ERYC Closed – Due To Staff Shortages

After yesterday exposing how the City of York Council left a Terrorist Gate Open on New Year’s Eve. Today I can confirm that ERYC also failed on New Year’s Eve. A yellow or blue shirt makes no difference to the incompetence of Local Authorities.

Early afternoon on New Year’s Eve a notice on the doors to County Hall shamefully stated:

“Due to staff shortages we are closed.”

“Due to staff shortages” was Tesco, McDonald’s, Care Homes, or Hospitals closed early afternoon on New Year’s Eve?

East Riding Council Taxpayers do not pay their ever-increasing Council Tax to be denied access to County Hall or other services.

ERYC needs to start stating the facts and admit its failures. This is not “due to staff shortages” as demonstrated by Tesco, Mcdonalds, etc… remaining open. This is due to ERYC Cllrs and Senior Officers failing to address the ongoing bullying culture which has and continues to result in the exodus of staff.

It is time for a change in the bullying culture at County Hall before more services that have been paid for by East Riding residents are deemed unavailable “due to staff shortages”.

Expect a further Council Tax rise in April to pay for the staff shortages!

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New Years Eve – Terrorist Gate Open

It never ceases to amaze me how Local Authorities (Councils) appear to be devoid of morals and common sense.

Lendal Terrorist Barrier – Open 19.38 December 31

Some believe I am anti the Conservative Party as I hold the Tory dominated ERYC to account on a regular basis. I can assure everyone that the colour of the shirt, be it blue, red or yellow, makes no difference to my holding to account or the fact that common sense is not that common after all within Local Authorities.

I have never understood the bizarre anti-terrorist structures across UK towns including those in York. Will the terrorist attacks now not happen outside the structures? I appreciate this is a rather simple question that a child would ask.

The Liberal Democrat dominated City of York Council went a step further last night by having the barrier fully open on Lendal. Does this not negate the purpose of the barriers?

Perhaps terrorists take the last day of the year off.

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Stamford Bridge Boundary Change – Part 2

Having confirmed Part 1 of the Stamford Bridge Parish boundary change in July I can now share an update about Part 2 of the boundary change.

Photo That Inspired The Change

When I instigated the Stamford Bridge Parish boundary change in 2017, while serving as the ERYC Independent Councillor for Stamford Bridge, I was aware of the required two parts to the change.

If the second part of the boundary change is confirmed it will mean that residents of Godwin Vale will be able to vote for Councillors to represent them at ERYC in the same way all other Stamford Bridge residents can currently. In essence, Godwin Vale residents will finally become a full part of Stamford Bridge. Common sense will prevail.

ERYC yesterday confirmed:

“The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is undertaking the necessary work to review the boundary of Pocklington Provinical Ward and Wolds Weighton Ward.

You will recall that this is necessary following the completion of the community governance review of the arrangements relating to the parishes of Stamford Bridge and Skirpenbeck. This has resulted in the properties on the Godwin Vale development becoming part of the parish of Stamford Bridge rather than Skirpenbeck parish. The approved changes resulted in a consequential situation whereby the existing boundary between the Ward boundaries will not follow the new boundary between Stamford Bridge and Skirpenbeck.

As part of this work, the LGBCE has asked me to gather any specific feedback from local interested parties with regards to the proposal to amend the local ward boundary between Pockington Provincial and Wolds Weighton wards. The change will ensure that the ward boundary will follow the revised parish boundary making it coterminous as is the electoral custom. This will ensure that the residents of Godwin Vale (who are affected by the change) will vote in Stamford Bridge for all elections and not in Skirpenbeck parish as is currently the position.

The LGBCE is seeking to implement any changes in time for the May 2023 local elections (in line with the change to the parish boundary).”

Tory Councillors Silence

I wonder why the three ERYC Conservative Councillors from Pocklington Provincial and the three ERYC Conservative Councillors from Wolds Weighton have not informed residents of this latest news?

