Roman Avenue South – Noisy Manhole Cover

A noisy manhole cover on Roman Avenue South, Stamford Bridge has been disturbing the sleep of numerous residents since ERYC resurfaced the road last summer.

A resident contacted ERYC in November to be told “Nowt to do with us, you need to contact Yorkshire Water”.

I then became involved. Given the statement of ERYC I contacted Yorkshire Water, who after several visits, failed to resolve the issue.

So first thing yesterday morning I requested a site visit with Yorkshire Water who confirmed it is indeed the responsibility of ERYC. They followed this up with an email this morning that confirms the position:

“I understand that a joint visit has now taken place, I’m sorry it took some time to arrange this.

The feedback confirms that the cover is indeed noisy however as East Yorkshire Highways replaced all the covers and frames in this road in July 2018, this issue would be their responsibility.

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch, I hope for the sake of yourself and the residents you manage to get this sorted, I can understand how frustrating and annoying this must be.”

The delay in addressing that which ERYC have responsibility for has resulted in considerable disturbance to residents sleep and quality of life.

Given the failure to address I have requested that ERYC deal with the man-hole at the earliest opportunity.

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Wheelwright Close Development – Breaching Planning Consent

The Land West Of Little Mead, Main Street Sutton Upon Derwent at the end of Wheelwright Close is currently been developed for the erection of three dwellings.

The Notice of Decision clearly states

The Construction Management Plan states

“All vehicle movements to and from the public highway (Main Street) will be via a Banksman.”

The reason for this is public safety, especially the safety of small children. For example when the ERYC Dustbin wagon goes down Wheelwright Close it reverses in and pulls out but only with two Banksmen walking in front.

Over recent weeks it has been drawn to my attention that the developer is failing to comply with the Notice of Decision by having HGVs and other vehicles enter and leave the site without a Banksman.

This morning I have seen footage to confirm this. I have forwarded the footage to ERYC and requested immediate action to ensure public safety.

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Pocklington Litter Bins – In Order

I am pleased to confirm that the Pocklington litter bins are now in order.

Please see Pocklington Litter Bins – Out Of Order

Well done ERYC.

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Moor Lane Fly Tipping/Litter Cleared

First thing Wednesday morning an ERYC officer was busy on Moor Lane clearing the fly tipping/litter which I only reported mid day Tuesday.

Prior To Being Cleared

Well done ERYC and credit due to the officer who was working in a professional manner as I drove past.

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ERYC Planning Request FSSPC To Correct Information

Having previously raised the issue of Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council circulating false/misleading information regards the new prison application I am pleased to see that this morning ERYC Head of Planning Stephen Hunt sent an email to FSSPC in an attempt to clarify false/misleading information they have published.

FSSPC Councillors Andrew Davies, Sarah Davies and Ruth Milling

It is inappropriate for a Parish Council to circulate information that causes extra work for ERYC. An objection submitted by the appropriate route takes minutes to process. While one sent via the method suggested by FSSPC takes over an hour.

Hopefully FSSPC will now ensure that false/misleading information on their website and all false/misleading information originating from them in “information” packs are corrected.

Email From Stephen Hunt TO FSSPC

“I write with regards to the above application and the ‘Prison Objection Documents’ on the Parish Council’s website.

I wonder if I may clarify one or two points on the ‘Instructions’ notes and the advice being given to the public regarding the submission of comments.

Firstly, the date by which comments should be submitted is not 15 February.  The consultation expiry date is currently 25 February (because we have had to carry out an additional consultation), but as you will be aware the Council does accept comments after the expiry date and up until the day before it is heard at Planning Committee.

Secondly, and as previously advised by James Chatfield a few weeks ago and myself during the meeting with the Parish Council on Monday, it would assist us greatly if comments were not sent to the case officer (Susan Hunt).  My reason for this request has also been posted on the Facebook page, but essentially sending comments direct to the case officer creates delay and double handling.  We are trying to process comments as quickly as possible and the quickest way for comments to be published is through Public Access.  If emails are sent, the email address for any correspondence and comments is  We have a dedicated team managing this email address who will redact any sensitive information and place the comment in the planning file ready for the case officer to read and publish.

Additionally there is no need to send responses to Alan Menzies as this leads to further duplication and delay particularly with the double handling or even triple handling of responses!

Thirdly, the note gives a Planning Committee date of 7 March. No date has yet been set for the application to be heard at Planning Committee. It is likely that the determination of the application will be extended beyond the 13 week period.  

I hope this clarifies matters.  I am not trying to discourage responses, but wish to encourage them to be submitted in the most efficient way so that we can publish them as quickly as possible.  By doing so we can also address some of the concerns locally regarding the time that it is taking to process comments.”

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New Prison Application Must be Refused

At the meeting I requested in County Hall on Monday which was attended by Planning officers, a fellow Ward Councillor and representatives of Stamford Bridge and Full Sutton Parish Councils to clarify any misunderstandings I was informed that there is no issue if I wish to make my opinions on the application public.

  • My Personal Position – I have no issue with the planned new prison.
  • Jobs – I welcome the potential new jobs.

As a Ward Councillor it is of no importance what my personal opinion is or how many jobs are to be created. I must purely consider the application in relation to Planning Legislation.

I can confirm that when I speak at the Planning Committee for this application I will state that THIS APPLICATION MUST BE REFUSED.

I will give my reasons at the meeting.

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Orchard Close Hedge – Job Half Done

Unfortunately only “half a job” was done on the hedge on the junction of Orchard Close, Pocklington that was becoming overgrown and causing a problem for mothers with prams and children walking past as it contained prickly growth.

The upper part of the hedge remains uncut and that which was cut has left exceedingly sharp branches sticking out into the footpath.

I have requested ERYC to take the required action at the earliest opportunity to ensure public safety.

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Hedge Cuttings Fly Tipping Removed

I am pleased to confirm that the hedge cuttings that have been fly tipped in the lay by between Stamford Bridge and Wilberfoss have now been removed.

Prior To removal

Well done ERYC.

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Gas Bottles Dumped

Between Ling Lane, Wilberfoss and south of Black Plantation two gas bottles have been dumped.

I have requested ERYC to removal the gas bottles at the earliest opportunity.

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Moor Lane Fly Tipping/Litter

The lay by on Moor Lane, Full Sutton is covered in fly tipping and litter. Indeed the road from there to the Prison has also litter strewn all over.

I have requested ERYC to remove the fly tipping from the lay by and to do a general litter pick on the road to the Prison.

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