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Police Flummoxed Over Anti-Social Behaviour

On the 27 January, I reported Inspector Sarah Sanderson of North Yorkshire Police (NYP) for condoning the Leeming Bar Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) banning overnight parking as overnight parking is not defined as anti-social behaviour and thus the PSPO … Continue reading

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Closing Cemeteries – Are Pocklington Residents At Risk?

After yesterday’s post Covid 19 – Closing Cemeteries I received various emails that resulted in more questions than answers. Credit is due to Market Weighton Town Council who replied promptly to my initial enquiry and informed me that: “We act on … Continue reading

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Covid 19 – Closing Cemeteries

I would like to thank everyone who contacted me after I published Coronavirus – Failed Policy And Questionable “Facts” last Sunday. Firstly I would like to confirm that my opinion remains the same. Pocklington Cemetery – Open As Usual More … Continue reading

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Height Barrier Confirmed An Unlawful Hazard

Peterborough City Council has confirmed that the height barrier at the entrance to Car Haven Car Park, Peterborough is in breach of legislation as there is no Traffic Regulation Order for it. On 13 February  Gillian Beasley, Chief Executive, Peterborough City Council … Continue reading

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A166 Bollard Repaired – Systems Review Requested

I am pleased to confirm that ERYC has repaired the bollard on the A166 at Stamford Bridge. Email To Paul Bellotti I have sent the following email to ERYC Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services, Paul Bellotti. From: Andy Strangeway … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge A166 Bollard Repairs Requested

Having avoided “stepping on toes” for over six months today I am left with no option but to do just that as the required works for the A166 bollard in Stamford Bridge remains outstanding. Whilst the Independent ERYC Ward Councillor … Continue reading

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Coronavirus – Failed Policy And Questionable “Facts”

I am in no doubt many will attack me for this article but I have no intention of sitting back and being silenced. Firstly, I do not question that there is a virus. I question the Government “facts” and the … Continue reading

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SBC Dishonesty Undermines Any Important Advice

In these current times, it is vital that all Government bodies conduct themselves honestly to avoid the risk of important advice not being believed. Sadly Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) are blatantly being dishonest by claiming that there is a “Penalty … Continue reading

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Coronavirus – Where Is The Screening At UK Airports?

On Saturday morning I arrived back home, via Dubai, from a month in India. I was highly impressed with the temperature screening at Dubai airport, which I can personally confirm was unintrusive and simple. I have read that UAE has … Continue reading

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Parking Ban For Carlton Lodge Hotel?

Is the Hambleton District Council (HDC) banning of overnight parking at Leeming Bar to facilitate a Hotel? It started with questions regards “Site Under Investigation“. The wonderful roads to a field of nothing resulted in folk asking “Could it be…?” … Continue reading

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