East Riding – Cooking The Books Evidence

After publishing East Riding – Cooking The Books and receiving feedback from my various sources with ears close to numerous ERYC Councillors I can confirm that said Councillors are questioning the credibility of what I state.

It would seem, yet again, one to file under “our officers are perfect”!

I would have thought by now that everyone would realise that Strangeway DOES NOT bluff. I will always have evidence to support what I state.

Evidence – A Sample

I could assure everyone that I have in my possession all the required documents to support everything I have published. This includes emails between various parties and invoices sent to Parents/Carers by Mires Beck.

Redacted Invoice

I can confirm that I have had sight of this invoice unredacted. I recommend that if any of the 67 ERYC Councillors question the authenticity of this invoice they contact Mires Beck who will confirm this is their invoice.

10 Years And 9 Months Prison Sentence

I draw everyone’s attention to yesterdays Hull Daily Mail:

Greedy husband and manipulative wife jailed after fleecing two councils of £500k

I quote the article:

  • fleecing two councils of about £500,000
  • The loss to Hull City Council was at least £200,097 and for East Riding Council it was £204,952
  • He also denied false accounting on February 24, 2015 by falsifying a document for accounting purposes
  • that the fraud involved grossly inflating invoices
  • charged for huge numbers of hours that were never actually worked
  • Invoices were fiddled
  • The Reeders “deliberately and dishonestly deceived two local authorities” into paying their companies
  • They submitted invoices to Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council for work which had not been done
  • This fraud has the potential to make social care provision extremely difficult
  • Dimitri Reeder was jailed for six years. Claire Reeder was jailed for four years and nine months.

Compare this case to the Mires Beck scandal

“Julian Neilson, of East Riding Council, said that the fraud placed extra pressure on social care budgets at a time when they were under “enormous strain” and during a period of public sector austerity.”

ERYC is involved in the Mires Beck “cooking the books” scandal themselves!

Two Simple Questions

  • Who will take a share of the “10 years and 9 months” in this case?
  • Will the 67 ERYC Councillors now finally act?
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East Riding – Cooking The Books

Having observed the shameful banning of Independent Supported Living (ISL) residents being continually banned from Mires Beck over recent months due to ERYC policy I am of the opinion that ERYC is cooking the books.

Please read Mires Beck for full information.

In essence, ERYC provides finance to parents/carers of those who are ISL residents. This is then paid by the parent/carers to Mires Beck for day services. All of this is normal but NOT in the last 20 months.

For reasons unknown, East Riding residents are banned from Mires Beck while Hull residents are permitted. The only difference is the East Riding policy which appears to be driven by Yvonne Rhodes, ERYC Head of Business Management and Commissioning. Yet East Riding has informed the parents/carers that:

‘pay your day care provider the same weekly amount that you did before the pandemic, even if you do not receive the same amount of service as before’

This “policy” of Yvonne Rhodes (with no approval of Full Council) has wasted a six-figure sum of Council Tax for nothing. Mires Beck is being paid for a service they are not providing.

Council Tax is charged to pay for services. East Riding residents do not pay their Council Tax for it to be used to pay for no service. Yet this is exactly what is happening.

The books are being cooked and the parents/carers are being used as pawns by East Riding to do this. Are we witnessing fraud or money laundering? I am happy, for now, to use the term cooking the books.


Perhaps it is not purely coincidence that:

  • John Skidmore, ERYC Director of Adult Services retired and
  • Yvonne Rhodes, ERYC Head of Business Management and Commissioning is retiring

Urgent Action Required

I firmly believe, and indeed encourage East Riding Council Taxpayers, especially those parents/carers trapped in this to refer everything they know to:

  • ERYC Auditors – Any potential misuse of the public purse MUST be referred to the ERYC Auditors. All 67 ERYC Councillors MUST do this with immediate effect.
  • The Charity Commission – As Mires Beck is a charity this MUST be referred to The Charity Commission.
  • Mires Beck Trustees – The Trustees of Mires Beck have a legal duty to ensure that the Mires Beck adheres to all principles of their charity status. A failure to do this can result in the loss of Charity status. The Trustees MUST exercise their full duty.
  • ERYC Councillors – Councillors are ultimately the “Trustees” of ERYC. They MUST ensure that the public purse is not misused. They MUST act.

I firmly believe that the parents/carers have understandably placed their trust in ERYC but sadly ERYC has betrayed that trust and involved the parents/carers in what could be considered as cooking the books.

I encourage all East Riding residents to raise these concerns with their ERYC Councillor and demand action.

My work here is done.

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Welcome To Meek Mary

It is my pleasure to introduce Meek Mary. Mary will be a regular contributor to Andy Strangeway – Independent.


Mary, meek and mild.

I work hard every day, then home to my family that is me.

Years I work amongst the privileged. I was privileged in that this let me hear everything.

More importantly, I heard because I was not valued, I wasn’t noticed, silently absorbing lie after lie, watching the change of the masks meeting to meeting.

Now I have heard enough, it’s time to start to share my knowledge, it’s time to help people fight back, to expose the bullies, give voices to the ignored, and create a proper future for our children, and loved ones.

