Media Cover TDY Interfering with ERYC Elections

Yesterday both the Hull Daily Mail and the Yorkshire Post covered how the Tour De Yorkshire is interfering with the East Riding election in May 2019.

Yorkshire Post Article

Please see Hull Daily Mail Article.

Drawing The Line

Reading the typical none response from ERYC the only question is where do we draw the line?

Is it OK to interfer with the election for 2, 5 or 12 hours?

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Buttercrambe Road Pot Holes

As there are two pot holes on a bend of Buttercrambe Road, Stamford Bridge at the entrance to Rosti I have requested ERYC to repair them at the earliest opportunity.

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Brown Moor Road Overgrown Hedge

The overgrown hedge on the corner of Brown Moor Road and Godwinsway, Stamford Bridge is preventing those with push chairs and mobility scooters using the footpath.

I have requested ERYC to take the appropriate action.

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Stamford Bridge Sinking Drain Cover

The drain cover on Main Street, Stamford Bridge is obviously causing concern for residents as it appears to be sinking.

I have requested ERYC to take the required action.

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Garths End School Pot Hole

A rather large pot hole has appeared on Garths End, Pocklington near to the school.

I have requested ERYC to address the pot hole at the earliest opportunity.

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The Mile Roundabout – Damaged Sign

It would appear that the sign on The Mile Roundabout has recently come off second in a collision.

I have requested ERYC to repair the sign at the earliest opportunity.

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Black Plantation Dangerous Pot Hole

Could I please warn road users that there is currently a dangerous pot hole on the Stamford Bridge to Wilberfoss/Fangfoss road north of Black Plantation?

Fortunately a resident who hit the pot hole yesterday noticed a cone in the grass verge and put it in the pot hole to alert other motorists.

Given the size of the pot hole and how busy the road is I have requested ERYC carry out repairs as a matter of urgency.

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ERYC Councillor Insults Women

While extolling about “Men in Sheds” at last nights Stamford Bridge Parish Council meeting Conservative Councillor Kay West turned the clock back 50 years by stating wives could also be involved as secretaries.

Councillor Kay West

Is there any wonder that the ERYC Conservatives are in panic mode ahead of next Mays election fearing they could lose their majority in County Hall?

Many in the meeting were aghast.

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Trees Request For Burton Fields Road

As the tree on Burton Fields Road, Stamford Bridge had to be removed due to obstructing day light I was of the opinion that this would have been replaced by two or three more appropriate trees.

As this has not happened I have requested ERYC to look into the possibility.

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Tour De Yorkshire Interfering With ERYC Election

As the Tour De Yorkshire goes through much of the East Riding, including Pocklington Provincial, on 2 May 2019 it will interfere with the ERYC Elections as the routes to the Polling Stations will be closed to facilitate the race.

As this could be in breach of Electoral Law I have requested Caroline Lacey, ERYC Returning Officer, to seek confirmation from the Electoral Commission that no legislation will be breached due to electors having access to the Poll Stations denied for part of the day.

Why did ERYC Leader Conservative Councillor Stephen Parnaby not raise this with Tour De Yorkshire?

Historically the Conservative Party have benefited the most from postal votes which will be unaffected by the race.

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