Wolds Finger Post: Replacement Ordered

I am pleased to confirm that a replacement Wolds finger-post has been ordered. But as they are ordered from an external company it can take up to 2 months for them to be delivered.

Well done ERYC.

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MP Letter Confirms ERYC Pocklington Planning Failure

It has come to my attention that the Broadmanor Landscape Belt must be protected from trespass. Please see Alan Menzies to Sir Greg Knight MP Letter 14 Jan 2011

Residents on the Broadmanor/North side had their access denied and a metal fence was erected.

For reasons unknown, when Lindem Homes put in a planning application for the Mayfields development, the ERYC Planning and Legal departments failed to ensure a condition was put onto the permission to secure the south of the Landscape Belt in the same way.

This in effect means that there is a locked door on the Broadmanor/North side but not even a door fitted on the Mayfields/South side.

Information Request

I have requested ERYC to inform me:

  1. Why a condition was not put on the Lindem Homes application to secure the Landscape Belt from Trespass?
  2. How ERYC intend to correct this failure and ensure that the Landscape Belt is secured from Trespass?

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Cllr Willie Lissen: Planning And Vice Chairman

‘Our man in the group’ Cllr Willie Lissen has been in communication again.

It’s AGM time for the Tory Group – the last one in this term of office. With a change of Leader imminent, and successors jockeying for position, will it be ‘steady as she goes’, or the first hints of a new regime?

One position that certainly won’t change is Chairman of Planning. Thank you, Dee, for demonstrating what a splendid job Phyllis does in commanding her troops without them noticing.  Simply telling someone directly how to vote never works for long, so a more subtle approach is needed.

In each pre-meeting, the chairman updates everyone on how things look from the perspective of the Director of Planning & Economic Development, and lets members air their thoughts about an application.  Cllr Pollard then persuades us that whatever misgivings we may have, there is a good reason why this application needs to be approved. It will usually be something about the benefits outweighing the understandable objections for which we have great sympathy, but they carry little weight as planning reasons. If all else fails, it will be the cost of defending the case going to appeal, and how it is better to approve it with the right conditions than have an inspector approve it and lose control. Anything then heard during the meeting will have to be very powerful to counter the reasoning we have all accepted in the pre-meeting. To do otherwise feels weak and disloyal to our colleagues, so we just go with the flow.  No need to air all our thoughts in front of the opposition as we’ve got it all off our chests in the pre-meeting and are resigned to the fact that our negative thoughts are insubstantial.

It takes an enormously powerful objection during the actual meeting to overturn our collective pre-approval. The most powerful one we’ve ever seen was the monk who bravely ventured from the peace of a rural retreat and was clearly struggling even to raise his voice above a whisper. He spoke calmly, and sincerely from the heart, of living in a place where the only sound was birdsong, of how it was spoilt by drunken revellers leaving litter and generally running riot, how residents of his peaceful community had moved away, and how they now offered the vacated rooms to raise cash to buy in the labour they had lost. The instinct to protect this innocent creature won the day.  Without a monk presenting his objection in person, the application would easily have been nodded through first time.

There have been plenty of cases with far more objections, including very solid reasons, which we’ve managed to push though without any trouble, so well done, Phyllis, keep up the good work.

The biggest AGM surprise is usually who is to be put forward as the next Council Vice-Chairman.  After a year in the supporting role, appointment to Chairman is automatic. There’s no money with either job, but a lot of free lunches, and chauffeur-driven nights out.

Since 2007, when we out-numbered any opposition, we’ve only allowed one non-Tory to join the ‘Chain Gang’.  In May 2009, the LibDems proposed Beverley’s John Bird, but Cllr Parnaby assured us that this was a bad idea, as he’d benefit from the high profile of being Chairman in the pre-election year.  Seems perfectly sensible.  But then four years later, the Leader told us it was a good idea to have Labour’s Pat O’Neil, as it would “keep her too busy to do any campaigning”.  A splendid example of what Sir Humphrey calls “moral manoeuvrability”.

So, which option applies to Margaret Chadwick as she takes the hot seat for next year?  A final fling before retirement, or some pre-election publicity?  It’s certainly not for novelty value, as Margaret was consort to husband Chad when he was Chairman in 2012/13.

Who’s public profile needs a boost from being Vice-Chairman?

It may be too early to expect an alternative proposal from the back benches.  Since our Leader announced his retirement, Group meetings have looked a bit like those sci-fi or fantasy stories where, one by one, people break free from a trance, and start to notice what’s been going on. The drama always ends with the villain becoming increasingly  desperate to stay in control, but eventually being annihilated by the awakening mob…..

Which reminds me, have you noticed that the Director of Planning & Economic Development has a lovely set of Cyberman cuff-links. Resistance is useless …. or maybe not.

Wisdom From Cllr Willie Lissen

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Bridlington Golf Club – Green Keeper Redundancies

I am informed from numerous sources that Bridlington Golf Club are in the process of making two Green Keepers redundant.

I am informed that:

  1. Two employees of the Club (Green Keepers) have been given notice of their proposed redundancies.
  2. The news of it was common knowledge and the persons it referred to had not even been informed.