Meek Mary, always unheard, always unnoticed, not worthy of attention, no value to her involvement. She will serve the coffee, prepare the room, then tidy away after for you, invisible that’s her.

But she hears everything that’s Mary. You ooze confidence, you spill over power, your expensive suits, people look up to you, you boast of achievements.

Mary heard as you talk of the policies, you draw up the plans, then she watches you file them, then no more. She knows it’s an act, a panto of power, you have won over the people, the minutes you write will never be shared. Yet Mary knows this is just token, a gesture to silence the people.

Walking the corridors, past the photocopier, Mary greets them and acquires a nod. Even sitting on the loo, they continue to talk that’s what they always do. They talk and what amazes Mary, is how the story changes, from person to person these actors are great.

So what’s there to say? Well let Mary tell you, politics, money, what’s the cover up today?

So children are failed. No Educational Health Plan today, your preparing for adulthood, hey let’s wait till your 18th birthday.

The gods in the ivory tower,  they know their failings, but will never face them, trained in denial, trained to deflect.

Mr Skidmore, where did you go? You were the best a true showman that’s you.

But where did you go retirement? Where was the leaving celebrations? Where was the notice? You left in silence, just tiptoed away. Certainly not the show man that Mary do know,?

Hmmmm Day Care. Failure to provide preparing for adulthood oh OFSTED is coming, the draft report is out, are people running?

Where is Mr Thompson having a holiday?

Could Mr Thompson be moving to pastures greener? Is that because he failed? Does he know that the Ofsted report is coming too?

Carers on their knees, individuals in crisis no one to turn to, this is the truth outside of the theatre.

Well guys Meek Mary is here to tell you all what she gets to hear. Mary will make sure that voices are heard, changes will be made, and as the ivory tower empties its structure will fall.

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Independent Supported Living – The Liar Named

As the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) continues to ban Independent Supported Living residents I believe it is time for me to put some meat on the bones.

  • Fact 1

The question as to why Mires Beck is still being paid for non-provision of service has not been addressed by Council Officials or staff at Mires Beck.

Why are Councillors accepting this?

Could someone pass me the back scratcher?

  • Fact 2

Yvonne Rhodes, ERYC Head of Business Management and Commissioning is going to retire as I knew when I published Yvonne Rhodes – Time To “Retire”!  last Wednesday. Thanks for the email Yvonne.

I can also confirm that Yvonne Rhodes is a liar. I have the evidence to support my statement as Yvonne will be aware. If ERYC or Yvonne what to attempt legal action against me for this statement I would welcome my day in court.

Please do advise me about the requirements of the Care Act 2014 Yvonne or perhaps you would like my experts to assist you.

  • Fact 3

The 67 Councillors are acting as mere puppets to those on the top floor of County Hall. Their idea of “holding to account” is asking the same officers a question that the said officer answers in exactly the same way that the resident has questioned.

That is how it works at ERYC. There is no holding to account. As a current Councillor once correctly said to me when I was an Independent ERYC Councillor:

“You are right, we are all too cosy with each other”.

About To Get Worse

After six years, if those on the top floor and the 67 Councillors still believe Andy Strangeway will eventually go away they are residing in the land of the cuckoos.

In the interests of clean hands, I am delighted to confirm things are about to get a lot worse for those Councillors and their “friends” on the top floor.

Truth is great, it will prevail, Strangeway will publish it and what is about to be published will be more damning than ever.

My hands are now clean. Notice is served.

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Nickerson Disgrace Triggers ERYC Leadership Rumours

Many will have been disgusted by the conduct of ERYC Conservative Councillor Paul Nickerson this week.

ERYC Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen – Under Pressure

The current ERYC Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen only became the Leader by the skin of his teeth in April 2019. I stated this would happen a month earlier!

I can now confirm that “rumours abound” with talk of a Leadership bid by the “old guard”.

Given that one vote cast for Jonathan was by the disgraced Cllr Nickerson, who is currently suspended, all is to play for.

It would seem that Jonathan has not helped himself having made the fatal error of not keeping his enemies near. As such I am hearing that a couple of disgruntled Cllrs can be bought. Keep a close eye on Cabinet seats and Chairs of certain committees. Both pay a significant five-figure sum on top of the basic allowance.

Further Information

Please see Councillor Paul Nickerson for further information.

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Yvonne Rhodes – Time To “Retire”!

Five weeks ago I exposed the Top Secret “retirement” of John Skidmore, ERYC Director of Adult Services.

Mires Beck – Yvonne Rhodes Waterloo

Given the shameful fiasco of ERYC banning Independent Supported Living (ISL) residents from accessing day services since March 2020 should Yvonne Rhodes, ERYC Head of Business Management and Commissioning, also now “retire”?

Would that be two senior officers Strangeway has “turned over”? Who is next?

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Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 3

Having published Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 1 and Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 2 the time has now arrived for …wait for it…Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 3.

We can now conclude that former Tory Group Secretary Cllr Felicity Temple:

  1. Part 1 – Did not seem to “deal with the rules in full or the advice fully either.”
  2. Part 2 – Conducts her duties in such a way that “the matter is now with solicitors.”
  3. Part 3 – Failed to provide “minutes of the relevant meetings requested.”

