Whistleblower Reveals Foreknowledge of A19 Dangerous Exit

As a result of publishing Brookes Garage A19 Dangerous Exit, a whistleblower has contacted me with some shocking information.

I will call the whistleblower Fred.

Fred has claimed that the owner, Parish Council, Hambleton District Council and North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) are fully aware of the risk to life. He has informed me that the issue is known to all parties. Descriptions used include:

  • “a history of accidents occurring when cars enter and exit the premises”
  • “a dangerous stretch of road”
  • “notorious accident blackspot”
  • “detrimental to the free flow of traffic on the A19”

Yet neither NYCC nor North Yorkshire Police has done anything to address the danger.

I believe that until the risk can be addressed the entrances to the service station must be closed.

In the interests of public safety, I have already shared the video above with Barry Khan NYCC Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic Services) but I still await a reply from him. Given this further information, I have asked Barry to take immediate action.

FOI Request

I have submitted a Freedom of Information request to NYCC for all information held in relation to safety concerns about the use of entrances from the Brookes Garage to the A19 between NYCC and North Yorkshire Police

Message For Fred

Could you please provide me with all documents that you refer to?

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