Further Information

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Damning Ofsted Report Again For ERYC

Parents and Carers across the East Riding, especially those of SEND children, will not be surprised that Ofsted has issued a second damning Report about ERYC.

As many will have not seen the Ofsted Report 1 December 2021 ERYC I highlight just a small section of the shameful report.

  • There are long-standing and systemic weaknesses in the area’s provision for SEND. These weaknesses predate the pandemic. There is an acute shortage of suitable school places for children and young people who require specialist provision.
  • Overwhelmingly, parents and carers who responded to Ofsted’s survey or communicated with the inspection team describe the experience of getting the provision to which their child or young person with SEND is entitled as a fight.
  • Parents and carers report that their children and young people are waiting too long to be seen by the child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) and the neurodiversity team.
  • There is insufficient SEND provision in the East Riding of Yorkshire to meet the needs of children and young people
  • The wheelchair service for the East Riding of Yorkshire has had, and is having,
    serious delays with the provision and repair of wheelchairs.  This is having a direct and detrimental impact on the health and well-being of children who use a wheelchair.

Bullying Culture Must End

Until ERYC senior officers and Councillors acknowledge that they have a major issue with bullying, and address it, the exodus of staff will continue.

The halting of the exodus is key to ensuring a Children Services fit for the needs of East Riding Children.

When will the first of the 67 ERYC Councillors make a public statement against the bullying culture?

Further Information

Please read and circulate to your networks the Ofsted Reports below:

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My East Riding – Where Jonathan Matters

Many East Riding residents are rather tired and disgusted by the ERYC mantra “Where everyone matters” as many are aware this is far from the truth especially those who have dealt with ERYC Children and Adult Services.

Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen – Page 2

In the latest issue of the ERYC propaganda magazine “Your East Riding”, aka “The Leaders East Riding”, the ERYC Leader demonstrates that it is he who matters with three images for his disciples to worship before.

Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen – Page 4

Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen – Page 5

It would appear that the East Riding mantra needs to be changed to “My East Riding – Where Jonathan Matters”.

Jonathan, your ego is getting the better of you. I would suggest that you consider this for the next issue. It does not reflect well on either you or ERYC.

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East Riding – Cooking The Books Evidence

After publishing East Riding – Cooking The Books and receiving feedback from my various sources with ears close to numerous ERYC Councillors I can confirm that said Councillors are questioning the credibility of what I state.

It would seem, yet again, one to file under “our officers are perfect”!

I would have thought by now that everyone would realise that Strangeway DOES NOT bluff. I will always have evidence to support what I state.

Evidence – A Sample

I could assure everyone that I have in my possession all the required documents to support everything I have published. This includes emails between various parties and invoices sent to Parents/Carers by Mires Beck.

Redacted Invoice

I can confirm that I have had sight of this invoice unredacted. I recommend that if any of the 67 ERYC Councillors question the authenticity of this invoice they contact Mires Beck who will confirm this is their invoice.

10 Years And 9 Months Prison Sentence

I draw everyone’s attention to yesterdays Hull Daily Mail:

Greedy husband and manipulative wife jailed after fleecing two councils of £500k

I quote the article:

  • fleecing two councils of about £500,000
  • The loss to Hull City Council was at least £200,097 and for East Riding Council it was £204,952
  • He also denied false accounting on February 24, 2015 by falsifying a document for accounting purposes
  • that the fraud involved grossly inflating invoices
  • charged for huge numbers of hours that were never actually worked
  • Invoices were fiddled
  • The Reeders “deliberately and dishonestly deceived two local authorities” into paying their companies
  • They submitted invoices to Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council for work which had not been done
  • This fraud has the potential to make social care provision extremely difficult
  • Dimitri Reeder was jailed for six years. Claire Reeder was jailed for four years and nine months.

