Complaint – David Kirkpatrick NYCC Traffic Engineering

I have registered a formal complaint against David Kirkpatrick, North Yorkshire County Council Traffic Engineering Team Leader, for the incorrect statement he submitted to Hambleton District Council (HDC) that resulted in the Cabinet approving to amend the Leeming Bar overnight parking ban in breach of legislation.

I registered the formal complaint against David Kirkpatrick for:

  1. Giving false information in breach of legislation to Hambleton District Council
  2. Failing to treat me with respect by not addressing my concerns despite stating he would
  3. Allowing Hambleton District Council Cabinet to make a decision without having the correct information from him
  4. Bringing the reputation of North Yorkshire County Council into disrepute

To resolve my formal complaint I requested:

  1. An unreserved apology from David
  2. David resubmits his response to Hambleton District Council after taking legal advice
  3. Reviews his response to me after taking legal advice
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