Wilberfoss Junction A1079 Sign Cleared

ERYC have confirmed that they have cut the vegetation back which obstructed the A1079 sign at the Wilberfoss West junction.

Pre Cut Back

Well done ERYC.

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Works: The Balk – Kerb and Gully

“I can advise that arrangements will be made to deal with any actionable damage to the verge over-run and the request to consider kerbing has been noted should funding become available for this type of work.”

Well done ERYC.

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PTC: How Much – For What?

Following on from Pocklington Footpaths – Gritting and Snow Clearing Failure I now share more information into the failings of Pocklington Town Council (PTC).

I will start with the precept charged to Pocklington residents for that which PTC spend. As we can see this is £263,495. Of which:

  • Salaries = £82,309
  • Pension = £13,000
  • Nat Ins. = £6,000

This is a total of £101,309 to employ a Clerk, a part-time Deputy Clerk and Handyman. This equates to 38.5% of the precept.

Yet there is nothing for gritting.

NB: As an ERYC Ward Councillor for Pocklington Provincial I receive £11,277 with no pension.

Stamford Bridge

The population of Stamford Bridge is 41% of that of Pocklington. But their precept is less than 20% of Pocklingtons at around £50,000. From this Stamford Bridge sensibly budget for gritting.

Free Advice

I would advise that PTC take legal advice (not from ERNLLCA) with regards gritting. The legal advice will confirm that they must carry out a risk assessment without which, their insurers will look askance when they receive a claim against them.

PTC must cover for gritting in their precept as Stamford Bridge do.

Emergency Plan

Of course this could be covered in their Level Three Emergency Plan which is still noticeable by its absence.

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Pocklington Footpaths – Gritting and Snow Clearing Failure

Once again residents are contacting me due to the failure of Pocklington Town Council to grit and clear snow from Pocklington footpaths.

Pocklington Town Council Clerk Gordon Scaife

One resident typified how residents are let down:

“Once again the footpaths in Pocklington were not gritted/ cleared of snow and ice during the recent snowfall and I suspect they won’t be should it happen again. This creates a clear barrier for pedestrians who would normally walk from their home into town because it makes the paths unsafe. I walked on the road, in the dark, to get home from town. I assessed the use of the paths as being more dangerous than walking in the road. I suspect that many others were trapped in their homes.”

Contact Pocklington Town Council

As the clearing of footpaths is the duty of Pocklington Town Council I suggest residents contact the Clerk Gordon Scaife if they fail to grit/clear snow from the footpaths in future.

Phone: 01759 304851

Email: townclerk@pocklington.gov.uk

NB: Pocklington Town Council have a habit of not answering phone calls or responding to emails.

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Givendale Junction Pot Holes Causes Accident

On Wednesday  a young gentleman, while riding his scooter in the dark, hit a pot hole at the Givendale junction with the A166. There are indeed two pot holes.

The gentleman, a Pocklington resident, was thrown from his Scooter which sustained damages. The gentleman himself received a major bruise to his side and back.

I have requested ERYC to repair the pot holes as a matter of urgency.

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PTC: Cemetery Cycle Path Proposal Shame

I am appalled to learn that Pocklngton Town Council have proposed a cycle path through the cemetery.

The cemetery is a place for quiet contemplation and for the burying of loved ones. It must never be a short cut for cyclists.

I will oppose this insensitive proposal for the reasons stated.

Instead I will be proposing that finance is spent on upgrading the West Green footpath.

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Sutton Upon Derwent Bus Stop

As the road markings for the Sutton Upon Derwent bus stop have seen better days I have requested ERYC repaint them.

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Fools: Tories, Lackies, ERYC Officers and Stalkers

Those who watched all four episodes of ERYC – Corrupt To The Core will be at a loss how I was found guilty of bullying and not treating stalkers with respect.

The answer is simple, I told the truth. I stated that:

  • There is an obsessive campaign against me – FACT
  • That one of the stalkers works for Pocklington School – FACT

In essence the warped view at County Hall is that if you are speaking the truth you are not treating stalkers with respect and indeed you are bullying them!

Last Laugh

What the fools who are Tories, lackies, ERYC officers and stalkers do not realise is why I will not be apologising to the stalkers or removing all reference to them from this site.

Make no mistake they will. In the mean time the cat will watch the silly mice.

The last laugh is always the loudest.

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Waterloo Square Plant Container Wall Repairs

ERYC have confirmed that the plant container wall at Waterloo Square, Pem Lane is to be repaired.

Well done ERYC.

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Yapham Road Footpath Obstruction Clearance

I am pleased to confirm that ERYC have arranged to remove the soil from the footpath/verge on Yapham Road.

Well done ERYC.

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