Compare this case to the Mires Beck scandal

“Julian Neilson, of East Riding Council, said that the fraud placed extra pressure on social care budgets at a time when they were under “enormous strain” and during a period of public sector austerity.”

ERYC is involved in the Mires Beck “cooking the books” scandal themselves!

Two Simple Questions

  • Who will take a share of the “10 years and 9 months” in this case?
  • Will the 67 ERYC Councillors now finally act?
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East Riding – Cooking The Books

Having observed the shameful banning of Independent Supported Living (ISL) residents being continually banned from Mires Beck over recent months due to ERYC policy I am of the opinion that ERYC is cooking the books.

Please read Mires Beck for full information.

In essence, ERYC provides finance to parents/carers of those who are ISL residents. This is then paid by the parent/carers to Mires Beck for day services. All of this is normal but NOT in the last 20 months.

For reasons unknown, East Riding residents are banned from Mires Beck while Hull residents are permitted. The only difference is the East Riding policy which appears to be driven by Yvonne Rhodes, ERYC Head of Business Management and Commissioning. Yet East Riding has informed the parents/carers that:

‘pay your day care provider the same weekly amount that you did before the pandemic, even if you do not receive the same amount of service as before’

This “policy” of Yvonne Rhodes (with no approval of Full Council) has wasted a six-figure sum of Council Tax for nothing. Mires Beck is being paid for a service they are not providing.

Council Tax is charged to pay for services. East Riding residents do not pay their Council Tax for it to be used to pay for no service. Yet this is exactly what is happening.

The books are being cooked and the parents/carers are being used as pawns by East Riding to do this. Are we witnessing fraud or money laundering? I am happy, for now, to use the term cooking the books.


Perhaps it is not purely coincidence that:

  • John Skidmore, ERYC Director of Adult Services retired and
  • Yvonne Rhodes, ERYC Head of Business Management and Commissioning is retiring

Urgent Action Required

I firmly believe, and indeed encourage East Riding Council Taxpayers, especially those parents/carers trapped in this to refer everything they know to:

  • ERYC Auditors – Any potential misuse of the public purse MUST be referred to the ERYC Auditors. All 67 ERYC Councillors MUST do this with immediate effect.
  • The Charity Commission – As Mires Beck is a charity this MUST be referred to The Charity Commission.
  • Mires Beck Trustees – The Trustees of Mires Beck have a legal duty to ensure that the Mires Beck adheres to all principles of their charity status. A failure to do this can result in the loss of Charity status. The Trustees MUST exercise their full duty.
  • ERYC Councillors – Councillors are ultimately the “Trustees” of ERYC. They MUST ensure that the public purse is not misused. They MUST act.

I firmly believe that the parents/carers have understandably placed their trust in ERYC but sadly ERYC has betrayed that trust and involved the parents/carers in what could be considered as cooking the books.

I encourage all East Riding residents to raise these concerns with their ERYC Councillor and demand action.

My work here is done.

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Welcome To Meek Mary

It is my pleasure to introduce Meek Mary. Mary will be a regular contributor to Andy Strangeway – Independent.


Mary, meek and mild.

I work hard every day, then home to my family that is me.

Years I work amongst the privileged. I was privileged in that this let me hear everything.

More importantly, I heard because I was not valued, I wasn’t noticed, silently absorbing lie after lie, watching the change of the masks meeting to meeting.

Now I have heard enough, it’s time to start to share my knowledge, it’s time to help people fight back, to expose the bullies, give voices to the ignored, and create a proper future for our children, and loved ones.

Meek Mary, always unheard, always unnoticed, not worthy of attention, no value to her involvement. She will serve the coffee, prepare the room, then tidy away after for you, invisible that’s her.

But she hears everything that’s Mary. You ooze confidence, you spill over power, your expensive suits, people look up to you, you boast of achievements.

Mary heard as you talk of the policies, you draw up the plans, then she watches you file them, then no more. She knows it’s an act, a panto of power, you have won over the people, the minutes you write will never be shared. Yet Mary knows this is just token, a gesture to silence the people.