Right Of Reply

I offered Bridlington Golf Club a right of reply but I received nothing.

Donations Invited

I am very grateful for previous donations which have financed Facebook adverts exposing the conduct of ERYC.

Donate Button

Donations are invited and gratefully received to pay for future Facebook adverts.

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Stamford Bridge: Road Repairs Schedule Update

As numerous residents raised questions with me as to whether Roman Avenue pot holes could be repaired and/or the resurfacing moved forward I requested a schedule update from ERYC for Roman Avenue and also future works for Church Road.

ERYC Update

“Morning Cllr.

Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve been waiting for info from other teams on the timescale for resurfacing.

We ordered for the worst potholes to be filled prior to the resurfacing as unfortunately it could not be advanced. They were completed on Monday this week. We’ll monitor the area leading up to resurfacing but hopefully we should be over the worst weather now!

Regarding Church Road, it’s currently ranked at no.340 on the unclassified roads list so any resurfacing work is at least 3 years away. Some localised work is proposed at the junction with the current resurfacing works, but nothing major.

Hope this helps, please feel free to call if any more clarification is required.”

Thank You ERYC

I believe this to be reasonable.

I would like to thank ERYC for saying it as it is.

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Church Road: Co-op Lorry Turning Area

This morning I watched a Co-op Lorry attempt to reverse from Church Road to Moor Road in Stamford Bridge.

This involved parking on double yellows, attempting to reverse around a blind corner and causing traffic to build up. In the end the driver continued up the road and turned around in the Low Catton Road junction.

Residents will be aware that there is an issue with HGVs driving onto the grass at this junction.

I have requested ERYC to contact the Co-op in Stamford Bridge to work with them to ensure a safer place is identified to turnaround in future.

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Tour De Yorkshire Closes Pock Town Centre

On Wednesday Pocklington Town Centre was fully closed down to undertake repairs for the Tour De Yorkshire.

Town Centre businesses have understandably contacted me questioning the need to close the Town Centre fully for a day as this had a negative effect on their businesses.

It is rather ironic that a big selling point by ERYC for the Tour De Yorkshire is the positive effect on business.

As the preparations for the Tour De Yorkshire by ERYC have clearly had a negative effect on Pocklington business should a different route through the Town be considered for any such future events?

I have requested ERYC to look into ways of avoiding closing the Town Centre down in a similar way in future.

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PTC Councillor: Latest Slur Against Resident

In response to the news that ERYC Conservative Cllr Dee Sharpe has been deselected by the Tory Party her fellow Pocklington Town Council Cllr Martin Cooper, in an attempt to defend the disgraced Cllr, who is also a PTC Cllr, has once again made a slur against a resident.

On a Pocklington Facebook page. which is open for all to see, Cllr Cooper stated:

“I wonder if (REDACTED) has ever owned a gun without a license, sworn at old ladies about a fence or used his car to knock someone down”.

Sadly in addition to Martin Cooper, there are five other PTC Councillors, Paul West, Dean Hodgson, Jill Sinton, Terry Jones and Dee Sharpe, who regularly post on the said Facebook page but not one questioned the statement by Cllr Martin Cooper.

I am sure residents can see why I distance myself from PTC.

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Stamford Bridge Flooding – Main Street Solution

The permanent pumps for Stamford Bridge have resolved the vast majority of the flooding in the village but there is relatively minor flooding outside the New Inn which needs addressing.

A couple of weeks ago, referring to the above photo, which is of the drains outside the New Inn, Stamford Bridge, I requested information from ERYC with regards the possibility of removing the bung between the two drains to solve the flooding issue.

Main Street Flooding Solution Found?

This morning ERYC have informed me:

“Cllr Strangeway

You are correct, in a manhole chamber outside the pub, there is a bung in a pipe which links Yorkshire Waters surface water sewer to the highway drain. Our new pumps are linked to the highway drain, and they operated as designed during the recent high river levels. As shown in the photograph which you sent, the surface water sewer was surcharged and water was coming out of the manhole and discharging into the highway drain which was pumped into the river.

Removing the bung would relieve pressure on the surface water sewer and it would overflow into the highway drain before it surcharged.

It appears that the bung has been in place for a long time, and I assume that it was put there for a reason. We cannot see any real benefit of the bung so our intention is to remove it, because as long as our pumps are operating, they should cope with any amount of flows in the system.

We are meeting with Yorkshire Waters Flood Risk team early next month, so I intend to explain to them our proposals prior to carrying out the work.

I trust that this helps.

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ERYC To Review Town Centre Parking

In addition to reviewing New Street parking ERYC are also to carry out a review into the Town Centre parking.

This will include:

  • Creating further disabled bays in the main square.
  • Allowing parking on Market Day as soon as the Market has finished and the bollards are removed.
  • Removing the complicated road markings including the double yellows in the parking bays and then unifying them.

I would hope everyone will support this review especially the creating of further disabled bays.

I would like to thank ERYC officers for meeting with me to discuss this review.

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