic four days and I can confirm there is more to come.

  • Tory Councillors Bully Speaker At Planning – Thursday 13 September

Please read Tory Councillors Bully Speaker At Planning

This is currently on the desks of Chief Executive Caroline Lacey, Director of Planning Alan Menzies and Leader of the Council Cllr Parnaby

A formal complaint has been registered.

  • Mr GB Advocate – Friday 14 September

This is currently on the desk of Heads of Departments Yvonne Rhodes and Lee Thompson.

On Friday afternoon myself, Yvonne Rhodes, ERYC Head of Business Management and Commissioning and Lee Thompson, ERYC Head of Adult Services meet to discuss my being the Advocate for Mr GB.

This is nearly two months after I requested a meeting to discuss Mr GB.

  • Pocklington Beck Pollution

Please read East Riding Council – Pocklington Pollution Failure

This is currently on the desk of Chief Executive Caroline Lacey, Director of Planning Alan Memzies and Head of Planning Stephen Hunt

  • ERYC Planning Director Misleads Planning Committee

Please read ERYC Planning Director Misleads Planning Committee

This is currently on the desk of Director of Planning Alan Menzies.

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East Riding Council: Pocklington Pollution Failure

Despite my raising “Bund Works – Pocklington Beck Pollution” ERYC have failed to address the situation since Friday.

As this could have been a planning enforcement issue or an Environment Agency issue I referred the matter to the ERYC Head of Planning and an Enforcement Officer. The Enforcement officer was on holiday and the Head of Department was out of office for the day. After numerous phone calls a planning officer phoned me back.

His response:

“Following our discussion this morning regarding the concerns expressed about the water quality at Pocklington Beck I’ve tried to discuss the matter with our regular contacts at the Environment Agency, as I advised you that this would appear to be a matter within their jurisdiction. Unfortunately, I’ve had no response but I have discovered that the Environment Agency have a hotline where such matters can be reported. You may wish to contact them directly through this option.

Our Planning Enforcement officer has been made aware of the situation but as a potential pollution of a watercourse incident, any action that can be considered through the Town and Country Planning Act may be limited.”

Pocklington has a potential pollution issue or a planning issue and ERYC cannot even contact the EA or send an ERYC Planning Enforcement Officer to investigate?

The incident was reported on Thursday night and as of Monday morning still no action. This is a disgrace. Why can ERYC not contact the EA when there is a potential pollution of a water course?

I am in no doubt that this would have received a better response if it happened in Beverley.

I have refered the matter to ERYC Chief Executive, Caroline Lacey requesting that she addresses the situation as a matter of urgency. In addition I have requested that she carries out an immediate investigation into not only why ERYC are unable to contact the EA but also why they are unable to send out a Planning Enforcement Officer.

This is not good enough for Pocklington or anywhere in the East Riding.

Yet again I despair at ERYC. They are in shambles.

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Garrowby View – Mattress Fly Tipping

The lengths that some will go to fly tip never ceases to amaze. Someone has fly tipped a mattress on the start of path 8 off Garrowby View, Stamford Bridge.

I have requested ERYC to remove it at the earliest opportunity.

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ERYC Planning Director Misleads Planning Committee

On 14 August 2018 ERYC Director of Planning, Alan Menzies, mislead the Western Area Sub-Committee with regards the Planning Application for St Georges Place, Pocklington on Kirkland Street by falsely stating:

“The surrounding area does not have on-street parking restrictions”

Almost the full length of Kirkland Street has double yellows.

Upon my making the planning committee aware of the misleading information given to them by Alan Menzies the application was rejected 5 to 4.


  1. Four Conservative Cllrs voted to accept an application despite the fact that the information was false.
  2. Conservative Pocklington Provincial Cllr Claude Mole failed to raise the issue of the false information with the planning committee.
  3. Conservative Pocklington Provincial Cllr Kay West failed to raise the issue of the false information with the planning committee.
  4. Conservative dominated Pocklington Town Council failed to raise the issue of the false information with the planning committee.

When the above is consider in the light of Pock Provincial Tories Silence On Bungalows it is reasonable for Pocklington, Pocklington Provincial and East Riding residents to ask what is going on with planning at ERYC?

Why are the Conservatives constantly failing to undertake the checks and balances – the very reason they are elected?

Questions For Alan Menzies

  1. How can such a blatant mistake be made?
  2. How do you propose to prevent such mistakes being made in the future?
  3. How many similar mistakes have been made in the past?
  4. Will you be issuing a public apology for your mistake?
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