Walking the corridors, past the photocopier, Mary greets them and acquires a nod. Even sitting on the loo, they continue to talk that’s what they always do. They talk and what amazes Mary, is how the story changes, from person to person these actors are great.

So what’s there to say? Well let Mary tell you, politics, money, what’s the cover up today?

So children are failed. No Educational Health Plan today, your preparing for adulthood, hey let’s wait till your 18th birthday.

The gods in the ivory tower,  they know their failings, but will never face them, trained in denial, trained to deflect.

Mr Skidmore, where did you go? You were the best a true showman that’s you.

But where did you go retirement? Where was the leaving celebrations? Where was the notice? You left in silence, just tiptoed away. Certainly not the show man that Mary do know,?

Hmmmm Day Care. Failure to provide preparing for adulthood oh OFSTED is coming, the draft report is out, are people running?

Where is Mr Thompson having a holiday?

Could Mr Thompson be moving to pastures greener? Is that because he failed? Does he know that the Ofsted report is coming too?

Carers on their knees, individuals in crisis no one to turn to, this is the truth outside of the theatre.

Well guys Meek Mary is here to tell you all what she gets to hear. Mary will make sure that voices are heard, changes will be made, and as the ivory tower empties its structure will fall.

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Independent Supported Living – The Liar Named

As the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) continues to ban Independent Supported Living residents I believe it is time for me to put some meat on the bones.

  • Fact 1

The question as to why Mires Beck is still being paid for non-provision of service has not been addressed by Council Officials or staff at Mires Beck.

Why are Councillors accepting this?

Could someone pass me the back scratcher?

  • Fact 2

Yvonne Rhodes, ERYC Head of Business Management and Commissioning is going to retire as I knew when I published Yvonne Rhodes – Time To “Retire”!  last Wednesday. Thanks for the email Yvonne.

I can also confirm that Yvonne Rhodes is a liar. I have the evidence to support my statement as Yvonne will be aware. If ERYC or Yvonne what to attempt legal action against me for this statement I would welcome my day in court.

Please do advise me about the requirements of the Care Act 2014 Yvonne or perhaps you would like my experts to assist you.

  • Fact 3

The 67 Councillors are acting as mere puppets to those on the top floor of County Hall. Their idea of “holding to account” is asking the same officers a question that the said officer answers in exactly the same way that the resident has questioned.

That is how it works at ERYC. There is no holding to account. As a current Councillor once correctly said to me when I was an Independent ERYC Councillor:

“You are right, we are all too cosy with each other”.

About To Get Worse

After six years, if those on the top floor and the 67 Councillors still believe Andy Strangeway will eventually go away they are residing in the land of the cuckoos.

In the interests of clean hands, I am delighted to confirm things are about to get a lot worse for those Councillors and their “friends” on the top floor.

Truth is great, it will prevail, Strangeway will publish it and what is about to be published will be more damning than ever.

My hands are now clean. Notice is served.

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Nickerson Disgrace Triggers ERYC Leadership Rumours

Many will have been disgusted by the conduct of ERYC Conservative Councillor Paul Nickerson this week.

ERYC Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen – Under Pressure

The current ERYC Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen only became the Leader by the skin of his teeth in April 2019. I stated this would happen a month earlier!

I can now confirm that “rumours abound” with talk of a Leadership bid by the “old guard”.

Given that one vote cast for Jonathan was by the disgraced Cllr Nickerson, who is currently suspended, all is to play for.

It would seem that Jonathan has not helped himself having made the fatal error of not keeping his enemies near. As such I am hearing that a couple of disgruntled Cllrs can be bought. Keep a close eye on Cabinet seats and Chairs of certain committees. Both pay a significant five-figure sum on top of the basic allowance.

Further Information

Please see Councillor Paul Nickerson for further information.

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