Leeming Bar PSPO – Fixed Penalty Notices Suspended

Since Friday evening it has been confirmed that Hambleton District Council (HDC) have suspended the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) in relation to the Leeming Bar PSPO.

One of those who attended the Direct Action on Friday and the North Yorks Enquirer has been informed that FPNs are not being issued until further legal advice is given. HDC did not directly inform me.

While this remains the position HDC must not distribute any more leaflets as to do so is intimidation which is a form of anti-social behaviour. In addition, all notices and signage must be removed or covered for the same reason.

Intimidation may constitute a criminal offence under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

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Site Under Investigation – The Evidence

In Leeming Bar PSPO Ignores North Yorkshire Report questions were asked as to fields included in the PSPO for unknown reasons.

On Friday evening we parked where we did to gather evidence with regards the “Site Under Construction”.

  • A new tarmacked drive into a field with new gates from a newly tarmacked road.

  • The tarmacked road ends where the field ends.

  • A lovely new wide tarmacked road with white lines. To the right and left screening has been planted.

Further Investigation

  1. With an expensive road with screening to a small farmers field at taxpayers expense are plans afoot?
  2. Where exactly is the new Truckstop going?
  3. Is the taxpayer funding the infrastructure for persons unknown to build a Truckstop?
  4. Was the PSPO simply a tool to drive business to a new Truckstop?
  5. Have residents been hoodwinked into requesting the PSPO?
  6. Does Cllr Carl Les have any interest in the planned new Truckstop?
  7. Who else has an interest in the “Site Under Investigation”?
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Hambleton Council Feeble Attempt To Intimidate

Last night, while undertaking direct action at Leeming Bar, Hambleton District Council (HDC) made a feeble attempt to intimidate by handing me a leaflet at 21.35 while I was stood outside taking in the evening air.

As promised, in the interests of transparency, I sent Councillor Carl Les a text at 20.35:

“Carl, we are parked at Roughly Bank. We look forward to receiving a FPN. Regards Andy”.

I was delighted to see “Security Enforcement” appear an hour later. The exceedingly sheepish gentleman handed me a leaflet while muttering “I am only doing my job”. Bless him.

The leaflet issued on Friday 19 July stated:

“From Wednesday 3 July 2019 £100 Fixed Penalty Notices will be issued to any person found to be in breach of the terms of the order”.

By issuing me the leaflet instead of a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) Security Enforcement confirmed that I was not “in breach of the terms of the order” as they would have issued me a £100 FPN if I was.

HDC taxpayers paid for a leaflet to be issued to me as a FPN could not be. I have informed HDC of the unenforceability of the PSPO on numerous occasions. What a waste of taxpayers resources. A feeble attempt to intimidate. I am still roaring with laughter.

I will now plan further direct action for Leeming Bar.

Dedicated To Councillor Carl Les

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BBC Radio York – Leeming Bar PSPO

This morning I have been on BBC Radio York discussing the Leeming Bar PSPO.

Tonight we will be taking direct action at Leeming Bar.

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Leeming Bar PSPO Ignores North Yorkshire Report

The Hambleton District Council (HDC) Leeming Bar Industrial Estate and surrounding areas PSPO fully ignores the findings of a report issued on 3 July 2019 by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC).

The Current & Potential Impacts of Increased Overnight Parking by HGVs on the County Highway Network Report by NYCC highlighted that the main reasons are considered to be:

  1. The increase of such vehicles on the network
  2. The time limits on drivers
  3. A definite lack of facilities
  4. The cost of using them.

The most important aspect to achieve is to ensure Truckers buy-in. Fundamental to this is the cost of using Truck Stops.

The Solution

The solution to the issues stated in the NYCC report and the reasons cited for the Leeming Bar PSPO is simple, achievable and cost-effective.

