Leeming Bar Parking Ban – Good Cop Director

As a campaigner, it is incumbent upon me to always be open to engaging with those whose actions I am campaigning against. In relation to the Leeming Bar overnight parking ban, I attempted throughout to achieve this engagement with Hambleton District Council (HDC).

Due to my campaigning against the Leeming Bar Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) that bans overnight parking consultation has recently taken place to amend the PSPO. The alleged anti-social behaviours that the consultation lists for inclusion in a PSPO are:

  1. Sleeping or remaining “overnight” in a vehicle.
  2. Depositing of human waste.
  3. Depositing of litter.

As I am at a loss of how sleeping or remaining “overnight” in a vehicle can possibly be anti-social behaviour I gave consideration to the depositing of human waste and litter. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 – 89 (1) states:

  • “It shall be the duty of each local authority to ensure that the land is, so far as is practicable, kept clear of litter.”

I was of the opinion that HDC had failed to fulfil its duty as per the EPA based on its own statements, PSPO and consultation. I raised my concerns with HDC. Please see Leeming Bar PSPO Folly – £56,800 Wasted (click on the link to read)

Paul Staines, Director of Environment, Hambleton District Council (HDC) confirmed:

“I am willing to undertake a review of the location and numbers of bins and will ask the Waste and Street Scene Manager to do this forthwith.”

Paul has now shared with me the results of the review.

“I have now reviewed the provision of the bins within the areas of the PSPO with the Waste and Street Scene Manager. We have concluded that some improvements can be made for the benefit of the road users and dog walkers in the area. I have agreed to place three new bins in the area, these will be dual purpose dog and litter bins. Two bins will be replaced and relocated to be more visible and in more useful locations, including near the nursery and by the PSPO sign at the entrance to the industrial estate, all the broken or damaged bins (of which there are quite a few) will be replaced with new bins that will be more visible.”

This clearly confirms that HDC was in breach of its statutory duty which is not only associated with the depositing of litter and human waste but it could also be said that these actions are as a direct consequence of the failure of HDC to fulfil its legal duty.

Paul Staines is a good cop Director and putting aside the past I take my hat off to Paul for putting right past failures.

HDC must now not introduce an amended PSPO to replace the current one banning overnight parking. Instead, it must revoke the current PSPO and monitor what effect the litter bins will have on the alleged anti-social behaviour.

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