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Productive And Enjoyable Surgery

Todays surgery at Judsons Pocklington was both productive and enjoyable. I would like to thank all those who came to the surgery. I would also like to thank Peter and his staff for their usual high standards and warm welcome.

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Overgrown Hedge Beckside Wilberfoss

The hedge on Beckside, Wilberfoss next to the church has become rather overgrown and is obstructing the footpath. I have requested ERYC address the overgrown hedge. P – Thank you for drawing this to my attention.

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July 2017 Surgery

My July surgery will be held in the Wilberfoss Community Centre between 09.30 and 11.30 on Saturday 22 July. Wilberfoss and Pocklington Provincial residents are invited to ask questions, raise concerns or share their views.

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Wilberfoss Parish Council – Parish Councillor Vacancy

An opportunity has arisen to become a Parish Councillor on Wilberfoss Parish Council. Those who are interested must have either lived, worked or owned land in Wilberfoss for the last 12 months. Wilberfoss Parish Council are a lovely council with … Continue reading

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Freedom Of Information Act 2000

It never ceases to amaze me how those in public office fail to have the most basic knowledge of fundamental legislation. An example of this is the Freedom of Information Act 2000. In my post PTC Forced To Make Emergency Plan … Continue reading

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Tories Vote Dee Sharpe Out Of Fire Post

I can reveal that on June 5 Dee Sharpe, Pocklington Town Council Councillor and ERYC Tory Councillor for Willerby was voted out of her role as Vice Chair of the Humberside Fire Authority by her fellow ERYC Conservatives. She was … Continue reading

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PTC Forced To Make Emergency Plan Public

Last Wednesday I revealed that the Pocklington Town Council (PTC) Emergency Plan is top-secret and is not available for residents to familiarise themselves with in case of emergency. Forced To Publish Thanks to a FOI request from New Zealand I … Continue reading

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Five Parishes T Junction

The sign post below directs motorists to five of the seven Parishes within the Pocklington Provincial Ward – Barmby Moor, Pocklington, Sutton Upon Derwent, Newton Upon Derwent and Wilberfoss. Unfortunately the sign post has seen better days with Wilberfoss and … Continue reading

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Sutton upon Derwent Sign – Falling Over

The Sutton Upon Derwent sign at the junction of Sutton Upon Derwent, Newton Upon Derwent and Barmby  Moor is in the process of falling over. I have requested ERYC secure the post.

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My First Planning Committee

Today I sat on my first Planning Committee meeting. It was the Western Area Planning Sub-Committee.In the morning we did two site visits in Bubwith and Willerby and the Committee sat this afternoon. I would like to thank the Conservative … Continue reading

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