  1. Truckers should be encouraged to park free of charge on Industrial Estates
  2. Toilet blocks need to be built for Truckers on Industrial Estates
  3. Make a skip available on the Industrial Estates to prevent litter

Site Under Investigation

Why have HDC, NYCC and other councils failed to introduce this simple measure?

Could it be that certain business folk want to force Truckers onto expensive Truck Stops that are connected to Councillors?

Are Truckers aware that there are plans to build a new Leeming Bar Truckstop?

Why are the fields west of Coneygarth Services covered by the PSPO?

What is a ransom strip?

Are there any ransom strips at Leeming Bar?

Who owns the ransom strips?

Further Information

North Yorkshire County Council HGV Overnight Parking Report

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Scarborough Only Alcoholics Allowed Sign Removed

Scarborough Borough Council has confirmed that the Scarborough – Only Alcoholics PSPO sign has been removed.

Old Sign

It appears that the last sign to be removed was in the Open Air Theatre. Punchlines on a postcard Ladies and Gentlemen.

New Sign

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CCTV In Pocklington – A Criminals Charter

I am fully aware that when it comes to CCTV legislation Humberside Police, ERYC Conservative Pocklington Provincial Ward Councillors and Pocklington Town Council are all muppets.

Until yesterday I was of the opinion that Pocklington businesses had more sense. Sadly I was wrong.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, it is alleged that up to six youths broke into a local shop and committed the act of theft.

The business in question shared CCTV recording of this on social media. By doing this they became those alleged best friend as:

  1. The DPA and GDPR were breached by publishing the recording.
  2. Over 30,000 people viewed this which jeopardises a fair trial.
  3. They allowed comments which named some of the alleged.
  4. The business failed to display adequate CCTV signs. (There was a sign on the broken glass).

Polite Advice To The Business

I highly recommend the business to:

  1. Remove the Facebook post as a matter of urgency.
  2. Seek legal advice.
  3. Refer yourself to the Information Commissioners Office.
  4. Refer yourself to Humberside Police.
  5. Switch the system off until it is being operated lawfully.

As the CCTV system was and continues to be operated outwith legislation the business is exposed to legal action and significant fines.

Pocklington CCTV – A Mess

As the Pocklington Town Council CCTV system on Judsons and The Feathers is currently being operated unlawfully this cannot be used as evidence.

In essence, Pocklington CCTV is in a mess and is a criminals charter.

Golden Rules

  1. Ignorance of the law is no defence for breaking the law.
  2. Do not break the law in an attempt to enforce the law.
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Pocklington Mayor Fails To Respect Etiquette

Pocklington Mayor, Councillor Dean Hodgson, used his casting vote to give a snub to etiquette by voting for himself to continue as Mayor for another year.

Pocklington Mayor – Councillor Dean Hodgson

I am informed that the vote for Mayor was tied between Cllr Hodgson and Cllr Terry Jones. As Cllr Jones was the Deputy Mayor the previous year with Cllr Hodgson the Mayor etiquette should have dictated the Cllr Hodgson used his casting vote to vote for Cllr Jones to be this year’s Mayor.

Cllr Hodgson is obviously the King of Meglamaniacs and has no respect for etiquette.

It appears that Cllr Hodgson, his wife Cllr Ruth Hodgson and Cllr Martin Cooper conspired to achieve the shameful outcome.

Since the vote both Cllr Jones and Cllr Dee Sharpe have resigned.

Expect more resignations from Pocklington Town Council (PTC).

Further Information

With PTC facing financial meltdown over the CCTV fiasco, Cllrs resigning and etiquette being ignored the writing is on the wall.

Please read Pocklington Town Council Facing Financial Meltdown

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Leeming Bar Direct Action – Friday 19 July

On Friday 19 July myself and friends will undertake direct action at Leeming Bar against the unenforceable Leeming Bar Industrial Estate and surrounding areas Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).