Given such “failings” and the passing of Paul Lisseter why was no action taken against Cllr Temple by the Conservative Group?

Why was she not, at the very least suspended?

Kindness In The Workplace Petition

The good news is the ‘kindness in the workplace’ petition of Tory Cllrs wanting to kick out Cllr Felicity Temple did receive a lot of signatures.

Cllr Felicity Temple

Why is there a “kindness in the workplace petition” but no suspension?

Skeletons In The Closet Insurance Policy

I would suggest that if the Court of Public Opinion had knowledge of the “skeletons in the closet insurance policies” a light bulb moment would result.

In simple terms – Certain Cllrs have “skeletons in the closets”. Other Cllrs know, and in some circumstances hold evidence, about said “skeletons”.

Some may consider this to be the ingredients for blackmail to control. As always Strangeway knows nowt!

But if Strangeway did, should he start to name those with said “skeletons” but not name the “skeletons” until later?

Further Information

I would like to embrace the season of goodwill early and confirm that I will now put the Lisseter Files away under lock and key until next year.

Did I hear a massive sigh of relief from certain Tory Cllrs?

Finally, can anyone remind me when the next election is?

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Cllr Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff Named Again

Last Monday at the Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) meeting I witnessed the Conservative Group walkout due to concerns regards member safety.

SBC Cllr Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff

Especially given the safety concerns following the murder of Sir David Amess MP I fully endorse the walkout. I remain surprised that the Conservative Group did not name the SBC Councillor that is causing the concern as I had named her on 2 February 2021. This remained unchallenged:

In the public interest, I publish the recording below and offer it to the Court of Public Opinion.


NB: I can confirm that this telephone conversation was conducted over speakerphone and witnessed by a third party.

When will the SBC Leadership tackle this horrific Safeguarding issue?

Further Information

The full transcript can be read at:

I published this on 21 January 2021. This also remains unchallenged.

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Access To Day Services Scandal Continues

Having first exposed the Mires Beck Independent Supported Living (ISL) scandal on 20 September 2021 I am astounded by the need to put further information before the Court of Public Opinion, local media, and national media.

I will cut straight to the chase.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) has been paying Mires Beck each month to provide some disabled people with a service where they can develop skills and grow in confidence and self-esteem.

Despite ERYC paying Mires Beck for this service ERYC are refusing to allow those disabled individuals living in Independent Supported Living (ISL) to attend Mires Beck and are also refusing to engage with those living in ISL if they want to move to another private day service … given that each individual has to pay a proportion of the payments to Mires Beck from their own disability payments this seems totally unfair and defies belief…

The question must be asked …what are they paying for and why?

In 2020 in excess of £500,000 was paid jointly by ERYC and Hull City Council to Mires Beck for providing day services to disabled people – this is an increase on 2019 figures despite a number of people living in ISL being denied access, yet they still have to pay. The exact figures are a matter of public record at Companies House and the Charity Commission.

Never forget that is £500,000 per annum that East Riding and Hull residents pay via their Council Tax. In normal times I believe it is worth every penny to support East Riding and Hull ISL residents for an excellent service.

When will this ban end on ISL service users returning to day services?

My question must be – just why are Mires Beck receiving such large amounts of money from the public purse for a non-existent service?

What the hell is going on?

To make matters worse ISL residents could source alternative services immediately from a range of alternative Private Providers but ERYC is blocking this as well. All that needs to happen is for an ERYC Panel to confirm that the finance can be paid instead to an approved Private Provider and everyone is happy. It would not cost ERYC another penny.

But ERYC will not refer requests to the Panel!

  • So why is ERYC banning access to Mires Beck?
  • Why is ERYC not offering alternative Private Providers, who are willing to take ISL individuals?
  • Why is Council Tax money being spent for nowt in return?

Finally, why have those Officials from Mires Beck, ERYC Officers, and Councillors collectively gone into silent mode with the Parents/Carers – have they never heard of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and their statutory obligations under The Code of Practice 2007?


Further Information

For further information please read:

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ERYC Councillors – The Exodus Begins

I am aware of numerous ERYC Councillors who will not be standing for reelection in May 2023.

Councillor David Rudd

After making, what would appear to be a Nazi comment under the influence of alcohol, I am informed that Wolds Weighton Ward Councillor Tory David Rudd will not be standing for reelection. Some say he would not be selected!

Wolds Weighton Independent

Many have been disgusted by the conduct over the past year or so of the disgraced former ERYC Deputy Leader Councillor Mike Stathers, a fellow Wolds Weighton Tory Councillor of our David.

There are rumours circulating that a former Independent ERYC Councillor who lives in Wolds Weighton Ward has been approached by residents to stand against the Tories. It would appear that the bullying, planning fiasco and Nazi comment are proving unacceptable for some Wolds Weighton residents.

As always Strangeway knows nowt!

NB: Wolds Weighton Ward covers Market Weighton, Full Sutton, North Dalton etc…

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