Advant Site: Cable Made Safe

I am pleased to confirm that the cable hanging from the hedge of the Advant site in Stamford Bridge into the manhole below has been made safe.

Well done ERYC for the prompt action.

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ERYC Bullying: Child Abuse Victim Speaks Out

Child abuse victim Graham Baverstock today requested that Councillor Andy Strangeway visit him as his advocate at Scarborough Hospital to enable him to have his opinions recorded about how ERYC have failed to provide him with care and bullied him in the process.

Graham has confirmed:

  1. He wants ERYC to cease phoning him as he feels bullied, the calls exhaust him and have a detrimental effect on his health.
  2. He wants a care assessment in his home with his advocate Councillor Andy Strangeway present.
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Main Street Footpath Encroachment – Kind Resident

I would like to thank the kind Stamford Bridge resident who cut back the hedge that was encroaching onto the main street footpath. The encroachment was caused by a small tree damaged as a result of the recent high winds.

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Byelaws Must Not Duplicate National Legislation

A basic principle of a Council introducing a byelaw is that the byelaw must not duplicate national legislation. Yet Scarborough Borough Council have done just that.

Their “Car Crusing is Prohibited” byelaw duplicates national legislation and thus wastes Council Tax payers resources.

In addition I believe SBC may have inadvertently created a loophole for a clever lawyer to prevent their client received points on their licence by stating they should be dealt with as per the byelaw not national legislation.

I have requested SBC to inform me why they have duplicated national legislation.

NB: When I refer to byelaw I mean this in a broad sense. Of course this is a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).

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ERYC Standards Remit: Silence True Opposition

It has been confirmed that the remit of the ERYC Standards Committee is to silence true opposition in County Hall.

Councillor Walker – Chaired Standards Hearing That Breached Legislation

From 1 May 2017 to 30 April 2018 ERYC received 43 complaints against Councillors.

This included ERYC Councillors (of whom there are 67) and Councillors from 168 Parish/Town Councils within the East Riding (an estimated total of circa 1,350 Councillors).

Of these, only six complaints had led to Standards Committee Hearings, four of which were against me.

“In all six cases breaches of at least two paragraphs of the adopted Code of Conduct had been found. The Hearings resulted in the following recommendations being made to the appropriate authority:- censure; the writing of a letter of apology and removal of posts from a blog; removal of a copy of an email from a blog; removal of access to confidential papers until the end of the Councillor’s term of office; removal from the membership of a Council Committee; non-consideration for the membership of any Overview and Scrutiny Review Panel”

To do this ERYC breached legislation to achieve subjective opinions in an attempt to silence me.

They have failed.

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Sutton Upon Derwent Manhole Tarmacked Over

Resurfacing of roads in the current economic climate is always welcome. Indeed the recent resurface of Main Street, Sutton Upon Derwent had the added bonus of preventing the manhole cover rattling.

The bad news is that the manhole, at the junction of Main Street and Wynam Lane, was tarmacked over and in now fully secured.

Given the issue with flooding in Sutton Upon Derwent I have requested ERYC to take the necessary action to ensure the manhole is accessible when required.

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Advant Site: Cable Footpath Obstruction

For reasons unknown for the past month or so a cable has hung from the hedge of the Advant site in Stamford Bridge into the manhole below.

As residents have raised concerns about this I have requested ERYC to take the required action to not only make this safe but also prevent it obstructing the footpath.

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Stamford Bridge Main Street Footpath Encroachment

As a hedge on Main Street, Stamford Bridge has encroached over the footpath I have requested ERYC to action the required maintenance.

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Church Road Footpath Maintenance

ERYC have stated: “I can confirm that a street cleansing team will be deployed to clear the leaves from the footpath on Church Road, Stamford Bridge, at the earliest opportunity.”

I am sure this will include the soil as well.

Well done ERYC.

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ERYC Confirm Failure To Employ Care Staff

Yesterday Lee Thompson, ERYC Head of Adult Services, confirmed that ERYC have failed to employ enough care staff.

He stated:

“Whilst last week we had care hours available, this week it has proved more difficult to secure hours due to the overall demands for care and support.”

Translation – ERYC have not employed enough care staff to fulfil their statutory duty.

Graham Baverstock – Tip of The Iceberg

This clearly shows why ERYC are shamefully giving Graham the run around as they do not have the care staff to fulfil their legal duty to Graham and countless other East Riding residents.

My sources in County Hall inform me that up to a third of care workers are off work on sick. Many of those are on long-term sick.

I have requested ERYC to inform me under the FOI Act:

  1. For each of the past 5 years how many care staff have been off work on sick?
  2. For each of the past 5 years how many care staff have been off work on long-term sick?

ERYC And Greg Knight MP

As I am of the opinion that ERYC do not employ enough care staff to fulfil their statutory duty I have requested they meet with Greg Knight MP to address the situation.

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