Bob – aka Uncle Albert

Unenforceable PSPO

The PSPO is unenforceable for many reasons. These include:

  1. The PSPO states “overnight” yet overnight is not defined.
  2. The signage, which must be on the public highway, is unlawful as it is not permitted signage within the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016.

Motorhomers’ Invitation

I am delighted to be joining up with my motorhome friends old and new to stand up against the corrupt and incompetent Hambleton District Council. I am sure that the great Bob, aka Uncle Albert, will be cheering us on in spirit. This one is for you Bob.

The direct action will simply be an overnight meeting to discuss the PSPO.

Please email info@island-man.co.uk or phone 07826 439101 if you would like to join us.

Full Transparency

I have given Carl Les and Steven Lister notice of our direct action. Carl is an HDC Councillor for Leeming Bar and Leader of North Yorkshire County Council. Steven Lister is  HDC Director of Leisure and Communities.

I will endeavour to text Carl our exact location when we are in situ.

This will allow HDC adequate time to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) against us. If HDC issue FPNs, they will be unenforceable in a court of law. In addition, to issue the FPNs in the full knowledge that they are unenforceable would a fraud.

Any FPNs issued will be challenged successfully through the courts.

Door Remains Open

My door remains open to Carl and Steven to resolve the impasse.

End Of The Line

I would like to dedicate the following to Carl and Steven.

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Pocklington Town Council Facing Financial Meltdown

One of the many repercussions from the Pocklington Town Council’s (PTC) failure to ensure that the Pocklington CCTV system is lawfully operated may include the financial meltdown of the PTC itself.

PTC Councillor Martin Cooper

I am informed that since 2001 there have been an estimated 738 cases in Pocklington where CCTV footage was unlawfully used in court to prosecute. As this evidence was unlawfully gathered and was inadmissible this could result in:

  1. All convictions, in whatever form, being quashed.
  2. Those convicted taking legal action against PTC.
  3. Those convicted taking legal action against Humberside Police.

I am already aware that there are those in the legal profession who welcome the prospect of those who have been unlawfully convicted requesting their assistance. Legal Aid or No-Win/No-Fee appear to be options for many.

Criminal’s Best Friend

PTC, through their sheer incompetence, appears to be the criminal’s best friend. If the fundamentally flawed CCTV evidence had not been used, many would still have been convicted.

Yet the unlawful use of CCTV in Pocklington and other East Riding towns has the potential to be the biggest scandal the area has ever known.

Hall Of Shame

Those who should have raised questions as to the lawfulness of the Pocklington CCTV system include:

  1. PTC
  2. PTC Councillors, past and present
  3. Pocklington Provincial Conservative Ward Councillors, past and present, who have worked with PTC
  4. Pocklington and Market Weighton Crime Prevention Panel
  5. Humberside Police

Burying Their Heads

With a potential of 738 legal actions that could be taken against them, PTC could:

  1. Lose their full reserve.
  2. Have to sell their offices.
  3. Be forced to reduce staff to a part-time Clerk.
  4. Only be permitted to undertake their statutory duties – cemetery and allotments.
  5. Be unable to pay for Art Centre salaries.
  6. Be unable to finance any events

Sadly, unlike neighbouring Town Councils, PTC Councillors are burying their heads.

Clean Hands

My hands are clean as:

  1. When a Ward Councillor, I refused to work with PTC, due to their incompetence
  2. When a Ward Councillor, I was never invited to attend a Pocklington and Market Weighton Crime Prevention Panel meeting.
  3. I publically exposed the unlawful CCTV system as soon as I became aware of it.
  4. I agreed to work with any Town Council that approached me to address the CCTV fiasco fall out.

PTC Contingency

PTC MUST ensure that they have a contingency plan in place to deal with up to 738 legal cases against them.

Pocklington residents will ultimately be forced to pay for the failures of PTC and those that they work with.

True to form, PTC has not requested my help – despite the fact that others have. My sources inform me that they are relying on those who got them into the mess in the first place.

Fools never learn!

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