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Broad Lane – Low Catton Pot Holes

The pot holes at Town End, Broad Lane, Low Catton are in need of repair. I have asked ERYC to repair the pot holes.

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New Residents Car Park For Pocklington

I am pleased to see that ERYC have completed the new residents car park on Scaife Garth. I first requested ERYC officers to look into the possibility of a functional car park for Scaife Garth about a year ago. Previously … Continue reading

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Ongoing Work For ERYC At Stamford Bridge

The following is a copy of a letter being delivered today to residents of Viking Road Stamford Bridge, informing them of the progress of the ERYC road works in the village. This is not to be confused with the work … Continue reading

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Praise To ERYC – Pocklington Post

As ERYC have a lot of dedicated, professional and talented officers I am pleased to see the Pocklington Post cover the recent praise of ERYC Officers. Well done Pocklington Post and ERYC Officers.

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Market Place – Moving Disabled Bays Signage

As the disabled bays signage at the Market Place disabled bays is not displayed next to the two bays ERYC will look into moving it. ERYC have stated: “to help clarify the situation for the future, we will look to … Continue reading

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Roman Avenue North – Pot Holes Filled

I am pleased to announce that the pot holes on Roman Avenue North, Stamford Bridge have been filled. Prior To Repair I would especially like to thank the senior ERYC officer who I raised the issue of the pot holes … Continue reading

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Press Release – Stamford Bridge A166 Congestion

I would like to thank ERYC for issuing the following Press Release to local media: “Over recent days motorists have faced congestion on the A166 to the east of Stamford Bridge at peak times due to ongoing roadworks. It is … Continue reading

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Saxon Road Sign Post Repaired

The sign post on Saxon Road, Stamford Bridge was repaired on Monday. Sign Post Pre Repair

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Goodbye Parnaby

It is my pleasure to announce that ERYC Leader Cllr Stephen Parnaby is to step down. He leaves behind a Local Authority that has failed so many with Safeguarding and SEND. I predicted on 31 July 2016 that: “By 31 … Continue reading

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East Riding Tories – Neither Pro or Anti Fracking

At todays ERYC Council meeting I fully supported a motion by Councillor Fraser as it appeared to be anti fracking. But alas I was mistaken as Councillor Fraser informed everyone that the motion was neither pro nor anti fracking. Yet he and … Continue reading

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