Over 85 Year Olds – 1 in 4,545 Hospitalised

Last night Chris Whitty attempted to convince the UK public of the need for the three-tier lockdown system by showing how vulnerable those over 85 are.

His attempt was supported by flashing on-screen numerous graphs including the one above.

Most people would have done as intended and looked to the right of the graph as the relevant information is on the left.

The left confirms 22 over 85-year-olds per 100,000 were admitted to hospital with Covid which is ONLY 1 in 4,545 over the course of a week. 

If mild flu was circulating the country I would expect more than 1 in 4,545 over 85-year-olds to be admitted with it. (Of course, this is admitted with not because of.)

Clearly, only 1 in 4,545 admitted with Covid is good news. The case for the three-tier lockdown system is thus unproven.

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