200 Projects Completed

Since my election to office in April 2016 I have now completed 200 projects.

I would like to thank everyone who has requested my assistance. Together we are making a difference.

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Solvent Paint Wrongly Used In County Hall

ERYC have confirmed that the solvent based paints recently used in County Hall should not have been.

“Thank you for bringing the issue of the painting and decorating contractor using solvent based paints to our attention.

At the contract pre-start meeting, the use of solvent based paints was discussed with the contractor. The councils position was that solvent based paints would not be used without the the permission of the contract administrator. In this instance the contractor used them without permission. The contractor has been reprimanded and water based paint is now being used.”

Well done ERYC.

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Storking Lane Double Yellows – Order Confirmed

I am pleased to report that the order for the Storking Lane T junction double yellows has been confirmed.

Well done ERYC.

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New London Street Safety Measures

I am grateful to ERYC for informing me of further safety improvements to London Street following our recent site visit.

In addition to the previously announced repainting of yellow lines and school slow road markings ERYC have now been confirmed:

  1. That they have ordered new Keep Clear markings. The existing markings will be burned off and markings applied to the appropriate size. This should increase the free space adjacent to the private access and assist those residents exit their drive. There may be enough space to permit one southbound car to move in by approximately 0.5m-1m to allow northbound traffic past but it will not help longer/wider vehicles do so.
  2. Drivers of ERYC Fleet, Grounds and Refuse vehicles have been asked to avoid London Street during school start and finish times, unless they are working on that street and can’t avoid being there.

Well done ERYC.

I would like to thank those residents who contributed to this process.

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Tories Abandon Sutton Upon Derwent

On 11 October I stated that I believed the time had come for Councillor Kay West to do the decent thing. Apologise to Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council and request planning training.

In true Tory style instead of offering humble apologies at last Mondays Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Council meeting she cowardly sent a letter stating she would not be attending any more of their meetings.

Why do Tories struggle to say sorry?

Infamous Statements Of Kay West

Sutton Upon Derwent Parish Councillors were informed quite categorically by Conservative Councillor Kay West:

  • A Planning Officer does not take any comments into account when making a recommendation.
  • Only the committee listens to objections.
  • An application will automatically go to committee if objections are received.

Conservative Councillor Claude Mole Appearances

So rare are appearances by Councillor Claude Mole in Sutton Upon Derwent no one can recall his last attendance.

Thus the Tories have abandon Sutton Upon Derwent.

Code of Conduct Complaint

As Kay West is a Conservative there is no point in complaining about her conduct. The ERYC Code of Conduct is a Tory system to slap the wrists of none Tories who dare to question.

Kay West continues to sit on the Planning committee yet clearly does not understand the planning process.

Welcome to the world of ERYC Planning.

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Solvent Based Paints In County Hall

Over the past week the corridor outside my office at County Hall has been repainted. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, solvent based paints are being used.

Solvent based paints are not only bad for the environment but also a Health and Safety risk to those in County Hall. As ventilation is next to nil many will have experienced headaches including myself.

With 36 years experience as a Painter and Decorator, 33 of those running my own business, I use water based and acrylic paints 99% of the time.

Indeed places like hospitals and prisons insist on the use of water based paints. There is no significant difference in cost.

I have requested ERYC do the same with immediate effect.

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Chapmangate Takeway – Dustbin Concerns

Residents have raised concerns with me in relation to where the dustbins will be put out for collection for the proposed Chapmangate takeaway.

There is obviously not enough space on Chapmangate itself. On the front they can’t be put near to the seat or at the side of the busy road.

This only leaves the front of the building. As the footpath is only 1.8m wide I question whether there is enough space.

I have requested a site visit with an ERYC officer to discuss the residents concerns.

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Sexual Harassment Allegations – “Conservative Stitch Up”

Over the past year I have witnessed many attempts by East Riding Conservatives to discredit me. They have now hit a low point in their campaign.

I recently received a letter from ERYC stating that two people have made sexual harassment in the workplace allegations against me.

Please see North Yorks Enquirer – Sexual Harassment Allegations for the full story.

For a woman to make such false allegations is beyond me as it undermines true sexual harassment cases against all women.

What will be next? Can the Conservatives get any lower?

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Stamford Bridge Roads – Tory Austerity

A Stamford Bridge resident, who is also a cyclist, recently raised with me the appalling state of  Main Street, Church Road and Buttercrambe Road.

From a cyclist point of view I fully understand the concerns. Unfortunately due to Conservative austerity measures there is not a great deal which can be done.

I have requested ERYC to consider addressing the drain cover on Church Road and a few pot holes on Buttercrambe Road.

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Moorfield Way – White Line

The junction of Moorfield Way, Wilberfoss was resurfaced a few months ago. As the white line has not been repainted I have requested ERYC address the issue at the earliest opportunity.

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