Tory Candidate False Fake News Claim

Jacob Birch, ERYC Conservative Candidate for Mid Holderness in the 2019 election has claimed on social media that Health Care Committee Report – November 2018 Meeting is fake news.

I politely invite Mr Birch to attend a public meeting with me to view the full recording of Councillor Aitkin attempting to Chair the meeting.

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ERYC Silence: Access To Confidential Papers

ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey has remained silent for over two weeks on the subject of denying Councillors access to confidential papers.

Simple Questions 

  1. Can ERYC remove access to confidential papers that Councillor Andy Strangeway requires to carry out his elected duty?
  2. Can ERYC remove access to confidential papers that any ERYC Councillor requires to carry out their elected duty?
  3. Can ERYC remove access to any confidential papers that Councillor Andy Strangeway wishes to see?
  4. Can ERYC remove access to any confidential papers that any ERYC Councillor wishes to see?
  5. Does the ERYC Constitution state that access to confidential papers can be denied to ERYC Councillors?

Request For Answers

I have requested Caroline Lacey to inform me when I should expect answers to my five simple questions.

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Stamford Bridge Main Street – Foul Odours

In the past month or so has anyone noticed any foul odours from the drains/gulleys on Main Street, Stamford Bridge?

If you have could you please email me the details

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Health Care Committee Report – November 2018 Meeting

The Health Care and Well Being committee meeting on Tuesday 6 November 2018 could be described as the Councillor Victoria Aitkin show.

Conservative Councillor Victoria Aitkin was the Chair of the meaning yet asked half of the questions as the other Councillors on the committee struggled to ask their questions.

Councillor Aitken needs to remind herself that to Chair a meeting you facilitate it you do not take it over.

Perhaps our Victoria should seek advice of how to Chair a meeting from her fellow Conservative Councillor Symon Fraser who proved to be an excellent Chair of the recent Standards Committee meeting.

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Burton Fields Road Fly Tipping Cleared

I am pleased to confirm that the fly tipping next to the litter bin on Burton Fields Road, Stamford Bridge opposite Kingsway has been cleared.

Prior To Clearance

Well done ERYC.

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Paranoid ERYC In Fracking Lockdown

County Hall will be in lockdown on Thursday for the fracking application for West Newton.

Certain doors will be locked.

I have registered to speak at the Planning Committee. I invite residents to contact me with what they believe I need to raise. Please keep to less than 250 words.



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A166 Stone Dale Fly Tipping Removed

I am pleased to confirm that the fly tipping just off the A166 at Stone Dale, the “lay by” before the road to Huggate, has been removed.

Fly Tipping Prior To Removal

Well done ERYC.

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ERYC Conservatives Standing Down

I have received copy of a hand written document stating 17 of the current 47 ERYC Conservative Councillors will not be seeking re-election in May 2019.

From information already received I can confirm that I was already aware that at least 75% of those stated had no intention of seeking re-election.

Please see the original document

I am pleased to confirm that none of my Conservative moles are listed.

Pocklington – Independents

It is no surprise that Councillor Mole from Pocklington Provincial is standing down.

It is notable that in only one Ward is a threat to the Conservatives from Independents – Pocklington Provincial.

Whistle Blowers Corner

I invite anyone who is aware of who wrote the document to share the information with me via Whistle Blowers Corner.

ERYC Conservative Councillor  may also share information with me via Whistle Blowers Corner.

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Kilnwick Road Flashing Light – Finally Working

Pocklington residents will be pleased to note that the Kilnwick Road flashing light is finally working again.

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The Link – November Cover

This months cover of The Link magazine is a wonderful commemoration of WW1

The Link is a highly respected monthly magazine covering High Catton, Leppington, Low Catton, Scorely, Scrayingham and Stamford Bridge.

Well done to The Link team for providing this wonderful service each month.

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